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  1. eating monsters


    oh my gosh, this is gorgeous. when i open the bottle i strongly smell vanilla and coconut, wearing in my scent locket this smells like peach, with wafts of coconut and something that is like rum, i think that might be the oude as it has the same dry down as delight and consternation. smokey and sexy.
  2. eating monsters

    Lush to BPAL scent comparisons (BNever included too)

    I've found that high John smells exactly like jungle to me, on skin and in a scent locket.
  3. eating monsters

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    Hi there - the General Catalog Salon series was discontinued earlier this year. You may be able to find a decant or bottle in the sales/swaps forums- ETA: You could also post an ISO (in search of) request in the Wanted forum - Thankyou, I couldn't find anything in sales or swaps, so have posted in wanted.
  4. eating monsters

    Your Salon Must-Haves!

    does anyone know if the salons are still available to buy, i want to get Spirit of the Komachi Cherry Tree and i cant find the salon listed on the website.
  5. eating monsters

    The Chicken-Legged Hut

    In imp; sweet golden syrup with oats. On skin; Gross sickly sweet cinnamon hay. I have no idea what it was like on the dry down, I had to wash it off quick as I was gagging from the smell. I don't know it is in this but I gave it away very quickly. Ick!
  6. eating monsters

    Sweet lemony floral?

    The phantom wooer smells lemony and vanilla on me, it's a very gentle clean floral A lifeless love song: stargazer lily, bone dust, tomb mosses, buttonweed, moonflower, and honey myrtle.
  7. eating monsters

    Melon scents?

    Hey all, I've been looking for a good melon scent, preference watermelon. I love D&G l'imperatrice, but I would like to know if there is any bpal like this. I've tried twinkle twinkle little bat but it went completly soapy and gave me a headache, any suggestions?