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  1. Dharklady

    Asleep in the Deep

    This is a very different scent then I reach for but I really enjoy what's happening with it. In the bottle I'm getting salt, sweetness from the benzoin and a deeper/woodier incense note (the opium tar accord or labdanum?). Wet I'm getting airy salt and plum over a nicely grounded woody sweetness. The plum disappears quickly, replaced with the opium. Mid drydown, the focus is all on the deeper notes. The airy combo combines and lingers for a good couple hours after. Decent throw (I get whiffs as I move around) and lasting power.
  2. Dharklady


    So grateful to my C2E fairy for nabbing me this. It is pure love. This wonderful blended mix of all the notes listed. They play super well together and play more as one note to my nose than a collection of notes. Overall the rose and apricot play support to the honeyed musk and Amber. So glad to have gotten a bottle
  3. Dharklady


    Oh wow. This is fantastic. Applied, the creamy vanilla is supported by a glowing frankincense note and the hint of a gentle amberine rose. Warming up it becomes more frankincense and rose smoothed over by that creamy vanilla. Sillage seems on the lower side but I'm hoping to see the lasting power noted above. Definitely a keeper for me.
  4. Dharklady

    Snake's Kiss

    Huh. Yesterday when I tried this it was all thick patch/SO and very little sugar honeycomb. Today I'm getting all creamy sugar and honey and the patch in the SO is firmly in the background as a supporting player. I know I made sure to turn the decant a few times both times I tested it. I'm really hoping it plays consistently to the later and that the former was a fluke because wow, this is truly lovely blend when it behaves.
  5. Dharklady

    The Pleasure of Aristocratic Women

    Wet: All coconut and almond all the time. A touch of sweetness. The wood note adds depth to the coconut/almond without being prominent. As it dries the coconut and almond (which play surprisingly well together) calm down and the wood note is more noticeable in the blend. I’m not getting much sweetness but it’s also not “dusty” or “husky” which I often get with coconut and I attribute that to the honeyed amber. Light sillage and my skin appears to be eating it, but a fairly smooth creamy blend without being foodie will make it worth it for some folks!
  6. Dharklady

    Cat Chasing Butterflies

    Wet: Starts off with a definite floral note that varies between slightly green and slightly sweet on the fruity (peach). The musk adds both sweetness and amps the sharpness of the floral. As it dries it smooths out and the floral note recedes without disappearing as a creamy sweet musk takes center stage. This feels light and fresh overall. Ends up feeling like a musky soft floral with a hint of smooth sweetness.
  7. Dharklady

    Woman Dragging Her Aroused Lover Across a Bridge

    This could and should have been so full of win but unfortunately something in it amps "sharp" on me, perhaps the rosewood. Aside from that it is a truly lovely blend, all woods and amber and a touch of vanilla with great sillage and lasting power.
  8. Dharklady

    Chastising Your Dragon

    I had high hopes for this blend, but sadly the cherry blossom appears to REALLY like my chemistry... In bottle: soft bright floral, a bit of sharp greenery, and the slightest trace of a milky basenote. On skin: Exuberant floral, which is at least clean and not overly sharp smelling but unfortunately it exists in that state on me throughout it's drydown. And continues. And continues. Sadly I can't find any of the other notes in this, the cherry blossom is simply too overpowering. Probably not a problem others will have, the rest of the notes sounded really nice.
  9. Dharklady

    Dragon Smooch

    first review in a while. Phew. In the bottle this is all mint and peach. It's a slightly weird combo but it works surprisingly well. Applied the mint calms down while still making its presence known and the peach warms up. It's gone a bit chewy and sweet and melds really nicely into a whole. I keep catching whiffs in the air of a light vanillay (probably the marshmellow) minty peach. It's really nice. Drydown finds the light vanilla (definitely the marshmellow- vanilla isnt the right word for it) and honied peach lingering for a decent length of time. Love it.
  10. Dharklady

    Peach V (2016)

    I adore this blend. In bottle I get mostly wood and a deep sweet peach. Wet, the patchouli is earthy and tempered by the modest peach. The wood keeps it from being gourmand while the sweet notes help keep it from being too dry. As it dries down they blend, making it more difficult to pick out the individual notes. Decent lasting power and strangely not a heavy scent, at least to me. Very wearable and I'm looking forward to rocking this all Fall and winter.
  11. Dharklady


    This captures the description perfectly and was super fun to try! Green and pepper notes from the radish lay over a slightly sweet earthy base. It's easy to see the influence of each part but it blends together into a whole that is greater. Great staying power (which is a novelty for me!) and decent throw. Once it's faded a bit it's also a fun combo with Gobo!
  12. Dharklady

    Uncle Travelling Matt

    The magic is always there, as long as we keep looking for it. Gobo's Uncle Travelling Matt is the greatest living Fraggle explorer – the Fraggle equivalent of an astronaut. After completing his exploration of Fraggle Rock, he ventured forth into our world, a place the Fraggles call “Outer Space.” Dark chocolate, figgy vanilla, pear, and quince. This is a gorgeous mix of deep chocolate and the lab's lovely jammy quince note when applied. I don't get a lot of morph and it's lasting power isn't fantastic on me (no surprise there!) it is definitely worth reapplying. A must try for chocolate/fruit lovers.
  13. Dharklady

    Tanuki No Orai

    I was hoping for a bright layered fruit scent that combined the glorious freshness of peach without falling to it's artificial candy tendencies. While I'm not a huge floral fan I figured it was worth the risk. This is a beautiful blend folks. It starts as a loud peach that quickly calms down. Drydown shows the bright peach notes are married with an almost spicy blend of the heavier fruits and floral notes that lift and ground the peach all at the same time. Seamless and beautiful. Normally blends fade relatively quickly on me. This one has more lasting power then most, though not as much as some. Decent throw as well.
  14. Dharklady

    Recs for Role-Playing Games (RPG), LARP and Cosplay

    for some aquatic love... Mary Read sounds like it might be a good match and I don't think anyone suggested it yet:Salt air, ocean mist, aged patchouli, sarsaparilla, watered-down rum, leather-tinged musk, and a spray of gunpowder. the Phoenix was another acquatic that combined the blood note and ocean.Sea air, gunpowder, lime, salt-crusted wood, a splash of blood, and a dribble of Snake Oil. Dragon's Tears does sound like another good fit.
  15. Dharklady

    Crypt King

    Wet, this is a lovely blend of smooth patchouli with a bright burst of true pomegranate and tamed by the combination of spices and oakmoss. As it dries the pomegranate fades and leaves behind a gorgeously blended mix of moss and spice over some of the best patchouli I've ever smelt. The moss and black pepper are the strongest notes at this point. This is more of a skin scent on me, with only a light throw, but the staying power is decent which is nice.