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  1. TijuanaBible

    A Deadly Terror That Had Seized Upon All

    I blind-bought this one and never wore it, fast forward to today when I picked it at random, forgetting the notes. I smelled the blood orange in the bottle, but on the skin it immediately reminded me of a root beer float! Glad I kept this one around, as it dries down the orange comes back and a vanilla-sandalwood keeps it from being too citrusy. I love this and think it’s perfect in this June weather! It’s aged beautifully.
  2. TijuanaBible

    Golden Priapus

    Got this as a frimp from the lab. I don’t even like juniper/pine notes, but one day I tried it and was just blown away. It’s exactly what it says it is, but the juniper with vanilla is just so unexpected and refreshing. A BPAL must-try.
  3. TijuanaBible

    Masquerade Banana

    Banana, but glamorous and mysterious, I guess? – banana with wild fig, sweet vetiver, myrrh, cassis, and a swoosh of incense. Right on, it smells like a strong banana single note. It quickly calms down, and the myrrh and incense start to peek out. It turns into a banana incense that I never knew I needed so badly! This will be a full bottle purchase!
  4. TijuanaBible

    Raven Black Hair Gloss

    This is very incense-heavy and musky on me and I love it. I can detect the cedar but it's not very prominent. This is such a beautiful HG that I've worn it multiple days in a row, which I almost never do. I'll treasure my bottle!
  5. TijuanaBible

    Danse de la Mort

    Sandalwood + Opium was such an instant blind bottle for me-- and it does not disappoint. It stays pretty much the same wet and dry on me, and what I get is such an elegant combination of the two, with the tobacco backing it up and giving it a little spice. The amber provides a little sweetness to back up the woodiness, and makes it quite a feminine sandalwood on me, though I could easily see this being very unisex in general. I still have so many Lupers to try, but I've been off to a good start! Good throw without being overwhelming, and it lasts and lasts. Total winner in my book.
  6. TijuanaBible


    This is nearly a honeysuckle sn on me, with a touch of freshly cut grass. Heady and sweet. Great throw and about a 4 hour wear length on me. Glad I took a chance with this one.
  7. TijuanaBible


    Then said Gangleri: Where dwelt Ymir, or wherein did he find sustenance? Hárr answered: Straightway after the rime dripped, there sprang from it the cow called Audumla; four streams of milk ran from her udders, and she nourished Ymir. Then asked Gangleri: Wherewithal was the cow nourished? And Hárr made answer: She licked the ice-blocks, which were salty; and the first day that she licked the blocks, there came forth from the blocks in the evening a mans hair; the second day, a mans head; the third day the whole man was there. The primordial mother, the first nourisher: four streams of milk, white honey, frankincense, motherwort, and angelica root. This is a soft, creamy scent that reminds me of Adrastea, if you replace the white rose with a slightly herbal feel. I got a compliment from the husband the first time I wore this, and he rarely comments on my perfume. If you liked Adrastea or My Baby and a Baby Goat, this is right up your alley. Decent throw and wear length. Love it!
  8. TijuanaBible

    It Sifts from Leaden Sieves

    This is a patchouli scent for people that are afraid of patchouli. It's very well blended with the frankincense and sandalwood with just a breath of coconut. It seems like it'd be perfect to use year round. Can't wait for this one to age a bit.
  9. TijuanaBible

    Desert Places

    I get a huge tea note on this, which is unusual because tea notes normally disappear on me, at first there was an almost minty note-- don't know if that was the tea or orris but it disappeared after about an hour. The vanilla also comes out more later. Really digging this blend.
  10. But the Phoenix is not the bird of Arabia alone. He wings his way in the glimmer of the Northern Lights over the plains of Lapland, and hops among the yellow flowers in the short Greenland summer. Yellow arctic poppies shimmering in the ethereal dancing lights of the Aurora borealis. I get light flowers and a nice airiness from this blend, without an ozone note that I can detect. Maybe I've never smelled a poppy on its own as a main player (I do collect poppy blends) but this smells just a little different than what I was expecting. Different, but I LOVE it. Light to medium throw. I'm really glad I don't get an ozone note, as those tends to goes to dryer sheets on me. A great addition to my collection.
  11. TijuanaBible

    Lonely and Disregarded, A Myth

    The Bird of Paradise-renewed each century-born in flame, ending in flame! Thy picture, in a golden frame, hangs in the halls of the rich, but thou thyself often fliest around, lonely and disregarded, a myth-"The Phoenix of Arabia." Red sandalwood, Arabian myrrh, Ceylon cinnamon, and fig husk. This is a great skin scent. It has less throw than I expected, but that's okay. The cinnamon doesn't eat the scent (I must amp it normally) and doesn't smell like a craft store. The myrrh and sandalwood blend so well that they're hard to pick apart. I can't really detect the fig but it might be the light sweetness of the blend. Definitely a keeper!
  12. TijuanaBible

    The Avenging Vase

    – from Acme Magazine, 1906 Rose dusting powder, night cream, and upturned, scattered irises. The Rose is very--I initially said heavy, but that's not the case-- on this one, but that's definitely not a complaint from me. A very powdery, dusky rose with a hint of very high-end moisturizer-- reminds me of my Shesheido night cream. This is in no way a complaint, it's a clean (can't over emphasize the clean) rose scent that is a little bit powdery. The iris shows up a little but in the drydown, but this is, overall, a nice new rose scent. Very different than the ones I have now, so I'm thrilled. a breath of fresh air from my most recent favorite, Elizabeth of Bohemia. Would recommend this to any rose fans!! Strong throw, lovely scent.
  13. TijuanaBible

    Witch Dance

    If you don't like red musk, you're not going to like this one. It's got a bit of smoke, and a bit of incense and woods. For me, it's perfect, but I can understand how it's not for everyone. For me, it's mostly red musk and nag champagne, which isn't a bad thing, but I wish I got a little bit more of the smokiness that I expected.
  14. I was worried that this would be too simple or sweet-- it's neither. The black licorice is mellow and just a little sweet, and it's really nicely balanced by the teakwood. The licorice really comes off more like red musk than actual black licorice, which may be part of why I like it so much. I've recently found that I'm a fan of woody blends which is the only reason I tried this, and I'm relieved that it's a winner on my skin. I can see using this one a lot.
  15. TijuanaBible

    This Wan White Humming Hive

    And where should the living feel alive But here in this wan white humming hive, As the moon wastes down, and the dawn turns cold, And one by one they creep back to the fold? And where should a man hold his mate and say: "One more, one more, ere we go their way"? For the year's on the turn, and it's All Souls' night, When the living can learn by the churchyard light. White patchouli leaf, beeswax, ambergris, and pale incense. The first thing I get off this is honey! Eeeevil honey. The patchouli leaf is super light, barely noticeable. I'm not too familiar with ambergris, but the beeswax is nice and prominent. The incense is there too, slightly smoky without being smoky and just a little sweet. I accidentally ordered two bottles and while waiting for my order I was mad at myself, but this is clearly a blend I want a backup bottle of. I highly recommend this to people that love honey or incense. It really is something special. Can't wait to try the rest of my Weenie hoard!