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  1. Schnax

    Snow, Glass, Apples

    In the bottle, this is crisp green apple and crisp winter air. Sadly, on me the apple vanishes almost immediately, leaving a very light snow scent. It's barely-there, and very interesting, but I wish some of the apple remained.
  2. Schnax


    Aerinha supplied the word I was searching for: suede. In the imp this smells like suede and dried grass. On me the amber comes out and the grasses fade. This is a barely-there scent, golden and warm.
  3. Schnax


    Yup, this is floral. A dark, brooding floral. I can make out the moonflower in there, but I don't know what any of the other notes smell like. It's possibly one of the most traditional-smelling BPALs I've tried, and I could see wearing it with an evening dress to a fancy-schmancy dinner party or the like. Very elegant and lovely.
  4. Schnax

    The Red Queen

    In the imp I get cherries. Kind of like cherry Kool-Aid. On me the cherries quickly vanish, and I just get the woods. It's suddenly a very dry scent. I was really hoping for a richer, darker scent out of this; I already have Ahathoor for dry and woodsy. Off to swaps!
  5. Schnax


    Seaweed? Plants? Dark water? Nope. This smells like aftershave. Considering I really wanted to smell like salt water and seaweed, this makes me very sad
  6. Schnax

    Egg Nog

    Nog '07 In the imp and immediately on application this smells perfectly like eggnog. Rich and creamy with a bit o' rum. And then, not 30 seconds after applying...BAM! Plastic! It smelled like a toy from my childhood...either My Little Pony or Cabbage Patch Doll. Not a trace of nog left.
  7. Schnax

    Leo 2007

    Hello amber! Nutty, warm amber. I can't detect any chamomile, frankincense or saffron. No morphing to speak of, it's very long-lasting on me, and it's a regal golden scent.
  8. Schnax

    Love and Pain

    This is pretty much straight-up lavender. When I put my nose right up to my wrist I think I can make out the musk and tobacco, but otherwise it's all lavender all the time. It's a dark lavender, if that makes any sense, which may be explained by the other notes, but it's not nearly as complex as I'd hoped.
  9. Schnax

    Pumpkin IV (2007)

    When I put this on, I immediately get a kick of pumpkin. It reminds me of pumpkin pie filling. Then a slightly sweet herbal scent comes out. Is that the sweetgrass? I can't make out any sage at all, which disappoints me because I love the smell of sage and it would give this blend an earthier feel. It's still very pleasant, though; a warm sweet scent.
  10. Schnax

    Monster Bait: biggerCritters

    In the imp: mostly vanilla, with jasmine hiding in the background. No sign of grapefruit or gardenia that I can tell. On me: the jasmine amps up, and combines with the vanilla to smell almost like bubblegum. It's a little strange. The scent stays true, and fades completely after about seven hours. It's definitely sweet, and I think "googly" is a great description for it!
  11. Schnax


    In the bottle: Hello lavender! On me: Lavender with a hint of citrus. I like wearing this at bedtime; normally my brain starts racing as soon as the lights go out, and I have trouble sleeping. Maybe it's a placebo effect, but Quietude tells my brain to cool it and go to sleep. I feel calmer wearing it.
  12. Schnax

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    In the imp, this is mostly mint. There's a tiny hint of vanilla in the background. This tingles on application! On me, the mint stays in the forefront, but the vanilla rounds it out and provides a nice base. No morphing as time goes on, just fading, though I can still smell it faintly even after 8 hours. Very nice for summer!
  13. Schnax

    Blue Moon 2007

    Wow, this one is complex! I'm mostly getting light florals, with a slight earthiness that I think might be the sage. There's also a tiny hint of coolness that I will attribute to cucumber. So far it's lasted 3.5 hours and I'm still getting lovely whiffs of it. This really feels like a ice blue light to me. So glad I splurged on a bottle!
  14. Schnax


    This does smell like a sweet creamy vanilla tea to me. There's something lurking underneath that I can't quite put my finger on. This lasts about 4 hours and stays true to the initial scent. Hubby insists that it makes me smell like pie. Fortunately he likes pie.
  15. Schnax


    In the imp and wet on me, this is SANDALWOOD! Fortunately as it dries it becomes softer and more complex. I can definitely catch the rose peeking out, and there's a slightly powdery scent that might be the amber. (I'm still not so good at picking out individual notes ) This sucker lasts and lasts on me, I can still smell it clearly after 8 hours. Not my favourite, but a definite keeper.