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  1. velvet

    Virtus v45

    I've been saving this for a particularly rainy day. After the events of yesterday, it felt like a perfect time to give this a try. Holy moly, something is extremely sweet and I am amping it. It is probably the myrrh and or ambrette seed - maybe the frankincense? It's very rich and deep, but almost repellent in sweetness. As it is drying down, there is more of an earthy/woody edge. When I first put it on, despite being put off by the smell, there was something comforting and grounding. It feels (and smells) medicinal and ancient. I just feel better. Perhaps there is a placebo effect mixed with intention... but I believe it is more.
  2. velvet


    I love every other note in this blend but Chypre... is a no FOREVER. This does not sit well with me. It is wash-off-bad. It's one of those scents the gets stuck in my nose and I can't get out. It's metallic and floral and overpowering AND powdery.
  3. velvet

    Eclipses Be

    In the wet stage: this is beautiful! delicious amber, spicy, comfy and warm. I want to roll in this. The middle stage: heavy heavy HEAVY carnation. Way too much for me, but if you're a carnation fan you are in in luck. The final stage: this is turning into 1950s grandma's living room ROSE. It's not a bad scent, but it's not something I want on my body. Sigh. Maybe I'll try it in a scent locket. Edit: wait. WAIT, it's turning clovey. I thought it was at the dry downstage but I was wrong. It's going powdery clove but in a good way. Hmm. Now I'm not sure how I feel about it. I might need to try it again.
  4. velvet

    Apocalyptic Horseprincess

    This smells like pixie sticks, or possibly sweet tarts. In the wet stage it has an artificial grape-like note, which is probably the plum bouncing off the lime and candy powder notes. It is pretty interesting how the combination of those three notes creates the illusion of fake grape. I wish I liked fake grape, but unfortunately it reminds me of cough syrup and makes me a little nauseous. Since I only put on the tiniest bit, I am hopeful it will get better on the dry down. Edit: sadly the dry down didn't get better. It turned to that familiar plasticy smell that vanillas tend to turn on me. Off to swaps..
  5. velvet


    Initial smell: okay, not sure. kind of strong in a heady floral way. after about five minutes: get it off of me. This does not work well for me at all. something about it just makes me anxious. The smell, the general feeling. I'll stick with Ebon Night, thanks.
  6. velvet


    I tried this on a whim yesterday because I am running on empty and I need some sympathetic ears from my fellow grad students. I wore this in a locket while I was at school for 11 hours. Holy florals batman! this smells very relaxing. It is strong but in a positive and grounded way. I agree with lilirose, this has a note that is dominant in white light - I haven't tried La Flamme. This is the most effective TAL I have ever worn. I noticed people treating me with more care than usual and listening to me better. It is nothing short of magic. I will never be without it.
  7. velvet

    My Little Grotesque

    In the wet stage this is beautiful Lemony(?) cardamom and cake. I love all things cardamom so my hopes are flying a little too high. In the middle stage the cardamom is toned down but still present and I continue to hope that there isn't a pesky vanilla note hanging around with the yellow cake note. As soon as it's dry.... there it is. That plastic note that ruins every single scent with vanilla in it for me. </3 The lab's vanilla won't work on me. It's a lesson I'm not often tempted into remind myself of, but the promise of a prominent cardamom scent was too tempting.
  8. velvet

    Sherlock Holmes

    wet on my skin: extremely powdery. I almost washed it off. middle: it's drying down into something sweet and warm. I get creamy leather with a sweetened lime note and... sassafras? maybe it's the tobacco. dry: I'm just starting the dry stage and it's still going well but starting to veer into the plasticy realm which makes me think there is some vanilla in the blend. sigh. this always happens.
  9. velvet

    The Devil's Pet Baits

    a bit distracted through the wet stage, but in the bottle it smelled sensual and delicious. as it's drying it smells exactly like cedar on me with a spicy undertone. Sadly, I don't care for cedar. edit: the cedar like note is getting amped up by my skin. it smells dry and sickly.
  10. velvet

    Crimson Peak

    This smells like what I wanted Snow White to be. No pesky vanilla to turn horrible. It's difficult to pick out specific notes, it is well blended but I can briefly detect the snow note that was mentioned in the description. I will have to try this one again.
  11. velvet

    All That I Possess

    This smells oddly floral on me. Which makes no sense considering the notes, but it smells like a light white floral with white leather and very little to ground it. weird.
  12. velvet

    A Specific Aberration

    This scent is beautiful, airy, but present. The more ambergris scents I try the more I am in love. The wet stage is glittering, ethereal, present but light. It is floral, but so well blended it has a creamy quality. I will need to try it a couple more times to decide if I need a bottle.
  13. velvet

    A Shadow In The Elevator

    I have to agree with the other reviewers, cashmere patchouli seems to be the proper name for this in the wetstage. As it dries down the plum is in the forefront and I agree with the comparisons to bordello because of the sweet boozy quality it acquires from the fruit. I am curious to see what the final dry down is like, because the scent keeps getting lighter and lighter, it's almost disappeared on my skin.
  14. velvet

    Black Cherry Love

    despite my aversion to the lab's vanilla, I decided to give this scent a skin test. The initial wet stage is a gorgeous dark cherry scent, the patchouli deepens this scent and gives it a beautiful dimension. I am still apprehensive though, I've been wearing it less than an hour and on the last dry down vanilla typically goes all plastic on me. ETA: It never went plasticy. I wear this all the time.
  15. velvet

    Ivory Vulva

    coconut agrees with me pretty well. This particular mix is no exception. I always have trouble with vanilla scents going crazy plastic on me and luckily this one doesn't seem to have any vanilla lurking in it. It's heavenly from start to finish. It's very coconutty while in it's wet stage, approaching suntan lotion territory, but luckily it doesn't get there. Then it morphs into a delicate, but toasted coconut with subtle sugar, marshmallow and cream notes. The amber becomes more apparent on the dry down and it's lovely and soft. ETA: I can see why people are getting the buttery note, but luckily it doesn't become prominent on me.