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  1. littleone101701

    What's the best coconut blend?

    I've had bad luck with Obatala, Black Pearl, AND Elegba They all turned into a sour coconut on me
  2. littleone101701


    In the bottle: It's gorgeous. I think I want a rum and coke... Wet: Still gorgeous! Coconutty with a hint of rum. Love love love On the drydown: CURSES!! NURSING HOME!!! I was really hoping for it to work on me as I'm still looking for that perfect coconut scent. Apparently, it is not Elegba...
  3. littleone101701

    Love's Philosophy

    My skin must really hate me; I'm getting the French Vanilla candle that PhantasmMysteria was afraid of. And a cheap vanilla candle at that. But I LOVE Antique Lace and Black Lace, in which some of you smelled similar notes. Oh how my chemistry confuses me! I think I'm going to keep this bottle around though and see how it works after it ages a bit. Here's hoping!!
  4. littleone101701

    Turkey Day

    Turkey day wasn't awful. My aunt wouldn't change my family's meeting n eat time because my lazy ass cousin "couldn't wait that long" so we just went to DH's. I went to my gramma's at like 9:30 last night because she stays up til 3am just like me. I found out that my asshole cousin didn't even show up so I'm even more pissed at him. Jerk's on welfare, won't pay my gramma rent ($100 a month for a 2 story house with at least 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom), won't work, but has money for beer and cigarettes. Sometimes, I hate my family. DH's wasn't too bad but I played with the nephew and pretty much ignored everyone else. I made a point of say that the best part of JJ(nephew) was that he has a return policy. DH's mom wasn't amused. He's getting cuter and is trying to talk now. He won't say yes when you ask him a question; he'll smile REALLY big and giggle. If you ask him to say yes, he'll shake his head no. I assumed he wouldn't say Jess either because it's so similar to yes but he tried. I am now "jah" and DH is "uncah". Pretty cute, I must say. I forced DH to hold him muahahaha! I'm annoyed with them all over again because they wanted Toys R Us giftcards or money for today so JJ's mom could go and buy what they need/want for Christmas instead of telling everyone something. Okay, that's cool if that's what they wanna do. I was under the impression that they were going to wrap it all and let the little nerd open them at DH's parents' place on xmas but nope! So now I have no idea what our money is going to and wtf is the fun of having an 18 month old at xmas if you can't see him tear into stuff and giggle a lot? Jerks. How was your Thanksgiving?
  5. littleone101701

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    This one broke my heart. It's absolutely AMAZING in the bottle but on me, it smells like a cheap, waxy vanilla candle. Curse my skin chemistry!!! Why oh why can't I smell like the pretty bottle!!! Off to swaps I suppose
  6. littleone101701


    In the bottle: This actually reminds me of Sugar Cookie but with a hint of apple. I can definitely smell the butterscotch!!! Wet: Oooooh Apple!!! Yum!!! Still getting the butterscotch but it smells lovely. Dry down: Just like Sugar Cookie, this turns to plasic on me. I'm guessing that butterscotch and I don't get along. I can see this being gorgeous on some people, just not me. Verdict: To the swap thread. I really wanted to love this scent too.
  7. littleone101701

    Pumpkin Queen

    In the bottle: It smells so much like Jack!! I'm a big fan of Jack, so that's a good thing! Wet: Nice and pumpkin-y but not too much so. I like it About 15 mins later: What's this? Spicey Play-do?! NOOO!!!! Hopefully it'll calm down in a bit and not be Play-do. I have to wait a while to be sure but right now, I can't see myself keeping it. Oh how I want to love you, Pumpkin Queen but the Play-do phase is making me kind of sick. I think I'll try it again in a couple weeks and see what she does to my skin. Otherwise, I may have to make a room scent because I don't know if I can bring myself to sell or swap her.
  8. littleone101701


    In the bottle: Almost smells like cough syrup or some children's medicine but still more fruity than medicinal. There's a slight cinnamon undertone that I like.. Wet: CINNAMON!!! and a slight fruitiness that is slowly fading into the background. Absolutely devine! After about 2 hours:Still a lot of cinnamon, though it has calmed down. I'm not getting so much of the fruit anymore but it has blended rather nicely. Has a decent throw but nothing overwhelming. I absolutely LOVE this oil!!!
  9. littleone101701


    In the bottle BUBBLEGUM to the extreme. Makes me think of Orbitz Bubblemint and I absolutely LOVE it!!! Wet Still bubblegum but with a slight cinnamon undertone. Still loving it... After about half an hour It's all gone!! Not even a slight scent left in my hair or on my clothes!! I'm devastated!! I think I'm going to try it again but I doubt that it'll stay I was so ready to buy a bottle of this too. Maybe I'll just try to get another imp...
  10. littleone101701

    Sugar Cookie

    In the bottle: Butterscotch candies! Oooh yum!! Wet: Still butterscotch but a hint of vanilla and cinnamon Dry: Plastic-y butterscotch And it's giving me a slight headache. I sooo wanted to love this!!! Apparently, my chemistry isn't made for Sugar Cookies.