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  1. tativa

    Eclipses Be

    Eclipses be predicted And Science bows them in But do one face us suddenly Jehovahs watch is wrong. Emily Dickinson Rose amber, carnation, and clove. How has no one reviewed this one yet? I've worn it 2 of the last few days since I tried it! Now 3 while I give this short review before work. It just smells like warm happy days! It is a bit drier than the usual scents I don. The scent is incredibly well balanced. It kind of gets that glowy feeling to it that some scents get. Where the scent is radiating off your skin in a warm subtle way that is difficult to describe. On me, the carnation is the strongest note. The rest of the notes balance and enhance the carnation. The amber giving additional body, the clove bringing out the spice notes of the carnation more. It's a bit heavy and fall like, the luckily plays well with heat in the summer as well! I am in love!
  2. George Romney A brazier aflame with Carthaginian olibanum, Ethopian myrrh, galbanum, onycha, and lingum aloes. I don't see stone listed in this... but it is one of the stronger notes I am detecting. It reminds me a lot of a scent from a few years back: Sadak in Search of the Waters of Oblivion. Though they don't share the same notes, the feel is rather similar. But this one has a very realistic brazier of incense in place of the bubblegum (lotus). It goes on a little sharp, it doesn't stay that way but never smooths out as much as you'd expect resins to. It smells more like an incense stick. While it gives the sensation of burning, it doesn't have any smoke notes. More that the incense has a light and airy quality to it that evokes incense smoke. It has a very thematic and strong ambiance, but not overbearing enough that it isn't wearable most places. Also it's wearing power is somewhere near forever without losing the lighter/ top incense notes.
  3. tativa

    Edith Cushing

    Edith is one of those scents I didn't think too highly of when I put on "oh it's another pretty bpal Vanilla"... I put it on before I slept. When I woke up I kept smelling this gorgeous glowing smell... and realized it with Edith. As she melds onto the skin, it's like a candle burning. There is just this glow to her that I love so very much. When she is wet though, she smells like butterbeer! It took me a bit to come to that conclusion... but after a recent trip to Harry Potter World I put her on after my shower... and was all... omg that is what the foodie smell is. BUTTERBEER. Basically Edith is what you get when you combine butterbeer and the glow of a burning candle (not the smoke, more abstract). I'm not sure the two bottles I have will be enough. It's not the most unique scent or my favorite scent... but it's a very good daily wearer. I love how it makes me feel when I'm wearing it. It's a perfume I can wear pretty much anywhere and not offend anyone. It's a great daily wearer, so I see this bottle disappearing fast.
  4. tativa

    Irish Coffee Cake

    This smells oddly like what I recall Miskatonic University smelling like! The same irish coffee note from there... but on top of something sweet instead of wood. Also it doesn't have the musty book note. I could see people who like MU liking this, and this might have an even wider appeal because of the lack of iffy atmospheric notes like books. Personally I like MU better... but this is a nice change of pace. Bailey's cake!
  5. Praline ice cream and beignet dust. This is a simple but delicious scent. I catch a lot of the pecan, and its sweet and lovely and like one of those sweet breads. It faded kind of quickly when I wore it out earlier, but layered really nicely with some other foodie scents I had. it tamed them and brought out the sweetness and softened some of the harsher waxy notes that sometimes happen. The scent itself is soft and creamy and skin hugging. The sugar is actually the powdered kind distinctly. The nuts give it depth. The icecream note softens it and makes me thing "ZOMG EASTER BREAKFAST BREADS". It isn't as overpowering and in you face as a lot of foodies tend to be and has a very realistic feel to it. I will be keeping my bottle around for snuggles and layering!
  6. tativa


    Peter was not with them for the moment, and they felt rather lonely up there by themselves. He could go so much faster than they that he would suddenly shoot out of sight, to have some adventure in which they had no share. He would come down laughing over something fearfully funny he had been saying to a star, but he had already forgotten what it was, or he would come up with mermaid scales still sticking to him, and yet not be able to to say for certain what had been happening. It was really rather irritating to children who had never seen a mermaid. ― JM Barrie, Peter Pan Lilith, I hope you never stop seeing mermaids. I hope your invisible friends always sing with you, and that the ghosts in your attic tell you stories every night. I hope you never forget how to dream, and I hope you never forget why dreams matter. A tiny siren’s perfume of pink seaweed, lotus petals, Tahitian tiare, white gardenia, orange blossom, sea salt, and vanilla-infused benzoin. Words fail me with this one. There is that Lilith note, you know that sweet innocent lovely note that all the Lilith scents have a touch of. The other two notes I really capture distinctly are the sea salt and seaweed, but they are soft and sweet and tied to the rest of it. It isn't a floral scent, as one might fear from the plethora smorzeboard of listed florals. It smells like watching mermaid movies when you are a kid and then tying your legs together with pool toys so you can swim like a mermaid... because you secretly are one that is just being raised among humans. This is much softer than other mermaid scents, like Thalassa. It's not as strong in your face perfumey, more soft and lovely. It's sort of related to Thalassa and Sunrise with sea monsters, but softer and more feminine than either.
  7. Incense smoke drifting out from the basilica mingling with oleander, just-flamed bananas foster, and a splash of Dorian. This is a really interesting scent. Seriously for the first few minutes its really strong really sweet bananas foster/ sundae... then it fades and takes us on a journey to a church or ceremony. If I really search for it I can still smell a little bit of the dessert that started the scent, but sadly that part lasts about as long (at least on my skin) as the real thing. But is scent locket or diffuser material for real... this is the most realistic banana note I've smelled in a perfume. Luckly I like the dry down as well... It's a really deep and entrancing incense. Incense though, not resins like how OM GAM is incense like. Like the kind that is already lit on fire, or in stick form in a box. If you are scared of banana but love incense, give it a spin and ignore the first few minutes and see how a decant plays with your skin. I can smell the faintest bit of Dorian mixed in with the incense. Meanwhile, if you are a foodie who is scared of incense... this would be a highly skin dependent scent. To be honest, it still is kind of morphing. I don't know if the scent is changing or my nose, but there are two vasty different genres that make up this perfume and flip flop in a Jerkyll Hyde kind of way. Neither is too overwhelming after dry down, but still distinctive. It's basically Dorian's glutton cousin joins the priesthood, where he spends most of the day in church but still has the occasional sweet and high out with cologne. Really complex scent that goes on a journey and wafts you through the complex city of sin.
  8. tativa

    Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

    Salutations to the supreme Lord Ganesh, whose curved trunk and massive body shines like a million suns and showers his blessings on everyone. Oh my lord of lords, Ganesha, kindly remove all obstacles, always and forever from all my activities and endeavors. Lilith’s favorite deity - by far - is Ganesha, inspired by her kindergarten teacher and the works of Sanjay Patel. Her meditation technique, however, is as much a product of her Mom & Me practice at home as her enthusiastic love of Teen Titans. I’d attempted to persuade Lilith to meditate with me many times, but she didn’t have much of an interest in doing so until she started watching Teen Titans again in earnest. Kindergarten was a challenging transition year for her, and meditation was something she employed often to cope with the stress. I tried to encourage her to chant a variety of mantras, and she used many of Ganesha’s, but her go to was always Azarath Metreon Zinthos. So, thank you, DC Comics, Sanjay Patel, and (especially) Ganesha, for helping give my daughter tools to help her through rough days. This is a meditation blend that I created for Lilith: sweet frankincense, Mysore sandalwood, and a few drops of rose and clary sage. I don't know how... but Beth managed to capture a long lasting frankincense note! This is the type of resin blend I'm always after, and it always fades so fast... this is a nice balance of frankincense with rose and a touch of clary that stays nice (but close to the skin) for hours. It is much more perfumey than I was expecting, and is a relaxing perfume more than aromatherapy, though it certainly has therapeutic value! It's sweet, but in a resin golden incense sort of way. <3 This one exceeded expectations by far!
  9. A Little Pirate's indulgence: rum cupcakes and vanilla ice cream with a hot toddy. I don't really smell the rum in here... what I smell is COCONUT CAKE! Like the kind my granny used to make. It's the lab's cake note with some coconut and a little bit of depth, like a light wood. I can certainly smell the vanilla icecream too, but it blends in seamlessly with the coconut cake so it just is creamy and rich and delicious. I think is finally a scent that makes up for having missed cake smash! This is what I was hoping the Pink Cake Lilith scent from the Lab would be!
  10. Lilith, Ted, and I were playing dress up one night, and during her snack break in the kitchen, it occurred to me that she – and the whole accidental tableau – reminded me strongly (and strangely) of Georges de la Tour's Penitent Magdalene. So, of course, Ted and I threw together an impromptu 30-second staging with junk lying around the house and took a photo. Learning art history through role playing and silly photo shenanigans! Candle wax, smoke, red sandalwood, a dusting of kitchen spices, and a dribble of vanilla ice cream. A creamy smokey sandalwood. Gorgeous but not very sweet at all. It reminds me of Inez, but with more wood and no carnation. So if the carnation was holding you back from loving Inez... this is that sort of sultry wax scent
  11. tativa

    Wicked Matriarch

    Another win from the evil side! I can definitely pick out the red aspect of the purple musk... it reminds me a bit of some of the Grindhouse blends in feel. There is something in it that is a bit orangey. I like this one much more than I thought I would, but it is a bit more mature in feel than I typically wear.
  12. tativa

    Vain Sorceress

    Wow!!! This one is GOOD. It is very different from the other tuberose blends I've tried from the lab that have failed. I can't quite pinpoint what scents are making the black velvet accord, but I swear it's there. The vanilla is very foodie and rich. I can smell a cloud of incense in the background as well. This is so evocative and perfect. I need to find a bottle or three.
  13. No one spoke to me, but I could hear the creaking of signs in the wind outside, and the whir of the wheel as the bonneted old woman continued her silent spinning, spinning. I thought the room and the books and the people very morbid and disquieting, but because an old tradition of my fathers had summoned me to strange feastings, I resolved to expect queer things. So I tried to read, and soon became tremblingly absorbed by something I found in that accursed Necronomicon; a thought and a legend too hideous for sanity or consciousness. But I disliked it when I fancied I heard the closing of one of the windows that the settle faced, as if it had been stealthily opened. It had seemed to follow a whirring that was not of the old woman's spinning-wheel. This was not much, though, for the old woman was spinning very hard, and the aged clock had been striking. After that I lost the feeling that there were persons on the settle, and was reading intently and shudderingly when the old man came back booted and dressed in a loose antique costume, and sat down on that very bench, so that I could not see him. It was certainly nervous waiting, and the blasphemous book in my hands made it doubly so. When eleven struck, however, the old man stood up, glided to a massive carved chest in a corner, and got two hooded cloaks; one of which he donned, and the other of which he draped round the old woman, who was ceasing her monotonous spinning. Then they both started for the outer door; the woman lamely creeping, and the old man, after picking up the very book I had been reading, beckoning me as he drew his hood over that unmoving face or mask.
 The clock strikes eleven: black rose, oudh, rosewood, and sea-kissed patchouli, and the smoke of a snuffed tallow candle.
 I've worn this one twice, and am still not quite sure how to describe it. I just know it had no reviews. The sea-kissed note is similar to the one in Sunrise with Seamonsters... but it's backed by almost a hazelnut masculine foodie note. This one is super well blended, and for some reason I thought it had leather in it till I looked at the notes, that must be the oude. The rose isn't too girly, it blends very tightly with the sea note and grounds it to the sweeter earthier part of the blend. The candle aspect actually smells snuffed out tying it more strongly to the rose and salt, but it definitely connects with the Oude too. As it dries it goes from the foodie salt focus to the rose and oude and candle focus. The rose really comes out later on in the blend. This one is very unisex. Not just like either could wear it, but it's both very masculine and very feminine to my nose. If you are a fan of Spellbound or Sunrise with Seamonsters, try this blend.
  14. tativa

    Swap Help

    Ohh lookie I made current (11/2013) wish lists!!! I will also write things and update my BPAL wishlist when I have more time. I need to find more cheap things to add on my problem is my self control is so much less when its a couple bucks. Amazon Wishlist Sephora Loves It might be kind of a weird request... but I just started taking dance performance classes, and at least every 2 months we have a recital... so any interesting props or costume pieces are welcome, as I am sure I can find a use for it. I am suppose to be paleo, but cheat occasionally. But bread and too much sugar makes me feel ick now that I'm off it. Never the less... I LOOOOOVE homemade treats. I've been trying to do the whole weight loss fitness thing, so anything related to kettle bells or pole dance or body weight exercises is totally welcome. I use groupon and living social all the time too... I also love me some Freshel Kanebo Mineral BB Cream in light in the pink tube. I love smelling new botanicals! Especially frankincense, jasmine, vanilla or anything super exotic that I've never heard of I've been curious to try House of Matriarch, The Rising Phoenix Perfumery, or Providence Perfume. I love Hedonist by Viktoria Minya, and many of the Aftlier perfumes I've tried, expecially Haute Claire. I LOVE leatherwood honey... but love other honeys in general, and would especially love to try some unique single sources for it. I wear a size 9 shoe... and I SUCK at shoe and purse shopping... so if you rock at those things that is an idea.
  15. tativa

    Capax Infiniti

    OMG I can totally smell the icecream! I was worried when I read the reviews... and I do see how it can read a little powdery... but there is lavender icecream snuggles involved! Update after it's been through some wear, but I just wanted to put a vote into the icecream camp, since I think this one is a bit skin dependent. So take a shot if you amp sweets rather than musk.