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    Favorites include Anne Bonny, Thanatos, Mag Mell, Black Opal, The Dodo, Temple Viper, Midnight on the Midway, Pepper, Lilith Victoria, and Bilquis. I like sugar, carnations, sandalwood and vanilla, white roses and frankincence.

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    gaming, world of warcraft, bento, photography, herbs, witchcraft, beading, home-page making, reading, football (that's soccer to you 'mericans), nailpolish, sewing plushies
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  1. cyphersushi

    RPG Combos

    I've only got hold of a few tester imps so far, more sniffies really so your milage may wary from what I got since I got so small amounts. Evil Halfling - Before testing I can't really get the phrase "evil cookie" out of my mind and it appealed to me alot. When I finally got to try these toghether I wasn't really disappointed. My first reaction was that is was a lot like Bilquis. Later it fades to be more evil fruit and less cookies but still with some crumbs remaining. All in all my little test makes me want a bigger sample so I can slater and hopefully get it to last longer. Evil Halfling Mage - The mage and the evil combine to drown out most of the halfling but I'd need more testing to say more than that. I do believe there's an RPG imp puchase in my future at least. I need to try both the combos a bit more but it's very enticing so far.
  2. cyphersushi

    Email order acknowledgement

    Yes! I agree... I always worry despite getting the paypal message and sometimes that gets lost too... It would be very very nice with one of these e-mails. Esecially for us who worry too much
  3. cyphersushi

    Questions answered!

    One huuuuge chunk of witchy questions. I pasted in the ones I replied to in the thread too for easy findings. I hope this is helpful dear witchy I'll keep updating as we go along... What is your favorite? What tea would you love to try but haven't because of price or difficulty to get? I love celestial teas diffrent chai variants and I also have a new local favorite - psycho lemon! It' is fantastic. I would love to try the Dr Horrible tea and the Supernatural tea from adagio but I can't motivate ordering it just yet with the amount of tea I already have BPTP Room Sprays...your thoughts? Sounds lovely but I have never tried any of them. Would you like to receive baked goods from your Witch? And if so, are there things you WOULDN'T like? I'd lvoe it. Anything with raisins in it would get picked at though... Your thoughts on the update? Blood Moon looks great but I didn't order it due to money. The baseball scents and shirt also sound and look great but they will have to wait... Go Moonbeasts though! How do you decide what to put in which package for your Witchee or how many packages to send? Pretty much yes If you were my witchee, would you be terribly offended if I sent you a box containing project "experiments" or random miscellaneous pretty bits of brainstorming that I thought you might like/wear? Absolutely! Do you often drink take away coffe in paper mugs? I do when I work. The coffe in the machine at work is horrid so I go out and get a good cup when I can. I would love a way to keep it steady in the basket of my bike though... What would a perfume based on you smell like? Hmmm... I think it would be a base of coffe with wiffs of the ozone of computers and the paper of books. Maybe a hint of wool in there as well. Who here likes Wizard of Oz things? I have never seen the whole movie through... I like the imagery though. Do you like Mystery Science Theater 3000? Have you tried out (and if not, would you be interested in doing so) its weird little brother, RiffTrax? I've only read MST'd badfics not ever seen the show. What will you like from Singapore? Candies? Food? Asian crafts/toys? I love all kinds of stuff from diffrent countries. So all of the above. What is everyone's "luck" item? I don't have one really. Do you like art deco/nouveau - style prints? Sure do. They are nice. What is one thing that, if you received it in the middle of all the hubbub, would make you smile and take your mind off of all you have to do for a bit? A card or a letter from well... any one of my penpals or my witch How do you feel about Hello Kitty? On anything but clothing, yay! I love pens and stickers and bento boxes. Legwarmers? Armwarmers? Yes please! What makes everyone stand out from the Switch Witch herd? Besides my location I feel like I am like most of you. If you are into the original Nintendo system, what 3 games would you want that you don't have?I don't have an old system unfortunately. What is your favorite category of the GC? I don't have one... I have favorites from all of them... Stance on Joss Whedon and his enterprises? Love the man and am looking forward to Dollhouse. Has anyone tried ice wine before? Do/did they enjoy it? Nope, never tried it. What other perfume companies (besides bpal) have you been curious about? None. Does anyone here do anything with grave rubbings? Would you enjoy art based on original Graveyard photography? Yes please! Do you play a musical instrument? Nope, once upon a time I played the flute but no longer What do you think of Irrelevant Disturbing and Surreal Crawdad Dream? Love it? Hate it? Kicking yourself for not getting a bottle? Love it, have bottle! Blueberry is an underrated note in my opinion. I would love to try Blue Fire. How do you feel about trinkets? You know - tiny toys or doodads that serve no purpose than to be cute, take up space and make us smile. Love them or waste of money? I am a sucker for them so bring them on. I have a desk with shelves and it can take some more "decorating" - I use the term in the loosest form here Can melty things be shipped to you, or will they be in puddles by the time you open the package? No problems at all! Who likes pirates? Me! Arrr... or as one of my guildies sayd Yaaarrrn! Beware the knitting pirates! What are your feelings about Dia De Los Muertos? Seems very interesting but I don't know much about it. The BPTP t-shirt looks awsome though. What do you think about the Nightmare Before Christmas? Love it! If candy is sent, would you prefer small amounts to a Halloween sized bag? Any kind is great! Do you like floral soaps or bath stuff? If so, what florals work and what don't? Jasmine works, rose not so much... but better than it does in perfume at least. How do y'all feel about honey and maple? And different flavored honey, not just the standard kind? I rarely use marple but honey I have in my tea all the time. Flavour are fun. What is your favorite thing to do on a cool fall day? Taking a walk with my dog and then coming inside for a nice hot cup of something. If you have pets, is there a SPECIFIC toy they like to play with; brand and size? Is there a treat/cookie they eat? What brand and size? Eagonn eats anything but gets a tummy ache from too much fat, so no pig's ears. The only toy that he has not decimated to little tiny shreds is his black kong. What's your ringtone? Chocobo Waltz from the final fantasy games Just to throw a silly question out there...Munsters or Addams Family, y'all? Addams family! What think you about receiving tea accessories and/or miscellany (like mugs, cups, saucers, strainers/filters, honey, natural sweeteners [like stevia])? Yes please and I love honey. Never tried stevia... How do you feel about copies of music or dvd's that your witch might have that you might enjoy? Not just mixes, but whole copies? Absolutely. If I like it I will buy my own copy anyways. Tarts? Yes/no? Yes, I have a burner. I'm wondering if my witchee would like to try these types of things (like the caramel with sea salts or chocolates with chilis/bacon/salt etc.)? I like chocolate with chili and salt but hold the bacon please. Caramel has to be vegan for me to eat it (or made with non-lactose milk/cream) What's your favorite animal? Hmm... bats are cute. I like cats and dogs... Ah I really can't choose What one (or two, if you really must) BPAL bottles are you most longing for? It's not on my wishlist yet but I am regretting not ordering Penumbra. I stayed away from it because of the tobacco but since I ahve tried Havana and realised that not all tobacco is evil and the reviews seems so nice. I want to smell purple too! So I would say that right now If you could have dinner/drinks/coffee with any 3 living people that are not your family/friends already, who would they be-? Neil Gaiman, Jasper Fforde and Kevin Smith. I am sure I wouldn't get a word in but it would be excellent to listen to! If you could bring back any TV show from cancellation what would it be? Firefly! Dead like me. And I am sure a billion others I have forgotten they always seem to cancel my favorites... I wonder if my witchee would like a blanket type thing. Would you? Blankets are great! I am always cold - especially in the winter. What's your favorite "I know it's bad for me but I can't help myself" treat? Icecream! Especially the kind for witch I have to take a pill to eat it. Very important question: Are you planning on buying anything off your BPAL and/or other wishlists during the round? Possibly dvd's since I buy those with my hubby but besides that no. I need to conserve my monies since I am unemployed so I'll spend on my witchee instead Do you wear a watch? If so, what kind/style? I do have a necklace with a small watch on it btu i don't wear it always. I don't wear a wristwatch since I got my cellphone. I tell time from that. How do you feel about having a donation made in your name to something?If you like that idea, what types of organizations/groups would you want the donation to go to? I'd like to donate to organisation working for world literacy and the ones that defend the free word. What is your favorite art movement and/or style? ie impressionist, surrealist, art nouveau, etc. Uhmm.... next question? No art schooling so I just go by gut instinct. Do you have a case for your mp3 player/digital camera? If you would want one, what size is your digital device? I wouldn't mind a case for my Nintendo DS. Preferably a snug one with room for one extra game in like a pocket or something. For tea drinkers, do you bag it or prefer loose I do both. I get my chai bagged but have lots of diffrent loose teas as well. Does the weather change where you are, as in, does it get cold in the winter? Anyone need homegrown scarves, hats, mittens, etc? I live in the far far north. We have silly low temperatures at times. I always need socks, mittens, hats and such (as is evident on my etsy-list as well). Who are your forum buddies? People you know well enough online or IRL to help your Witch pick out stuff for you?Well, I do write letters to YoakeNoKami, scotchgrrl, Esmeria, saracakes and Baitu so they might have some inside info. Also smallpaws did some reverse stalking in the summer critter swap and might be one to ask as well. My questionnaire is chock-a-block with ideas for Witching me on the cheap, and without sending "stuff for stuff's sake". And I just came up with another one--make me a Pandora, Finetune, or Last.fm station you think I might like! What manner of affordable Witchery might you covet? Knitting and crochet patterns on pdf! There are some excellent ones on etsy. Also I would love a last.fm station Can't get fintune to work and pandora won't let me listen since I am in Sweden. Does your cell phone have a place to attach charms? It actually has a big palce to attach charms so I can have several If you drink coffee (and make it yourself) do you use a French Press, regular filter basket coffee maker, Espresso Machine, Percolator? I have a french press and I love it! Actually we have two - one big for when both of us have coffee and one small for single servings. Best coffe I have ever made at home! What movie soundtracks (or scores) do you love? Nightmare before christmas I love, I am terribly curious over the REPO soundtrack as well. What I haev heard sounds amazing. How do you scent yourself? Do you layer soaps, moisturizers, etc. or do you go straight to slathering your bod with BPAL? I use Villainess soaps and then bpal. Sometimes I use an unscented lotion. I like to keep things simple Do you/how do you scent your world? Candles, incense, diffusers, potpourri? None of the above? I have an aroma stone and a tartburner/oilburner. Since hubby moved his desk out into the livingroom and I have a room to myself I use them much more. I also like scented candles - especially for winter. BPAL is such a scent-ual experience. What are your other tactile, aural, or olfactory pleasures? I have this bad habit of twirling my hair when I think so I guess I like smooth things running between my fingers. I am also a fan of the scent of crushed grass - it reminds me of summer vactions on big orientering competitions so it gets me nostalic. How do people feel about receiving baked goods/kits to make said goods? Or other cooking items? Would you enjoy oil or vinegar flavored with herbs grown at home? Strange and exotic spices with recipes to try? Cookies made with carnation petals? Yes to all. Love new strange foodstuffs. No bugs though. What are your pet's names, and what are they named for? My doggie is named Eagonn - we pronouce it Egon (the e sounds like the e in felt and gon sounds the same as gone). We wanted a "old mans name" for him as we name most our things that way (our car was named Brynolf) adn we still wanted to not towards his heritage (Irish Glen of Imaal Terrier) hence the spelling. I am very pleased with the name. Who here is a complete, over the top, Alice In Wonderland fanatic? Not over the top but I like the story and the imagery. Are you a Trekkie? If so, which series do you prefer? Do you have a favorite character? No trekkie though I enjoy watching TNG now and again. Picard is great. Do you have phobias? No full on ahmagad unreasonable ones no. Don't like wasps and don't like heights though. How do you like your mix CDs? Random? Stuff you know you'll like? Random is great, random in a genre I like is even better Would you rather get food or jewellery? No preference, both sound lovely. Do you like children's toys, such as jacks, those little things you tilt around to get the ball in the right hold (wtf are those called?), the aforementioned caplet dinosaurs, cap guns, etc?: I like them well enough but probably wouln't use them much. English candy/tea/marmite or other stuff that you love and can't easily get outside of England? Salt & Vinegar crisps. I am almost though my stash. I also love Cadbury'ss chocolate. Fanfic as a gift* - yay or nay? Your fandom? Slash preferences?*well, a virtual gift obviously. You know what I mean. Yay! I love NCIS, Bones and Supernatural ficcage. Slash is nice :grin: Any beaders here? Need beading supplies? I can never have ebough beads and my tools are kind of crappy too... Do you like making up your SW packages around a theme, or prefer to mix it all up? don't know yet - first round Band-aids: do you like the fun and funky ones? Yes! I keep giving my self little cuts and I love funny bandaids. What's the scariest thing that's ever happened to you? Walking 10 m on a tree trunk suspended about 10 m up in the air (with a safety line of course). My legs would not stop shaking. I did it though. What is everyone's favorite Halloween song?! Don't have one. Soundtrack from Nightmare before Christmas fits well though. How many of mah fellow witchies play video games? Platform? Do you like used games? I own a DS, a Wii and a PS2 and I play World of Warcraft quite a bit. Wow is mine and my hubby's things we do together and we have been playing since dec 2005. I have never been so attached to a game as I am to that one. I just came off a 2 month break due to work too so it feels all new and exciting again. I would really really love an art piece of my main character - it is something I have been longing for for a long time but haven't gotten around to commisioning. I'll be posting a screenshot of her in the wow-thread or in the forum blog later on. I am also nurishing the idea of making/getting a voidwalker plushie even though I don't play a warlock. I don't mind used games at all. I won't be able to use US-versions of PS2 games though as that machine is region-coded. The Wii and the DS are not though. What kind of music (genres, please) do you like? If I type in gothic in last.fm I get almost exclusivly music I like. I am really liking Emilie Autumn lately. Have any of you ever received a book from a Witchy and loved it so much you ended up buying a copy for a later Witchee? nope, first round! I love books though. What kinds of eye shadows do we all like? Dark, cold colors mostly. I use eyeshadow for my eyelining as well so I can always use more. Do you like lip balm? If so, do you like tinted, glossy, sparkly, pearly or just plain lip balm? in my quest to be more glamourous in my daily life I have started using sparkly lipbalm and I would love some more in diffrent colors. I also love the ones with flavour. What are some of the SW gifts/finds from past rounds (or you can just name a gift in general that you found for someone if this is your first round!) that you are the most proud of in terms of your sleuthing skills? Hmm... I got an imppack for my friend for her 30th birthday since she and I had talked about ordering together but never got around to it. I got most of the scents she had been talking about back then for her too. And, secondly, what is something you've been searching for but just can't find? I don't think there is anything but I'll update if I think of something. Do you knit/crochet? Do you need any supplies? I need a nice bag to keep my things in. And I always need more yarn and needles. Both knitting and crocheting. Who here has an etsy shop? Not me, been thinking off it though. What are your two favorite etsy shops? I don't think I have two favorites. I am fairly ecclectic in my shopping and favoriting there. Are you active on any other boards/forums? If so please specify where and your username there. Not really no. What would you tell yourself 6 months in the past about 2008 so far? Don't skip swimming over the summer. You will regret it. Also send in you application complete and in time, stupid! If you had one minute of fame, what would you do/say in the spotlight? "You people are idiots!! Start paying attention!" Of course then I would be boo'd off for calling people idiots and all would be lost anyways. Robots versus zombies: who wins? What would zombie say? Robots would win with logic and zombies would do their usual braiiiins sound weaker and weaker until they died (again) from starvation. Where are a few of your favorite places? At my desk. Glasgow. The forest. Scottish Highlands. Azeroth. Out of curiosity, all the fall babies who are celebrating their birthdays during the round - who are you, and when is your bday? Me! My b-day is the 3rd of october - less than a month now *excited* What is one (only one) object that you collect, that totally goes against your personality or beliefs? Don't think there is one. I like cute stuff but you wouldn't know from looking at me. I would never be caught dead wearing pink but when it is for things I don't mind. My Nintendo DS is pink with hello kitty stickers on it Are you a soap addict? Anything you like to avoid in soaps (goat's milk, lye, dyes, etc...) or any particular scents you like or brands you want to try? I am in love with Villainess soaps. I listed the ones I have tried and such in my questionaire but love love love for them. My skin has never felt better. I would love to try the smooches but haven't been able to justify the shipping yet. I would also love to try the BPTP soaps. Do you like kilts and would you wear one? Forgot to aswer my own question. Yes and yes. What's your favorite book? Oh I can't answer that. It changes all the time. Neil Gaiman is my favorite author though. What size socks do you wear? How about hat size? I have size 7 1/2 feet and have no idea about hatsize. Rather on the big side I guess. I rarely wear hats or caps though. Do you read comics? Which ones do you love and which can't you stand? I love comics for adults. I read the Buffy season 8 one but fell behind since I was paying through the nose to get them delivered to me and they still came a month after they where released since they apperetly put them in a rowingboat across the atlantic with a sickly person rowing. I own up to nr 8 and have read up to 12 I think it is. I also love graphic novels, Sandman is great but i don't own the actual series - only Endless nights and Death: The high cost of living and Death: The time of her life. I also like manga. If my future witch wants to I can list what i own (it's not very much) but I won't bore ya'll. Symbols that are meaningful to me? I don't think there are any special ones. By nature are you a morning lark or a night owl? Night owl definetly. Left to choose my own times I tend to go to bed around 3-4 am and get up just before noon. What's your favorite type of music to hear live, rather than recorded? My ears are rather sensitive so honestly I prefer recordings since I can controll the volume then. Classical music, especially opera, is much better live though. My SIL is an operasinger and I love listening to her. What is your favorite autumnal-seasonal drink? I would say hot cocoa or hot tea. I have only had the cider we have here which is rather sweet and more like a apple fizzydrink and the british pub cider. I would love to try mulled or spiced cider it sounds like something I would love. Crossword puzzles? Other pencil puzzles? Well, I start them with good intent but I don't think I have ever finished one that was not a kiddie version. Favorite artist? Hmm... hard one. I tend to like individual pieces more than artists. Also I am horrible with names so I don't always remember who made a certain piece I like... Favorite poet? The one who stands out is The Bard - William Shakespear that is. I read most of his plays right through (in english) when I was a teenager and I still go all swoony when I hear his words read out loud. Halloween. Do you like it kooky or creepy? I don't remember who else who said it but I like it stylish a la Burton as well. So kooky and creepy without the gore I guess... Reserved or Raunchy? I probably come off as rather reserved in real life - up until I deliver some raunchy comment. In humor I am terribly reserved though - the plays I have written have had a strict "above the belt" policy so therefore I tend to be all chocked when I see below belt humor on stage. Also I think it is the way of easy laughs, but that is just a pet peeve of mine, pay no heed to it. Earth, Wind, Fire or Water? Wind, definetly. Wind sign person who lives in a city where the air is rarely still (it was for three days the other week and it was freaky!) I feel an affinity to water now too since I started swimming regulary. Tea or Coffee in the morning? If I don't get my cup if coffee with milk in the morning the whole day is ruined. I happily drink tea and especially chai the rest of the day and evening though. Fruity snacks or chocolate? Chocolate!! I have a fierce love for the stuff Especially high quality. Would you accept art? Oh most definetly. My walls are embarrisingly empty. Antiques or Brand New? Doesn't really matter as long as it is nice. What keywords do you use when searching for items for yourself on Etsy? goth, knitting, yarn, charms and whatever strikes my fancy that day. I often tag-word hop ie find something I like and then klick the tagwords for that. Are there any of y'all who are allergic/sensitive to having natural fibers on your skin? Not very sensitive as such but rough fabrics/fibres in general are not things I like on my skin. What was your favorite ghost/scary/campfire story growing up? I was a scaredy cat so I didn't like them at all. Bugs? Do you like 'em or not? I am not a big fan of them no. Especialy not in food. i haz no imp storage. do you? I do but it is getting scarily full and the imps keep falling over. I would love to have that box for only bottles and an ammobox or two for the impies. If you have a garden/planter box, what do you grow? I have a teeny tiny garden that is horribly grown over but I also have a big homebuilt planter box with herbs in it. In summers when I don't work myslef to the bone I grow more but there has been NO time this year. What incense scents do you prefer? None actually. Hubbie does not like it. I have an oilburner and an aromastone though. Do you decorate for Halloween? What sort of decorations? Dress up for Halloween? Halloween is fairly new as a holiday here so the decorations are limited. I kind of have what I own out all year though I would love to dress up properly but time and money have been limitations in previous years. Bats, cats, skeletons, monsters, vampires, witches or what other ghoulies do you prefer? I like bats, cats and witches best and a spider or two. And skulls. I have lots and lots of skull things in my home. ETA. And ghosts! Love them ghosties. Do you like horror flicks? See the ghoststory question about being a scaredy cat as a kid. Nowadays I kinda like them but I am no horrorbuff. Who here prefers stylus and ink to ballpoint? Anyone invested time and effort into calligraphy or proper Victorian writing? I would love a proper fountain pen. I had a cheap one that broke ages ago and have yet to find a new one. I wouldn't mind trying to write with inkpost and stylus as well. I tried learning calligraphy many years ago but never continued, I recently found teh book I was using though What about stationery? Need some? What styles do you like? I love stationary and I can get so little here I love cute and gothic stuff but too bright colors can stay home What is one item that you've wanted forever, could have afforded, but have never gotten and why (haven't you gotten it!)? Actaully this ties in with the tattoo question. I have wanted a tatto, or actually two, for ages but haven't gotten around to it. I want the japanese kanji for honou and nagare which means flame and stream. What I would like it for the kanji to be colored and enhanced with colors corresponding to the element. But I haven't gotten around to it... Also I am regretting not getting the latest inqusitions from the BPTP. I jsut couldn't motivate myself to pay the shipping. Same thing with most things from there really. What Halloween scent are you most looking forward to? Well, I just got my cns (10 day TAT to europe, go labbies!) for harvest moon, hellhound, lune noir and SM and I have decants of 12 scents coming as well So right now Hellhound but it might change when I get to smell the decants. Tattoos! Do you have em? Do you want em? Whatcha got or getting? See two questions up Reduce - REUSE - recycle. Do others feel the same? Yes! I always try to reuse everything. Especially clothing - I can't bear to throw away perfectly good fabric. And old pillows are great for stuffing soft toys and plushies. What is your favorite crafting supply? Right now? yarn... in a week, probably something else I am one fickle crafting bitch *grin* Weigh in...Are you right or left-handed? Righty! Any period of time that you love? Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt and also early 1900's. Will you be participating NaNoWriMo? If so, is there anything you'd like to have for that? I am thinking of it, and I just got a nice empty lined book to write in so I should. More empty books and nice pens are always good Favorite office supplies Thin felt-tip pens! The ones that are orange, shaped like pencils and come in lots of diffrent colors. Also pretty notebooks and post-its. I never have enough post-its. And gel pens... Oh I wish I was going to school this fall but alas it was not to be. Favorite halloween candy Nothing especially halloweeny but chocolate is ALWAYS a favorite. What is your favorite pumpkin goodness? Uhm, showing my nationality here but... I have never tried anything with pumpkin in it that wasn't a perfume. Pumpin pie sounds awesome though. And most other stuff too... What is your favorite part about fall? That it is about new beginnings. For me spring is the closing and fall the start. Has to do with the school year I think. I am not IN school anymore but the feeling still remains. Also as an october baby I love fall in general - the pretty colors, the smells... mmm I am happy fall is coming.
  4. cyphersushi

    Extended wishlist

    Ok, my bpal wishlist can be found though my signature but this is the extended version with all kinds of stuff. Bath and Beauty Hair I just changed my hair and am in desperate need of a nice product that will make my curls curl even better. If I could get an as natural alternative as possible I would be extatic. I am in love with Lush schampoos and would love to try them all. I am also curious of other brands like Cocoa Pink and Oyin but the shipping has stopped me. Same goes for conditioner. Skin I am such a Villainess fangirl. Their soaps love love love my skin and the whipped is great for my face. I would try all their scents but the pure citrus ones. Favorite scent right now is a toss-up between Scintillating and Asphyxiate. Bath I would love a muscle relaxing bath salt or bath bomb. I never take baths in the morning so bathproducts made to make one more energized or awake is lost on me. relaxing, sexy and soothing is my melody in the bath. Nailpolish Any color, any brand and kind of glittery, sparkly, shiny, pearly... I would use anything - probably in strange combinations. Make up I do not wear much make-up but I am trying to get better at it. I don't use liquid eyeliners, I prefer to use brushes for everything - even eyelining. I think I look best in colder colors but have blue eyes so golden hues tend to make them pop too. Clothing Jinx I fight like a girl Rogue Threadless Two detectives one thief Insomnia Ghost on the machine Bone idol Technology ruins nature Fish tank Epic battle Urban camoflage Billy says it's haunted And this is as far as I made it today - will be continued.
  5. cyphersushi


    Initial impressions: Oh, this has citrus... always a warningsign for me. Anyways... For science! Or well, reviews anyways. In the imp: citrus! mostly grapefruit. wet: still very much citrus... more lemony now.. Drying down: lemon hard candy Dry: Aaand its cleaning aid to my nose... Pure citrus. If you are looking for a nice citrus scent this is it but it is not for me.
  6. cyphersushi


    Initial impressions: oh, tobacco... another domnant note on me. In the imp: Smoky leather. Drying: The tobacco is beahaving itself. This is rather nice actually. Dry: Nice subtle and unisex... I like it. A very laid back scent.
  7. cyphersushi

    Black Forest

    Initial impression: This seems interesting... In the imp: Oh, I smell the wood and something that softens it, Probably the musk - yummy! Wet: The musk and the pine plays nice with eachother and the woods is a nice background. Nice throw too Dry: The musk keep this from being a male scent. Now it is nicely dark and cosy like a soft grotto under the pine trees where two people have just had a .. nice time
  8. cyphersushi


    Initial impression: I have no idea what this will smell like. In the imp: Nice rounded florals... not sharp at all. Wet: It is so nice! Can't really separate the notes as I am unfamiliar with them but it is nice and cheery and soft. Dry: There is something woodier now with the soft florals as a nice background.
  9. cyphersushi


    I tried Nancy but there was something there that did not agree with me... I guess it might have been the cookie part or possibly the lime since citrus does not work very well with me...
  10. cyphersushi


    I have gotten to try The Dodo (it was a frimp from the lab! They truly are mindreaders) and it has jumped up on my favoritelist instantly and today I got a bottle of Gennivre from a swap and it is wonderful! I smell tea with sugar and honey and it is just lovely! I really recommend it to any other sugar-fans *sings* pour some sugar on mee~
  11. cyphersushi

    Quirkiest, most bizarre oils

    I have to second Shadwell. It might be unimpable but you can probably get a decant in the swaps/sales (I am selling mine for example). It is an undescribable scent really.. it wasn't for me but you might like it and very bizarre. Same with Mr Nancy Other than that I don't have much of strangeness to chime in on but I am writing down some of the stuff here for myself
  12. cyphersushi


    In the imp: It smells a bit like lemonade... Wet: Lemon verbena is so much better than pure lemon on me. It spares me from the cleaning agent hells with the greeness and also I can smell hints of the green tea here too. Not much florals though. Which is good I guess. Dryer: This smells like lemon hard candy! Dry: It keeps the smell of lemon hard candy for a few hours and then disappears. Verdict: It is a nice lemony scent which actually works on me but I am not sure I want to smell like lemon hard candy. To the swaps it goes.
  13. cyphersushi

    Dragon's Bone

    Frimp from the lab In the imp: It smells... juciy? Where does bone get juciy from? (after reading the other reviews I guess it is the dragon's blood) Wet: Still that juicy smell but with abit of wood in it... Drydown: The wood is coming forward more and more. Hubby sniffed and said massage oil... I have no idea why. His nose is strange (says the girl who gets juicy from a bone perfume). Dry: More wood than it was wet but all in all this stays the same one me the whole time. It is tasty Verdict: This is an interesting scent and I will keep my imp.
  14. cyphersushi


    Shango sounds really interesting with the fruit and the chilli and the sugar. I will have to try that definetly. I think my next laborder will be sugarthemed Btw, anyone else been followed by bees/wasps when wearing sugary scents? I was today and it was quite funny, I tried to shoo the poor thing towards some fragrans lilac bushes but no such luck... my little nephew was really amused though
  15. cyphersushi


    Thank you all! I'll be putting these on my shopping/wishlist later (when I am not on my way out the door).