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  1. pinkstardust420


    Wow. This is sooooooo beautiful!! It smells like an expensive, upscale candy/vanilla creme musk perfume.
  2. pinkstardust420

    Road to Versailles at Louveciennes

    To me, this is reminiscent of Snow White, the "powdery sweet vanilla" version! I LOVE it!!!
  3. pinkstardust420

    New Snow in the Avenue

    This a gorgeous floral! Sweet luscious plum is the star of this one, followed by lots of lilly, with just a touch of lavender at the end. This is very strong; you only need a teeny bit!
  4. pinkstardust420

    His Own Heart Laughed Bath Oil

    Yum....sweet, plump, ripe candy cherries with fresh pine! It works!
  5. pinkstardust420

    A Thousand Thoughts, and Hopes, and Joys

    I first have to say that I'm not usually a fan of carnation. But when I saw its blended with two other scents I really like, I knew it would be a winner. And boy is it! Carnation hits you in the face right off the bat but it's soon warmed and softened by the beautiful vanilla. Not getting too much freesia; it's more of a background player here. Very pretty scent.
  6. pinkstardust420

    Maison En Pain d’Épices

    Wow such a multitude of scents! So beautiful; not too spicy, and the jelly candy/frosting adds a nice touch of sweetness. Yum!
  7. pinkstardust420

    A Breathless Chuckle

    Holy marshmallow!!! Marshmallow cream! Marshmallow cream and vanilla shortbread! If you love foodie, you will love this!
  8. pinkstardust420

    Night Snow at Kambara

    It so hard to explain this one, but Rainbow definitely explained it well. It's absolutely gorgeous; like a sweet frosted fragrant winter forest!
  9. pinkstardust420

    Peppermint Cream Cupcake

    Delicious white cake (not sure I'd detect it as red velvet cake) smothered in rich peppermint cream frosting. The peppermint is soft and smooth; not sharp by any means. Delicious!
  10. pinkstardust420

    Raspberry Sufganiyot

    Fried raspberry jelly doughnut! And you can actually smell greasy goodness!!! YUM!!!!
  11. pinkstardust420

    Gingerbread, Vanilla Sugar, and Pink Pepper

    Imagine warm, sweet, pink vanilla frosted gingerbread. It's SO good! I want to lick my wrist. Not spicy to me, and I'm very sensitive to spicy scents so if you hesitated because of that, now you have no excuses. Get a bottle!
  12. pinkstardust420

    Pink Pumpkin Floss

    Juicy, creamy yet tart! Rich, sweet pumpkin (no spice for me) swirled with a touch of strawberry cream (not fake smelling either!) with a few red currants thrown in there just for extra "pop". Yum!
  13. pinkstardust420

    Lavender Pumpkin Floss

    Pumpkin candyfloss with lavender, violet sugar, and a dash of mint. Ah! I love this!!! Initial blast of foody pumpkin (pretty much pumpkin pie!) and strong lavender. This pumpkin is not spicy at all; as I'm very sensitive to spicy scents. Within a few minutes, the lavender is almost gone and the candy floss comes into play. Pumpkin pie still the star here; with that candy sweetness that continues to linger in the background. I didn't get much of any violet or mint in this blend. I should mention that I'm not a fan of lavender normally, but this blend is a winner!
  14. pinkstardust420

    Apple V

    Apple with white coconut, fig, and tiare. This a nice tropical Apple scent. The scent is primarily red apple, lightly sweetened with coconut and ripe fig lingering in the background. Fresh, green and sweet!
  15. pinkstardust420

    The Witches

    Lots of honey and vanilla cream! Don't smell too much pumpkin; but it's there in the background. This is soooooo decadent and rich!