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  1. Frolic

    The Golden Hour Atmosphere Spray

    Delicious vanilla without being foodie. It gives me some of the same vibes the lace scents do. I also see the parallels with British Blondes but I get definite tobacco from BB where as GH is pure vanilla amber. One spritz is lovely, two is heavenly, three is overbearing and too much. I use it in my library, which is a fancy way of saying an office with bookcases. It feels very decadent and Victorian. It’s perfect for curling up in a big armchair with a good book on a drizzly gray day.
  2. Frolic


    Charisma is one of the few TALS I would reach for frequently if it were just a perfume. It smells amazing on me. I rarely get comments on my BPAL but every time I wear this I get complements. Nothing over the top or intrusive though. I did feel a bit awkward when a friend asked me what I was wearing that smelled so amazing. The first time I used Charisma I thought that it was working just because I felt more confident but the last couple of times I think people were genuinely more warm and receptive to me.
  3. Frolic

    Velvet Pink Kitty Atmosphere Spray

    Mmmm. Some sort of spritzy gin cocktail with a strawberry muddled into the gin. I definitely notice the gin in my bottle but it's more a whiff of juniper than a smashed bottle of booze. Very refreshing and light.
  4. Frolic

    Ebon Night

    Ebon Night is an oil of deep, profound reflection. It is the revelation found in darkness, an embrace of quiet solitude, and is also a wellspring of mystery, imagination, dark creativity, and shadowy inspiration. It is a healing oil, as sleep and dreams bring solace, and it enables quiet, somber contemplation. This oil is the perfect preamble to working with night deities. Ok since I rave about this to everyone I guess it's time for me to post a review. Typically I never remember my dreams. My ritual with this oil is very very simple. I simply dot a tiny bit on each palm and rub them together and inhale. I set my intent, usually "Let my dreams give me insight and guidance." It puts me to sleep faster than nocturne and not only do I remember my dreams but they are so clear and full of meaning.
  5. Frolic

    Candlelight Atmosphere Spray

    Oh this is just lovely. It's a big warm hug of a scent. Just a hint of smoke, mostly melting beeswax candles, secrets, and a touch of something sensual.
  6. Rosewood, red currant, green tea, and caramelized sugar. I'm horrible at reviews but thought I should write one because no one else has yet. Lovely, simply lovely. I used it as an after shower moisturizer. I was a bit nervous about the rosewood taking over because it really isn't my favorite but it was nicely balanced. I could smell each individual note and they blended well. I feel cuddly like I want to go hide under my covers but it isn't a heavy scent. It definitely has a early spring feel to it. I have a decant right now but am strongly considering a bottle should I have the funds before they go down.
  7. Frolic

    Ugh Massage Oil

    I bought this for my husband. He was in a motorcycle/car accident(the car won) and is now basically stuck in bed for all but the occational quick trip out in his wheel chair. I know he gets achy from being in the bed all the time so I thought it would be a nice surprise. The thing that made me nervous was he hates smelly things for the most part. Despises them. There are only a handful of bpals I can wear around him. But he loves eucalyptus and a few other scents in that family. After hemming and hawing I added it to my order and figured I could use it on myself if he didn't like it. So I let him sniff it today and he gave it his seal of approval. When I started using it though even though I had use used a quarter sized amount it smelled strong! I started getting nervous again and I told him I could dilute the oil with another carrier if he wanted. "No!" he insisted, the smell was perfect. It gets the sore man stamp of approval. 5 hours later he says he's still feeling much better. I smelled the eucalyptus and the rosemary at first and then the orange came out as it was used. Can't wait for my turn.
  8. Frolic

    Dead Man's Hand v8

    Finally a bpal my husband likes! He thinks everything is "nasty perfume" or "baby powder". It is pure leather, rich and deep. It has a long wear time an a good throw. Bpals don't last on me and it was going strong on me till I washed my hands where I was testing it 4 hours later. I had my mother and law sniff it and she was convinced it was from my motorcycle jacket till I showed her my jacket was completely synthetic materials and didn't have any leather in it. It took a while to get her to believe the smell was from a perfume. My husband asked me this morning if there was anyway I could get more bottles of DMH(he usually strongly disapproves of my habit) and then he looked so sad when it would be pretty hard. So it's pretty much a leather single note. And it makes me very happy.
  9. Frolic

    Radiance of Ra

    I put this on without intent. In fact I had no idea why I put it on at all. I was rather baffled at why I had put it on because I was about to take a nap because I had a headache but I thought maybe I could focus on the healing powers. It isn't really a sleepy scent but I focused on the sunnyness and warmth and visualized being a cat basking in the sun and had a really relaxing nap. My computer had died a death of ramen. I had spilled some on the keyboard and being a laptop it promptly died. I had taken it into the shop and they said it would cost $700 to fix and wasn't covered under warranty. For some reason I decided to try and turn it on and magically with a bit of a jolt it came on. I'm convinced Radiance of Ra had some influence over things with it's healing power. I'm not sure if my computer will stay fixed but it's bought me time to back up all my files. The scent has lingered warm and reisony all day. When ever I get anxious about the holidays or upcoming events I catch a whiff of it and feel soothed. The citrusy notes make me feel warm and safe. Good things happen to me when ever I wear it I just had to share todays story.
  10. Frolic

    Shadowless like Silence

    I haven't even done a skin test yet but I need to write my initial bottle sniff impression down. It's Sacrifices sad little sister! She's gone of to a corner of the garden at the farm and started crying. Ok back when I have skin to test it on.
  11. Frolic

    How Doth the Little Crocodile

    when it goes on wet i get pure chocolate mintyness as dry down begins the moss too begins to grow and create a strong base to keep the scent from becoming too floody floozy. later its a complex scent with muted mint, and creamy chocolate mixing with the damp forest floor.
  12. Frolic

    Oils To Help with PMS and Periods

    I just put some blood moon on because it seeme appropriate. I'll report back later on it's effect.
  13. Frolic


    I dab a bit of Somnus on my flannel pillowcase each night and it helps tremendously. I used to use straight lavender and this is a bit less overwellming balenced with the other scents of rosemary and an undertowns of floralness.