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  1. violetflower


    Edit I reviewed the wrong blend I can smell the resemblance to Tiger Lily, but this is creamier, sweeter. It is nice, but it makes me feel a bit queasy, like Tiger Lily! I won't be buying a bottle, but I am very glad I got to try it!
  2. violetflower


    I am beginning to wonder if rose is my note of doom! If there is rose in a blend, it takes over so all I can smell is rose, I wouldn't mind so much, but it turns into a real bitter, strong smelling rose! In the vial, I can smell honey, ylang ylang, and in the background there is the rose. This smells wonderful! Wet on my skin: Rose Dry: Rose, not as strong, or as bitter admittedly......! I thought was going to be wonderful on me, but alas..... I obviously amp rose
  3. violetflower

    Mata Hari

    Hmm, when I first put this on it smelled smoky. Rose, rose, rose, rose, rose, which is getting more powerful by the second, I may have to go and wash this one off! As soon as I saw 5 roses in the description I thought, uh oh, but I wanted to give it a chance. It is becoming quite bitter smelling on me now. Not for me.
  4. violetflower


    First florals burst forth, then the linden Blossom, then the passion flower. It has a tropical smell about it now, with a 'clean' smell behind it (Linden Blossom?). Oooh, I can smell the vanilla coming through now! Yesterday when I wore this it was different, it was really sweet and vanilla creamy, and I nearly swapped it away prior to this, but I was glad that I tried it again! I hope it smells like this again on me!
  5. violetflower

    Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo

    In the vial, sweet and lovely, bubblegummy, but also something tangy lurking in the background! Wet on my skin: Very fruity sweet, also something that is really very tangy-sharp on me Dry on my skin: Much the same as the wet stage, though instead of being bright, it is now more mellow, so the tang is not so sharp. We need to spend more time together, to see if she is a keeper! Hmm, I think I can just about detect a plasticky note!
  6. violetflower

    Blood Amber

    In the vial: Sweet, cherry, warm smelling. Wet on my skin: As soon as it hits my skin the warmth really comes through, the Cherry is very apparent and very yummy sweet! Drying: At first I could smell almond, then that turned into a clove smell, making this blend more spicy! I don't know if that is the Amber or the Dragon's Blood Resin that has the clove smell to it. I really want to get Dragon's Blood, then I will know! Dry: Oh the clove has retreated way into the background now, this is yummy cherry sweet again now! *When I first tried this the other day, it was very spicy all the way through from the wet stage to the dry down! The more I wear it, the more it seems to mellow out, and the sweet cherry smell comes out more and more! I have added this to my must have bottle list for my next lab order. Very nice! EDIT: Over an hour later this has mellowed into a beautiful sweet, almost creamy cherry on me!! I have a feeling that a love affair has begun with Dragon's Blood Resin and I! *sigh* I agree with previous posters who describe this as an addictive and hypnotic scent!! Wonderful!
  7. violetflower

    Old Moon

    Old Moon I passed on this when it was released, because I thought it would turn to play doh on me (Snow-Flakes, Snow Bunny). Then I regretted that, and I was lucky enough to pick up an unopened bottle from the forum! Deliciously piney, sweet, berryish, and wonderful herbs! Is the evergreen scent the association with snow and ice? This seems to be a warm, comforting scent to me. Not a whiff of play doh in sight!! Yay!! This does not morph at all on my skin, it stays true to the scent in the bottle. Although I love it, I am not sure it is something I will reach for often, as I love my Pink and Strawberry Moons too much, I always want to wear them. Though today I decided to wear Old Moon, and I am glad I did! It is very uplifting and fresh. I will definitely be keeping my bottle, but I will not be needing another one or ten, I will not go through that much, I will enjoy opening and sniffing this from the bottle, wearing it occasionally!
  8. violetflower

    Strawberry Moon 2005

    Strawberry Moon Smells scarily chemical like in the bottle! Wet on my skin: the chemical smell has gone, and Strawberry Candy is here! Dry: it is not so in your face sweet now, but still very delicious! I have worn this one quite a few times now, and I am in love with it. Such a feminine, beautiful scent that brings a smile to my face and makes me feel happy! I can briefly smell the herbs in this grounding the strawberry, but finally what I am left with is a wonderful creamy, sweet strawberry that continues to waft around me all day long! This has great throw and lasts a long time on me. This does not smell like fresh strawberries to me, candy strawberries, and that is definitely not a bad thing!!
  9. violetflower

    Hollywood Babylon

    When I first applied this I could smell marzipan! That disappeared almost instantly! I can smell the strawberry, like the Strawberry in Pink Phoenix. Actually in the more it dries the more it reminds me of Pink Phoenix, which is a wonderful thing! It has been so long since I wore this that I had forgotten! This is a GC scent so I really should hoard the heck out of it!!! It is like PP with a musky twist! It is very strong on me, and a fabulous throw!! Excellent! And to think that I was thinking of offering my one bottle for a swap! Thank goodness I tried it again first!!!!
  10. violetflower

    Pink Moon 2007

    When I first tried this I did not like it, it was very bitter and strong smelling! Then a couple of months later I decided to try it again, and I fell in love with it, no more nasty bitter smell (travel sickness? ) In the bottle I am getting sugary sweet carnations, and when I apply it onto my skin the carnation blooms into a warm, spicy scent that has been dipped in mounds of sugar! It is so yummy!!! It is very strong, and lasts for a very long too!! Wonderful! I love these really sugary blends!!
  11. violetflower

    Pink Moon 2005

    This right up there with Pink Phoenix as my favourite BPAL blend, I think this has overtaken PP! When I first apply it, it can at times be very tart smelling, but this almost immediately disappears, and I am left with the most gorgeous, sugary sweet, strawberry laden floral scent! I can smell the Pink Sugar and Strawberries, they are so yummy on me! I can't pick out any particular floral note, this is so well blended (on me anyway!) I need to hoard this one badly, and treasure every bottle that I am lucky enough to get my hands on!!
  12. violetflower

    Snow White

    Unfortunately this did not work on me! As soon as it hit my skin I got a playdoh smell, and it didn't change, ever! This one made me feel sad, I had such hopes!
  13. violetflower

    Gingerbread Poppet

    In the bottle: Spicy gingerbread and sugar! Wet: Very strong cinnamon, very spicy. On the dry down: The cinnamon has mellowed out and is now sweeter, it is beginning to smell just like gingerbread! It is lovely, I adore sweet scents, this is now sweet and spicy, but not overpowering. Oh, it is starting to remind me of Sugar Skull!!! It is lovely! Another bottle?
  14. violetflower


    This was a gift from the lab. In the vial: Mmmmm, pine! Very earthy! Wet on my skin: Juniper! Earthy. This is lovely! It makes me think of being in the garden with my hands in the soil, inhaling the lovely fragrance of the earth (I LOVE that smell!) Dry: I can smell something floral sweet beneath the Juniper, and earthy smell now! I definitely love this one! This frimp is going in among my favourites! I will have to include a bottle of this for sure! This would be something I wore when I want to smell earthy, so I can sniff my wrist to my hearts content!
  15. violetflower

    Bon Vivant

    In the bottle: Very sweet strawberries! Wet on my skin: Bright and bubbly strawberries, thats the champagne influence? Dry: Thankfully the champagne note disappears, and I am left with the very sweet strawberry scent! I adore sweet blends, and this is one of them!