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    Favorite LE/DC Blends: Ava, Lambs-Wool, Eastern Comma, Beaver Moon I, Kit, Miss Lizzie, Stekkjarstaur, MB: Bloody Mary, The King's Daughter, Serving Fish, The Diamond's Gong, Halloween: Las Vegas, Cave of Treasures, De Vos' Unicorn, Peony Moon, Pink Moon, Perilous Parlor, The Most Magnificent Christmas Tree, The Bride, So Below, Hod, Sugar Skull, Red Lace, Solstice Lace, Champagne Lace, Emerald Lace, Youth's Disengagement, Velvet Unicorn, Prunella, Gothabilly, The Initiation, F#@K, Drop Dead GhoulishFavorite GC/CD Blends: Queen Alice, Lemon Scented Sticky Bat, Roadhouse, 51, Ladon, Dorian, Whitechapel, Katharina, Bathsheba, Lamia, Dragon's Milk, Eclipse, Morocco, Mouse's Long and Sad Tale, Mme. Moriarty, Ashlultum, Xanthe, Coral Snake, Inez, Druid, Half-Elf, Lawful, Tamora, Strangler Fig, Aeval, MegaeraFavorite notes: apple, citrus, pear, cherry, plum, apricot, lilac, peony, vanilla, sandalwood, pink pepper, coconut, rum, red wine, gardenia, carnation, sweet pea, cardamom, tuberose, honeysuckle, dandelion, poppy / opium, most wood notes, rosemary, almond, benzoin, tonka, ambergris, beeswax, tobacco, ginger, mint, black tea, fig.Least favorite notes: rose, rose geranium, lavender, neroli, oak, narcissus / paperwhites / daffodils, jasmine, lotus, lily, orange blossom, iris, violet, leather, licorice / fennel / anise, ozone, aquatics, metal, white chocolate, butter, pomegranate, vetiver.

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    I do software QA testing for a large financial services institution. My free time is devoted to video games (almost exclusively single player RPGs), reading (mostly sci fi and fantasy), cooking, travelling, and makeup. I also love sleep, and my two spoiled cats.


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  1. missnix

    Bourbon-Soaked Apples Hair Gloss

    I'm another bourbon and apple fan (both consuming and smelling ;-)! Though I definitely sometimes have the same problem as Numanoid where the boozy notes can dominate a blend. In the bottle and freshly applied, I smell sweet apples and rich bourbon in good balance. So yummy. After application, the bourbon slowly fades and the apples come to the front. Happily, I was still able to smell this in my hair the next day and still going strong (approaching 24 hours now). A caveat though - I have a lot of hair and a LOT of hair glosses, so I apply extremely liberally. I'm an apple fiend and very glad to add this to my apple-centric hair gloss collection!
  2. missnix

    Woman Dragging Her Aroused Lover Across a Bridge

    I read an impression in one of the Facebook groups that this is similar to A King Pursued by a Unicorn, yet different. I love King Pursued, so I was excited to pick this up. And it is very similar; the oak and amber sing and I love both of those notes so much. As this dried, I was able to tease out more and more differences, however. I think most people would classify King Pursued as masculine because of the strong pine note. Woman Dragging is the feminine version. I know rosewood is not the same thing as rose, but this ends up being a very powdery, perfumey, rose-like scent on my skin. As someone who does not like rose, I'm glad I got to try this but still prefer my bottle of King Pursued
  3. missnix


    When I applied Orion this morning, the leather and tobacco combo roared to the front immediately and I was worried that it was going to be too masculine for office-wear (I actually like a lot of unisex and even masculine-leaning scents, but am self-conscious when it comes to wearing such blends around co-workers). Luckily, Orion softened quickly and is just GORGEOUS now. Without the notes list at hand, I would have sworn up and down that chamomile was one of the main players - looking at the notes, chamomile is of course not listed, so I guess the fig, pepper, and cardamom are conspiring to trick my nose. The result is sweet, warm, fuzzy, earthy, rich, lightly spicy, and golden. Staying power has been impressive throughout the day so far, and after the initial masculine wave that softened, there has been barely any morphing. A big winner for me, and possibly my favorite of the Yules this year (I'm not done testing yet, but will be shocked if anything else de-thrones Orion for me).
  4. missnix

    Eve's Big Apple IV

    I recently hunted down Apple X and was disappointed. This is the elegant patchouli-apple blend I have been looking for. Sadly, I've never smelled the apple-heavy version of Black Lace, but I do agree that this bears a lot of similarities to the other Laces I have experienced. It's sophisticated and perfume-y in the best way. The patchouli is indeed a sweet variety; it's jammy and reminds me of the purple / "fruit-chouli" patch that is common in more commercial perfumes (Mdme. Moriarty's patch also smells similar to this, IMO). This is in no way a criticism; I personally love the sweeter, more approachable patchouli varieties. The apple adds a freshness that cuts through what would otherwise be a very rich and heavy combo of patch, amber, and tobacco. I love BPAL's apple blends and have amassed a sizeable collection of them, but I'm so glad to have this particular bottle and will make room for it.
  5. missnix

    Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake

    I've been striking out on LEs lately, so I applied Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake this morning with no particular high hopes. As I trekked into work, I kept getting sniffs of something wonderful, but still kept my enthusiasm on a short leash. Now, almost a full work day of wear and several compliments later, and it seems my bad luck has ended Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake is a warm, spicy, delicious blend. As others have noted, it is so dang nice to have a spiced fall / pumpkin scent that isn't the usual suspects of cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. Cardamom is definitely the main player in this blend, with the pumpkin and cream providing a round and sweetened background that softens the sharpness that cardamom can have sometimes. I will have to death-match this against my current reigning cardamom champion, My Little Grotesque, to see who wins. ETA death match results: MLG is cleaner, simpler, sweeter; cardamom sugar / frosting with a bit of delicate white or yellow cake. CCPC is richer, creamier, warmer. I can't choose between them... x_x
  6. missnix

    Do All the Good You Can

    This is beautiful! I recently re-tested The Illustrated Woman with sadly the same results (too much pine, not enough vanilla) and I think this is what I wish TIW would be on me. I love pine and forest blends in general, but recognize that pine as a note can often overrun everything else. Do All the Good You Can somehow avoids that problem; the pine is present, but doesn't hit you over the head and turn into Christmas Tree SN. The patch is smooth and not gnarly, and the blend as a whole has a sweet vanillic aspect that is very much present and very beautiful. I really dig this, and will carve out a place for it in my cluttered forest blend collection (probably right next to The Most Magnificent Christmas Tree and A Lady Tall and White).
  7. missnix

    Chattering Teeth

    Electric cherry and iced vanilla. I love cherry and vanilla, but was concerned about the "electric" and "iced" descriptors. In the bottle, this smells strongly of a wonderful juicy cherry - a promising start. Applied, the iced aspect immediately dominates, and it's that cold, slightly minty note I know best from Yellow Snowballs. The cherry is a faint presence behind the cold note, and I don't really pick out the vanilla at all, except that sometimes the iced mint has a tinge of vanilla to it. About an hour after applying, the iced note finally backs down and I can smell the cherry a little bit better. But the scent is really fading fast at this point, and soon becomes nearly undetectable.
  8. missnix


    The Lilac Wood was my lonely favorite BPAL lilac for the longest time. (Despite loving it, apparently I'm picky when it comes to lilac?) But now Cave of Treasures takes that honor, and in general is in my top 5 now ETA: Can't believe I forgot Ashlultum - she is also one of my very few lilac loves, although her other notes are at least as prominent as the lilac, which may be why she doesn't pop into my head immediately when I think "lilac"...
  9. missnix

    Test of Strength Hair Gloss

    I've died and gone to tobacco heaven. Test of Strength is exactly what I was hoping it would be; a chewy, decadent, tobacco-forward scent. To me it smells like french tobacco, although that could be a slight illusion thanks to the other notes lending a sweet richness to the blend. I honestly can't pick out those other individual notes at all, really. This is as close to a French Tobacco SN hair gloss as I have, and I love it!
  10. missnix

    Pink Moon 2017

    There are some BPAL oils that seem to do better when applied heavily, and Pink Moon '17 seems to be one of those. I was unimpressed on first application, but reapplied and was able to get a better read on this scent. Pink Moon '05 is my favorite of past blends (the only one I have not tried is the 2012 iteration). Pink Moon '05 is a beautiful balance of strawberry and mixed spring florals. Carnation is perhaps my favorite floral note, and while Pink Moon '07 has carnation in spades, to me it actually smells like an unimpressive, pale and thin carnation single note (I'm not really familiar with phlox, which may be why I don't detect it in '07). This year's Pink Moon is as expected a pretty, pink, feminine floral. I am wary of the narcissus / daffodil family but thankfully can't pick them up in this blend or '05. It starts off as a bouquet of pink florals, but as it dries it becomes more and more about the gorgeous honey and carnation combo. Miss Lizzie was a recent favorite of mine, and I can't help but think of Pink Moon 2017 as her pretty younger sister. The carnation is still full-bodied and wonderfully sweet and spicy, but a tad fresher and more innocent than Lizzie. The other notes (vanilla, strawberry, etc) don't stand out on my skin. But since I'm such a fanatic of this honey / carnation thing I'm totally fine with that, and so happy I have a bottle
  11. missnix

    Young Man with Long Hair Hair Gloss

    I'm still pretty new to the Post's hair glosses, but of the 10 or so I have tried, this is a definite favorite, tied with my other favorite (which is admittedly, tonally very different) Eat the Cherries and Look at the Flowers. Young Man with Long Hair is elegant, dark, and sexy. The wood notes are strongest on me and they're rich, gorgeous wood... nothing even approaching hamster cage territory. There was a pronounced, interesting nuttiness to the woods at first, but it disappears after a while. Happily, the next strongest (and lasting) note is the tobacco which is closer to French Tobacco than the Bulgarian variety. I don't get a whole lot of the coconut or vanilla, but there is a sweetness that tempers this from being overtly masculine, so I assume that is their contribution. When I first wore this, I paired it with So Below and it was a gorgeous combination. Highly recommend this HG to anyone who loves rich woods and tobacco blends!
  12. missnix

    Cave of Treasures

    One of my biggest and most enduring BPAL regrets is that I was not around for the Blue Lilac SN, and it's nigh impossible to track down these days. Cave of Treasures scratches that itch, at least a bit. The blue lilac note is the focal point of the blend, and it's gorgeous. Incredibly lifelike and realistic, it also has impressive staying power (most other lilac notes disappear on my skin, but this is going strong several hours in). At times it's fresh and sweet, almost recalling a sun-warmed peony bloom. Other times, with help from the cream and cardamom, it more resembles a creamy, spicy tuberose. But these are just aspects of the blue lilac note, which comes back into focus with any deep sniff. On a slight tangent; with very deep inhales I get a curious almost fuzzy / tingling sensation in my nose - sort of like the feeling right before a sneeze, but I'm never close to sneezing. Not sure what that's about. If you're a fan of lilacs, run don't walk to the checkout for this beauty. It's by far the best BPAL lilac blend I personally have come across. It's warm, sweet, creamy, spicy lilac heaven! Both honey and cream can be a problem for me, but they are well-behaved in this blend (the honey is definitely pale and sweet as VioletChaos noted). So far, longevity seems to be good and for me personally the sillage is about average.
  13. missnix

    A Breathless Chuckle

    Really heavy / rich foodie scents can turn my stomach, so this was a gamble for me, but I was won over by all of your swoonings about marshmallow, and how this was marshmallow cookie pie minus the chocolate(!). Freshly applied, I was really worried. It starts off very decadent, with a heavy dose of butter and something that smells suspiciously like chocolate to me (chocolate fudge perhaps?? oh no...). BUT THEN, it dries down into the most beautiful, powdery (as in powdered sugar, not baby powder) vanilla marshmallow ever. It's more sweet, simple, and straightforward than Stekk, and I love it! It's even worth enduring that initial wet phase of buttery fudge overload.
  14. missnix

    Fake News

    If patchouli always smelled like this, I would have zero problems with it. Fake News is beautiful; it's sweet and faintly musky from the amber, and all about the wonderfully woodsy (almost exotic / spicy) patch note. Echoing what everyone else has said about how "expensive" this smells - it reminds me of a Tom Ford Private Blend scent. Somewhere in between Oud Wood and Tobacco Vanille because of its sweet, rich, decadent yet grounded patchouli. On my skin, I occasionally catch whiffs that are reminiscent of the best kind of creamy, spicy sandalwood you could ever hope to smell.
  15. missnix

    Mat Night

    I had a wonderful swap with Soupy Twist for Mat Night! It was a blind swap, but based on the notes and reviews I was fairly sure I would like it, and I do! Out of the gate, it's a strong pine and snow note. It's pretty intimidating when wet, but dries down into a gorgeous scent on me. The snow note here smells a lot like the one in Snow White, but the pine and tobacco must be reining it in from plastic-land, because I definitely have that problem with Snow White and not here. The tobacco is sweet, chewy, and rich (my kind of tobacco) and I actually wish it stood out more. The pine and snow remain strongest in dry down, and overall make the scent unisex yet fairly sweet.