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    Myrrh, frankincense and most other resins. Sometimes sugarcane. Patchouli, spices, incense, tobacco, and most woods. Wine and chocolate. Vanilla, mead, honey, beeswax, and occasionally musk and leather.


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  1. greenranger


    It's a complicated smelling scent, and it has a sophisticated feel to it. Classic, expensive, and outside fashion just enough to never be trendy. It has a more "perfumy" feel to it than I am used to liking....at least when it is first applied. But, it is musky and salty and sensuous, once it dries down and settles in. Date night scent, to be worn out on the town with a fantastic dress and sexy underthings.
  2. greenranger

    Peony Moon 2013

    It starts off green and slightly wet smelling. Refreshing but not watery. Once it is on a while it settles into a lovely soft floral that reminds me of my sweet peas, without actually smelling exactly like them. It smells like a slightly warm April day, outdoors in my yard. I like this. It is a gentle scent, stays close to the skin on me, and would be easier to wear to work than many of the scents that I like. It's a little bit like bringing the scent of the garden inside on your clothes, rather than a more obviously perfume scent.
  3. greenranger

    Golgothan Myrrh

    GOLGOTHAN MYRRH I send thee myrrh, not that thou mayest be by it perfumed, but it perfumed by thee. Myrrh is a sacred plant whose power has been explored for over four thousand years. It is an ingredient in the Kyphi of the ancient Egyptians and in Ketoret, which was used in the used in the First and Second Temples of Jerusalem. Myrrh was also one of the gifts that the Magi were said to have brought to the infant Christ. This tremendously potent and protective plant resonates with the Crone, and is utilized both to explore the Crone's spheres of death and wisdom, and as a tool to help lead the proverbial child of destiny through darkness to a place of enlightenment. Myrrh, whose name means Bitter Tears, exists within the auspices of both Saturn and Luna, and represents loss and grief as well as the ability to heal and learn from painful experiences. I love myrrh. I knew that I had to get this. On me, warm, sweet, resinous, and deep. There's an almost floral bit to it, and an almost coconutty sweetness hiding in the center of it, though I don't find it to be either floral or foody overall. Lovely and complicated and it is lasting and lasting and laaaasting.
  4. greenranger


    Rock the protester cliché! This is a filthy friggin' patchouli, dark, deep, rooty, and strangely sexy, with cocoa absolute, tobacco absolute, and bourbon vanilla. I love this scent, and I think I will love it more once the patchouli really settles in. I may have found my holy grail of patchouli/vanilla/chocolate/tobacco rich scents. On me it isn't doing anything sharp. It's just really strong patchouli to start, with the other sweeter scents tempering it as it dries. I could roll in this. However, the absolutes have absolutely settled to the bottom of the bottle and are resolutely not mixing in. I'm working on it, but, it's like convincing my tea party friend that the corporations don't have his best interests in mind.
  5. greenranger

    Winter Solstice Lunar Eclipse

    I sniffed this in the bottle this morning and put it on on a whim. I couldn't remember what notes were in it, but, sweet and mild is how it seemed and was about what I was in the mood for. With no notes to look at, I tried to recall what was in it. I thought I smelled resin, and myrrh is high on the list of things tha t will make most anything work on me. Myrrh was probable. Beyond that I was stumped. It's mild, white, and almost pearly..... Which fits the name well,but when I looked again at the notes I was flummoxed. How could those notes possibly produce the mild sweet smell I am getting? Red musk? Patchouli? Flowers? Huh? I've been sniffing and learning for a couple years now and this one makes me feel like I am back at square one. I like it. It fits the mood I am in. It lasts and lasts and lasts on me. The notes, though, led me to think this would smell entirely different than it does.
  6. greenranger

    Dance of the Mirlitons

    This started off ALL marzipan. Then it went ALL rose. ROSE ROSE ROSE! I'd like it to settle down. Immediately.
  7. greenranger

    The Soldier

    I smelled anise, at first. Very strongly. Now that it's had a chance to settle in I smell the red musk and the leather, sweetened by something bakery-like....and anise. It's nice. It isn't anything like I was expecting, but, it is nice.
  8. greenranger

    Harlequin and Columbine

    The mandarin and lemon peel seemed the strongest at first, at least on me. When it settled down, I smelled mostly vanilla, sweetened by fruits. If there's wood or sage in this I'm not smelling them yet.
  9. greenranger

    The Nutcracker

    I thought I smelled wood at first, but, no, it's the resins. It still smells woody to me, though, and if there's fig it is hardly apparent at all. Spicy, resiny wood.
  10. greenranger

    Mother Ginger

    It starts off very very gingery, and stays that way for a while. Later, though, when I noticed it again, it was mostly vanilla with spices. I don't get airy from this, and I was actually checking to see if tonka was listed, but no, just vanilla and marshmallw cream..... I do like it.
  11. greenranger

    Großvater Tanz

    It does seem similar to Huesos de Santo at first. It seems a little creamier, the spices are different than Huesos de Santo as well. This is nice, though I'm not in love yet. However, the first time I encountered Huesos de Santo I didn't know I'd fall in love with it in three months or so so I let it get away. I'll hold on to this one and see. =)
  12. greenranger

    Herr Drosselmeyer

    2010 version. When I first put this on, I was perplexed. I didn't smell smoke at all. In fact, it smelled fresh and almost lemony. Over time, the scent changed slightly, and I thought I could pick up linen and wood maybe. Even later, the pipe tobacco started coming out. This is still a very clean scent for something with smoke in it. Cozy and masculine.
  13. greenranger


    This starts off as evergreen sap, fresh and sticky. As it dries it gets more herby. Mostly leaves, with maybe some resins in the far far background. Slightly prickly.
  14. greenranger

    The Spanish Dance

    There's a bittersweet note to this that's interesting. It smells like there's orange peel, not just orange blossom honey. The bittersweet note fades into sweetness. It's nice, but I'll have to see how long it lasts.
  15. greenranger


    This is very nice. It's sweet and mellow and smooth. Almost edible, but, not quite. It's elegant, and smooth, and I think I like it very much indeed.