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evil enabler
29 years old
February 5, 1985
Female Female
Reading, writing, gaming, beading, performing/listening to music, acting, sarcasm, Supernatural, the pretty boys of Supernatural, all things Joss Whedon, smiting the stupid, animals, Animal Planet (esp. late at night), snowboarding, fishing, cooking, the pretty boys on Supernatural, psychology, education, ranting about education, sleep, dreams, astrology, Silent Hill, Narnia, movies, snow, photography, Terry Pratchett, Neil Gaiman, Asian food, did I mention the pretty boys on Supernatural?

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Roses Pearls and Diamonds
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Fave BPALs--Roses Pearls and Diamonds, The Evening Star, All They Had Seen and All They Had Lost, Pink Snowballs, Hypothermia, Spirits of the Dead, Sea of Tranquility, Hope, Dragon's Claw, Kumiho, Dragon's Musk, Spellbound, Hungry Ghost Moon, Tamamo-no-Mae, Peach Moon, Pumpkin II 2009, The Girl, King of Hearts, To Helen, Hymn to Proserpine, Poisson D'Avril, TKO, The Lights of Men's Lives. Whew!

Notes that work--Most musks, especially white/light/skin musks, most roses, beeswax, sandalwood, some ambers, most white florals (especially moonflower), dragon's blood, herbs, mint, aquatics, ozone, sugar, spring florals, lavender, cherry

Notes that must never under any circumstance touch any part of my body ever again--Vetiver!!!, frankincense (usually), carnation, poppy (usually), orchid


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Idaho. No potato jokes please. 'Ho' jokes are okay.
United States

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snowfox090's Blag > My mother's gotten into the red kryptonite.

Posted 09 March 2007

Okay, so my relationship with my mother isn't the best, right? It's pretty abusive, emotionally. It's the main reason why I'm moving to Chicago.

So I told her I was moving on Monday, right? And she got really pissed off and started interrogating me about it, before saying we'll talk about it this weekend.

Today, she called me...

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snowfox090's Blag > I did not want to spend my Friday night in the ER.

Posted 03 March 2007

But I did anyway, because my body is an ungrateful brat.

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snowfox090's Blag > National Zombie Movie Day.

Posted 14 February 2007

I think I prefer that to the other holiday taking place.

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snowfox090's Blag > Schroedinger's Lick It Again

Posted 10 February 2007

Names have been changed to protect the possibly guilty.

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snowfox090's Blag > *poke*

Posted 09 February 2007

Um... hi. *fidget* I got sick of spamming the Get Personal forum, so now I'm spamming the blog island instead. Expect angst. Lots of angst. And random. And, very occasionally, the weirdest most f***ed-up crap ever, which I'm told mostly makes up for the whining.

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    14 Jul 2011 - 00:45
    Hows it going?
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    22 Oct 2010 - 20:13
    Snowy rules! She sold me some stellar stuff. =)
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    06 Oct 2010 - 06:24
    ^_^ hello chat buddy
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    27 Apr 2007 - 08:14
    Snowy is awesome to buy or swap from, and is a fantastic friend, to boot. Hi, Snowy! *waves and hugs*
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