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obsessive precious hoarder
48 years old
September 7, 1965
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Books, computers, cooking, gardening, math, camping, my dog, and much more (not necessarily in that order).<br />

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Dark Chocolate &amp; Cherry
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Budding Moon, Tissue, Love's Philosophy, Jasmine Cottage, MVJBA Spring Trainging and many more!


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Somewhere in the middle.
United States

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scotchgrrl's Blog > My answers to Fall Switch Witch

Posted 08 September 2009


These are my answers to the questions. If you are looking for the list to copy/paste, click here for the next blog entry and just copy/paste. It's easier than copying and removing my answers.

Would you object to annonomous postcards (real ones) from your witch before the big reveal???...

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scotchgrrl's Blog > Fall 2009 Switch Witch List of Random Questions

Posted 03 September 2009

Suppose I have a bottle of something you (my witchee) really wants, and I want to share it with you. Would you like a rollerball bottle made from oil in my own bottle in it?
******Some days after 9/24 and before the end of the month******

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scotchgrrl's Blog > Summer Switch List of Random Witch Questions

Posted 21 June 2009

Who knows about wizard rock and wants more? Who doesn't know but wants to?
What's the wallpaper/screensaver on your computer?
Do you like Sugar Ray (the band not the boxer)?
Would you be interested in receiving some pasties from your witch?
How did you get your forum name?
Anything from the trunk show?
Anything from the newest ebay...

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scotchgrrl's Blog > My answers to summer switch witch

Posted 18 June 2009

What new scents from the update are calling your name? For once, nothing made me jump up. I thought I would love the florals but each one had one thing near the end of the list that made me hesitate. I wouldn't mind imps of the new GC stuff.

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scotchgrrl's Blog > Shotgun SW Questions

Posted 18 June 2009

Is there anything you would love to have burned to DVD? Older things, for instance?
What BPAL do you really want but always forget to buy?
Who here is really into Twilight?
what's your favorite time wasting game (computer, phone, or rl)?
what's the best birthday gift youve ever received, and why?

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    30 Jul 2009 - 06:39
    I'm just starting out with jewellery making; I've opened a shop on Etsy but it's empty at the moment!
    If you do want anything from that site, let me know. (It's only 1.50 for delivery within the UK). I can post them on.
    (Posted here because my inbox is broken!)
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