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BPAL Madness!

Shortbread Diamonds

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Ruthlessly minimalist but dense with pleasure: a crumbly dough made with brown sugar and butter,

rolled out and slashed into simple “diamond” shapes before baking.

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In the bottle this is quite faint but I’m getting a light butterscotch that’s a bit tangy and just a tad sweet.  Wet on my skin this is pretty realistic cookie dough right down to that vaguely play doh like scent from a homemade sugar cookie or shortbread dough.  It’s definitely a close to the skin scent and not overly sweet.  Then I swear as it dries I get whiffs of powdered sugar. Dry down is sweeter with no play doh or powdered sugar.  I think the initial wet stage is my favorite part of this but turns just a tad perfumey when dry which doesn’t work for me.  This would be a hit for me if it stayed closer to the wet stage.  

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Shortbread Diamonds reminds me of 2021’s box of cookies except dryer. Something about it reminds me of a very expensive fragrance, Xerjoff Lira, but without the citrus. 
A sophisticated cookie! 


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