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  1. becca_s

    Young Pilgrim Girl

    This one was a total surprise for me too. I was expecting it to be heavy on the linen and black silk but I get very little of these notes. On me the main notes I am getting are the sweetened rose cream, jasmine milk, wild flower honey and what I'm guessing is the abalone shell. The sweetened rose cream and honey make this quite a sweet scent on me, and I think that these notes are dominating this scent for me. The jasmine milk is also there, though not as strong as the rose, the jasmine is absolutely not high pitched here and definitely like milk infused with jasmine. It blends into the rose cream creating a sweet, milky floral scent on me. I'm also getting alot of another note which I cant put my finger on, I think it is the abalone shell, and to me it almost smells similar to a sweet lotus note. This is far sweeter than I expected it to be, not that I'm complaining because I enjoy these kinds of scents. From looking at the painting and the fabric notes for some reason I expected it to be a somber linen scent with light creamy florals in the background but it is far more reflective of its name and is quite a youthful, sweet and milky floral on me
  2. becca_s

    Fleece Skeleton Onesie

    On me, I get alot of freshly laundered fleece from this scent combined with a cool, non gourmand vanilla. I can also smell the eyeliner note, which to me smells genuinely like make up! There could also be a hint of lemon in this. It is a cozy, clean kind of scent, definitely reminds me of Traditional sheet ghost from last year. It has alot of throw on me and lasts for quite a while.
  3. becca_s

    Pomegranate, Freesia, White Tea, and White Amber

    I got two of the Persephones bounty scents and I really like them both and find they are different enough to warrant bottles of both. Pomegranate, freesia and white tea and amber on me starts out with the pomegranate and white amber. The amber definitely makes this a richer scent and more autumnal than I expected. I have times when I can smell the freesia over the other two notes and it is a like a cool, breeze of freesias over top of the sweet pomegranate and amber. The tea is very subtle on me. I can detect it most strongly at the begining then it fades behind the other notes. Even though I thought that this would be more spring like it is quite autumnal and festive with the pomegranate and amber. The freesia to me adds a cool, soft floral element but is not in anyway high pitched and blends in quite beautifully with the other notes.
  4. becca_s

    Pomegranate Turkish Delight

    On my skin Pomegranate Turkish delight is a slightly tart pomegranate combined with the sugared rose water of the Turkish delight. I really like this one alot, and I think I'm going to be it wearing alot too. It doesn't really morph on me and has medium throw.
  5. becca_s

    Oda a la Luz Encantada

    On me, this starts out quite herbal with the chamomile and lavender leading the way. After a little while of wear time I can smell the cream and pear blossom, they merge with the chamomile and soften the scent. My impressions are that this is a happy, youthful, spring like scent. It reminds me of scents from when I was a teenager myself. I agree with others, that this does have a perfumey edge. But, It's one of those scents that's perfect for any occasion and season. I've worn it quite a lot since it arrived.
  6. becca_s

    Easter Egging

    I love white chocolate scents and I was looking forward to this arriving in the mail. These are my impressions after resting for a day or two. On me the main notes are the pink sandalwood and white chocolate. I don't really get any mallowflower or roses, they are probably there in the background adding a softness to the scent but this is definitely all about the sandalwood and white chocolate on me. This one doesn't seem to morph over time either. Since white chocolate is a note I look out for, I'm happy that I'm getting alot of it in this scent. The sandalwood is such an interesting match for the white choc and I'm finding it hard to describe here. I think it adds a clean, perfumey element to the scent. This scent is very reminiscent of Easter and springtime. A pastel swirl is an apt description.
  7. becca_s

    Peach Milk

    Peach milk on me is alot of peach and just a little milk. The peach is a ripe, sweet and juicy one. It has a hint of milk, which softens the scent overall. But, the peach does dominate on my skin. It's very fresh, light and wearable. I don't smell any of the baked goods that other people have from this scent. It reminds of a whipped peach body lotion I used to wear. It's mostly fresh peach and the milk note is just there in the background nicely rounding out the peach. I think I'll wear it quite alot in summer months. It would also smell great as a body lotion.
  8. becca_s


    I love so many of the notes in this- mallowflower, peonies, cream but I had never tried the corn note before so wasn't sure what to expect. When first applied Ceres is dominated by the mallowflower, cream and spun sugar. I don't even notice the corn at first but after about 10 minutes it becomes more dominant along with the wheat. At this stage I'm reminded of some kind of cereal that has small marshmallows in it or marshmallow and cornflakes. As someone else mentioned above, if I put my wrist to my nose I do smell creamed corn ... with sugar and marshmallows.... a very unique scent which is fitting for this time of year. I also think it suits this goddess, I can remember reading somewhere that the word cereal comes from Ceres.
  9. becca_s

    A Wet Moon, Putney Road

    This starts out with a very soft, sweetened amber mixed with rain and moss. I can also detect what must be a beeswax note in this too, it blends seamlessly with the amber. This one doesn't really change on me over wear time. It stays close to the skin and is a calm, relaxing kind of scent. I can imagine wearing this on quiet, rainy days. This is also probably the first scent I've really enjoyed a rain note, it's not a note I normally gravitate towards but it is really lovely here.
  10. becca_s

    Burnt Sugar, Cream, and Strawberries

    I get equal blend of cream, sugar and strawberries in this scent. The strawberry is there but its not taking over for me, I can smell the burnt sugar and cream as well. I think that the cream softens the whole scent. It's is a cheerful, innocent, summery scent. It's kind of nostalgic and reminds me of strawberry scents from when I was a child.
  11. becca_s


    On first application I get a burst of cheesecake but for me this settles into a lovely vanilla scent. It's the kind of vanilla that is in baked goods, like vanilla essence. It reminds of vanilla buttercream, rather than vanilla cheesecake. I get hints of the lemon but it's more in the background.
  12. becca_s

    The Treasury

    I decided to grab a bottle of this in my last order and I'm pleased I did. I get alot of honey dust and toasted rice. It's quite a sweet, warm and toasty scent that is slightly gourmand. This one doesn't really change much over time. I can pick out hints of sandalwood and orris but they stay in the background. Edited to add: after a while I can smell the crimson musk! It works well with the toasted rice and honey dust. To my nose it's a similar musk to the one in vasilissa.
  13. On first application I get fresh roses and florals with a dust of honey. After a little while I get the Orris and beeswax, and it dries down to a dusty, honey and rose scent. I find this has a vintage perfume vibe and matches the art work well.
  14. becca_s

    Why and What Art Thou Dreaming Here

    On initial application I get sweet, syrupy blackberry with a hint of the blackened lavender. After a couple of minutes I can smell the Magnolia and Datura. They make a smooth and creamy addition too the blackberry. On me, the blackberry is the dominant note and the florals are more in the background. I can still smell the floral notes but I do get more blackberry and on me this is more of a sweet, fruity scent with soft floral notes. The lavender isn't taking over or being high pitched here. I'm a big fan of the magnolia and Datura notes and here they are so pretty but they are definitely more subtle and soft and they mix really beautifully with the blackberry. This is a very pretty scent, I've been wearing it quite alot. I only wish that the magnolia and datura showed up more on my skin.
  15. becca_s

    From Whose Eyes As They Glance Flowed Love

    This is the perfect creamy, vanilla rose scent. It is gorgeous. The whipped vanilla and Orris butter give this scent a creamy feel even if there is no cream here. I can also smell the skin musk and sugar. I love this alot.