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  1. becca_s

    Ruby Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Rose Petals

    I get raspberry marshmallow with hints of rose in the background. The rose peeks out behind the marshmallow after the scent has settled but the marshmallow and ruby chocolate are the dominant notes for me throughout. The ruby chocolate smells like berry or raspberry chocolate.
  2. becca_s

    Women of Leisure

    Mmm ... honey and coconut milk with hints of red currant. This is really lovely. I think that coconut milk softens the honey and red currant so that they don't become too sweet or cloying. The amber is subtle and comes out further into the dry down. The final stage of of this is a soft honeyed, coconut milk with a background of red currant and amber. It's kind of a comforting, happy scent, that I've been reaching for quite alot.
  3. becca_s

    Courtesans Relaxing

    On me this starts out with the almond leading the way but it quickly fades and the rice milk, coconut and Jasmine cream become the dominant notes with hints of cardamom and hinoki. After the it's initial appearance I can no longer detect any almond. The rice milk note is particularly pretty and it adds a milky sweetness to the scent. The jasmine is well balanced by the coconut and rice milk and doesn't become high pitched here. Its more of a creamy note with hints of jasmine rather than straight up Jasmine. I've been wearing this one for the last couple of days and I'm really enjoying it. It's very wearable but also unique because I don't think I have anything similar in my bpal collection. It's light, milky and summery, it's also subtlety tropical with the rice milk, coconut and jasmine cream. I think this will be a go to for me over the summer months.
  4. becca_s

    Lychee Vulva

    When first applied this starts out as a tart lychee scent. On me this leans very citrusy, I actually thought that it must have a grapefruit note but when I checked the notes it doesn't. After some wear time, the citrus element settles and I can smell the rosehip tea and some softer floral notes. The peony, ylang ylang aren't really standing out to me, I can't pick out the pink peppercorn either. I find the lychee to dominate over the floral notes. Overall, this is a bright and refreshing summery scent.
  5. becca_s

    Hair Loosened and Soiled in Mid Orgies

    This is a warm, golden honey musk scent. My partner who has never commented on any fragrance I've worn in the last 10 years said to me this morning "That's where that nice smell is coming from" when I walked passed. I agree that the honey and skin musk here reminds me of Lady Una without the herbal notes. This is one of my favorites from my recent order.
  6. becca_s

    Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge 2024

    This one is a morpher for me, on initial application I get the cream and teak wood notes. Over time I get more of the lotus and amber. Normally for me lotus is a sweet, watery note, here it is not watery but still very sweet. It dried down to being a creamy, pink scent with a hint of powderiness from the amber. I think it shares some similarities to Triumphant vulva from a few years ago. I was hoping that the teak would hang around a bit longer but this is still a lovely scent and I can see why people love it.
  7. This is a gorgeous dark chocolate and rose scent on me, with a hint of pepper to give it some complexity. I'm not getting alot of vanilla, but my guess is that its melting into the chocolate note. The chocolate is not the sweet, milky kind, this is definitely a dark chocolate. I agree that this is a classy and romantic scent.
  8. becca_s


    I don't normally go for scents with dry and dusty in the description but I had read some positive reviews of Coyote so wanted to try it. This does start out quite cologney but it dries down to be a sweet, grassy scent mixed with soft fur. It dries to be more of a skin hugging scent. It's not the dry, dusty scent I imagined. It's more furry and warm.
  9. becca_s


    I received Haunted as a frimp and I think I may have found a new GC love. I get a sweet, clean amber with a hint of black musk. For some reason I expected this to be quite sharp but it is softer and sweeter than I was expecting.
  10. becca_s

    Gnome Fracas

    This a creamy, cookie/baked scent on me with hints of something berryish which must be the cloud berry. I had to Google what fattigman is and it's a deep fried cookie. This one is a creamy gourmand. As someone who loves milky and creamy notes, I am loving the clotted multikrem (dessert with whipped cream, sugar and cloudberry) note here. The fattigman fits the description and are just like crumbs sprinkled over whipped cream. I find the cloudberry hard to describe but it's somewhere between smelling like a berry while also having a hint of citrus. I'm really loving this one ❤ Both of the scents I've tried from the New years release have been wins for me.
  11. becca_s


    On my skin, Traum is all about the lavender. I've brought a few lavender blends recently and to me this is the most lavender forward of them all. After it has settled into my skin I get a hint of frankincense and cacao but they are background notes to the lavender. This strikes me as a scent I'd wear on quiet evenings when perhaps I was feeling stressed. Its quite a calming scent. On me it has alot of throw and staying power
  12. becca_s

    Evening Reading

    I feel like this scent is really atmospheric. It reminds me of going to vintage bookstores and opening up old leather bound books. The leather smells very realistic and is probably the strongest note on me, followed by the aged paper and lamp oil. To me this is a pretty realistic smell of vintage books and leather chairs. The lavender and rose water are completely drowned out by the other notes here on me. For people who enjoy leather or bookish scents, this might be one to try.
  13. becca_s

    Portrait of Princess Marthe Bibesco

    On my skin I get rich toffee and bourbon vanilla layered over white rose petals. My experience is a bit different to other reviewers because I can smell the rose and I get alot of bourbon vanilla as well. The toffee is also definitely present here. The honey dust is just a light dusting. I would describe this as being a decadent, gourmand with a white rose background.
  14. becca_s

    Lavender Coconut Cream Pie

    On me this starts our with a strong lavender note. It's a similar lavender to TKO. Over time, as it settles into my skin I can smell the coconut cream and pie crust. The coconut cream to me is more cream and not very much coconut. The pie crust is quite subtle and I think adds a hint of vanilla. This settles into a beautiful, creamy lavender.
  15. becca_s

    The Picture of Dorian Sufganiyot

    I find this to be a sweeter, gourmand Dorian. The sufganiyot really brings out the vanilla and sugar notes from the original blend. It is still distinctly Dorian on me, but it is sweeter and I think it's softer as other reviewers have mentioned. I don't get the fried aspect in this blend either. It's really quite lovely. Eta - I've been wearing this regularly over the last few days and it's quickly becoming a favorite of mine. It's my favorite out of the Yules.