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  1. Tamarinda

    Blackberry Moon 2022

    In the Imp: Smells like some kinda purple candy. Wet: Yep. Purple candy and... something odd? Dry: This smells like aspirin crushed with grape kool-aid. Blech. Not sure why this smells really awful on me. Normally, fruity things smell wonderful with my skin chemistry. But smelling this makes me want to scrub my tongue with a napkin, it's so close to the yucky fruity kid medicine of my youth. I was not expecting this to be so bad since the Sugar Plums are so amazing. Doh.
  2. Tamarinda

    Volcano in Springtime

    In the Bottle: This smells like Forager's cashew milk vanilla yoghurt. Wet: The sour but pleasant yoghurt smell I get from the bottle is absent and I'm just getting a light, sweet, floral vanilla. Dry: A delicately floral vanilla. Skin close but with excellent sillage. I cannot express how happy I am with this. White sandalwood normally goes bitter celery on my skin but I'm not getting any of that bitterness with this perfume. I don't know what lotus root is supposed to smell like as a perfume note but I do know it very well as a food, and what I am smelling is not like what I've eaten. There's a freshness to it, a light crispness that lotus root food has that I do find during the wet stage, but I don't know if that's my imagination assigning those qualities to the perfume because I know that lotus root is there. The best thing is that this fades into the same vanilla that I get from Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin.
  3. Tamarinda

    Vanilla Bean, Marshmallow, and Benzoin

    From beginning to end, this is sexy marshmallows. Very sexy marshmallows. I love it. The benzoin does something magical on my skin and creates a solid base for the floofy, vanilla-y, sexy marshmallows to softly waft off of my skin. Wear time is excellent as well. This lasts a good ten hours. A surprise hit for me since I dislike marshmallows from a food perspective.
  4. Tamarinda

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    In the bottle: Syrupy peaches and sweet vanilla. Wet: Like vanilla peach trifle and something weird, maybe bitter? I've tasted this smell before and it is not delightful. Dry: I'm still getting the vanilla peach trifle scent as well as that undertone of bitterness. It's nice enough that I'm willing to deal with the undertone. It's a wonderful scent and I wish that the discordant note wasn't there. Ultimately, this fades after an hour or so. I still like it and I enjoy sniffing my bottle too much to pass it on. Hopefully, some aging will increase its lifespan on my skin.
  5. Tamarinda

    Dead Leaves and Champagne  

    In the Bottle: I have no idea what champagne smells like but this smells a little alcoholic and a lot fizzy. I don't understand how that's possible, but it's amazing and I'm a fan. Wet: Fresh bell peppers and the slightly sweet fizziness that must be champagne. Dry: Modestly cologney bell peppers and sparkly sparkly champagne. It's light but present on my skin and lasts throughout the day. Light as in airy, and not faint or skin-close. I loooooove this. It's so different from what I've ever expected to smell as perfume and my mind is blown that any perfume can replicate the smell of carbonation. Happy to have snagged a bottle.
  6. Tamarinda

    Almond Blossoms

    In the Bottle: This smells exactly like how Odense brand marzipan tastes. I've eaten nearly a pound of it over the past two weeks, so I can say this with firm authority, lol! Wet: Delicious, sticky, wonderful marzipan. Dry: This takes maybe 20 minutes to turn into a vague skin scent. I'm hoping a bit of time will help it develop some staying power because I really, really love it. I may start experimenting layering with it before I stick it into a drawer to age.
  7. Tamarinda

    Snake Milk

    In the Bottle: Tinned cat food. Wet: Tinned cat food with Snake Oil sauce. Dry: Melted plastic and Snake Oil. Well, at least it no longer smells like cat food. Alas, I was hoping for some of the cream from Olisbokolike to make an appearance. But considering how some of my other, beloved Snake Oil variants stopped working for me in recent months, I should be less indignant or surprised that this smells dreadful on me. I'll have to test this again in another few months and see what happens.
  8. Tamarinda

    Acid-Laced Butterscotch Lozenge

    In the Decant: Butterscotch candy. Wet: Butterscotch candy with a spicy edge. Dry: Graham crackers? It has a hearty amount of throw and I'm happy about that since I like smelling like food. There's something sitting on top of the yummy graham cracker scent that I can only guess is the acid. It is a little bit of burning in the nose, but not unpleasant and it doesn't sting on the skin. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy my decant.
  9. Tamarinda

    Horreur Citrouille

    In the Decant: Wine Wet: Spiced wine Dry: Fig newton perfume. I mean, it's still very wine-smelling, but the end result is that I smell bready fruit, which is probably due to the pumpkin pulp. High moisture fruit cookie perfume. I'm a fan and ordered a bottle. I'd say medium throw and a minimum lifespan of ten hours.
  10. Tamarinda

    PSL: Pumpkin Snake Latte

    I've yet to try actual Snake Oil but I have a bottle incoming so I'll update later. This is sexy resins and spices with a hint of dark roast coffee. I cannot sufficiently describe what I am smelling, but I have two bottles and I'm not really one for backing things up. This has medium throw and lasts all day.
  11. Tamarinda

    Spiced Cherry Bourbon

    In the Decant: Woah, booze! Wet: Boozy cherries. Dry: Beautiful, spicy, boozy, perfumey cherries. This is nice and strong on my skin and has lasting power. Very pleased as I feel like Blood Kiss is the only cherry perfume I've tried so far that my skin does not devour. Suffice to say, I've ordered a bottle.
  12. Tamarinda

    Cognac-Stained Sheet Ghost

    In the Bottle: Kinda boozy. Wet: Very boozy. Dry: This takes a good 15 minutes to dry down. Once it's dry, I get a gently dry vanilla scent over unfamiliar but pleasant smells. This is definitely phantom perfume. If I stick my nose to my skin, I get a barely there dash of dryness plus a few wisps of wood and vanilla. But when I'm not shoving my nose to my arms, I smell a lightly sweet, woody vanilla with a "perfume" background. I get why folks are so excited about this one. If it was stronger on me, I would definitely get a backup. UPDATE: OK! About a month later and this is now all kinds of awesome on my skin. It is much stronger than when I first got it. CSSG leads with the tumbleweeds. There's a boozy, woody, sexy vanilla underneath and boy howdy am I glad I snagged a backup!
  13. Tamarinda


    This is all powder to me. In the bottle, wet, dry, on a test strip. It's powderpowderpowder and I kinda hate it. Which is nuts cuz I can tell that under the powdery smell is a similar amber to the one in Grey Columns, which I absolutely love. Go figure!
  14. Tamarinda

    Sugar Plum Snake Oil

    In the Bottle: Purple candy? Wet: Sweet purpleyness and other unidentifiable things that are nonetheless pleasant. Dry: It's more candied plums than purple candy. There's also the miasma of something resinous, but it's not quite identifiable as a Snake Oil variant on my skin. I'm happy to have blind bottled this because whatever it is I'm smelling, I love it very much.
  15. Tamarinda

    Sea Smoke

    In the Decant: Fighting Irish Spring. Wet: WHY DID I PUT THIS ON??? I did not give this a chance to dry. This is the smell of a thousand bars of Irish Spring soap going to war with a thousand axe deodorant sticks. Thanks, I'll pass.