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  1. Tamarinda

    Mousetrap Nougat Bar

    In the Bottle: Almond extract and cocoa Wet: Almonds, cocoa, and something perfumey Dry: Fancy almond nougat with a thin layer of chocolate. How have I not reviewed this yet? This was love at first sniff. I do not know how it manages to smell like fancy candy store nougat, but it does. I'm guessing there are other nut smells in here because I am not amping the heavy almond note I smell in the bottle. It really smells nothing like the bottle smell on me. It's so much more smooth and delicious, with just a hint of perfume. I like smelling like perfumey versions of food, so a perfume note does not bother me. It sits a bit close to the skin but it lasts forever. This is a very comforting, pleasing scent.
  2. Tamarinda

    The Elephant is Slow to Mate

    This one isn't terribly complicated on me despite all the notes in it. It goes on like it smells in the bottle: Cherries and roses with a slight undertone of perfume. I put this in my hair once and it survived two different hair wash sessions. It's very strong but very pleasant. I just scented some lotion with this and it smells great. Lasts pretty much all day and gives off a nice low aura of scent. Even when it fades, it keeps all the original notes, like dialing down the volume on a song.
  3. Tamarinda


    2021 Version I cannot say what exactly this smells like. This is one of those scents that is more a mood than any individual components. It's a sweetish smell, lightly spicy. It's dry, not damp. I do not get any apple, but there is a fruity smell there that's vaguely cherry. And something like the crunch of dead leaves, but not excessively leafy, or piney. Definitely autumnal. Honestly, I am at a loss as to how to coherently describe this scent. All I know is that I absolutely LOVE it. I love this. And thank goodness for that because Samhain is my favorite band, above Danzig, above the Misfits. I am now officially prepared for next Halloween season. I hope this doesn't change too much with age because I love it as is.
  4. Tamarinda

    Signum Crucis

    I love this. Then again, it's a rose dominant scent and I love smelling roses. It's definitely rose hips as opposed to the petals. Like the difference between tea made with rosehips as opposed to tea made with rosebuds. It's something with a bit more bite to it. Aside from the rose smell, I get an earthiness, which is probably the mushroom. It's a bit of a "gray" scent, a grounding smell that takes this beyond just another rose scent. There's a vaguely sweet perfumey smell, which must be the ambrette seed. I'm not getting any leather that I know of. The "not-rose" elements in this perfume combine to make a beautiful substrate on which the rosehips sit. On my skin chemistry, they sweeten after a bit of time. This is a rose scent for anyone who wants the smell of roses with a twist. I am a fan.
  5. Tamarinda

    Tonka Bean and Saffron

    I do not get any saffron from this. I've let my decant sit for a few months now and I do not smell saffron in the bottle, on wet, or on dry. It smells pretty much the same as it did when I first got it. It's a pleasant smell and I still mostly like it, but I'm disappointed that I can't smell saffron. I guess it just smells like tonka? It's a spicy perfumey smell but I've never smelled this smell before even though I have a few things with tonka in it. It goes on a little strong but fades quickly. It disappears after three or four hours. I'm almost tempted to get a bottle compare the difference because everyone else seems to be getting a saffron-forward scent. Hmmm...
  6. Tamarinda

    Tiramisu Funnel Cake

    It's an absolute crime that I cannot buy this in a bottle. I LOVE IT. It reads a little bit churro, but also more like horchata de morro (from El Salvador, made with toasted seeds + rice + cinnamon). But I definitely get a fried pastel smell that is very nostalgic that I cannot place for the life of me. It is wonderful. This is not a "too sweet" scent and I don't get much coffee. Just a vague notion of something roasted, which is probably why this smells like horchata to me. The throw is moderate on my skin and while it fades nicely there, this scent fades into fried chicken in my hair. I need to remember never to use this in my hair because my next day hair smelled terrible. It did wash out though.
  7. Tamarinda

    Budding Realization

    This only landed on the 24th of December, so I'll update in about two weeks when it's had time to settle. In the bottle: Fresh roses Wet: Fresh roses and... something else Dry: Slightly spicy roses I can tell I will love this. Granted, I love the smell of roses and haven't met a BPAL rose scent I DIDN'T love, so take that with a grain of salt. As of now, I'm looking forward to using this in the spring.
  8. Tamarinda

    Beaver Moon 2021

    In the bottle: Chocolate Cherry Pumpkin Cheesecake. If you've smelled Pumpkinville, it's the same pumpkin cheesecake I smell in that bottle. Wet: Cherry chocolate with a rich, lightly spicy creaminess in the background. Dry: Spicy goodness with a pecan crust! I dunno how that happens, but I smell a pecan crust in there. It's a nice spicy smell but the chocolate cherry has gone into the background. I smell clove and cinnamon. Not sure how I'm getting this much cinnamon without a welt. I really love this. I'm hoping the chocolate and cherry come back after a little more aging and the spices have had time to settle. I hope the pecan crust stays though. I've had this less than two weeks and I live in LA so it's fairly fresh. I'd say this has a medium throw so far. I'm not sure what the staying power is like since I put this on half an hour ago and this is the first real test I've done, aside from my slapping it on right outta the mail.
  9. Tamarinda

    Black Phoenix Academy for Wayward Ghouls

    What a mistake it was to test this scent not long before I was scheduled to shower. What a waste! In the Imp: strawberry kool-aid and dried, shredded coconut. Wet: Strawberry macaroons! Dry: Sweet strawberry pie with coconut cream whipped cream over a lovely, light perfume smell. I 1,000% need a bottle of this. EDIT FOR UPDATE: 11/30/2021 My decant is now two weeks old. ALL the coconut has disappeared. It still smells like kinda strawberry kool-aid in the imp and once dry, it has a candy fruity perfumey smell that is not unpleasant, but the coconut was what made this truly magical for me. That is now gone and I am sad = (
  10. Tamarinda

    Green Tree Viper

    I wasn't sure how mint or green tea notes would work on my skin, so I was happy to pick up a second-hand partial. It's dated from 2017. I have absolutely no idea what Snake Oil smells like since I'm relatively new to all this + it was out of stock when I made my first lab purchase. GTV is vaguely minty in the bottle and on me, it is rather medicinal. It is a very herbal smell with vague hints of vanilla. But not fresh herbs, dried herbs. It reminds me of the expired matcha in my cupboard. No longer bright green and grassy, but a dull, drab green that manages to do the job even if it's nothing to write home about. This is nice enough to keep and use, but unless it does something amazing in the next year, I'll be fine with only having a partial.
  11. Tamarinda


    With my body chemistry, Philopannyx smells more like a mood than anything identifiable. I cannot isolate any of the notes. Then again, I have no idea what violets smell like, so maybe it smells heavily of perfumey violets? Either way, I agree with Starbrow that this is an old Hollywood scent. This is Ingrid Bergman's Ilsa in Casablanca. It is heady, romantic, with a dark melancholy. Philopannyx is also aggressive, with ridiculous sillage and wear time. I don't think I tested it too heavily. Only two dips of my decant stick. But lemme tell you. This lasted well over 24 hours. The left arm of my cardigan still smells of it after three days. I put that cardigan on yesterday evening to visit my compost bin and the smell is so strong that it infected my arm and I could still smell this perfume even when I took off the cardigan. Not really sure how I feel about this. I'll try it again in two weeks or so.
  12. Tamarinda


    In the Imp: Fresh strawberries! Wet: Fresh strawberries with features! Early Dry Stage: Still fresh strawberries with other red smells and a hint of something perfumey. Dry: A surprisingly non-artificial strawberry perfume scent. Magically, the red musk and fruits blend together to make a beautiful perfume background to a fresh strawberry headliner. I love this just the way it is. Normally, I amp red musk, so the fact that this remains mostly strawberries was a pleasant surprise. This has a medium throw and moderate staying power. Not sure how strawberry ages but I'm sure the red musk will come forward with time. I'm going to have to exercise restraint to not use up my decant before it has time to settle.
  13. Tamarinda

    The Joy of Fatherhood

    In the Imp: Vanilla-heavy cake batter. Wet: Banana pudding and cake?? If you are familiar with Lush's Sympathy for the Skin, this smells like that but just a little more fresh banana-y. I love this! I don't get anything like gummy bears from this but that might be the "fresh" scent. No idea. Early Dry Stage: Light banana pudding scent. I am very happy. Dry: Invisible perfume. Gone. Nothing. Not even the hint of vanilla, which I normally amp. I am very sad. My hope is that a few weeks will settle this and I will have an unexpected perfume dupe of Sympathy for the Skin. I am tempted to snag a bottle of this based on this hope but I'll wait until the second test of my Lilith decants.
  14. Tamarinda

    Baby’s First Political Campaign

    In the Imp: pure lavender Wet: Sweet lavender with... something else. Early Dry Stage: Sweet lavender and a slightly creamy honey scent and just a dash of something citrusy. Dry: Weirdly enough, the lavender disappears mostly and I'm left with a vaguely lotion type scent that I think is the ambrette sweetened with honey. This decant is only two days old so it might need more time to settle before it's personality really comes out. As of now, it's an inoffensive smell with a low throw. It's only been an hour so I'm not sure what the wear time looks like. Will update on next test.
  15. Tamarinda


    OK! Not to be too graphic, but in the bottle, this smells like a wet & sloppy bee jay in a kitchen where a pumpkin cheesecake is baking. It's a wild smell that's a little yikes, but also compelling. Fresh out of the mail, that's pretty much what I got on my skin as well. The throw was aggressive and it lasted hours. Now that my bottle has settled for a few days, it still smells the same. BUT, on the skin it now smells like perfume. There's only a hint of skanky pumpkin cheesecake. It's mostly a beautiful, light musky, perfumey scent that promises to age into something very rich and provocative. It's currently fairly close to the skin and I'm not sure how long it will last. I will update as time goes on.