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  1. samanare

    Lemon Peel, White Peach and White Musk

    A lemon peel dominated trio. I definitely get all three notes, but the lemon peel is the strongest on me. The citrus is bright and pulled to a sweeter, almost candy like scent by the peach. The white musk, mixed with the other two notes, almost has a cream quality to it. The scent is not foodie though, just bright, slightly sticky sweet lemon. As a citrus lover, I am really liking this one.
  2. samanare

    Blood Orange, Ylang Ylang, & Lime

    Ylang ylang and orange on me. I get some lime on the initial application, but it quickly goes away. The ylang ylang starts off strong, but overall, this is a softer floral citrus scent. On me it has a pretty low throw. I'd also describe the orange as more of a mandarin note than blood orange. A bit disappointed, I was hoping for a scent with more staying power on me.
  3. samanare

    Morello Cherry, Ginger Root, and Black Musk

    Almost a ginger single note on me. Despite cherry dominating the scent out the imp, it ends up giving the ginger a slightly fruity, ginger ale quality. I cannot pick out the black musk, but the scent overall is earthy and subdued. I also would not consider this a ginger ale/beer scent, it's too root like and earthy for that, and does not quiet have that carbonated note to it. Overall, a ginger root single note that is fruity and bright, with plenty of earthiness to keep it from being foodie.
  4. samanare

    Muguet, Tea Rose, and Ylang Ylang

    Kinda what it says on the tin. I get muguet most of all. The tea rose is not far behind, sweet and light. It's a very airy floral scent, reminding me of a valley field of blossoms, full and floral without being heady. As someone who is more of a rose fan than a general floral fan, this was not for me.
  5. samanare

    La Pluie d’or Léon

    A white tea scent with a lot going on under the surface. The white tea comes out by far the most on me. I also get the citrus of the yellow champa. I can barely pick out the orris. And a lot of the other notes are clearly there, just below the surface, blending together to form an overall slightly resin-y, earthy green, not quiet floral scent.
  6. samanare


    Peppermint cream with pale flowers. The lilac and peppermint come out the most on me. The mallow flower is also there, adding to the floral nature of the scent. And I can just pick out the benzoin.
  7. samanare

    Floral Still Life With Cat

    Peonies and a very sweet, pink rose scent. Sugary and floral, without being too heady. It's slightly powdery on me and no greenery. Brings to mind fresh cut rose and peony blooms (little to no stems) in a porcelain cup.
  8. samanare

    A Snug Corner

    The bread notes starts off the strongest. The cinnamon-apple duo quickly catches up. I don't get so much of the herbs. Overall, a cinnamon apple strudel with fresh bread in the background. Foodie and very much a fall scent.
  9. samanare

    Sleeping Cat

    Balsam rounded out with amber and other resins, while still being very cozy. This almost smells like lavender on me.
  10. samanare

    White Cat

    A very fuzzy and cozy bourbon vanilla scent. Not particularly foodie on me. Just enough lemon to be noticeable.
  11. samanare

    Mandarin, Black Vanilla, and Patchouli

    The patchouli dominates on me. I can't pick out the mandarin on it's own, but there's a citrus zest, almost carbonated quality to the scent. And I can just pick out the vanilla. It's a very woodsy vanilla, not foodie at all. It does bring a sweetness to the patchouli. Overall, a sweet patchouli scent, slightly woodsy, but with a noticeable amount of zest. Pleasant, but not for me, I was hoping for more of a sweet, spicy citrus scent.
  12. samanare

    Falling Stars

    Night blooms and jasmine on me. A very floral dominated scent. The soft night blooms come out stronger than the jasmine. And this overall, is a softer floral scent. Of the other notes listed, I really only get the indigo musk, and it more adds to the night time nature of the scent. Overall, I'd describe this as florals going to sleep for the night, soft and almost cozy in nature.
  13. samanare


    Sweetened white tea with just a hint of cold forest in the background. On me, this is a very white tea dominate scent. I get some vague sweetness, but it doesn't particularly smell like honey to me. The frost note also smells more like a cold, atmospheric note to me, giving the tree notes a chilled air quality to them. I was hoping the other notes would come out more, but I'm a fan of the Lab's white tea note so this is a hit for me.
  14. samanare

    Green Apple, White Cedar, and Bergamot

    All green apple on me. There's almost an atmospheric quality to the scent. But I'd describe this as a green apple single note. It almost goes a little apple shampoo on me, but manages to stay away and stay pleasant.
  15. samanare

    Neroli, Green Yuzu, and Mandarin Orange

    Overall, what it says on the tin. The neroli is just slightly the strongest note on me. I get the yuzu next, but the orange is more in the background, adding to the citrus nature of the scent. Bottom line, I'd describe this as more of a green citrus-y neroli scent. I personally was hoping for more of a citrus heavy scent, so this was not a favorite for me.