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  1. samanare


    A lilac heavy, orris scent, with a touch of ambergris. The orris-lilac duo is the strongest on me. I can just pick out the osmanthus, but it really doesn't hold its own in the scent, rather plays support to the lilac, giving it a more full body roundness. The ambergris is there, but similarly playing support to the orris, almost melting into it. I also get what reads to me as a porcelain note. I suspect it's the coral and cerulean musk mixing with the florals. Among the remaining notes, I can only pick out the honey, giving the scent a prick of full body sweetness.Overall, I'm reminded of tea cups filled with lilacs. I wouldn't describe this as an aquatic scent, instead there's enough ambergris to bring to mind a cool spring day. Maybe, at most distant salty air over a orris heavy garden party.
  2. samanare

    Touchstone, the Jester

    Hopefully this is just me, the fig milk and pear and are not playing nice with each other. The fig and pear are the strongest notes on me here, with the fig being slightly stronger. The mix of the two ends up reading as more of a pear bubblegum, just sharp and artificial. Aside from that, the fig note does have a milk or thinner cream quality to it. I can pick out the honey cake in the background and the rest of notes add to the sweet, slightly dense, dessert quality of the scent. Despite not being the strongest note, I think the pear is just a little too much for me in this scent, and cuts through the other notes in a way I don't personally like.
  3. samanare

    Medieval Fool Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Tart berries and scorched milk. The blackcurrant-plum duo is the strongest on me, reading a little more deep than I'd expect from blackcurrant alone. Scorched milk is right. The milk note has an almost metallic tang to it, and reminds me of milk heated up a little too long in the microwave. I get a hint of the scarlet musk and rose amber. Overall, the scent is red, coming off more like redcurrant dominated than red musk. And the rose amber softens the scent, as opposed to being noticeable on its own. I'm reminded of Knave of Hearts, though I recall that being more foodie than this one. I think it might be the scorched milk note that takes it a little away from gourmand for me, at the very least makes it less sugary sweet than Knave of Hearts.
  4. One of those different than the sum of its parts scents. I can pick out the mandarin, peppercorn, and floral root, but combined together they make something that is not really any of the them. Despite the mandarin being the strongest note on me, and aided by the peppercorn, overall this scent is more of a floral root scent. I cannot pick out the mimosa or lotus specifically, but definitely the root nature of the latter. The result ends up being surprisingly not all that citrus for how strong the mandarin is. I'd shelve this under root scent before anything else, it's noticeably floral, while the other notes bring a sweet bright zest that doesn't particularly read as citrus.
  5. samanare

    Fest der Bogensch├╝tzen

    A sunny day under the apple tree. I don't get grass so much from this as greenery in general. And that ends up being the strongest note on me. Next is the apple. I don't get the currant, instead I could have sworn this had some type of floral note. Overall the scent is soft and sweet, reminding me of both of fresh apples and apple blossoms. The greenery of the scent and the apple combine together and bring to mind a day spent under an apple tree, the tree itself and wild grasses and flowers softened under sunlight. I was reminded of The Solitude of Springtime from last year's Lupers. In comparison, this scent is softer and trades some of its apple/citrus for more greenery.
  6. samanare

    Feast of Fools

    There's a fair amount going on in this scent. I get the molasses, gingerbread, and almond cream. Those notes come together to make a more ginger dominated sweet spice, foodie note. I also get the lemon, which is light and envelopes the scent, giving it a citrus lightness in the background. I also get the honey and the floral notes, though it reads as more a general floral note than any one note in particular. And while I can't pick out the other notes, there is this overall red edge to the scent, without screaming red musk. The foodie notes slightly dominate the scent for me, but this is far from a foodie scent for me. The feast more being how much is going on in the scent. At its core, I'd describe this scent as a sweet gingerbread scent, the other notes of lemon, floral, almond, honey, etc pull one's attention, but without making the scent discordant.
  7. samanare

    The Extraction of the Stone of Madness

    A woodsy floral scent. The cedar is slightly the strongest note on me, but the cypress, moss, lavender, and amyris are not far behind. The mix results in a very woodsy scent. The lavender just takes it away for lumber yard, but the lavender registers more as herbal-y floral than lavender specifically. There's a slight sweetness that more adds to the floral nature of the scent, which I think is coming from the bergamot, but I cannot pick it out individually. Overall, the blend results in something greater than the sum of its parts, woodsy, but floral, herbal, and sweet enough to not be a wood scent.
  8. samanare

    Wary Samurai with Giant Harigata Hair Gloss

    Pretty much a ginger single note on me. Ginger is the only note I can pick out. The others combine to give the ginger a very earthy and spicy angle to it. I'm reminded of patchouli or something similar. This is noticeably away from more of a fresh ginger spice and much more towards an earthy, non-foodie spice.
  9. samanare

    Rose Petals, Marshmallows, and Afterglow Hair Gloss

    Fluffy, mellow rose. I really only get the marshmallow and rose. I'd guess that afterglow would smell like a skin musk. Either way, I can't pick anything else out. The marshmallow does have a more musky, less foody, but still sweet and light nature to it. It really lightens the rose, which does read more pink to me and is the strongest note on me. Overall, somewhere between rose marshmallows and rose clouds.
  10. samanare

    Snow Moon: Winter Apple and Lily of the Valley Hair Gloss

    A pale mix of apple and floral. For me, the winter quality of this scent makes it more light than anything else. The apple is there and so is a floral note, light and sweet, reminds me of distant wild flowers. There is a slight icy quality to the scent, though like all of the notes, it's light for me. Overall, a pale and distant apple and florals scent. It's pretty, but understated to a fault.
  11. samanare

    Leisurely Swim

    Lichen, pale florals, and citrus. The lichen is ever so slightly the strongest note on me. It's followed closely behind by the a floral note, that doesn't read as osmanthus, more a generic light floral. I occasionally get whiffs of the yuzu and apple, but they stay in the background. There's a touch of resin, but not enough to pick out any of the other notes. This also does not strike me as aquatic, instead a fruity floral with a fair amount of lichen. It's a pretty fresh scent, though is light and sits close to the skin on me.
  12. samanare

    Snow Moon: Yuzu and Blackcurrant

    The blackcurrant dominates the yuzu on me. But I had a similar experience where the combination of the two makes this soapy, spicy scent that I can't place. I was anticipating tart, but this is beyond that. These two notes don't play nice with each other on my skin, making for an unpleasant head scratcher.
  13. samanare


    A plum heavy opium tar through a thin haze of lavender. This is almost a plum and opium tar duo on me. The combination of the two reminds me vaguely of pomegranate. The scent overall is fruity and deep, almost a wine. I cannot pick out the benzoin or the lavender on their own, the former adding to the opium tar and the latter giving the plum a slight herbal tinge. Overall, more a slight floral plum tar, deep but still fruity.
  14. samanare

    Galanthus Nivalis, Single Snowdrop

    A green and inky scent. The spring greens is by far the strongest note on me and it's a very fresh, vibrant green scent. The next strongest is the ink note. Combined with the green note, smells deep and almost fresh as well. It brings to mind an ink pot spilled beneath big fresh, slightly dewy, full leaves. There's a very light white musk to the scent, providing more of a slight haze than anything else. I don't get snow from this, especially with how fresh and strong the green note is. Also, slight warning, as this scent goes a little soapy on me. But overall, a strikingly vibrant green plant scent, spilled over with black ink.
  15. samanare

    Women of Leisure

    Pretty much what one would expect from these notes. The honey and coconut milk are the strongest notes on me, combining into a honeyed coconut milk scent that is not quite foodie. I get a fruity, tart ting that I attribute to the currant, though it's not especially berry like. And I can't pick out the amber, but here's a depth to the scent that doesn't come from the other notes. Overall, an elevated honeyed coconut drink scent.