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  1. samanare

    Frankincense & Ginger Root

    A one note frankincense scent on me. Was hoping for ginger somewhere, but I couldn't smell it.
  2. samanare

    Italian Lemon Peel & Orange Blossom

    Floral lemon candy. It reminds me more of candied flowers (orange blossom) than a lemon candy. Very sweet, though more floral than foody on me.
  3. samanare

    Erotic Sake Bowl

    Strong, sweet citrus, lead by the grapefruit. I do get an edge of plum, but it adds a depth to the scent that I really like. One of my new favorite grapefruit/yuzu scents.
  4. samanare


    Reminds me of a cornucopia centerpiece in fall, fruits (lead strongly by pomegranate) and honey, all wrapped in bay leaves. The bay leaf couples really nicely with the pomegranate.
  5. samanare

    White Oakmoss & Lavender

    I get mostly lavender on me. The oakmoss ends up giving the lavender a wet, soapy quality to the scent. Not to my tastes, wish it had gone a little more earthy.
  6. samanare

    Wild Rose & Dandelion Sap

    A rose scent with a lot of greenery to it. The dandelion sap almost has a linen quality to it, but reminds me more of crushed flower stems, very green and sap-y. A little to meadow-y for my tastes, but I prefer more red rose scents.
  7. samanare

    Black Pepper & Pink Grapefruit

    I really like this one, but I really like grapefruit. It's mostly grapefruit on me, but I do find that the pepper adds to the sharpness and freshness of the citrus.
  8. samanare

    Happy Couple Reading a Book Together

    I get strong jasmine tea, with bergamot in the background. I do not get cucumber. I was hoping for more of a citrus scent, but this is for sure a jasmine scent on me.
  9. samanare

    Green Lovebird

    Sugary, mint candy. Sweet, airy, and minty. Very foody, but I do not get any pistachio.
  10. samanare

    Black Coffee & Cinnamon Buns

    Smells like a fall/winter latte. Mostly getting coffee, but not really smelling the cinnamon. It's more of a baked goods smell with baking spices. So overall, reminds me of coffee with a winter holiday syrup added to it.
  11. samanare

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    Not a honey fan, but I'm liking this mix of coffee and honey. I don't get much cream or brown sugar, which takes this coffee scent away from a more sweetened coffee. I get more of a deepened coffee scent, without being bitter, which I'm really liking.
  12. samanare

    Gingerbread, Honey Dust, & Vanilla Bean

    I'm not a big honey fan, but I'm liking this. Mostly gingerbread and honey. The honey (and the vanilla bean I think) deepens the gingerbread spices. Smells like a more spicy gingerbread house, and dare I suggest, almost more sophisticated, while still being a true gingerbread scent.
  13. samanare

    Gingerbread & Lemon Sugar

    Heavy on the lemon sugar. Smells very sweet and lemony, almost artificial, IMO. I do get some gingerbread, but not much and it goes away as it wears. Not a win for me, smells too much lie lemon candies drenched in sugar.
  14. samanare

    Gingerbread, Fir, Myrrh, & Mahogany

    Overall: gingerbread and mahogany duo. Upon first application, I get a mix of gingerbread, fir, and mahogany. As it wears, the mahogany comes out more and more and I smell pine less and less. I can't pick out the myrrh, but I think it's mellowing out the mahogany so it doesn't smell as strongly of wood polish. Not for me, I was hoping for more of a fir scent.
  15. samanare

    Knecht Ruprecht

    I get mostly frosted evergreens: cold, iced pine needles. There is a hint of apple that I can pick out when first applied, but goes away as it wears. I can't quite pick out almond. Overall, a very pretty, cold pine forest smell.