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  1. samanare

    Scientist of Artistic Idleness

    On me, this smells like a fancy, spicier than normal pine forest. The juniper berry just beats out the sage as being the strongest note. I can also pick out the clove and peppercorn in the background. The silvered musk envelopes it all in a more atmospheric note. Overall, silvered and spiced sage and juniper wood.
  2. samanare

    Violet Behemoth

    A very purple scent. The violet note is the strongest. The plum is noticeable in the background, supporting the violet. I can't pick out the raspberry or the indigo musk. Whether by the plum alone, or with the help of raspberry, the scent as a real fruitiness to it. Overall, I would describe this as a purple scent. While violet dominates, the scent brings to mind more of a deeper purple. And, on me, this is slightly more of a fruity scent than a floral one.
  3. samanare

    Great Embalming Dodo

    This is my first experience with the Lab's embalming fluid, though I've tried the original Dodo before. I don't know how this compares to other embalming fluid scents, but this scent I'd describe as a light, almost atmospheric, fruit juice scent. I'm getting the pineapple the most, and can just barely pick out the mango and lime. I'm getting almost a cotton or fabric like note from the embalming fluid part, which softens the fruit notes. I'm reminded of a fruit juice soaked napkin. And while I do mean that in a flattering way, I prefer the original Dodo.
  4. samanare

    Vacuous Me

    Oh no, the lemon leaf dominates on me, and it is leafy. I do get the fizzy white musk, but not the citrus notes. Overall, it's like a fancy, peppery lemon soda, but with lemon leaf instead of the fruit. Light, atmospheric, more green than lemon, and unfortunately spicy, imo.
  5. samanare


    The violet note dominates on me. And it does have a mist quality, light while still covering the other notes. The violet is also particularly sweet in this scent. I don't get the rose note, but I do pick out the lavender and the dirt notes peaking out from the violet haze. The lavender is more on the floral side here. Overall, the scent brings to mind a freshly plotted floral garden overtaken by a sweet violet mist.
  6. samanare

    Monastery in the Winter Night

    Resin, ambrette seed, and frankincense/myrrh. The incense and resin notes dominate on me, along with a healthy dose of ambrette seed. There's just a little bit of Damascus rose in the background. But overall, very much a heady resin and incense scent.
  7. samanare

    Caramel, Teakwood, and Vetiver

    What it says on the tin. On me, vetiver is the strongest note, followed closely by teakwood. The two blend together well to make this scent very woodsy and earthy, while still being a very distinctly teakwood and vetiver scent. The caramel note is more playing support here, almost lightly wrapping around the other two notes. I wish the caramel was stronger in this scent. On the dry down, all three notes were of equal intensity and I found that really striking. The caramel moves to the background fairly quickly, making the scent overall more of a vetiver and teakwood duo.
  8. More of a vanilla and black tea duo on me. It really reminds me of vanilla black tea leaves. I don't get any incense, but the tea note is almost atmospheric in this scent. Overall, this is a more mellow scent, the sharp earthiness of the tea leaves rounding over time. As it wears, it almost turns into more of a vanilla musk.
  9. samanare

    Coffee Bean, Oak Bark, and Patchouli

    Ends up being a patchouli and oak bark duo on me. The coffee bean is there, but burns off pretty quickly for me. The patchouli is noticeable from the beginning, and the oak bark becomes more noticeable as the scent wears. It is an atmospheric scent and almost reads as soda on me. I think even after the coffee bean is gone, it's still adding some sweetness to the scent. Overall, it's an atmospheric, woodsy patchouli scent.
  10. samanare

    Angel With Flaming Sword

    I'm not sure how to describe this one. The only note I can pick out in the list is the red musk. Outside of that, I get a sweet spicy note. It reminds me of cinnamon, but sweeter. The scent has a woodsy, earthy quality to it and is also very sweet. The sweetness of the scent with the red musk very vaguely reminds me of bubblegum. Overall, I'd describe this a sweet, spicy, slightly woodsy red musk scent.
  11. samanare


    An overall mellow scent, with a lot going on. I can't really pick out the individual notes, but a lot of them are clearly there. I do get tree notes, both broad-leaf and pine. There is also a noticeable amount of sweetness to the scent, along with just enough fruit/citrus to be noticeable. And underneath all of it, something else that seems to be the scarlet musk, shinning through. The various notes do really blend beautifully and harmoniously together, but I like the notes in a scent to be more distinguishable, so just not for me.
  12. samanare

    Black Pepper, White Sage, and Tea Rose

    Mostly what it says on the tin. Black pepper is just barely the strongest note on me. And it's that more full body spice of the peppercorn than the sharpness I associate with crush pepper. The tea rose is a very sweet, pink rose. The white sage doesn't quite read to me as white sage, more of a white musk and plant component of it adds to the tea rose. While this does start off pretty soapy on me, it quickly mellows out into more of a fancy soap scent, as mentioned by the previous reviewer. Overall, a black peppercorn, with sweet tea rose, on a bed of white musk. Almost soapy and a little heady.
  13. samanare

    A Winter's Evening

    It's a frozen something scent, but it's not registering to me as amber. There is something vaguely resiny about the scent. It's somewhat lemony and somewhat earthy, almost vegetal. I would describe it as an atmospheric ice scent. I'm just not sure what's underneath the ice, but overall, it brings a fresh and outdoorsy quality to the scent. Bit of a head scratcher for me and I have icy scents that I like better.
  14. samanare

    Zima V Lese

    Ice melting on resiny woods. On me the scent stars out with a very amber filled, almost smoky wood note. While that does not go away, it is softened by a growing melting ice/snow note. It starts off smelling a little like linen on me, but overall is very much an almost atmospheric, wet snow note. I don't smell pine needles or stone at all. Overall, smells like a broad-leaf forest during the first real thaw of the spring season.
  15. samanare

    Sandalwood, Lime, and Tahitian Ginger

    What it says on the tin. On me, it's a relatively equal mix of sandalwood, lime, and ginger. The scent is a warm, tropical scent. I would describe the sandalwood as almost being behind the lime and the lime being in front of the ginger as well. It's pleasant, but not anything more than the sum of its parts, in my opinion.