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  1. samanare


    A scent as sharp as glass shards, and as brittle as a broken heart. The formula came to me - quite literally - in a dream, and is named after, and created in memory of, the last poem that I ever wrote… almost ten years ago to the day. A blend of white champagne notes, grapefruit, lotus, slivered mint and crystalline aquatic blooms.  Unfortunately, all I get is wet smelling mint. Upon application, I get the champagne note, but it almost goes chalky on me with the mint, and it quickly dies down into the background. Overall, I get hints of the other notes, making it more sweet and every so slightly aquatic, but it's just a lot of mint on me.
  2. samanare

    Carry Me

    In the bottle and on the dry down, I thought this was really similar to Lavender Sugar Cookie by Epically Epic. But, once dry, the lavender starts to dominate over the sugary, cookie scent, and I start to be able to smell the vanilla. Overall, it's a warm, baked goods, sweet vanilla cookie, foodie blend, while still being very much a lavender scent at the same time.
  3. samanare

    Heart-Shaped Beanie on the Metro

    Very sweet, pink rose scent. Reminds me a lot of Fuzzy Pink Handcuffs and Cinq. I cannot detect the orange blossom on it's own, but it adds to the rose to make it a more floral scent. Very, very sweet smelling.
  4. samanare

    Mlle. Lilith, Fortune Teller

    On me, this is very much a pomegranate scent. I cannot pick out the other notes, but they make this scent a slightly more floral and less sweet pomegranate scent than others. I'm a light bumped as I was hoping for more coconut, but it's just eaten up by the pomegranate on me.
  5. samanare

    Paper Kite

    Sugary, tropical coconut. On me, this has a slight citrus component to it. I could almost swear it had lemongrass in it. Maybe that's the angelica, but I am certainly not getting pepper at all. Overall, as a coconut fan, I am very happy with this scent. It does not go plastic or fake smelling at all on me, though it is definitely a tropical, sunscreen, iced beverage coconut scent.
  6. samanare

    Frostbitten Zombi

    Pine, snow, and dirt, in that order. In the beginning, it is very piney and it mellows out as it wears. Also, the 'frostbitten' note starts off more, what I would describe as silvery, on me, later softening to the Lab's snow note I'm familiar with. The Lab's 'snow' scent reminds me of cotton laundry, where I would describe the initial 'frost' scent to velvet laundry, if that makes sense at all. Lastly, as it wears, I get some type of sweet note come through, though it does not overpower the pine or snow, it more adds to the dirt part of the scent. It's not the rose I get in regular Zombi, but more like a sweet root, almost a fruit note.
  7. samanare

    Frostbitten Snooty Rose

    At the beginning, I get a more silvery (in my mind) smelling rose with a bit of plum, slightly fruity and almost velvety with the 'frost' note. As it wears on, the plum fades away and I'm left with the Lab's snow/rose combo, reminds me of other scents like Snow White, The Bear Prince, and Fresh and Blooming Like a Rose.
  8. samanare

    Gingerbread, Cacao, and Champaca

    A well-blended mix of all 3, to the point where I can almost not pick anything out individually. I would describe this as a plant/sweet chocolate scent. As it wore on it almost went a little floral on me. Pretty sweet without being foodie. I find the gingerbread to be more in the background, but adds to the sweetness of the cacao, while bringing a slight whiff of sweet baking spices.
  9. samanare


    I would describe this as a sophisticated tropical scent. The coconut, almond milk, and honeysuckle make it a somewhat sweet, almost a coconut slushie, drink scent. The ambergris adds to tropical nature of the scent, but takes it away from being foodie. The ambergris also adds some dimension to the scent for me. I'm personally not smelling this as a "quiet perfume". I find it to be a sweet coconut/ambergris scent that's not shy about being tropical. One of my favorites in this year's Yules.
  10. samanare


    On me this is very much a lavender scent. The other components work together to give the lavender a musky roundness to it. I'm not getting snow so much, more the lavender smells wetter to me. And occasionally I can pick out the mint, close to the skin. Overall, I would describe this as a strong, but rounded, lavender scent.
  11. samanare

    Gingerbread and Lavender Sugar

    I get lavender with sugar cookies in the background. I would describe it as a lavender, sugar, cream, and spice, in that order. As it wore on, I would get strong whiffs of ginger, but not the mix of spices I associate with gingerbread. While very sweet, it's not as foodie as I was anticipating. I was hoping for a more spicy gingerbread with lavender icing scent, and this is not it to me. It's still a very cozy and warm, sugary scent. But I would describe it as a big bouquet of lavender, sitting next to some fresh baked sugar cookies, and whoever baked them spilled some ginger somewhere in the kitchen.
  12. samanare

    Goblin Stampede

    More spices with some creamed coffee. Cardamom and nutmeg dominate on me, and I can make out the sweetened coffee in the background. It reminds me of Cafe Mille et une Nuits, but softer. I personally enjoy it more than Cafe Mille, but I was hoping for something with a stronger coffee note. Overall, I would describe this as heavily spiced coffee (but not as heavy on the spices as Cafe Mille).
  13. samanare

    True Love

    Definitely a lavender scent. I'm getting a lot of lavender, softened by coconut. If I concentrate I can almost pick out the coconut on its own, but it's definitely playing second fiddle to the lavender here. Overall, a sweet, softer lavender scent. I'm pretty happy with this one, the lab's lavender can go pretty strong, medicinal, and/or sharp on me, so I'm glad to have my hands on something that is sweeter and softer, rounded at the edges by coconuts.
  14. samanare

    Absurd Origin Story

    Very fizzy cream soda. I can almost taste the carbonation on this one for the first few minutes after application. The fizzy smell dies down, but never goes away. Once it dries for a bit I get a lot of fancy, rich cream, vanilla soda. I cannot pick out the caramel or the marshmallow personally. As others have mentioned, not as much throw in this scent as others. I'm personally inclined not to care as I am digging this scent so much. This is a surprise favorite for me. I love the lab's champagne scents and find myself liking this one for the same level of fizziness (also as others have mentioned).
  15. samanare

    Lilith the Explorer

    This reminds me of the sugar coated, roasted nuts I can get at sporting events. Very sweet and nutty. I get just a noticeable hint of coffee in the background. And while I don't detect any chocolate, I think it's what's making the nuts smell really sweet to me. It's interesting, that's for sure. I was personally hoping for more of a coffee scent myself.