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  1. samanare

    Soil, Oakmoss, & Fir Needle

    Dirt and pine, more dirt than fir needles though. Brings to mind fallen pine needles in the freshly turned earth. I'm a fan.
  2. samanare

    Red Oud & Balsam

    Much more of a wood scent than a pine scent. The red oud brings out a more fresh lumber side to the balsam. It's nice, but not for me, I was hoping for an evergreen scent.
  3. samanare

    Pine & Black Pepper

    Pure pine, I only get pepper after it wears for a while. Even then, I almost cannot pick out the pepper on its own, but it adds a noticeable kick to the pine. Would recommend for pine lovers.
  4. samanare


    Lemon and neroli. The lemon is the more abrasive sort I associate with verbena. The neroli and petitgrain are present from the get go and get stronger with the dry down, giving the scent a strong plant edge to it. The lemon/verbena dominates a few hours after application again. Overall, a very yellow/plant smelling scent, living up to its name, but as someone who loves lemon and not neroli, this was just okay for me.
  5. samanare

    Miskatonic University’s Pumpkin Patch

    Pumpkin latte version of Miskatonic Unversity. I was hoping this would be less sweet (Miskatonic University smells more like sugar, cream, and caramel on me than coffee), but if anything it's sweeter than MU. If you like MU, definitely worth a try.
  6. samanare

    Raspberry & Red Benzoin

    Pure raspberry on me. I can't pick out the benzoin, but I think it's keeping the raspberry on the tart side. Overall, the scent smells like bitting into a ripe raspberry. On the simple side, but I think this is great for raspberry lovers.
  7. samanare

    So Judgey Hair Gloss

    Mix of cream soda and ginger ale on me. I get the fizzy, soda and lemon part. In addition, it's surprisingly sweet on me, in a particular creamy way.
  8. samanare

    There Arose Such a Clatter

    Mix of egg nog and gingerbread. It starts being more gingerbread, very sweet and cookie smelling. Later, it's more equal parts egg nog and gingerbread. Very foodie and pretty much holiday treats in a bottle.
  9. samanare


    Reminds me a lot of the frostbitten note in the snowdrift series. The cold, icy, silvery scent dominates on me. I get hints of pine, reminding me of icy, snow covered evergreen. Overall the scent has an almost airy/bubbly quality to it.
  10. samanare

    Go Hawks!

    Favorite of the Lilith's this year. Pine and lavender! I do get Dorian and bergamot, but very much in the background. It reminds me of The Wolves Howled, the Ravens Screamed, but more welcoming and brighter.
  11. samanare

    Generation Spooky

    Blackcurrant and cistus. A most sophisticated, almost jammy, fruit scent. I'm not getting as much of the sugar. The scent almost has this 'wet' quality to it, though I'm not sure where it's coming from.
  12. samanare

    The Balcony Scene

    Very sweet, sugary rose on my. I'm guessing that's the combo of rose and vanilla bourbon. I do get a kick from the carrot seed, but overall, it's a very sweet, youthful, and airy rose scent. I feel like I have a number of scents that are similar and the carrot seed doesn't do enough to set this particular scent apart.
  13. samanare

    Con Questions

    Plum with blackcurrant, and a lot of mint. At first, on me, the plum and mint are tied, as it wears, the mint wins out, with the fruit be relegated to the background. An interesting play on a winter minty scent, but ultimately not for me.
  14. samanare

    Lilith's First Concert

    The scent on me is dominate by Dorian and white musk, light bit of tea leaf and lime. I'm not smelling the lavender at all. More of a sophisticated cologne scent.
  15. samanare

    Justice for Mary

    Neroli and lemon verbena. As it wears, the rose water starts to come out. Pretty green and herbal in my opinion, though it sweetens with the rose water.