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  1. samanare

    Black Pepper & Pink Grapefruit

    I really like this one, but I really like grapefruit. It's mostly grapefruit on me, but I do find that the pepper adds to the sharpness and freshness of the citrus.
  2. samanare

    Happy Couple Reading a Book Together

    I get strong jasmine tea, with bergamot in the background. I do not get cucumber. I was hoping for more of a citrus scent, but this is for sure a jasmine scent on me.
  3. samanare

    Green Lovebird

    Sugary, mint candy. Sweet, airy, and minty. Very foody, but I do not get any pistachio.
  4. samanare

    Black Coffee & Cinnamon Buns

    Smells like a fall/winter latte. Mostly getting coffee, but not really smelling the cinnamon. It's more of a baked goods smell with baking spices. So overall, reminds me of coffee with a winter holiday syrup added to it.
  5. samanare

    Coffee, Brown Sugar, Cream, & Honey

    Not a honey fan, but I'm liking this mix of coffee and honey. I don't get much cream or brown sugar, which takes this coffee scent away from a more sweetened coffee. I get more of a deepened coffee scent, without being bitter, which I'm really liking.
  6. samanare

    Gingerbread, Honey Dust, & Vanilla Bean

    I'm not a big honey fan, but I'm liking this. Mostly gingerbread and honey. The honey (and the vanilla bean I think) deepens the gingerbread spices. Smells like a more spicy gingerbread house, and dare I suggest, almost more sophisticated, while still being a true gingerbread scent.
  7. samanare

    Gingerbread & Lemon Sugar

    Heavy on the lemon sugar. Smells very sweet and lemony, almost artificial, IMO. I do get some gingerbread, but not much and it goes away as it wears. Not a win for me, smells too much lie lemon candies drenched in sugar.
  8. samanare

    Gingerbread, Fir, Myrrh, & Mahogany

    Overall: gingerbread and mahogany duo. Upon first application, I get a mix of gingerbread, fir, and mahogany. As it wears, the mahogany comes out more and more and I smell pine less and less. I can't pick out the myrrh, but I think it's mellowing out the mahogany so it doesn't smell as strongly of wood polish. Not for me, I was hoping for more of a fir scent.
  9. samanare

    Knecht Ruprecht

    I get mostly frosted evergreens: cold, iced pine needles. There is a hint of apple that I can pick out when first applied, but goes away as it wears. I can't quite pick out almond. Overall, a very pretty, cold pine forest smell.
  10. samanare


    Chilled, citrus lemon tea. I get a lot of the slushie, icy, cold scent I associate with the 'frostbitten' note. Noticeable lemon component on me. Overall, smells like a sweet, iced white tea, with emphasis on the 'iced.'
  11. samanare

    Frostbitten Kumiho

    Frosted white tea. Has a strong 'iced' quality I associate with the lab's frostbitten note. I don't get any ginger here.
  12. samanare

    Frostbitten TKO

    Interesting duel of the 'icy' frostbitten note and the warmth I associate with lavender. On the sweeter side without getting into foody territory. Reminiscent of cozying up on a brisk winter day.
  13. samanare

    Frostbitten Alice

    Very reminiscent of Snow White on me. I get just a bit of milk and no carnation in this scent. On me, this is almost all snow/rose. There is something in the back to round it out. If you like Snow White, Pink Snowballs, etc, you'll like this one, but I'm not sure this is necessary given how similar it is to other scents.
  14. samanare

    Frostbitten Knave of Hearts

    The icy 'frostbitten' note over the blackcurrant/rose foody scent of Knave of Hearts. Smells just like the original with cold snow over top.
  15. samanare


    As others have mentioned, very similar to P%$S. Sugary lime-lemon flavor. I do not get any peppermint and this is far more lime than lemon on me.