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  1. samanare

    True Love

    Definitely a lavender scent. I'm getting a lot of lavender, softened by coconut. If I concentrate I can almost pick out the coconut on its own, but it's definitely playing second fiddle to the lavender here. Overall, a sweet, softer lavender scent. I'm pretty happy with this one, the lab's lavender can go pretty strong, medicinal, and/or sharp on me, so I'm glad to have my hands on something that is sweeter and softer, rounded at the edges by coconuts.
  2. samanare

    Absurd Origin Story

    Very fizzy cream soda. I can almost taste the carbonation on this one for the first few minutes after application. The fizzy smell dies down, but never goes away. Once it dries for a bit I get a lot of fancy, rich cream, vanilla soda. I cannot pick out the caramel or the marshmallow personally. As others have mentioned, not as much throw in this scent as others. I'm personally inclined not to care as I am digging this scent so much. This is a surprise favorite for me. I love the lab's champagne scents and find myself liking this one for the same level of fizziness (also as others have mentioned).
  3. samanare

    Lilith the Explorer

    This reminds me of the sugar coated, roasted nuts I can get at sporting events. Very sweet and nutty. I get just a noticeable hint of coffee in the background. And while I don't detect any chocolate, I think it's what's making the nuts smell really sweet to me. It's interesting, that's for sure. I was personally hoping for more of a coffee scent myself.
  4. samanare


    I would describe this overall as a chocolate smell. On me, the main note is chocolate (not really getting much cookie), with some super sugary caramel, and just a detectable hint of something doughy in the background (I think it's the pretzel). It's not as much of a mix of foodie scents as I was hoping for, as the chocolate dominates for me, but it's still a nice chocolate scent.
  5. samanare

    Laura Howard

    A soft, sophisticated, tea rose chypre. It reminds me of being a kid and 'volunteering' as the second opinion for family members shopping at the perfume counter, but this scent is a little updated from that. Personally, as a rose lover, I am not getting as much rose as I would like. On me, the rose blended well with the various notes of the chyre, but I have a hard time picking it out on its own.
  6. samanare

    Strawberry Dragon

    I get more strawberry shampoo on me. A very realistic strawberry smelling, strawberry shampoo, but not so much candy on me.
  7. samanare

    Pothôn Mêtêr

    This scent has a bit more going on, all at once, than I'm used to for BPAL. When I'm paying attention, I get the berry, pine, pepper, and rose all at once, in equal measure, with the other notes coming together to give the scent some background sweetness. When I'm not paying attention and just catch a whiff, I get a spicy, almost cinnamon, berry smell. I think, on me, the balsam and pepper are coming together to make the 'spice' part of the scent I'm getting, where the rose sweetens and adds to the berry part of the scent. Someone else described this as potpourri and I find that to be pretty on the nose. I would describe this as a winter season, almost foody, potpourri.
  8. samanare


    I had high hopes for this one, but sadly, it feel a little short. At the beginning, as it dries and for a bit after it is fully dry, it's this great mix of chocolate and vetiver that smells like melting, dark chocolate with the rooty, earthy edge to it. As time goes on, the chocolate fades faster than the vetiver until it's this especially rooty, fresh vetiver, with the sweetness of the chocolate as an afterthought. Overall this is much more of a vetiver scent, and I was hoping it would be more equal parts chocolate as well. I'm glad I have it in my collection, to me, it isn't as much of a KO as I expect exclusives to be.
  9. samanare


    Very sweet lemon and lime scent. Equal amounts of lemon and lime, even after it's dried down for a while, and a lot of sugar. It doesn't smell like a hard candy though, the sugar acts to take away the tartness of both the lemon and lime. I was not sure if I was going to like this as I'm a citrus fan, but not really a lime fan, but I'm pretty close to loving this.
  10. samanare

    The Scepter of the Empress

    Deep amber oudh with a strong spike of bright citrus. On me, the amber is the strongest note, but when I stop and take a good whiff, the orange is right there, almost rivaling the amber. I'm personally more of a citrus fan, so I like this, but am not in love with it.
  11. samanare

    The Robe of Pomegranates

    I would definitely describe this as a pomegranate scent without it being very sweet and a foodie scent. I personally cannot pick out any of the other notes individually, but they all come together to balance each other out to make a sweeter scent (I think its the honeyed incense and the carnation) and to deepen the pomegranate without overpowering it.
  12. samanare

    The Queen of Love

    I mostly get rose and benzoin, with more benzoin as it wears. The honey myrtle and ambrette seed sweeten the benzoin and rose, and I am not able to pick these two notes out individually. It's a nice rose/benzoin blend and I am glad I got a decant of it. I will have to try it a few more times to find out if I'll go for a full bottle.
  13. samanare

    The Best Lies

    Sugar and honey with a side of rose. As time goes on, the sugar and honey turn into more of a cotton candy scent, which is less overpowering for the rose. I smell more of a white rose and wish it was stronger in the beginning.
  14. samanare

    In the Ground Where all the Dead Lie

    Fresh dirt with a sweet spice to it. As time goes on, the sweet, spice, root part of the scent gets stronger, but never overtakes the dirt. Where Zombi smells like you just planted a freshly bloomed rose, In the Ground Where All the Dead Lie Smells like you went digging in the dirt for roots and bulbs. I personally like Zombi better, but I'm a rose lover and I'm still glad to have an decant of this in my collection when the mood strikes.
  15. samanare

    The Moon Goddess

    I get a mix of vetiver and hay, with just enough lemon in the background to be noticeable. There are other notes rounding it all out, I assume the agarwood and the leather, but I can't pick them out individually. It's pleasant and I'm surprised at how subdued the scent is.