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BPAL Madness!

Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

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Sometimes simple is wonderful!  We have two notes here and they are having fun battling each other out on my skin!


In the Bottle: Cherry with patchouli incense

On the Skin: At first a bright cherry bomb that is quickly smoked down with a beautiful, rich patchouli. Very dark and heady!

Dry Down: A little less cherry, but occasionally wins over this incredibly rich patchouli woods, but a very elegant one.  Not overkill, yet strong and long lasting.


The patchouli reminds me of a metaphysical store I used to go to back in the 80's, which is sadly now gone.  They must have burnt a lot of patchouli incense. But the cherry in this sweetens and warms it up nicely.  It gives me a balance I really appreciate and works well together. The patchouli definitely wins out and I wish the cherry lasted a little longer, but it still has a hint of fruit in it several hours later.  This is making me very sentimental and wanting to pull out all my oldest tarot decks and books from that shop! 

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Cherry patchouli. On wet, I could smell of the black cherry, but as it dries, the patchouli comes out and its definitely a cherry patchouli blend. Medium throw and wear length.

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This is a drier, woodier patchouli. The cherry doesn't hang around long, but that could be my chemistry that just sucks it up quick. I think patchouli incense is fairly accurate. It's nice, but not overpowering. I can see cherry fans being disappointed in this.

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