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  1. melandie


    Frimp received a few months ago! Like others, I find this very grape-forward, with a strong smokey-incensey aspect. It does feel like a dark "purple" scent. The patch is pretty quiet, I feel it's in the background grounding things, stopping the grape from being TOO much. I'm not sure how often I'll reach it, but will definitely enjoy the imp. Lovely blend!
  2. melandie

    Caramel Patchouli Hair Gloss

    I'm with @lookingglass (from 3 years ago!) - why doesn't this one get more love? This is my first foray into BPAL hair glosses, and it's gorgeous. Soft patch and dark, slightly sweet caramel (the sugar was taken to the "almost-but-not-quite-burnt stage) play beautifully together, and it has huge lasting power. My hair is frizzy and incorrigible, so it still needs reinforcing hair products, but this is a wonderful, lightweight, non-greasy base.
  3. melandie

    The Cat

    Oh...I love this I ordered this in honour of my recently dearly departed black kitty, Vincent Vega, who was almost 15 years old .... I was wary of the cedar but it behaves and blends beautifully, and as someone upthread said, this is like the IDEA of burying your face in kitty fur, that's been sun-warmed. It's fuzzy, warm, and utterly comforting. It seems to fade quickly, but I just received it from the mail yesterday, so I expect the longevity to improve. Gorgeous, and perfect for those times I want to remember my dear VV
  4. melandie

    Honey, Mahogany, and Incense Smoke

    I have to agree with @marared that I had to let this one sit for a few months before I was comfortable giving a review. Initially it was so sharp and screechy, and PERFUMEY, which was not at all what I was expecting. The honey is sweet, and I love the combo with the smoke, and I don't really get the mahogany, but I feel it's lurking in the background, grounding it all. It really is a morpher, so I agree, don't judge straight out of the mailbox, or on initial application, because it really does develop into something beautiful.
  5. melandie


    I've been frimped this about 3 times now, so I guess I should review! So...florals are not my thing, but "tropical" florals get a bit of a pass. This is pretty, I'm not really getting any ginger which may give it a bit more oomph, but this absolutely transports me to a Hawaiian garden after a heavy rain, or a greenhouse full of tropical blooms. I will wear this, very occasionally, on those super hot humid summer days where my beloved gourmands feel just a touch too heavy. Definitely a daytime scent, would switch to something more *me for evening. I'm testing my newest imp, so maybe I should test an older one (I think I got one in 2015) to see the difference, so if I do, I'll compare and edit.
  6. melandie


    I purchased this in honour of a friend's kitten, who upon her first night after being adopted, removed the vent covering and disappeared into the house's HVAC system. I was in the middle of putting together my Luper order and knew I needed a cat scent in honour of that kitty, who is fine now but caused a harrowing 30 hours in which she just wouldn't come out. In the time between placing and receiving my order, I lost my own senior kitty, and I wear this in his honour as well - it just makes me feel connected to feline energy (and we've since adopted 2 kittens, who are wonderful tiny terrors). Anyway on to the perfume! It's warm, dry from the desert wind and dusty cacao, sweetened up with the vanilla and honey. I was a touch worried the amber would go powdery, but it doesn't, and sits there grounding the whole thing, while the cardamom adds a slightly spicy brightness. Overall, this is lovely and think it'll develop beautifully.
  7. melandie

    Honey, Agarwood, Opoponax, and Leather

    I reeeeeeeally waffled on this one as I was leery of the agarwood going poudy, which it did straight out of the mail. Thankfully, a couple of months later, that aspect has gone away and the agarwood plays really nicely now. Sweet honey, and the opoponax seems to be the same one in Event Horizon. Leather adds a really interesting backdrop to everything else. I find with leather notes in BPAL, leather often takes some aging to emerge so I'm curious to see if that's the case here. Overall, I love it, and am genuinely surprised that right now, I like it better than Honey, Mahogany and Incense Smoke, which I feel I need to let age further before giving it a fair review.
  8. melandie

    Snake Smut

    When the Lupers dropped, this one basically walked itself into my cart. I love Smut, and Snake Oil proper is just meh on me (but I love many variants), and this combo is gorgeous. Like others, I have to hunt for the Smut, but the leather and patch dirty up the scent a bit, while the cardamom adds a spicy clean twist. Someone upthread made a comparison to Snake Skin, and that was definitely something that occurred to me as well. The leather here is definitely more subtle though. I have a backup already in my cart, and I *know this is going to age into something even better than it is now.
  9. melandie

    Peach Vulva

    This is a RIPE golden peach, all right. On me it definitely dominates over everything else. I guess there's a hint of apricot, and maybe that's amber in the background softening it up and the rice milk adding a touch of creaminess, but really, this is PEACH. I think I can find cardamom if I really hunt. Gorgeous though, and will be great for those hot summer days.
  10. melandie

    Cacao, Lime Rind, and Coconut

    I love this one. I don't find any of the notes dominates over the others - they blend so very well together. Cacao and coconut are always a great combo in my books, and the lime rind comes in to brighten up the whole thing. This has a very summer vibe, and I see it getting a lot of wear over the next couple months, then for the most part getting retired til next summer. It's the only one of the Cacao scents I got this year, and I'm very glad I did.
  11. melandie

    Black Coffee

    Black, slightly sweetened, STRONG coffee. This is what I imagine Turkish coffee (which I've never had) would be like. Not bitter at all, just lovely, sweet, DARK coffee. The lasting power is really good too - I applied about 8 hours ago and it's still going strong.
  12. melandie

    Ghost Milk

    So, this is my first foray into a BPAL with goat's milk, so I have no comparison to base this on. Unlike some people, I don't get a "sour" note, I think the goat's milk adds a certain "tang" to the otherwise sweet notes. I always have a hard time picking out "marshmallow", so I think it's the vanilla/honey that is making this super interesting. A super cozy, sweet, gorgeous blend! I love it! And unlike other reviewers, I'm not picking up any "gingerbread" spice/note, which is good. Now that I've had it a few weeks, I notice the staying power is really good too. Definitely a winner - when I saw the description, it was an instant add-to-the-cart, and I'm so glad I did!
  13. melandie


    Initially, it's all lemon, then I start to get grapefruit, and then the teakwood and amber come out and round out the initial sharpness. I guess the tea and mint are kind of hiding in the background, and sadly, I don't get any leather. Not my usual thing, as I don't really go for bright citrusy scents, it's nice. I could see this being nice as a room scent, or being really refreshing on a hot, sticky summer day.
  14. melandie

    Sugar Skull

    I'm really glad I waited a couple of weeks to review this one (2020 version, and I've unfortunately never sniffed any previous versions). Like the previous reviewer, fresh from the mail, this was all spice and candied fruits, and I really felt it was Christmas candle, or pot pourri. Not quite what I was looking for. Settled down a bit, now I'm getting a mix of sugars front and centre, a bit warm, caramelly and a bit musky. The candied fruit aspect has moved to the background, so it really does feel like a "dusting". Right now, it doesn't seem to have a lot of lasting power, but I've found with BPALs, the longer they sit on the shelf, the more potent they get. Very glad I got this, and I see why it's so popular!
  15. melandie

    Sed Non Satiata

    I was frimped this one in my latest order, and was scared because of the floral notes, but I LOVE the rest so....gave it a shot and am glad I did. Sweet, musky honey, with a splash of cognac and myrrh, and the floral notes may be adding some sweetness but I'm not really detecting them outright. I definitely get honey most out of this, and the rest of just so beautifully blended I can't really pick them out. I agree with others that this is a close, quiet scent. A pleasant surprise!