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  1. melandie

    Shadow Games

    I'm so thankful 1) to my friend who, 3 days after I placed my Luper order, asked if I was placing an order because she wanted to place her first order in ages and could we combine and 2) the labbies who graciously combined our orders! I had initially reluctantly passed this one over, and decided to add it in! I agree with the others that this is a very gentle, close scent, which is surprising given the pepper and oudh. In the bottle, the main element is pepper, but once on, this becomes a faintly sweet, slightly spicy, gorgeous scent that feels like it's just for me, and anyone who gets super close. The oudh is super soft, the pepper adds just a tinge of the edge and the honey and vanilla combine for a sweetness that's not cloying in the least. This one is just gorgeous.
  2. melandie

    Raspberry Apricot Sufganiyot

    My first Suf! I'm really pleased with how well-balanced the raspberry and apricot are in this - I don't have a lot of apricot scents in my collection, and I was afraid the raspberry would take over. At this point, the pastry note isn't very strong, it's definitely more "jammy". It doesn't have a lot of longevity, but I'm hoping with time that will improve and the "doughnut" aspect comes out a bit more. Overall, very happy I got this one.
  3. melandie

    A Chocolate Cat

    A sweet, chocolatey, very cozy blend. It calls up images of curled up by a fire with a sleek dark brown cat, eating chocolates and reading a favourite novel. The vetiver here is very well behaved. To me, the notes blend so well together they're hard to pick out individually, except the sweetened, slightly dusty cacao. Really strong throw and longevity too! Definitely another Yule win for me.
  4. melandie

    Sugar Cookie Cathedral

    Sweet sugar cookies and incense smoke and candles, with a very slight hint of spice. I've never smelled OG Cathedral so can't really say how much this differs from it, but I'd say it definitely calls up images of sneaking cookies in church (and I was never a churchgoer). I only took one Cookie from this year's Box, and am glad it was this one. Husband's commentary on me wearing it: "Ooh you smell good. What eez dees?" Me: "sugar cookies and incense" Him: "If you say so!"
  5. melandie


    I've never smelled Rogue by itself so it's hard to say where it fits in here, but on me this is a sexy blend of leather, hemp, and a slightly dusty chocolate all blending in beautifully together. Black Rider is my husband's signature scent for me, and we both immediately picked it out. When I very first received my order, I was disappointed that the chocolate of Bliss was virtually undetectable, but over a few weeks has definitely made an appearance. I'm so glad I got this and think it'll continue to develop beautifully.
  6. melandie

    Fuck It, Might As Well Lick It

    I never thought I"d want to smell like a candy cane so have always resisted this series, but something this year spoke to me (maybe it was the title), so here we are! Pure minty vanilla candy cane. My husband says it smells like Vicks Vapo-Rub when very freshly applied, but that goes away pretty quickly. He also thinks it's adorable. It's a happy scent that reminds me of Santa Claus parades as a kid.
  7. melandie

    Hymn to St. Brigid

    I was a little leery of this one because several noted a honeysuckle note, but I'm pleased to say that on me, while it does rear its head initially, that floral quality fades away pretty quickly. The butter note is definitely strongest in the bottle, and when it's dried down, I'm left with a lightly buttery, creamy, sweet, very light honey. It's definitely pretty, and much lighter than I was expecting. Glad I chanced this one!
  8. melandie

    The Empress and the Chariot

    Leather, oak and motor oil. It was a purchase for me, but it's absolutely amazing on my husband. Once I smelled it, and tried it on me, it was clear it was destined for his (growing) BPAL. So this one was a happy accident in discovering a new scent for him.
  9. melandie

    Thirteen: LVB

    I don't even know how to review this because it's a different ride every time I try it! What I don't get out of this: chocolate chip cookies, rice, bread or carnations, but I suspect they're rolled into some of the other notes. When I first apply, I think what I get is a combo of popcorn and blue cotton candy, then strawberry comes in. It's so hard to describe this one, but I know I like it, it's fun and uplifting, and if I go to sleep wearing it, I wake up smelling like a strawberry jelly donut. So that's a win.
  10. melandie


    I initially wavered on this one because "chai" and anything that reads as "spices" just goes generic Christmas candle on me, but everything else sounded so good, and it was the "AND A STICK" that sold me. Glad I got it! The "scorched" note brings a bit of smokiness to the sweet buttercream and marshmallow, the stick adds a woody note, and the "spices" stay in check. I also don't get a lot of honey in this one, but I'm ok with that - this is a very cozy, comforting scent.
  11. melandie

    Nymphae Avernales

    I've had this bottle a couple months now so it's had time to settle and develop. As soon as I opened it, fresh from the mail, I was like NOOOOOOOOO....it's exactly like Bleeding Walls! Which, don't get me wrong, I LOVE Bleeding Walls, but was initially disappointed at having unwittingly ordered what seemed a dupe. Then I did a side by side comparison...this is definitely the sweeter, more cheerful sister to the gloomier, gothier, creepier BW. It was only in comparison that I could actually pick out the bitter almond in the former. Now for Nymphae Avernales....this is sugary-sweet, true CHERRY on me, and I'm not really sure what the "steel" aspect is, but there is something "chilly" in here that I suppose is that. As a lover of cherry scents, I'm a fan.
  12. melandie


    I keep up hope that I'll find a rose scent that will work on me, but Rakshasa is NOT that scent. As always, I amp rose to high heaven, I don't get any patch or sandalwood, and basically I smell like those decorative soaps you see in someone's bathroom that are for display but you never actually use.
  13. melandie


    Frimp received a few months ago! Like others, I find this very grape-forward, with a strong smokey-incensey aspect. It does feel like a dark "purple" scent. The patch is pretty quiet, I feel it's in the background grounding things, stopping the grape from being TOO much. I'm not sure how often I'll reach it, but will definitely enjoy the imp. Lovely blend!
  14. melandie

    Caramel Patchouli Hair Gloss

    I'm with @lookingglass (from 3 years ago!) - why doesn't this one get more love? This is my first foray into BPAL hair glosses, and it's gorgeous. Soft patch and dark, slightly sweet caramel (the sugar was taken to the "almost-but-not-quite-burnt stage) play beautifully together, and it has huge lasting power. My hair is frizzy and incorrigible, so it still needs reinforcing hair products, but this is a wonderful, lightweight, non-greasy base.
  15. melandie

    The Cat

    Oh...I love this I ordered this in honour of my recently dearly departed black kitty, Vincent Vega, who was almost 15 years old .... I was wary of the cedar but it behaves and blends beautifully, and as someone upthread said, this is like the IDEA of burying your face in kitty fur, that's been sun-warmed. It's fuzzy, warm, and utterly comforting. It seems to fade quickly, but I just received it from the mail yesterday, so I expect the longevity to improve. Gorgeous, and perfect for those times I want to remember my dear VV