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  1. melandie


    I've been frimped this twice now so I guess I should review it! I'd forgotten about the first imp I received about a year ago. Might be worth an aging comparison. On initial application (of the fresh imp), wow is this ever bright, fizzy orange candy. So far I'm not getting any fig at all. One hour later: This has softened quite a bit to a vague orange scent, no fig, and it's a bit soapy. I think this doesn't quite work on my skin chemistry, but I'm glad so many people like it! It might be a good room scent.
  2. melandie


    This year is the first year I really got into the Lupercalia scents, and I'm so glad I chose this one. It's creamy, balanced with a strong tea note, with a hint of vanilla and fig and the hay hides there somewhere in the background. On me, it generally doesn't morph much, just becomes a bit softer overall, and I don't need to reapply often. It has a very sophisticated appeal - I recently kept wearing it for a round of job interviews, and was complimented on it, so I'll take that as a win. Will definitely enjoy using this one up.
  3. melandie

    Dragon's Blood

    Frimp from my latest order. Based on the description, I was not expecting floral but like so many others here I get LILAC. As soon as I put it on I was transported to my grandmother's backyard in the springs of my childhood. As it's wearing I'm getting tiny hints of cherry and a touch of spice. I normally don't like floral at all, but this one is lovely. I don't think I would order a bottle, but if I want to remember my grandma and my summers at her home, this will do it.
  4. melandie

    Snake Skin

    I got my bottle 2 days ago so it needs to settle still, but this one is incredible and I feel it will need to be a staple for me. Like several others, Snake Oil itself isn't a winner for me - it's ok, but tends to go powdery and is just unremarkable on me - but this one... I get the leather note straight away and it beautifully tempers SO's sweetness as well as the powdery aspect. It doesn't feel in your face sexy, but definitely very quietly sexy, like it doesn't need to prove itself. This is my first day wearing it and it seems to not last very long but that could change as it ages.
  5. melandie


    Got this as a sample for my husband to try - too sweet on him. On me: sweet vanilla and sassafras. I get NO cedar at all. It's quite lovely but fades so fast and doesn't seem to morph. An hour later it is barely present. Sad, because I do like the scent when it's there.
  6. melandie

    Baron Samedi

    Work at home day is also "sample imps I've forgotten about day!" I've had this imp (frimp)...at least a year I guess. Immediately out of the imp and on my wrist, straight up almond extract. Within minutes the almond to the background and I get boozy sweet spice. It's warm and as a reviewer above said, reminds me of chai tea but with rum added to it. I'm enjoying this, but it seems to fade fast, and I'm not sure I need a bottle. Less than half hour later edit: my husband just said I smell like Ivory soap 😂🤷‍♀️
  7. melandie

    Snake Oil

    I got an imp of this when I first got into BPAL (2015) and got a lot of rave reviews. But I guess it never really "grabbed me" and my scent journeys took me elsewhere in the BPAL landscape. I got a frimp of Snake Oil a while back and dragged it out today. So, reviewing a frimp aged at least 2 but likely 3 years...I do like this, it's nice, but I don't know that it's something that I'll need a bottle of. When I initially put it on, I got a sort of plasticky vibe (the Play-Doh that people refer to?) and after about an hour it was a nice subtle vanilla. I'll enjoy the imp for those times that i want something low key, but I do have my other favourites.
  8. melandie

    La Petite Mort

    Reviewing an imp that is probably 2.5 years old. I ordered it because i adore O so was curious about the comparison. It's....nothing related to O on me. Where O doesn't go powdery, this goes all powder, and slightly floral. It's very sweet, goes faint quite quickly, and to me, doesn't suggest the description at all. I don't hate it at all, it's actually quite pleasant, but once the imp is gone I won't be needing more. Back to O...
  9. melandie

    Dead Leaves and Maple Sap

    I love maple (because I'm Canadian?) and I love this. It's not super sweet on me; the maple and the slightly bitter leaves note are both distinct and temper each other perfectly, especially after I've let it sit for a month or so. As others have noted, it lasts a good long while on me...normally I like to reapply at lunch on work and realized mid afternoon I didn't need to. It does feel very autumnal, and I find it a very lovely, comforting scent.
  10. melandie

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    Wow I like this! I got this as an imp as a potential scent for my husband...and he couldn't get past the medicinal odour from the imp. Today on a whim I decided to try on me...at first, holy ROOT BEER! Which I love but don't think I need to smell like all day. But it doesn't take long for the vanilla and butter notes to come into play and it turns into a sweet scent with a vaguely root beer undertone. I'm not sure that I would buy a bottle, but I am certainly enjoying this, and enjoy having taken over this imp.
  11. melandie

    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

    I loooooooooove this! At first (when I first unwrapped it) the sweetness of the caramel was completely overpowering. But now that it has settled I get the hints of spice in the background. I really love it on me, it's lovely sweet caramel with a bit of chili mixed in, and if I wear it while having a stressful day at work, I find it quite calming.
  12. melandie


    Oh I was afraid of this one which I received as a frimp and I was right. I DO NOT get along with rose at all, but was hoping the other notes would take over. No such luck. After a good time to wear on me, all I get is powdery rose. On me, this reminds me exactly of a cheap scent my dear departed grandmother wore. I would rather associate my memories of her with her baking..... Off it goes...
  13. melandie

    Dead Leaves, Raw Leather, Bourbon Vanilla, and Clove

    Showing a little love for this one... This was my very first Dead Leaves purchase ever and I loved it. 2 years later I am hoarding the last quarter of the bottle and it has aged beautifully. On me, the blend of the leaves, leather and clove is strong, warm and slightly spicy, with the vanilla softening it all up. It has a "masculine" feel to it, and a male friend who wore it once absolutely loved it. Like other Dead Leaves scents on me, this one has incredible staying power. Also, you know how scents become inextricably tied to memories? 2 years ago I wore this a lot while travelling in Germany. To me it feels like "fall in Cologne"
  14. melandie


    Oh, this is warm and cozy. I'm definitely not getting any citrus or green notes in this like some others have; it has a slight spice, slight sweetness, and I just feel enveloped in warmth. It's a dreary rainy November day and I felt this fit the mood perfectly. This was a frimp, and I'll be purchasing a bottle.
  15. melandie

    Grandmother of Ghosts

    Frimp in my latest order. I wasn't expecting to like this as I'm not much for florals, but the woods and pepper come out nicely on me. I can't put my finger on exactly what, but it reminds me of a commercial scent I used to wear years ago. Something by Alfred Sung?? I don't mind this; I don't feel the need to wash it right off, but I don't see myself reaching for the imp very often either.