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BPAL Madness!

I'm going to be difficult. Anti-sweet Anti-floral. Help!

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I am very new to this community, and have only tried on a little less than a dozen scents, but I'm already finding I am SO ANTI SWEET and anti floral. Aquatics may or may not work, I've only tried Y'ha-Nthlei and did not like it. (my note on it is SMELLS LIKE SWEET/FRUITY CLEAN SOAP WITH A DASH OF SALT WHAT IS THIS NONSENSE) Even with that little of scents tried on, I can already tell I'm extremely anti sweet, and anti floral unless the floral is a very very low note - Except for jasmine and lavender, I hate those in any way shape or form. Lavender literally makes me angry instead of calm.


I'm so anti sweet I even am not a fan of Snake Oil, however it may or may not be a newer imp. (it was passed on to me.)


The only one I like so far that I have tried is Malediction, that was wonderful.


I have not tried it, but wife loved Dracul, and I loved it on her too, except when it was dry it was too sweet. Somehow??


This may all because we are both butch lesbians, her more than me, but yeah. I just can't. I need some good scents! If it helps, I really liked and amped the dry note in Malediction - I assume that's the vetiver, and she loved and amped the patchouli.

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Awww, you're not being difficult, you like what you like. I am one of the minority who loves vetiver and Malediction.


I bet we can find you some non sweet resin scents, sans florals, no sweat.


How do you feel about wood notes and patchouli?


I'll come back with ideas when my cold medicine isn't kicking my ass and I can Brain properly.

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Awww, you're not being difficult, you like what you like. I am one of the minority who loves vetiver and Malediction.


I bet we can find you some non sweet resin scents, sans florals, no sweat.


How do you feel about wood notes and patchouli?


I'll come back with ideas when my cold medicine isn't kicking my ass and I can Brain properly.


I love both of them!

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Here we go; * = wildcard pick (I've avoided most florals, esp. jasmine and Lavender) some of these have florals but they aren't prominent.

♡ = my favorites ; ? = I haven't tried it yet


A Countenance Foreboding Evil ♡


Black Annis ♡


Fenris Wolf ♡♡♡♡♡

Bram Stoker


Satyr ♡


Spider ♡

Scales of Deprivation ♡



Anne Bonny

Jolly Roger

Juke Joint *

Antony ♡

Becoming Thunder ♡

Beware *

Interfector ♡

Looming Spectre of Inutterable Horror ♡

Robotic Scarab *

Great Sword of War ♡

Titus Andronicus ♡

Tzadikim Nistarim ♡



The Grave Pig

The Apothecary ♡*

Hag's Gate ?*

Hippie Ghost *

Mary Read ♡

Masquerade ♡♡♡




Dirty *

Tezcatlipoca ♡



John Watson

Sherlock Holmes ♡

Black Forest

The White Rider

The Black Rider ♡

Baba Yaga?

Calico Jack

Incantation ♡

Kubla Khan ♡♡


Black Tower

The Coiled Serpent ♡♡

Jersey Devil ♡

Yggdrasil ♡



Blithe Hollow


Dawn: Cernunnos

Loup Garou♡♡♡


This is Your Wilderness ♡ (may be too sweet due to the honey)

Jazz Funeral *




Captain Gleason?

Doc Constantine ♡♡♡

Dragon's Hide

Dwarf *



The Book

Manhattan ♡

Buggre Alle This Bible

The Marquis de Carabas


Baron Samedi



Coyote ♡

Thales Eclipse♡

Al Azif ♡

Nyarlathotep ♡


Isle of Demons *

High John the Conqueror *

The Chariot?*

Foolish and Vacuous?

The Organ Grinder ♡♡

Banded Sea Snake

Parliament of Monsters ♡

Isaac the Living Skeleton?


Trevor Bruttenholm?

The Magician?

Fake News *

Theoi Nomioi

Mad Sweeney *

Black Hats*

Glass Eye**


All-Father ♡♡

Mr. Czerobog

Mr. Wednesday

The Buffalo Man



The Forgettable God

The Intangibles ♡


Try looking for "masculine scents," leather, moss, tobacco, bay rum, patchouli


Black musk may go sweet on you, you'll have to test and see. Probably avoid anything with myrrh, opoponox, or Tonka as they tend to be cloying and sweet as they dry down. Don't give up on the aquatics, you could find some that work. HTH

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Also... I can't help with actual scents, since I am a foody lover, but if someone recommends a scent, go to read the review page on it, that way, you can get a sense of what it smells like on others and decide if that is something that works for you.


Imps can also smell different than in the bottle... imps are clear glass and can age quicker. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not. The dark bottles keep it from aging as fast so it can smell different. Hope that makes sense!! :) Good luck in your search. I know you will find something you will adore!

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If you love Malediction, go to the Malediction reviews here, see who else loves it, and check their profiles to see what other scents they enjoy. There's a vetiver thread in BPAL chatter that might have some good suggestions.


Seconding some of Sprout's that I've tried:

Titus Andronicus
Tzadikim Nistarim

Fenris Wolf



Loup Garou



Others I've tried that you might consider:



Lear, Magus -- both on the dry side, woody

El Dorado

Smokestack--terrible on me but my friend Theresa loves it

I haven't tried Sloth but it might be in your wheelhouse -- vetiver & myrrh. The fewer notes, the easier it is to pick out what does & doesn't work.


Look through the American Gods descriptions -- things like Black Hats, Glass Eye or Mr. Wednesday might work, and lots of others, most of them things I would never ever try (Techincal Boy...) Then look for decants on the forums sales or swaps pages so you can try things out before making a big investment. Decant circles (under swaps) are a great way to try new releases. There are LOTS of non-sweet options, though. Good luck!

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I am your absolute scent opposite, so I'mma check my "WOW did I not like this" list for your loves:


Cathode (Ambergris, Spanish Moss, oakmoss and three electric mints.)

Rumpelstilzchen (Firewood and ash with an oddly otherworldly blend of patchouli, cardamom, nutmeg, black pepper, tonka, vetiver, and myrrh.)

Black Rider (Black leather, opoponax, tobacco, and black amber)

Black Tower (white sandalwood, ambergris, wet ozone, galbanum and leather with ebony, teak, burnt grasses, English ivy and a hint of red wine.)

Pottaskefill (Salt licorice, birch tar, black pepper, and leather.)

Dracul (Black musk, tobacco, fir, balsam of peru, cumin, bitter clove, crushed mint, and orange blossom)

Hatta (Copaiba balsam, battered brown leather, and Ceylon cinnamon.)

The Avenue (Dark chocolate and clove bud with smoked amber, bourbon vanilla tar, and black and pink peppers.)

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Theoi nomioi, hyper-realist pine forest scent

Thanatoptis, more macabre forest scent

Incantation, darkly refined lemony woods with vetiver (this is gorgeous, I share this one with my husband)

Calico Jack, salt crusted wooden ship

Becoming Thunder, transcendent summer thunderstorm. This could read as borderline sweet depending on your response to frankincense, but it is one of my top favorites.


Fenris Wolf, The Black Rider, and Fake News all seem very sweet to me (which I tend to like), but ymmv.

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Don't worry, there are scents for you here, my friend!

My skin was turning everything sweet when I first got into BPAL, so I feel your pain. It still does, I suppose, but it's either lessened somewhat, or my nose has gotten used to sweet, or some combination of the two. It's taken me a while to figure out which flowers are actually ok on me, vs all of the horrible ones, too. Here are my resistant-to-sweetness enhancing/creating-skin chemistry recs:


(all GC)

Anne Bonny

Black Forest












The Red Rider

The Robotic Scarab


Feel free to stalk my reviews – I always mention when the slightest hint of sweetness pops up, especially when there are no sweet notes to explain it. :)

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Thank you all! I'm very happy to be a part of this community and very grateful!! I just put on Burial, which is still wet....and very Vicks rub smelling....but I have confidence in this one. :)

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I don't remember spotting Aureus, The Coiled Serpent, Old Demons of the First Class, Aziraphale, or Looming Spectre of Inutterable Horror yet. Not sweet.

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