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I have a fresh imp from the Lab that's been settling about a week. I've tried Tombstone before and it smelled like root beer. Usually my skin is going to take any vanilla and run with it, however, that didn't happen with Tombstone. The main note is the balsam, which, when untempered by other notes, is quite manky on me. It eventually settles down and a sweet cedar emerges, but never surpasses the balsam. 

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The lab's cedar is so nice on me. It's green, pliant, living cedar. The vanilla and sassafras balance the cedar nicely.


With wear, this sweetens up. It lasts a good long while on me, and eventually it's a root beer float that you're drinking on a cedar porch. I prefer the sharper early stage, but this is beautiful nonetheless, and the sassafras makes it stand out from other vanilla/cedar scents I have tried. It's sweeter than its cousin, How Doth the Little Crocodile, and less dry than its other cousin, The Small Brown Cat.


I don't get the ruggedness that others get, but I do enjoy pretending that the root beer float is being enjoyed by a world-weary gunslinger who gave up alcohol and now carries around a flask full of root beer to keep up appearances.

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In the bottle: Leather and a hint of vanilla. Something warm and smoky that might be tobacco. Interesting, because vanilla is the only note that’s actually in the blend.


Wet: The sassafras comes through for sure wet, alongside the vanilla. Smells like a delicious root beer float minus the sweetness. Just the botanical/herby/spicy notes of the plants you use to make root beer and vanilla ice cream. As it continues toward dry-down, the cedar and balsam peek through, which grounds the scent more and gives it a more decidedly botanical/less foody character.


Dry: Mostly just a vanilla on me when fully dried. Not bad, but lost most of its complexity. I’ll see if it continues to develop over time.


After 30 minutes: I amped the vanilla so hard that it’s taking over the world. Can’t wear this one!


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