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  1. trinitysite

    In Necessarias Unitas

    Patchouli sometimes works on me, but sometimes comes across as too bitter. Initially I thought this was going to be a yucky patchouli note, but it's now very woodsy and warm, and definitely on the masculine side, but not too heavy. I'm not getting much throw.
  2. trinitysite

    The Hohenzollern Crypt

    I love Santa Eularia des Riu, and to me this is like a more mature Santa Eularia. It definitely starts with a lot of citrus, but the lavender and tobacco temper it so that it's much less bright than Santa Eularia or other citrus-heavy blends.
  3. trinitysite


    Mexican hot chocolate? The chocolate note is a little powdery, and similar to what I remember of Feast of the Greatly Revered Ones (which had some kind of cinnamon, which gave me a rash) -- in fact, this feels like a snowy version of Feast. I like it, although an imp is enough.
  4. trinitysite

    Meditation Buddy

    This is my favorite of the Liliths this year. It's very vanilla-forward, and mellows into a spicy, incensey vanilla with a little bit of rose. (Rose can be overpowering or just plain icky on me, but it works here!) I had to google "Florida water," but I wonder if lavender is involved because I'm getting some of the vanilla-lavender similar to Paper Phoenix last year.
  5. trinitysite

    Luke 10:25-37

    Dominant clove, so much yummy spicy clove/amber. It doesn't morph much, lasts a long time, and keeps a medium-throw. I'm loving it as a winter scent.
  6. trinitysite

    Smug Yale Alchemy Lab

    Smug Yale goes on intensely vanilla, and then the grasses come out. The blend is just about perfect: green vanilla. It reminds me a little of Funerary Papyrus, although that was more spicy and vanilla-dominant. I appreciate it in December as a reminder that things have been green in the past, and will be green again (eventually.) It did fade after a few hours, and I wish I'd had my imp with me so I could've reapplied.
  7. trinitysite

    Bellicose Clam Alchemy Lab

    Whoa citrus! It's possible to pick out the individual notes, and I wanted to try this because I was especially interested in grapefruit and mandarin. They are there, super juicy, but ultimately the lemon peel dominates on me and it ends up being more of a cleaning product citrus. It seems to fade quickly. (However...my kid is into making bath bombs from my reject imps, and I think it's going to be a hit with her.)
  8. trinitysite

    Mexican Long-Tongued Bat

    At first, all I get is smoke. It's almost coffee/tobacco. About an hour later, it has the same smoky caramel note as Dark Chocolate & Pepper-Smoked Caramel (a luper from many years back that I love but rarely wear because it's super intense) -- and the caramel is amped way up, with a little spice, which might be either chili or clove related, it's too faint so I'm not certain. I'm not sure if I can find the saffron at all. Interesting, and I like it, but a little too intense for me.
  9. trinitysite

    California Leaf-Nosed Bat

    I wanted to try this because it seemed different. And it is! It goes on very smoky and woody, almost like tobacco. Masculine, but not intensely so. Now it's more of a quiet, woody floral. I'm unfamiliar with most of these notes, so I can't pick them out individually. Minimal throw, and it seems to be fading quickly. I am glad that I tried this, but no need for me to get a full bottle.
  10. trinitysite

    Lilith Nightingale

    This ended up at the bottom of a pile of something, so I'm only trying it now, and I'm glad I located it, because it's really lovely! A little creamsicle-y, but I think the spices are preventing anything too foodie. After a few hours, I'm getting a sweet, creamy, clean smell. If it doesn't fade too quickly, I might want a bottle of this?
  11. trinitysite

    Don’t Tell Me Heaven is Under the Earth

    So this is a combination of things that can go all wrong: patchouli and honey both amp on me like crazy (and sometimes I don't want to smell like a stinky hippie, and I never want to smell like a snack) and cinnamon can...give me a rash? Now that I'm typing all this, why did I take a chance on it at all? I'm glad I did! I like the balance -- the patchouli and cinnamon keep the honey in check, and the patchouli is warm/earthy and not super-hippie. Gentle, spiced incense. Not much throw, but lasts for a long time.
  12. trinitysite

    Memorials of Friendship

    Hm. I get a musky peach initially, and now it's peach/sweet champaca. Not much throw. It's nice and good for springtime, but not generally my style. I might use it to practice making bath bombs or body spray or something.
  13. trinitysite

    Second Spring

    This starts out as very fruity, but ends up as a sort of fruity/red incense. (I can't distinguish between pomegranate and currant, sorry!) It almost reminds me of Cairo. Usually both patchouli and honey amp on me, but neither is particularly dominant, although the patchouli does lend some spiciness. I like it!
  14. trinitysite


    Initially it's wood and amber, very masculine, but the patchouli ends up dominating for me (like usual). Tea never works on me: either it's not there or fades too fast. I do like this -- softer and slightly more interesting patchouli -- but ultimately it's not much different than everything else that goes super-patch on me. Definitely still on the masculine side, and not quite spring-like, but I like that.
  15. trinitysite

    The Perfumed Garden

    2018 version: I see I'm late to the party on this one! Reading the reviews...well, I didn't notice much jasmine at all! Initially, the apple and sandalwood are prominent, and they stay that way, with myrrh and quince joining them. I'm getting fruit-perfume, maybe better off as a fancypants lotion? The description makes it sound complex/sophisticated, and that's not what I'm getting. Maybe I'll use my decant for a bath bomb.