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  1. lizzieborden

    Shipping Update..

    oh god! BPAL parties. beth sends imps in bulk, throw a party, maybe have everyone choose one of their imps ears and make candles together. have single notes go around so you know what scents are your favorites to base your blends from! teach everyone the art of BPAL poetry descriptions (jotting notes of course for the board). i wish i had female friends! i lurve going to tastefully simple parties and this would be just great. way better than those stupid yankee candle parties. (i hate yankee candles... a lot.)
  2. lizzieborden

    Getting sick of orders showing up as delivered...

    Honestly, I'd like this to be an option as soon as possible. I just sent a package the other way (SoFla to SoCal), a big ass box for my boy (containing BPAL!), through UPS, and it took exactly one week ground, safe and sound. After all this, I really don't feel comfortable ordering with USPS, if nothing else, for the extra expence for Beth in having to reship my order. I'm happy to pay full shipping, and even extra for the seperate trip, to make sure I get my first time around order. Esp. since it's gonna be a *big* order. I'm happy to use PayPal too, since CCNow hurts Beth's profits even more. But really, I can't order until Old Dublin is official (unless there's a prototype imp w/ my name on it ) beth replied to me when i emailed her at that addy, so i assume it works.
  3. lizzieborden

    Different smells/colors, same perfume

    This reminds me a lot of the comments about bath bars and such too from LUSH. You'll even notice this in paint or fabric. Every batch comes out different. And each imp will have a different exact amount of everythin even. I think its interesting when they are the same scent but... not. This didn't happen with the second imp of snake oil i ordered for my boy though.
  4. lizzieborden

    Getting sick of orders showing up as delivered...

    very interesting to hear about all these different problems. hard to believe that USPS is one cohesive national government organization. <insert political rant about government organizations> Personally, I want to switch to UPS. Even if this doesn't get done, I'd really like to pay more through Paypal to use UPS (and be a huge pain in the butt). Honestly, I don't trust my mailman, he's an asshole who broke my mailbox, has completely ruined the front of our lawn (he delivers the mail in his pickup truck and refuses to get out), and knocked the numbers off the mailbox. I'm never sure whether or not to blame him or some random kids when they throw eggs in our box. Fortunately, my BPAL packages all fit in the mailbox. We'll see how UPS goes when I get my big LUSH box, but with all my mom's recent camping orders, they ring the doorbell, wait for someone to come, and if not, prop the box under the eave of our door. Never mishandled, but I do live in a pretty good semi-gated neighborhood, and we are technically considered rural. About signing, well, I worry about my package, hence why I want a tracking number (the USPS doesn't really track, had a huge convo about this with the nice guy at the UPS store, and the people at the insanely busy post office), but I'm not sure how my asshole mailman would deal with having to get out of his truck. Oh and my g'ma has a huge crush on the UPS guy.
  5. lizzieborden

    Ok, feeling human again.

    Whee! Healthy Beth! I was very happy to see your post on BUST meaning you were still alive. I can't even begin to imagine the email hell your inbox must be, esp. with the USPS and CCNow crap finally dying down but still... You jes tell us when things are back to normal so I can put in my third order. If I didn't have swaps and LUSH coming, I'd be shaking with withdrawls. Now the only thing left to do is stay better *knock on wood*
  6. lizzieborden

    Lemon, Lemon, Lemony Goodness

    clue as to why it prob didn't work "accidentally": you must click search - enter is not a viable substitute, it will simply refresh the page (this causes me accidental annoyance frequently since i am a fast typer and am used to jamming the enter button at the end of typing. i get equally annoyed when i type a password and hit enter by typing tab+shift, only to see the shift key place a space at the end of my password. that is to say, it causes me annoyance with myself and my lack of patience)
  7. lizzieborden

    More great news.

    After chatting up the UPS Store guy today, and dealing with shippings, and coughing up a painful 11$+ for LUSH shipping - i say switch to insured UPS right. now.
  8. lizzieborden

    Incapacitated for a day.

    oh gosh do you know how hard it is to be going crazy about not getting a response email (it only has to do with changing my entire life and switching coasts and moving out and *tears hair out*) and feeling sorry for you? Actually, my worry for you wins out easily. was this something you knew about beforehand, or an emergency? i hope you recover fast too, for your sake as well as ours lol. when it rains, it pours, right?
  9. lizzieborden

    Email. Well, I knew I'd f*ck it up, and I did.

    Ok, resent a loooong (read: 1 full page in 10 Times New Roman in Word) email of the past two emails and two PMs. will now sit impatiently waiting for reply (don't worry - i do everything impatiently )
  10. lizzieborden

    Email. Well, I knew I'd f*ck it up, and I did.

    only one q - which email is the working one?
  11. lizzieborden

    GAP's Dream

    Before BPAL discovery, I wore GAP's dream and GAP's dream alone. I still wear it occasionally because I'm in love with the shimmer cream stuff and the body mist isn't too chemical. I have absolutely no idea what its sposed to smell like, other than very fresh floral, crisp. After wearing all these dark, sexy BPAL scents, it's what makes me feel innocent and normal again. If any of you have sniffered this at the mall, any idea what would match? Something with the richer, more long-lastingness of BPAL?
  12. lizzieborden

    Reshipments: to clarify...

    Ebony, I know this sounds silly, but... so many people I've hired haven't been able to do these simple things! I'm not going to launch into a litany of grief here [no matter how tempting!] but it's taken me over a year to find someone who could affix a label straight, fill out a customs form correctly, cut labels without butchering them, fill orders without screwing them up. No joke! Once the shipping snafu is completely behind me, I need to hire more people. Beth - did you get any of my emails wanting more info about the job? I thought I'd at least get thru that email before the gentle let down about not getting the job But I also know you have screwy email, and busy PM inbox, so I thought I'd check in thread. If its better for you, I can call you to talk about the job anytime after 4 PST. [if you can't tell, i'm really desperate for a job when i move to increase my chances of not living with my boyfriend's mother]
  13. lizzieborden

    Input, please!

    Name Lizzie Borden URL, if applicable http://www.livejournal.com/users/lizzyborden711/ Photo, if you don't mind http://www.photos.yahoo.com/rokstarr712/ Sin of choice A dangerous mix of sloth, gluttony, and lust. Virtue you embody Open-mindedness Astrological Info All I know is I'm a very strong Cancer, but if anyone wants to tell me what a person born on 7/11/87 Saturday at 4:50pm. I'd be happy to know How you found out about BPAL Busting! Any comments you'd like to add about the Lab or life in general <3Beth<3! BPAL was given me an appreciation for scent that I never had before. And honestly, I'm throwing more money at you people. I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't something addictive in these blends (other than I know you three are too sweet for that )
  14. lizzieborden

    What scents are masculine? Gender-neutral?

    na no worries about whether you like a masc scent. i have bluebeard and the catepillar and was confused by the idea of them on a guy... but i'm not good with getting male scents (my poor white trash ass likes every man to smell like old spice so i got help from bethy when getting my boy scents) and i think thats what the list'll be used for. Scents good to introduce men to perfumery. my vote goes to Iago : ) i think jolly roger is more gender neutral...
  15. lizzieborden

    Links and a progress update.

    whee!!! all those back orders gone bye bye (and hopefully to their rightful owners). Honestly, I'm happy for very selfish reasons. I felt guilty about ordering more until i knew things were taken care of! And my Blood Rose imp is getting frighteningly low (can i get a woot woot for my first 5ml?). Plus, Dana O'Shee WILL be mine... unless of course there is a reshipment waiting out there in the mist (Beth - did you get my PM about that and the job?) But still, yay for Scent Goddess getting out from under!