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BPAL Madness!

Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

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Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct.

CMXVIII (918): In the bottle, um, uh... Slightly sweet and purplish/reddish. Wet on my skin, I still can't tell what's in this. I do like it - there almost seems like there may be some cherry in here. I have no idea what else is here though, except to say that it's something my skin chemistry is turning to soapy, powdered bandaid. Honestly, I have no f'ing idea what's in this or even what it might smell like on skin that doesn't pervert it. :P

CMLXII (962): In the bottle, a mid to dark green. Grass maybe or celery? Interesting. Wet on my skin it is very similar, though it is starting to lighten as it warms up. Some sweetness is creeping in, and it is vaguely reminiscent to Green Phoenix on me at the moment. Something else is creeping forward now... Lemon? Definitely still grassy, but it's turning a little yellow now - sparkly lemonheads and grass. The first time I tested it I swore I got watermelon, and that was only about three hours ago. Confused on the notes, but I do know I like it, whatever it is. Wait - I wasn't wrong; it just takes awhile to come out... I think that is watermelon! It reminds me of grass with some watermelon hard candy in the background. Weird and a morpher. I smell it and all I get is dark green grass. Then a minute later, I sniff again and it's sweet and fruity hard candy. I like it. Edited by Shollin

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MLIII (1053)

I almost didn't order Chaos Theory, because I am a Virgo and hate surprises! :D But I caved and ordered a bottle anyway. I'm a big fail at picking out notes, so here goes:

Bottle: I recognize a note from Phoenix Steamworks. It also has a sweetness to it like dark fruits.

Wet: Ooh, now it smells a bit like Philosopher in Meditation. Since both that and P.S. have Abramelin incense, that must be the note! Also detecting a rooty wood smell similar to Screaming Mandragora, and that same sweetness (plum? fig? IDK) I smelled in the bottle.

Dry: The sweetness fades a bit and the incense and rooty note remain.


Verdict: It's hauntingly beautiful. So glad I took a chance with Chaos Theory! :P

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DCCCLXXXI (phew-- that's 881!)


I tried to put a reducer cap on this as soon as I opened it and ended up splattering oil all over myself. Doh! I'm not that upset, though, because ol' 881 is delightful. What does it smell like?


Well, in the bottle, it smells like chocolate frosting and slightly soapy citrus. On application, the "whoa! chocolate!" tones down a bit and I can recognize the citrus as whatever it is that's in Aelopile. I frimped my Aelopile to someone who really wanted to try it and have missed it ever since, so I'm pleased to smell that same citrus again! Along with the citrus sharpening up (and getting way less soapy, something woodsy comes out to play. It's a little bit like the world's faintest cedar (or maybe patchouli?) note. Really faint, but really pleasant. It takes this scent from mostly foody into creative incense territory.


Definitely a win. I'm glad I decided to take a chance on it. :P

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CLVI [156]


Previous review.


Err. This smells like Head and Shoulders shampoo on me; I can't think of anything else to compare it to. It's pretty terrible.

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In the bottle: Light warm yellow coloured oil. Sweet-tart like sour candy, buttery-foody, and nutty? Hint of something bitter. Sweet enough to make my throat itch.


Wet: Definitely something fruity, I think citrusy - it's very tart, but possibly more than one fruit. There's a perfumey, almost generic cologney scent emerging. And the nut is peanut; I'm totally smelling peanut butter.


Dry: Some sort of white floral that explains the perfumey note is amping, and it's quite piercing - headache coming on. A bit of a soapy edge, too - it reminds me of scented laundry detergent.


Later: I'm going to have to wash this off. It's making my head pound and my stomach roil. This is one of the most unpleasant BPALs I've smelled.


Summary: Bright white floral laundry detergent, sugary-tangy citrus, and sweet foody peanut butter, which maybe a metal note or white musk. It doesn't mesh at all. Strong throw and lasting power.


Last reviewed by sookster.




In the bottle: Light, bright watermelon-pink coloured oil. Fresh and fruity - crisp apples! Sweet, too. There's something foody, some sort of baked good, below it. Hint of spice, maybe clove?


Wet: Ripe but tart and juicy candied apple, along the lines of sour apple gummies. The spice is definitely clove, as it gains a woody note. Less of the bakery scent, though the base is still warm and creamy below the apples and clove.


Dry: Very slow to dry. Clove amps, apple holds, foody stuff fades a bit more. Still quite sweet, but no longer quite as tart or candyish.


Later: CLOVE, spicy and woody and a little sweet. Apples have faded a bit, so that base is a bit more apparent too. Reminds me vaguely of the vanillic base in Perilous Parlor.


Summary: Strong, slightly spicy and sweet, woody clove over crisp red apples and faint creamy vanilla. Very autumnal, and surprisingly not all that foody. Great throw, good lasting power.


Unisex to feminine. Alas, I am not a fan of clove. Otherwise this is a pretty yummy blend. Reminds me of a CLOVE-apple version of PP.


Previously reviewed by Delirium1009.

Edited by Shollin

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I think this may be my favorite...I know I have said that before but this is divine.In the bottle this is a sugary Frakenberry cereal.

Upon application is morphs into a combo of Frakenberry cereal(the grain part),the sugary strawberry marshmallow and a hint of milk.I am shocked and delighted.Grain notes are so rare and so wonderful.I have no idea how Beth did "Frakenberry" but I am thrilled.This one is also very strong and lasts forever:)

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No idea. Vaugely fruity. I bought 4 of these, and put them all on different parts of my arms today when the package arrived. There was really only 1 that I didn't like. But now, they're all mixed up, so I'm trying on the backs of my hands. As this dries, I remember now....it's the ROSE one! Very nice rose, but it has to warm up on the skin before it blooms. Has a little bit of fruit in there, too, and something else warm.


MXXVIII (1028)

Kind of like fruit, candy sweet fruit, with a whisper of star gazer lily. Technically, I do NOT like star gazer lily, because it smells like hot dogs to me. However, now that I have spilled MXXVIII on myself, my robe and all my fingers (and it is also on every letter on the keyboard as I type), it's growing no me. As if I have a choice, right?



Toilet bowl cleaner and star gazer lily. Medicinal dog shampoo. Flea dip.


Dear MXXVI, oh, how I love thee! (1026)

Vanilla. An underlying layer of Antique Lace(ish)-ness. Tobacco. LOVE IT!!!


Now, who wants to trade for my dog shampooo? :P

Edited by hellomoonglow

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I bought these from sookster.....here are her reviews


DCCCXC - 890


In the Bottle: CHERRY!!! with a little milk chocolate


Wet on Skin: The milk chocolate is a bit stronger, and I think I'm getting a hint of booze (no idea what kind though)


Dry: The cherry and milk chocolate seam evenly balanced now, the booze note is fading. As the drydown progresses, this becomes a very creamy scent (kind of like a cherry chocolate milkshake)


I LOVE chocolate.....but not milk chocolate. I was hoping this would be more of a dark chocolate or a fudge. Cherry has never been a good note for me either :P


EDIT: gone to sfsassy


CMX - 910


In the Bottle: buttery white cake (it's not really a sweet note though), lemon frosting, amber?, booze (not sure what kind....but I would agree with sookster - it's kinda like rum)


Wet on Skin: about the same, but the lemon is a bit more tart


Dry: (what I believe to be) amber is the top note now, then the buttery white cake and booze, then the lemon (it's a very tart note now). As the drydown progresses, the lemon gets stronger and the amber fades a bit


hmmmm....I think I would have loved this.....but the amber ruined it! Also, the lemon was tarter than I would have preferred (I only like lemon when it's sweet / tart)


EDIT: swapped to djnevermore


CMXLI - 941

I'm a bit stumped as to what a few of the notes are, but I'm gonna try my best....


In the Bottle: strawberry (but it's a sharp, astringent strawberry.....I don't like this note at all), something sweet and creamy (not at all buttery or cakey though)


Wet on Skin: strawberry (still sharp and astringent), very tart lemon, something green like vines or leaves


Dry: At first, it's the same as it was when wet, but the strawberry note is beginning to change.....after nearly an hour, the strawberry note becomes sweet, but still slightly tart (not sharp or astringent at all.....but not candied either. It's a beautiful note), the lemon is barely there, and I smell the sweet, creamy note that was in the bottle....only a bit stronger


OK, so it started off really bad, but ended absolutely beautifully! I think I'll swap this one though, cause I don't have the patience to wait nearly an hour for a scent to turn into something I like


EDIT: gone to tarotbydiana

Edited by SurrealReality

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I am a long-time deep woods, pine/fir/balsam scent-aholic. So when I saw a forumite's recent sale page which included an Edge of Chaos blend (Chaos IV) described as strong woody. Oh boy, was my immediate thought!


So when ChaosIV: CMXLVII (947) arrived, and I hurriedly unscrewed the cap to take a deep whiff, I had pretty much made up my mind beforehand I was going to love it.


I do. ZOMG, I do love this blend! It takes the best of Snow Moon, Nocnitsa, Black Forest, and mixes them all up into a glorious deep woods scent which has no light and no end. There aren't any snow or water notes (that I can tell) and there is some wood to this blend, which makes it even better in my mind. It calls to my mind those early boy-girl parties where the uninitiated were taken on snipe hunts in the dark woods...better, of course, on a moonless night but good any time as long as one was the initiating rather than the initiatee...am I right?


In any case, this is a wonderful scent and I'm sharing it with Mr. Stellans, on whom it smells divine -- or at least it did once I hugged him with my oily arms and it got on him, hee!


Verdict: this is a keeper, and I'm so grateful to GoldenRubee for the chance to wear it. :P

Edited by stellans

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On me, this is a lot of sparkly lemon with some lime in the background. I amp lemon, so it's going a little overboard on me. If I were to name this bottle, it'd have to be 7-Up.


I'm giving this one to a funds-challenged friend, whose skin chemistry is more compatible.

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In the Bottle:No clue....whatever it is I don't think I like it. If I had to guess, I'd say it was an exotic spice of some kind (sweet, not savory) along with a musk of some sort (not red or black though), and then there's something else....kinda sweet, kinda creamy, but kinda funky :P


Wet on Skin: Thankfully, this smells NOTHING like it did in the bottle.....cake batter (sweet, but not too sweet, and not at all buttery), something close to cinnamon, and musk (again, not sure what kind)


Dry: The cinnamon-like spice has grown stronger. After about an hour, the cake batter begins to fade a bit


This is lovely....I might actually keep this one


EDIT: I decided that I have several blends far too similar to this one, so this bottle has gone to Lauryn


Previously reviewed by nightbiscuit


CCXLIV - 244


In the Bottle: milk chocolate, and some sort of tart fruit (I don't think it's lemon, but it could be lime)


Wet on Skin: milk chocolate, that same tart fruit (I'm really leaning towards lime now), and FIZZ!!!!! Like a chocolate lime soda (I imagine it smells better than it tastes)


Dry: FIZZY tart fruit (I'm almost positive it's lime), milk chocolate (still there, but not as strong). About an hour into the drydown, the milk chocolate has disappeared (surprising since that was the main note in the bottle). About an hour later, there's a little less fizz, and the milk chocolate has made a reappearance, but it's a very soft note


I don't know about this one.....it just doesn't last very long on me, and milk chocolate really isn't my thing (I prefer dark, white, or fudge). It sure is original though, so I think I'll keep it for a few days before making up my mind


EDIT: swapped to cheshirecat

Edited by SurrealReality

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In the bottle: Medium golden yellow colour. Buttery-foody, slightly sweet, spicy, citrusy. Tropical and a bit fruity.


Wet: Zesty-sour white grapefruit, a bit cleaner-ish. Coriander, spicy and fragrant. A little sweeter in a sugary way, but less foody. Also a touch creamy. Faint white floral.


Dry: The creamy note strikes me as a very light coconut note, like coconut milk or green coconut - it's not rich or sweet, and feels tropical. White florals have amped, but remain in the background.


Later: The grapefruit has faded almost completely, and the coriander has softened, retaining only a slight spicy kick. Musk and some sort of light wood have emerged, deepening the blend. The other fruit note is a bit clearer now - pineapple? There may also be banana leaf here, and there's some smoky-incense.


Summary: A morpher. The final drydown is rich dusky musk, a blend of semi-dry and deep woods, softly smoky incense, sweet tropical fruit, faint planty leaves and the barest hint of spicy coriander. Unisex to feminine. Low throw, fades quickly.


It's a bit too dark and woody for me but not a bad blend which evolves in a fascinating manner on my skin.

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In the Bottle: This is lovely! Vanilla, french cheesecake (french because the note is only slightly sweet), lily (don't quote me on that one though, I don't have much experience with florals), and a bit of patchouli


Wet on Skin: It's pretty much the same on my skin as it was in the bottle, except that the patchouli is a bit stronger


Dry: This is not a morpher....it's pretty much the same as it was when wet and stays that way throughout most of the drydown. At the very end of this scents life though (it lasted about 5 hours), everything else disappears and only the sweet vanilla remains.


The overall impression I get is a cross between Chaste Moon and The Oval Portrait. The lily and the patchouli keep it from being foody. This is a lovely scent and it's extremely well blended, but patchouli and I have never gotten along well. It's only a background note though, so I may decide to keep the bottle


This scent was previously reviewed by Femme_Fatale


EDIT: swapped to cheshirecat

Edited by SurrealReality

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MLII (1052)

In the bottle: White florals and something citrusy--tangy, but not at all sour.


Wet on skin: Oh, this is really not my thing. White florals all the way. It might not turn out awful, though. It smells like flowers with freshly cut stems--a little sharp, but not without a certain appeal.


20 minutes later: Is that clay? Could be. It's a little like wet clay, or something earthy, or... oh, no. It's turning to plastic. :D It's like a bouquet where half the flowers are real and half are fake.


About 45 minutes in: Plastic has receded entirely and has been replaced with a deep sugary scent that reminds me of Dorian. It's not a dead ringer, but the resemblance is there. This is a good thing, since I quite like Dorian. I can still smell the florals, but they're behaving themselves much better, and the sugary thing it's got going on provides some necessary depth.


I'm not thrilled about that middle stage, but it's possible that with aging, the semi-fake bouquet smell won't emerge anymore. I'm remaining optimistic.



MV (1005)

This one is fabulous and I almost regret letting a friend have it. :P (We placed an order together, and of course it's impossible to tell whose Chaos Theory is whose! I let her have this one, though, because she's not nearly as likely to order perfumes as I am, and I figured I should spread the BPAL love.)


To my nose, it's almost exactly like Tamamo-No-Mae, but with much better throw. Perhaps it's a little brighter, or not as subtle, but the resemblance is remarkable.


I'll try to avoid being jealous by slathering on the Tamamo once in a while. :D


Previously reviewed by Stroker Ace.

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CLVII - 157


In the bottle: Nearly colourless extremely pale yellow oil. Sharply bitter, herbal, tart-sweet fruity. A substantial woody backbone. Chemically-plastic.


Wet: Sweeter, fruitier, less biting, or at least the top layer is. Below, it's MENTHOLIC, medicinal - that's part of the bitterness and the herbs. A touch minty, too. Pennyroyal? And something in the evergreen family.


Dry: Most of the sweet fruit has worn off - I'm tempted to label it as an apple or pear note. Herbs and woods reign now. Even less bitter, but the woods have amped. Pretty masculine.


Later: Less mentholic and minty. One of the evergreens - it's so woodsy there may be many - strikes me as juniper. I'm guessing fir or cypress as well. I can't place the bitter herbs, though the bitterness could be in part due to myrrh.


Summary: Slightly bitter, dark musk, herbs and woods. A bit dusty. Masculine. An early stage of plastic fruit and mentholic pennyroyal give way to juniper, fir and other woods, along with myrrh and unidentified heavy herbs. Decent throw, poor lasting power.


Not remotely my style. I should note that in retrospect, the fruit could be strawberry or raspberry as both of those go plastic on my skin.

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MLV (1055)


Ahahaha, it's grapefruit party time! It's very citrus and candy- almost definitely some fig in there as well.


It mellows a little on the skin, but keeps that nice happy citrusy scent. Seriously, you can't be sad wearing this. It's just too cheerful.


This is completely for the win.

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DXXXIV - 534


In the bottle: Very pale yellow oil. Tart-fruity, buttery-foody, and a tiny bit floral. Fresh and juicy yet also creamy.


Wet: Minty! Less buttery and foody. Tarter and less sweet. Light vanilla - I'm getting a vanilla-peppermint feel. The fruit is sort of citrusy and exotic, like yuzu or kiwi.


Dry: The sour-tart note has faded greatly, but the mint holds. Soft floral, blossom-like, emerges further. This isn't foody at all anymore, but still has a lightly creamy feel.


Later: Why hellooooo musk! Musky musk musk! Mint, you have faded so much. Vanilla, you would probably be louder were musk not totally shackling you.


Summary: The dry down is intense, almost feral musk over light creamy vanilla, tart exotic fruit, and a hint of bright peppermint. The notes don't really blend well and the effect is quite jarring. Unisex to feminine. Medium throw and wearlength.


I like the early dry stage, but most of the time I'm not digging it.

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In the bottle and wet on my skin, this is pure milk chocolate. This is what I expected Bliss to smell like. Dry, a little spice comes through. This is a lot like the April '07 13, except no catnip. I think I'll call this 13.5.

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CMLXXXIX-Fake cherry cough syrup with a touch of grape. (wet)


Drydown-Sweeter. Lost the cough syrup tinge to it. Grape comes out. (wet on skin)


Grape flavored candy....this is a morpher folks. and is completely off the weirdness chart.


It also makes me sneeze. :P


I don't know if I will be keeping this one.


MII (1,002?)-Sandalwood (wet)


Drydown-Extremely light sandalwood. Like a sandalwood single note. :D :D


I don't know about this one. I think I will let it age.


1,038-Light green mixed with something pretty. It reminds me a little of baby powder but not so strong!


I love it. Finally one that is a keeper! :D

Edited by Dark Alice

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DCCCXCIX (899, I think?)


Er......a glass of warm milk.......That's basically it.

In the bottle, wet on my skin, dry........milk. Not really sweet.....just that smell that wafts from a glass of warm milk..... :D


I detest milk......this one is going to have to find a new home.


MIII (1003)


Pink Phoenix Light!! :P

It's the same pink, sweet, slighty floral, slighty fruity scent that Pink Phoenix is, only a little lighter. Which suits me just fine, because I could hardly wear Pink Phoenix because it was too strong on me.


Yeah, a winner this one!






(or toilet air freshener)


I really can't say it smells bad.......it's just not something I'd want to wear as a perfume.......

I might make it into an expensive air freshener......


MLXXXII (1082)


Grapefruit and Lillies (not sure what kind of lillies, but surely lillies)

It's really fresh and pretty, but I'm not sure it's 'me'.....I might gift this to my floral loving ex-MIL.


This is *so* why I love the Chaos Theory runs........so much fun in the surprise smells!

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Bottle No. MLXII (1062): "Rhapsody on Cascade Hops" (it needed a name)


I had to wear this a few times to make sure I was doing it justice before I reviewed it.


Preface: I adore really good beer. I like brewing and I love tasting it. Hops are one of my favorite scents in the world - they're all forms of grassy-grapefruity goodness. Cascades in particular are cheery wonderful red grapefruit happy, colored, as it were, in a blazing yellow green.




I don't know that there are actually hops in the perfume at all - I know it's a note that the lab doesn't so much use very often and that the fragrant oils/acids in hops are prone to collapse way too easily and way too quickly for much use in perfume. Because of this, I think my bottle is actually a combination of:

- neroli

- grapefruit

- lemongrass

- perhaps a bit of green tea

- just a touch of white musk to round it out

It's lorious. It has the every so slightly floral quality of Cascades while still growing, but it blooms on my skin almost immediately into a hugely bright grapefruit-lemongrass smell that takes bad feelings and stress and melodramatically defenestrates them. After several hours it lingers on, the drop of white musk working to keep it on my skin much longer than citrus scents usually stay.


If anyone else wants to smell what this oil smells like, just go to a homebrew shop and buy a little packet of Cascades. Pop it open and sniff. That's what I smell like.

I'm in LOVE and I want an unlimited supply of this stuff. Naturally, that's impossible. I am going to horde this bottle like there's no tomorrow.


THANK YOU LABBIES!!!! It's like you put everything I love into a bottle. :P :D :D

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My first review! Yay!


CCXXXIV(234) - My guess is lavender and eucalyptus in the bottle, a very pretty green scent. Then it dries down on the skin to a powdery marshmallow vanilla scent.


DCCCXXXII(832) - This one smells strongly of orange peels and tea, with maybe a touch of lavender, in the bottle. Then mostly citrus on the skin.



Both of these scents are lovely and unique. If finances allowed, I could play this game forever! :P

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In the Bottle: Yum!!! Tart apples and light caramel


Wet on Skin: about the same, but with more caramel (it's still a light caramel, but there's more of it)


Dry: caramel is definitely the main note now, followed by tart apple, and fizz. About an hour into the drydown, brown sugar joins the caramel. Near the end of this scent's life (it lasted about 5 hours), the apple and fizz have disappeared


This is a lovely scent, but I very much preferred how it smelled in the bottle, to how it smelled on my skin. The caramel kinda took over. Not sure if I'll keep it yet.


Previously reviewed by iiinterstate


EDIT: swapped to cheshirecat

Edited by SurrealReality

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CXII - begins with an herbal vibe, not too dry/barren and not too sweet/lush. Then the wood begins to peek out ... oak, perhaps? It's a warm, fresh wood that's very calming and seems to be rounded out with a hint of musk and patchouli. I'm liking it better and better as the days get cooler and autumn approaches. A keeper!

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MLX (1060) The person I bought this from described it as bubblegum and incense.


In the bottle yep...that's bubble gum...I get a very spicy bubble gum...kind of how double bubble smells in the wrapper....it smells like bubblegum...but it smells like spicy bubble gum...not like sweet sweet bubbulicious bubble gum.


On my skin yep...still bubble gum...this reminds me a little of Xanthe the weeping clown but with a bite...like if Xanthe had a mouthful of sharp teeth and fangs instead of a sad clown face.


It remains spicy bubble gum throughout.....this is a gorgeous bubble gum scent for those that don't want to smell TOO girly!!


I like it alot!!

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