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  1. prettybird

    Thirteen (13): May 2011

    I was a little afraid this would smell like other chocolatey scents, but as soon as I opened the bottle, I knew it wasn't so. The cacao is tempered with spiciness, for quite a lovely combination. On the skin, it smells like... verbena? Quite the inexplicable morph, because there isn't any verbena in this at all. There's the same incensey spicy quality to it, but most of what I get is verbena. Perhaps I have an odd nose. So, it doesn't smell anything like I thought or anything like how it smells in the bottle, but verbena's one of my favorites, so I love it!
  2. prettybird


    I adore this one. Verbena is one of my favorite scents, and this one is loaded with it. I really don't get musk at all from this one- just nice yummy sweet citrus. For such a light scent, it has a decent amount of throw. Particularly nice as a light summer scent.
  3. prettybird

    The Antikythera Mechanism

    This stuff is brilliant! In the imp, the wood is really strong. The vanilla starts to come out more as it dries down, but it's still really woody. The tobacco makes it kind of smoky, in a nice way. I like it quite a bit.
  4. prettybird


    I really don't get much apricot from this at all. Mostly I get musk and orange, with just a little apricot to round it out. Overall, it's a pretty round scent. The apricot comes out a little on the dry down, but it's not the in-your-face apricot of Depraved or some such. Unfortunately, it seems to disappear pretty quickly on me. It still smells nice, nice enough to be worth wearing and reapplying. It might be good in a scent locket.
  5. prettybird


    I'm very torn about this one. Wet, I can't stand it- all I get is red hots and plastic. On the dry down, it turns very soft and lovely; I think what I'm getting mostly is the dragon's blood, rather than the cinnamon, and I don't get the clove at all. I'm not sure the final result is worth the initial ugh factor; this one may go back on the swap pile.
  6. prettybird


    I just love this! It smells just like cream soda on me- fizzy and vanilla and super sweet. I don't get much of the saffron at all, but I don't really mind, since it smells so pretty. It didn't change much on the dry down- I actually got more saffron in the imp than on skin. It's got a fair amount of throw, even with just a little on. Definitely a keeper!
  7. prettybird


    In the bottle: Grass, grass, grass grass grass. Dry on skin: The grass note is still really strong for the first couple of minutes, but it dies off, leaving a nice, balanced, slightly fruity floral. And... that's it. I find it pretty underwhelming, to be honest. It's nice, but not great. I wouldn't mind getting quite close to a young lady who was wearing this, but it's not really what I want to smell like.
  8. prettybird

    Stimulating Sassafras Strengthener

    In the bottle: Black Necco wafers! Dry on skin: The first time I tried this, I was very disappointed, because I could hardly even smell it when I tried it on my arm. I tried it again on my pulse points, and wow, what a difference! Something about that magic half-degree, I guess. This is a very lovely scent- warm and pleasantly medicinal. It's got a bit of throw, but it's light enough not to be bothersome. Very nice for everyday wear, I'd imagine, and just forceful enough to be a good unisex scent.
  9. prettybird

    No. 93 Engine

    In the bottle: Hello, and welcome to Hyssop Party '08! I'll be your host, prettybird... Dry on skin: Luckily, the hyssop dies down a good bit. This is really not what I was expecting at all- it's a whole lot better. I can't seem to pick out individual notes, other than the lemon balm and the hyssop. It's a gorgeous, golden scent. It's not quite me enough for me to get a whole bottle, but I'll certainly be using up my imp.
  10. prettybird

    La Bella Donna Della Mia Mente

    In the bottle: Mmm. Fruity, almost candylike. Dry on skin: Oh, oh yes. Yes, please. This is the very first scent from the lab with pomegranate in that does not smell like the dentist's office on me. This is absolutely heavenly. I wanna curl up in it and stay there forever. Between the myrtle and the peach, it smells like the South in the summertime, in the very best of ways. It's feminine, but definitely not in a soft kind of a way. It's right there. I need a big bottle of this. Maybe a gallon jug.
  11. prettybird


    Let me begin by saying that this scent's description- and, indeed, Venus in Furs- squicks me just a little bit, as my mom's name is Wanda. Granted, this is irrelevant to the review, but it is slightly hilarious. In the bottle: It smells really familiar for some reason- wine-y and slightly acrid. Dry on skin: Oh my god, this smells exactly like “new car smell.” It's leathery and sweet with a little wine, but all I can think is that it smells like my godparent's Volvo- but in a really good way. Nothing like literary Wanda and very little like the scent description, but I greatly enjoy it.
  12. prettybird

    White Rabbit

    In the bottle: Not what I was expecting at all- really fruity. And man is that pepper strong! Dry on skin: Wow, I'm really not sure what in the hell this smells like. I don't get any tea from it at all, nor any ginger, which is why I wanted it in the first place. There is just something not right about this. It smells like burnt plastic. This is only the second scent I've tried that I just had to go and wash off. I'm sure there's somebody that this smells like heaven on, but good god is it ever not me. I resisted getting this for a long time because I was afraid it would be just like Severin (which is my favorite and cannot be improved on). So, on the one hand I'm sad it didn't work out, but on the other, I have a bottle of Severin to drown my pain in.
  13. prettybird

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    MLV (1055) Ahahaha, it's grapefruit party time! It's very citrus and candy- almost definitely some fig in there as well. It mellows a little on the skin, but keeps that nice happy citrusy scent. Seriously, you can't be sad wearing this. It's just too cheerful. This is completely for the win.
  14. prettybird


    In the bottle: ...do I seriously like a vetiver scent? What? This absolutely gorgeous- green and gingery and citrusy. On skin: Not a lot of change, really. I get a lot of the ginger and the bergamot, two of my very favorite notes that I'd never have considered putting together. It's quite a sexy scent, while still being clean and fresh. I might need a bottle of this.
  15. prettybird

    Mr. Jacquel

    In the bottle: More masculine than I was expecting. Mostly I get hyssop. On skin: Wow, the hyssop really calmed down a lot. The amber is very soft, which is nice. I don't get the patchouli much at all, which is a little disappointing, but the spices are quite nice. It's very peppery, in a somewhat dirty, dusty kind of a way, if that makes sense. It's almost got a foody smell to it. This one bears more testing, but I'm sure I'll get use out of it.