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  1. Kimbernunk


    I got October (2010 version) hoping it would be really dry ozone and crisp leaves. It isn't that. What it is is pretty much what I was hoping last year's Falling Leaf Moon would be: soft woods, leaves, and a strong aquatic note. Falling Leaf Moon had a spicy note that October doesn't have, so that October smells fully and only of outdoors things whereas Falling Leaf Moon smells of outdoors things tread through while carrying a cup of chai. I love both for different reasons and purposes. To focus more solely on October, I think my NOSE reads the wind note as being aquatic - something in the combination of that plus the leaves seems to lean aquatic for me (and apparently for a lot of others), but it isn't something that my SKIN treats as aquatic, because the way my skin reacts to the aquatic-seeming note here is different than how it usually treats aquatics. The upshot is that for the first time ever, whatever is going on in this perfume smells EXACTLY like REAL RAIN, as in it's raining outside right now and the leaves are starting to turn and the smell outdoors and the scent wafting off my wrists are absolutely identical. October is a unisex-to-masculine scent. I'm really happy wearing it, but I like a lot of woodsy/masculine scents - I could see where someone who goes for really feminine scents might not be happy with this. But for me it works beautifully, and I'm thrilled to finally have a bottle.
  2. Kimbernunk


    This reminds me really strongly of Vixen, but with a more noticeable orange blossom note. The sandalwood/champaca blend is nice and calming and the orange blossom sort of floats over it. It's really pretty, but I'm not sure it's so different from Vixen that I'd need a bottle of Paramatman as well. I'll have to play around more with my imp.
  3. Kimbernunk

    Menacing Ionospheric Research Instrument

    I get a super strong, very herbal mint to start off with. It dries down to a fairly strong white amber with a minty, slightly sweet undertone, and the tiniest, tiniest hints of neroli and violet. I was hoping this would be a strong neroli, but what I've got is still nice. I love the Lab's white amber note.
  4. Kimbernunk

    Baobhan Sith

    Definitely begins with a major screaming fit of grapefruit. It woke me up almost as well as my cup of coffee. It calms down quickly into a really balanced scent - I can smell all four notes distinctly. It's really clean and cheerful and bright and happy. It does fade fairly quickly - I needed to reapply after about four hours, which is really short for my skin chemistry. It's worth it though - it's a gorgeous citrus!
  5. Kimbernunk


    On my skin, this is almost SN sunflower. There's probably a hint of some kind of golden amber in the back, and maybe a touch of something slightly green and a touch of something slightly clove-like, but it's so predominantly sunflower that I'm not really paying much attention to anything else. I LOVE SUNFLOWER, so I'm thrilled about this. Quick comparison to Sunflower in the Salon - Sunflower has a definite dark sweetness from the black amber, and smells like sunflowers in the middle of a grossly hot muggy day in August in the Midwest. Sundew retains the sunflower note, but it's not as OMG IT'S HOT OUT as Sunflower - Sundew is a bit more mellow, a bit cleaner. This may end up being a bottle purchase.
  6. Kimbernunk


    This has NO business working on my skin. Honey is a death note, vanilla is usually a death note, rose and gardenia can both amp to headache level. However, this is awesome. Pepper starts out as slightly rosy shortbread cookies. I wasn't a fan of it wet. It took about 15 minutes to settle in. Then all of a sudden, I get the pink pepper, the blood orange, the ginger, and the little hint of berry. The vanilla and honey are hanging out in the background and the rose and gardenia have behaved themselves, so that this isn't a straight floral. I'm in dead shock, and absolutely in love with this. 5/5
  7. Kimbernunk

    Meadow scents!

    Definitely the Host of the Air for every reasn already mentioned, and Pa-Pow. Also, June Gloom was very definitely "yellow wildflowers" (very distinctly yellow flowers) plus grass, dew, and something sort of airy. Rosalind is very grass/dew/slight berry.
  8. Kimbernunk


    Man, I thought this would be awesome. Light floral, light resins, davana - all things that tend to work on me. What I ended up with was a combination of baby powder, SweetTart dust and wet diaper. I don't know if my skin is being weirder than usual today or what, but this is 0/2 for the day.
  9. Kimbernunk

    Galvanic Goggles

    In terms of metaphors, persianmouse NAILED IT. In terms of what it smells like on me: started as furniture varnish; ended as cheap men's aftershave. EPIC FAIL.
  10. Kimbernunk


    Heavens to Ceiling Cat I love this stuff. I tracked down a decant on concept alone, and I'm blown away that this really does approximate my concept of selkies. It's very aquatic, with a light grassy/mossy/floral note and with something that struck me as very stone-like or rocky, which would be really appropriate given the Orkney coasts. It lasted pretty much all day on me. Absolute love - I'll be doing my level best to track down an actual bottle, but until that happens I'll be hoarding the daylights out of my decant.
  11. Kimbernunk

    The Little Bird

    This surprised me. What I was expecting as a heavy hit of the night air note (my favorite variation of ozone) with some sort of herbally floral background. It was like that while it was wet. Dry, however, it's almost like birdseed, except that saying "this smells slightly like birdseed doesn't make it sound very good and this is actually really nice. I didn't think I was really going to like it, but I kept sniffing and sniffing and sniffing, and it's a really calming scent. Not floral, not over-the-top anything, just nice and calm and pleasant, like a sunny morning. Overall, it's a light herbal/grassy, almost hay-like scent. Pleasant. Not "perfume-y" in the slightest. Average throw, slightly less than average wearlength. Probable bottle in my near future.
  12. Kimbernunk

    Beanman & Beanwoman Prepare to Attack the Vagina

    I'm getting mostly coconut milk, amber and ambergris. There was some orange blossom earlier, but that has disappeared. The musk is also really light on me - I can kind of tell it's there, but it's not a really dominant note. This is really pretty, but there's something about it that doesn't feel like "me," so I will probably just stick with my decant.
  13. Kimbernunk

    Empyreal Mist

    Very misty scent - the mist note is the most predominant. There are some light florals underneath. It lasted on me for HOURS. Bloody gorgeous! I'm glad I have an imp - I'll be keeping my eyes out for a bottle.
  14. Kimbernunk


    This is beautiful! In the bottle, it's woodsy with a definite patchouli kick in the background. On my skin, it starts out very patchouli and with a nice kick of the coriander and mint. The woods hide in the background. Once it's fully dried, the scent says "outdoors" at me. Not really screams, not really shouts - this is neither screaming nor shouting scent - but merely points out that it belongs outdoors. It's like hiking through a forest (dry forest, definitely, not one that has been recently rained on) in the late spring or summer when the sun is out and there's a nice breeze (not that I think there's any ozone in this - there almost couldn't be). It's androgynous to masculine - it leans more masculine but not so masculine I can't pull it off. I love it already, and I can't wait to see what it's like after some aging! I love me some aged woods.
  15. Kimbernunk

    Candles Moon

    Wet, this was an extremely sharp and sour blackberry. This is NOT a scent I'd want to put in a scent locket. Given a couple of hours, however, something warms it up. This is reminiscent of the warmth of a glowing candle (probably from the wood and the milk - the milk, for once, did NOT turn all sour yogurt on me - YAY!), and there are blackberries somewhere. The blackberries aren't as strong on my skin as they are in the bottle. What I end up with overall is a warming blackberries and cream type scent with a definite wax feel to it. Quite nice. This had an average throw on me and a slightly less than average wearlength.