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  1. gaai

    Siberian Musk

    Siberian Musk reminds me more of Smut that it does of Snake Oil.... To my nose (and with my chemistry) it smells like a less smutty, non-sweetened Smut, although I can definitely tell it's probably the same musk used in SO. There, to me, is just a lot more going on in Snake Oil that it kind of loses any real resemblance to this Siberian Musk. It's a very nice, simple, but not ordinary musk! I'm glad I decided to go for a bottle!
  2. gaai

    Mouse Circus

    Sniff from decant: buttery, salty popcorn...hm... Wet on skin: PEANUTBUTTER... this had better calm down or I'm gonna have to wash it off... Settling on skin: almost no trace of the peanutbutter...this starts to smell sugary sweet...the BF says it actually smells mousey to him Dry on skin: pink cotton candy...but really soft and faint...no throw to speak of...and when I huff the spot I can catch little wafts of the peanutbutter sneaking back in. I thought I might love this enough to need a bottle, but I don't....it's a fun scent, but the decant will be sufficient.
  3. gaai

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Here you go! Lovely!! Thank you!
  4. gaai

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    No anime labels yet?? *so curious*
  5. gaai

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v3

    XXII Uh oh..... .....chocolate.......or cocoa........and I cannot wear a perfume that's heavy on the chocolate (not because I don't like the scent, but it makes me queezy if I smell it for too long)...... I decide to put it on anyway, because I've recently discovered that I *can* wear some types of chocolate notes (White Chocolate & Sugared Violets = ), so maybe not all's lost........ Phew....the chocolate (which I now recognize as cocoa, it's 'dryer' smelling) only hangs around for 20 minutes and then the Penitence-base comes through strong.......the cocoa gives it a 'sweeter' twist (only it's not really sweeter, but it's the only way I can describe it). This is actually quite good.....I can get my chocolate fix *and* finally have the bottle of Penitence that I've been meaning to get, but got pushed back with all the LE buying.
  6. CVI In the bottle I smell grass with the O-base.........very promising! On wet and during dry down it goes from grass&honey through grass&lemon&honey to honeyed lemon.......it's gorgeous and perfect for late spring early summer!
  7. LXVIII Okay........it's SO with.......some kind of flower........but which one?! I'm not typically a floral-wearing girl, so I'm not good at picking out what flowers I'm smelling. If I had to guess, I'd say chrysanthemums........but....yeah......not sure. This is a lovely womanly version of SO though......it goes through a *very* floral stage which lasts about 15 minutes and then settles into Snake Oil with just a hint of something floral. The floral note takes off the slightly bitter, medicinal note that SO sometimes has on my skin......this smells soft and lovely, but with a sexy edge. (now that I've typed that......that's exactly what it is....sexy.....but a unisex kind of sexy)
  8. gaai

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v1

    LXXIX In the bottle and wet this is Dorian with a fizzy, bubbly grapefruit topnote! It dries down to a sweeter, more girly version of Dorian........it's *really* good and I'm glad to have gotten this bottle.
  9. gaai

    White Chocolate and Sugared Violets

    This is the first chocolate scent that I can tolerate to wear for more than 10 minutes I actually love this. It might be the fact that it's supposed to be white chocolate (although it doesn't really smell white to me)...... Anyway....I'm glad to have a bottle of this, because I have been wanting to smell like chocolate for a long time and never could. This is just the most lovely blend of chocolate and violets. (oh and yes....the violets smell a lot like the ones in Faith......to me)
  10. gaai


    After the initial blast of HELLO THERE I'M ORANGEBLOSSOM!!!!! the drydown really does smell a lot like Snake Oil.......which then leads me to believe this oil will age into something wonderful! So I think I'll buy a bottle......eventhough I wasn't planning to, because of the SO resemblance.....but I'm just too curious how it'll age
  11. gaai

    Chaos Theory IV: Edge of Chaos

    DCCCXCIX (899, I think?) Er......a glass of warm milk.......That's basically it. In the bottle, wet on my skin, dry........milk. Not really sweet.....just that smell that wafts from a glass of warm milk..... I detest milk......this one is going to have to find a new home. MIII (1003) Pink Phoenix Light!! It's the same pink, sweet, slighty floral, slighty fruity scent that Pink Phoenix is, only a little lighter. Which suits me just fine, because I could hardly wear Pink Phoenix because it was too strong on me. Yeah, a winner this one! DCCCXCI (891) Soap (or toilet air freshener) I really can't say it smells bad.......it's just not something I'd want to wear as a perfume....... I might make it into an expensive air freshener...... MLXXXII (1082) Grapefruit and Lillies (not sure what kind of lillies, but surely lillies) It's really fresh and pretty, but I'm not sure it's 'me'.....I might gift this to my floral loving ex-MIL. This is *so* why I love the Chaos Theory runs........so much fun in the surprise smells!
  12. gaai


    Starts out as sweet yellow flowers and dries down to the most gloriously golden amber....... I love every stage of this oil and I can't wait to pair it with the bath-oil!
  13. gaai

    Villainess and BPAL

    Jai Mahal + Inez = and also
  14. gaai

    Bruised Violet Compound

    I was very much prepared to dislike this........but I think I've finally found my perfect violet scent!! Most violet scents are either too flowery or too sweet/candy-ish.......this one, for me, comes very close to how I perceive the scent of real violets. It has that fresh, earthyness of the surrounding garden and despite patchouli often being labeled as 'dirty', I find this very clean smelling. This might very well be my first violet-blend-full-bottle-purchase!! *yay*
  15. gaai

    Nostrum Remedium

    I was very curious about the wasabi note in this blend, but apparently.......black tea leaf + wasabi = licorice with my chemistry....... I don't like the smell of licorice........not at all.......and the honey is a no-show, so I'm gonna wash this one off and pretend this never happened........