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  1. oneiromantics


    Reviews for Six have been very uneven so far, so I might as well chime in. I have relatively picky skin chemistry, but this is very true to concept on me. The dominant note is a true red rose (the sort I'd hoped to get from Rose Red, which went sour on me). The leather and almond are supporting notes. It's nicely balanced. Grown up. Sexy, but not over the top. This might be the first bold rose that's ever really sung on me. I'm happy with it.
  2. oneiromantics

    A Witch Riding on a Dragon

    This is such a BPAL scent to me, and I love it for that. The feeling it gives me is similar to when you open your box of imps and go "ahhhh, BPAL." The scorched oak is what stands out the most on my skin, rounded out with a bit of sweetness. Dragon's blood blends are not usually in my wheelhouse, but it's playing nicely here. It feels a bit like the Antikythera Mechanism's smokier cousin. In my opinion, it's smack in the middle of masculine and feminine. Definitely looking forward to seeing how it ages!
  3. oneiromantics

    The Waltz

    When I first received The Waltz from the lab, it translated to Turkish delight on my skin. A few months later, it's smoothed out a little, and I'm getting soft rose, sweet vanilla, and a very gentle musk. It's delicate, feminine, and just a tiny bit gourmand. The rose note here is really wonderful. I typically can't do big, bold roses (they tends to go sour on me), but I love a soft rose, and this is one of the best I've tried.
  4. oneiromantics

    Thrice-Plowed Field

    Man, Puddin' and the goblins really have a way with those field-like scents, huh? First the masterpiece that is The Gourd of Deprivation, and now this! But where The Gourd is dense, spicy, and rich, this is light and mellow. I just gave it a little spritz for the first time last night, and the main impression I got was a light, delicious honey with something creamy in the background, possibly the oats. It's sweet but not too sweet, wafts around the room pleasantly, and strikes me as a happy, comforting scent that's good for all seasons. I hope this makes it to a major release at some point. I would certainly buy a bottle and spray it on everything. ETA: I gave it a bigger spritz today, and I can definitely smell that drier, grassy note in balance with the honey. This is lovely!
  5. oneiromantics

    Key Lime Pie Bath Oil

    This smells just like a key lime pie. It is incredibly realistic--more than I imagined it would be. The balance between the sweet/tart/creamy lime filling and the buttery graham cracker crust is just perfect! I've been using it often (as moisturizer) since I got it.
  6. oneiromantics

    John Watson

    I got a tester of this in a recent swap. Maybe it's just my chemistry, or maybe the sample I got was corrupted somehow, but this one went astoundingly bad on me. It was all moldy tweed and mothballs.
  7. oneiromantics

    Crimson Peak

    Just trying this for the first time today. Wet, the snow note is dominant. It smells like the same kind of slushy snow used in Frosted Silkybat hair gloss (which I love). As it dries down, the snow recedes to the background and the clay note emerges. It's earthy, smooth, and a little bit sweet. I'm catching a little bit of a metallic tang, and maybe a hint of vanilla. I'd say it stays pretty true-to-concept on me, but I wish that snow note had a bit more presence in the drydown. May have to try it in a scent locket, or paired with Frosted Silkybat.
  8. oneiromantics

    Once Upon a Time

    AWESOME bedtime scent. I almost always wear TKO to bed, but I'm thinking of snagging a bottle or two of this to put some variety in my nightly routine. Wet, it's very lavender-heavy, which I like. But as it dries, the chamomile and bitter hops emerge and make it into this delicious herbal blend. To me, it smells kind of like the sort of aromatherapy oils that would be used during a massage at a really high-end spa, in the best way. Highly recommended if you want something that's in the same family as TKO but less sweet.
  9. oneiromantics

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    A friend of mine (male) is looking for a BPAL scent that resembles Hermes' Jardin sur le Toit, which is a unisex scent. The official description states: "Un Jardin sur le Toit is a lively, edgy novella. This perfume describes a secret garden, nestled in the heart of the city in Paris. A hanging garden, perched on the roof of the house of Hermès, at 24 faubourg Saint-Honoré. An apple tree, a pear tree, a magnolia in the Paris air, along with a few self-seeded imposters, all making up this perfume of light and pleasure, enticing and full of laughter." And, I'm not sure how accurate this is, but the Fragrantica website mentions, "Its fresh and sweet-smelling atmosphere is captured by apple, pear, rose, green grass, basil, magnolia and compost notes." So, I guess we're looking for something unisex, fresh, green, a little bit sweet and fruity, and a little bit floral. Ideas?
  10. oneiromantics


    I generally adore the foodie blends, but this was too strong, too rich, just too much for me. It's as if, after a twelve-course Christmas dinner, your aunt sticks a prune cake drenched with honey and mead in front of your nose and urges you to try it, since it's her special recipe. A faint wave of nausea overtakes you. Maybe if you hadn't just eaten those twelve other courses, you'd want to try it. But you don't need cake right now. You need a nap, and maybe some looser pants. Maybe it just means my preferences are changing, but I didn't care for this one, for what it's worth.
  11. oneiromantics

    Pink Snowballs

    I was so sad last year when Snow White didn't work on me, and I've never had a rose blend not turn to soap on me, so I have no idea why I was tempted to order this one--but it's amazing! It's exactly like I hoped Snow White would be (and what I imagine it smells like on the many people who love it), with a gentle touch of rose. Brilliant!
  12. oneiromantics


    TKO: so delicious, so full of lavender-marshmallow-vanilla goodness that instead of making me want to go to sleep, it makes me want to stay awake and smell myself. Conundrum!
  13. oneiromantics

    Chaos Theory V: Recursive Self-Similarity v2

    Pretty sure my number is CDXXXII. In the bottle: Lots of O and a bit of citrus. Wet on skin: Oh my goodness, where did all these creamsicles come from? Are these all for me? I can't eat that many... can I? 5 minutes later: HOW DID I EAT ALL OF THOSE CREAMSICLES THAT FAST? ... And then there was no more orange creamy goodness, just O and maybe a little bit of something else. (Anise? Fennel?) It's hard for me to tell because fresh O is terrible on me--it smells like funky b.o. I'll have to revisit this in about six months, when the honey and musk decide to start playing nice on my skin--although it's possible that for the sake of the creamsicles, I might have to wear this scent in a locket. In the meantime, it might come in handy: I'll be moving to Brooklyn within the next month, and if I want to fit in, I can just dab a bit on and smell like an unwashed hipster.
  14. I'd give it another few days before you start being concerned. Sometimes the CnS system isn't working well (I got one the other day - two days AFTER I got the package from a swap!). If you don't hear anything Fridayish, maybe then send a quick inquiry? Thanks, that's reassuring. I'll try not to be so impatient, then.
  15. I placed my order on 4/12, and the lab announcements say they were packed through 4/13 as of 4/17. I still haven't received a click-and-ship notification. Should I be concerned, or am I just being impatient?