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Gentle tea rose, lilac, Calla Lily, and Somalian Rose layered over golden Peruvian amber, Spanish moss, red sandalwood, rosewood, and myrrh, with the lightest touch of Mandarin.


I love Viola. An excellent fragrance, honoring one of my favourite Shakespearean cross- dressing heroines.

This tea rose really is Gentle, or else the Somalian rose is able to correct my skin's usual trick of turning tea rose soapy.
The roses, lilac, & Calla Lily are the main event while wet. I have to huff to find the amber, moss & myrrh.

As it dries, the resins & woods emerge a little more, contributing balance to a soft, rich floral blend.

Viola is engaging, sweet, complex, & wearable.

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Been looking at this for awhile, really wanted to try so I finally got it in an imp order.


In jar: holy florals. I like it but it is a bit bathroom talcum.


Wet: still a bit floral, getting better.


Dry: I think this will get better the longer it dries because it immediately started mellowing the florals with the resins. Definitely glad I got this, but would probably want to put this on like. an hour before I left the house.


Into it. So happy.

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In the imp: I'm mostly getting tea rose and lily.


Wet: Rose and lily are the dominant notes, and they don't seem to want to share the center stage. Both are high-pitched and veering into soap territory on me.


Dry: Sour rose, soapy lily, and a hint of mandarin, with some resins in the background.


Verdict: My skin chemistry just doesn't like the combination of the two dominant floral notes in this blend.

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I get a lot of tea rose and mandarin here. I think this is the first citrus rose that has worked for me. Rose doesn't exactly amp for me, but it does frequently stand out the most in blends. It's nice that it's sharing the spotlight so harmoniously. I'm also grateful that the myrrh isn't turning to soap powder on me. It doesn't blow my mind, but I'm very happy to have an imp.

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This is not a blend I would normally try, due to the rose. But I got it as a frimp, and Viola is a character I adore, so I had to try it.


Wet, this is pleasant. The dreaded rose is made less prominent and a lot more interesting by the woody notes. I even actually get some mandarin! Very promising, despite rose being really not what I enjoy smelling like.


As it dries, it oscillates between fresh, citrussy mandarin and (oh no) rose. Very lovely rose, though, I would highly recommend this to.all rose lovers out there. Drying, it threatens to go soapy (sandalwood and florals do that on me) but never quite does.


It settles into a combination of rose and mandarin, , and the woody notes and amber lend a warmth and roundness to the florals. I’m not sure if I’m not smelling the rose as prominently because of wishful smelling. But this seems like a rose scent I may be able to wear. In any case, it’s working for me on a breezy spring morning, and I will be hanging on to (and perhaps even using up!) my imp.


An unexpected and quite pleasing success.

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