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BPAL Madness!

Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

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Each bottle of Chaos Theory is truly unique, a fragrant fractal, and exercise in the joy of chance and uncertainty! Each is a one-of-a-kind, utterly random combination of scents, the composition of which is based on whim, mood and gut instinct.

<span style='color:crimson'>
Chaos Theory II: CXXXVIII</span> (138)

In the Bottle: Okay, It smells like there's some kind of Musk in here. Definitely not a dark musk, though. The rest is hard to decipher, really. It smells kind of almondy, but it's definitely not almonds, and it doesn't quite smell like any other nuts, either.

Wet on skin: Smells pretty similar to what it does in the bottle, but not as potent. I've smelled something similar to this at some point. It might not have been a BPAL or a perfume at all, it just smells familiar. Ooh. I think I can smell a bit of cherry in there. Ooh, yeah. sniffing it out of the bottle again, I can destinguish some cherry, now.

Dry on skin: Oh, wow. this is starting to get very different from the smell in the bottle.. and if I do say so, it's getting better the longer it's on. Y'know, I wonder if this has Tonka Bean in it.. Ooh.. *looks it up*
Tonka beans smell of vanilla with strong hints of cinnamon, cloves and almonds.

I haven't smelled it on it's own, ever, but It definitely fits the scents I'm picking up here. I first thought of Tonka because it smelled kind of vanilla-y, but not really. It's not as sweet or potent as the Vanilla Bean SN is.. and it explains the"not-quite-almond" smell I got, too. I don't really get cinnamon or clove specifically, but it does have a general 'spiciness' to it.

Verdict: Perhaps not a "holy grail", but I definitely like it enough to keep it around. It seems like something that would age beautifully, too! Edited by Shollin

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Chaos Theory CXX (120? L is for 50, C is for 100, right?)

In the bottle- Citrus (light), musk and light green

Wet- Almond? The citrus went away :D but a gorgeous deep nutty scent mixed with vanilla and smoke is emerging. This smells like roasting chestnuts over an open fire while wearing Dorian (although not quite)

Dry- Less smoke, more incense. This is the child of Dorian and Snake oil. This keeps warping wonderfully. :inhales wrist:

ETA: Wearing it again today, and it smells totally different. The musk from Dorian, a light version of the incense from Snake Oil, the freshness of Szepasszony and a tiny, tiny hint of honeysuckle. Beth? I :P you.

I'll post my other bottle when I have a clean spot to try it on :D


I couldn't wait, cause the other bottle smelled so damn good.

Chaos Theory II LXXVIII (78. I think.)

In the bottle- Frankincense? Myrrh? This smells masculine and religious. I'm almsot reluctant to try it on.

Wet- Whoa. Total warp. It went from heavy and dark to light and airy. Sweet, slightly dark nutty. Vanilla...maybe this is tonka? Its vanilla but more. Jasmine? I'll come back to this when my nose is a bit more clear.

ETA: Wearing it again, I realize the strong scent that never went away and was nagging at my brain was...cinnamon. At least on me. -sigh- While it is amazing, it makes me sneeze a little too much...I think I'll keep my imp and swap the bottle.

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Chaos Theory II: LXV (60)


In the bottle: I nearly cried because I thought I'd hate this one - the only thing I could smell was mint and I hate mint. This was my little birthday present to myself this year and I only bought one bottle, telling myself that "the perfect scent would find me or it wouldn't" so I was a little upset at the thought that this bottle might be headed to swapping or ebay right off the bat!


Wet: A little harsh; I can really smell the mintiness - it makes my nose tingle. Something watery is mellowing the tingle, though, so I think there's hope for this yet! ::crosses fingers::


Drydown: Wow. Oh - just - wow. It turned into this beautiful watery-aquatic-ozone scent on the drydown. I must say its the perfect aquatic scent I've always been searching for - the scent that reminds me of lying under a shady umbrella at the beach after having just come out of the water; that mixture of the breeze coming off the water and the smell of the salt water drying on your skin ... ::dies from the love::


Dry (30 minutes later): There's a sweetness that comes out as I wear this; a light floral beneath the wateriness ... its driving me crazy not being able to discern what floral, but it blends so incredibly well with the rest of the scent that I can't be sure what it is. A whiff I got a moment ago strongly reminded me of white rose (a note very like the note I adore in Dublin) ... but then a minute later I was absolutely positive it wasn't rose and was, perhaps, lotus ... Either way, this scent is beautiful beyond my wildest imagination; so complex and continuely shifting on my skin.


Dry (60 minutes later): The sweetness of the floral is completely intermingled with the scent now; its a sweet, clean, watery scent that defies my ability to explain. I repeat "Oh - just - wow."


Verdict: Dublin is my "every day" scent and this LXV has a strong parallel to that blend; I think this is just perfect for wearing in warmer weather, on occassions where I fell Dublin is just a little too ...(sweet? heavy? floral?)... too much. I'm in love with this blend, despite my moment of panic when I opened the bottle - I'll have to use this one sparingly!


ETA: About two hours after applying this scent, its faded considerably. Its such a pale, smooth scent ... If I could give it a color, it would be translucent but shimmering; perhaps a pale green or light blue ... or maybe both, ever shifting.


I'm a big fan of Philosophy's "Amazing Grace" (one of the only two commrecial fragrances I'll wear) because its a "your skin but better" kind of smell; a faint hint of scent that really does adjust to suit its wearer. That's exactly what this Chaos blend makes me think of - when I've been wearing it for awhile, it becomes my skin, but better because of the faint oceanic scent that delicately wafts from my skin.


Oh yes; I'm in love.

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LXVII - 67


In the bottle: Something mellow green, kind of gender neutral. Maybe the slightest whiff of pale pepper, nothing that bites the nose though.

Wet on the skin: A little fruitiness added to the above. A bit more rounded off, it's like it's becoming "complete" now.

Dry: I can see now that the fruit is plum. It's not nearly as pronounced as in Bordello, but it's dominating. If I could give this blend a color it'd something between purple and pink.

10 minutes: The gender neutral vibe is long gone, this blend has simply blossomed and become a gorgeous plum with a hint of deep rose. It's also not as weakly scented as it seemed right from the bottle. It's undergone quite a transformation.

30 minutes: The rose has come out more, and is level with the plum now. It's a deep, juicy, fruity rose... I'm not too expirienced with rose so I can't compare it to another BPAL rose blend, but I can tell you what it's not. It's not a high-pitched, soapy rose. It's not the kind from Rose Cross, Moon Rose, or Maiden. It's deeper and more lush than that.





Lightly green and herbal in the bottle. Dries down to a vanillic scent with a soft herbal touch.

I would swap this one for a CT2 that's similar to Snake Oil or POTL.

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I got three bottles of Chaos Theory II, so here goes:


CXLI (141, maybe? Roman numerals confuse me):


This is homemade chocolate milk, dude. With the first whiff, it's got the slightly sour cream smell of Chaste Moon and Milk Moon with a dark chocolate bitterness underneath. On the skin, it's something entirely different - BRIGHT orangey fruity sweet-tart dark chocolates. Delicious! This is like no other BPAL blend I've ever smelled and I love love love it.


CXXXII (132, I think):


Whoa. This is fantastic! Cinnamon and sugar, with a hint of light spices. This smells like the perfect cinnamon-sugar blend to sprinkle on toast. On the skin, the cinnamon intensifies, with a creamy sweetness underneath. Tonka, maybe? Yummy, in any case. This will be so perfect for cold mornings. Man oh man, I love this. I want to bathe in it.


LXIX (69? I... I suck at this):


Errr...ok. In the bottle, this is kind of icky. Sharply sour and medicinal. But once on the skin, it lightens up considerably and becomes a fresh and citrusy floral. White flowers and a hint of lemony grapefruit, possibly. I may not be keeping this one, but it's a totally different type scent than I usually choose for myself, so I want to give it another try before I pass it on. ETA: Oh! After a while on the skin, this morphs into a warm sandelwood and citrus scent. I like it much more now! ETA again: This might be my favorite new scent. The other two I got are lovely, but this one is mine.

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Chaos Theory CXL-140


In the bottle

Rasberry and orange? OMG.



Good lord It's rasberry with a bit of "Jailbait' like bubblegum-ness, but much lither. It's got neroli for days too. So it's a berry-ish citrus. Very much like a pink lime-ade.


30 minutes

Is getting more citrus as it dries. The bubblegum scent has faded but the berry is still there. Yep rasberry limeade.



more than average


Scent category:




More sweet and rasberry in the begininng and as it dries it is more lime and less rasberry. Very good staying power too.


Purchase again?



1-5 rating (5 being best)



Chaos Theory CLII-152


In the bottle

Lime! :P Oh my, it's not just lime, it's LIME!

So refreshing, with citronella, lemongrass, lime, and a bit of herbiness and vetivert in the background. FAB!



Still the same, I keep waiting for it to change into something not quite as fantastic...and it doesn't! :D


30 minutes

It does not change one iota, thank goodness.



more then average surprisingly.


Scent category:

Fruity (citrus).



If you like Lush's "Avobath" ballistic, you'd love this. I've never smelled anything this lime-y in all the bpal blends I've tried. I'm thoroughly jazzed about it.

Loads of staying power!


Purchase again?



1-5 rating (5 being best)


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I have two Chaos Theory II bottles. They couldn't be more perfect. :D


CXXI - 121


In the bottle: Wine...not sure if it's red or white. Deep, fruity wine and OMG IT'S LIKE THE FRUITS IN HANGING GARDENS!!! ahem. Plum, for sure, possible some sort of berry (currant?), pomegranate....this is just bliss and heaven. When I put it on, it gets stronger and reminds me of some of my other favorites, like Blood Countess and the Queen of Spades (which I only have a small sample of). There's something vaguely incensey in it but it's mainly these wonderful deep dark red and purple fruits with wine. Yes, I'd say that Hanging Gardens and Queen of Spades are the closest I can imagine to this....a smoky swirl of golden incense haze, a goblet of red wine and a still life arrangement of blood red fruits. This is all I could have ever wished for in a scent. It's like it was made just for me. :P


CLXIII - 163


Did I say made just for me? Because here's another one, at the other end of the spectrum!! This is a very, very clean scent -- not quite like a cleaning product, it is a crystalline, sparkling scent that must certainly have pine or some evergreen and a bit of mint in it. It has the same dark, starry night quality that I get from Yog Sothoth and Pluto without seemingly sharing their notes, that's just the overall impression that I get. Something cold, clear and dark glimmering in the sky; the fresh air above an evergreen forest. As it dries on me it stays fairly true to my initial impression -- more air than forest. This is what I thought Nocnitsa might smell like, and while that came out as a very strong green, almost lime scent this is much more like dark night air. Absolutely stunning, and a blend that I will treasure always. I am literally shedding tears over the beauty of these scents and I am so, so grateful that Beth made them and that fate brought them to my door.



Edited by sarada

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CC XIV Chaos theory II


Out of the bottle this is milky and buttery, almost like milk moon.


Against my skin I definitely smell some of the same milky tones and then up comes a deep dark floral! Dark like narcissus and maybe some stargazer lily? and then some opium mixed in.


as it dries I get a tiny whiff of vetivert but not an offputting amount. I can best describe it like this: dab on a tiny bit of darkness, then add anathema and then a bit of milk moon... now sniff Finally add a touch of love me, just a touch and you have my chaos theory as best as i can smell....


It's gentle and sweet and dark and sultry all at once!


edit: strangely it morphs at the very end to something like snake oil! I'm assuming since it throws vanilla at the END that there is benzoin in it? Is that a logical conclusion? This morphs liike nothing I have ever tried and I really enjoy the stages of it...


category: resin/floral (?)




sdit to add: I'm game for swapping :P

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Chaos Theory II: XXVIII (28)


I could cry. Someone, many someones of you will love this one. It's a buttery Sugar Cookie. I love spicey-vanilla-y stuff, but can't stand butter. Can't stand Jack or Milk Moon 'cause of the butter. I know one of you guys will love this. I'm going to cry now. *sobs*


Bottle: Buttery Sugar Cookie.


Wet on me: Butter Sugar Cookie with an almost floral note in the back??


Dry on me: Buttery Sugar Cookie dominates but a bit of a sweet floral. A nifty concept. I wish I could debutter it, everything but the butter smells great.


Dry 30min: or so. Well, the butter has faded at least to be a minor note that fuses the other scents together. I'm tentatitvely thinking of liking this one now. Or at least of layering Sugar Cookie with a floral blend. :P


Dry 1 hr 30 min: Sweet & creamy at this point, reminding me of Alice, and again with that faint subtle floral in the background.


Hmm. Okay, this is very nice, but will be much nicer on someone who likes the buttery note in Milk Moon & Jack.


Edited for minor grammar.


EDIT2: Eeeep! I guess I did a good sounding review! I've already promised to swap this out and have two other people who I promised to think of in the unlikely event that my swap falls through. I hate saying no to requests for sniffies. I feel like I've been a horrible tease now! So no one else ask me for it, please?

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Butterfly Effect CXXXIV (134):


First sniff: It’s so pretty. Very much fruity, with maybe a tiny hint of mint, and I think there’s white musk in here too.


Wearing: Combine a spearmint Tic Tac with a fruit-flavoured hard candy. That’s the closest I can get to what my Butterfly Effect smells like. As it dries the fruit overtakes the mint - I smell grapes at this stage, white ones. And I was right at first sniff – definitely white musk, dewdrop-shimmery. I’m decidedly pleased. :P


Will update later if it changes or I think of anything else. :D

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Chaos Theory II: LVIII (58)


In the bottle: Benzoin! And I mean like tincture of benzoin like you’d find, well, like you’d find in my secret stash of helpful supplies at work. All of which means that it smells astringent and green. I’ve looked up benzoin to find that is states: true benzoin has a vanilla smell. This, then, is probably not that because it has that sharp, medicinal edge to it like what I equate hospital tincture of benzoin with. There’s some depth lurking beneath it though.


Wet on Skin: It immediately softens, but it’s morphing so quickly that I can’t keep up. Amber? There’s some soft floral action happening in there too. And something sweet is rising up through the depths. I don’t want to take my nose away for fear that I’ll miss something!


After a few: Is that lemon I detect starting to rise up? If so, I would be tickled beyond all known belief. Because the other two fractals definitely have lemon in them and I LOVE lemon. I would just be really giddy and spookily amazed to find that all three bottles had lemon in them. There’s definitely something lemonesque happening here. I’m going to put off getting into another bottle just so my nose doesn’t confuse blends.


Overall, that astringent, tincture of benzoin seems predominate, but it has a lot of friends playing around in this bottle. There’s definitely a lot of aquatics. That and the medicinal quality reminds of the spirit of SIA for some reason. I get a sense of a lot of varied herbal qualities and something that is lemony that will rise and fall as my skin plays with it. Perhaps more along the lines of lemongrass, though, or perhaps it’s just the dry herb action happening with it. It’s overall a dry sort of sent, but one that I find extremely soothing and so incredibly deep. Something resinous slides beneath the surface of this scent, teasing me with a half-imagined glimpse out of the corner of my eye. But, always it’s gone before I can pin it down exactly.


So? I adore this! It’s got such amazing depth to it despite its teasing dryness. It’s medicinal, it’s vaguely lemony (Remember, wench loves lemons!), and it’s quite dark in a slinky sort of way. It’s the scent of someone or something ageless, wise, and darkly beautiful.


Edited: Remind me next time to to test with liberal amounts. Because, happy and in love, I just slathered it on. And? Slightly different ballgame. All of the floral and lemony scents rush out. Everything else still holds true, but with liberal application, it's must sweeter. (I did give the bottle a good roll, yes.) However, it seems to follow form much the same as it did after the first application, but that initial schwing of scent was so different.

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Chaos Theory CXXXIII (133)


In the bottle: Buttery and warm and kind of like buttered popcorn. I'm a bit surprised as I thought this is what Shill might smell like. On it goes!


On me: There's something faintly minty under this, sort of fresh and layered under a warm buttery richness. It's sort of foody, but not, warm but also not spicey. I am wretched at picking notes out but there is also something a little floral? Maybe a few drops of Gardenia although not anywhere near enough that I would call this a gardenia blend.


The verdict: Wierd but good. It's as it progresses a lighter more playful version of harvest moon on me..


Chaos Theory CXXXVI (136)

In the bottle: ooo minty

On me; whoa. Werd. A little bit like Sasparilla and mint, this is herbal and minty all at once, with a touch of sweetness. It goes a little sticky and off on me sadly.


The verdict: weird but not so good with my skin. While I love the mint and whatever else is in this in the bottle, my skin does bad things with it. Swap it goes

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Chaos Theory XXXIX (39):


In the bottle, it's very watery, crisp, clear, with a twang of wintergreen around the edges. Cucumber, something floral, something aquatic, something really green, and WINTERGREEN! *excited bounce*


On me, it sings WINTERGREEEEEEEN for a very long time -- fortunately, I love wintergreen, and it loves me. Then, out of nowhere, bam, there's a very subtle cucumber/moonflower?/aquatic thing going on below the influx of wintergreen. After that, it doesn't really change much, and with the way wintergreen and cucumbery-aquatics last on my skin, I won't have to slather... which is good because I'm going to be absolutely heartbroken when this bottle is gone. THIS is the pentultimate cucumber scent for a cucumber freak like me.

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Chaos Theory XIV (14)


Hee. My god, this is one strange scent. It could best be described as a BPAL Sampler in a Bottle. It's just all about the morphing. :D


In the bottle this is butter. Warm rich butter. It's almost mouth-watering even though I'm unsure if I want to put it on or eat it. Just to be sure about what's lurking in my bottle I swirled it around. And...butter. Oh wait! I lied. There's the faintest hint of red berries. Barely. In a second back to buttered goodness.


Once it hits my skin it changes and 14 is off to the races in a weird mad dash of changing scents.


First off: the soapy ozone-y goodness of Storm Moon. Bold, bright and refreshing.


Second: the night chill of Yog-Sothoth, minus the evil. Light, barely there, but present nonetheless.


Third: nothing. Honest to god, it just vanished momentarily. I was really scared that it was gone for good. But like the previous stages it was quickly replaced by something else.


Fourth: Sweet...floral? Wha? I wish I could tell you the floral notes if they are, in fact, floral notes. It's not thick or heavy like Attack of the Flowers. It's not dainty and girly either. It's greener and sweeter, like Dublin is on my skin, but much lighter.


Fifth: Sugar! Bright, energetic girly sweetness. Very similar to Pink Moon.


Sixth, and settling: Sweet florals. It alternates between sweetness and floral, and then balances for a bit. Then they dance around again. Then settle.


Seventh, and settled, if you could call it that: Basically, it stays in its sixth form. But every once in a while I'll catch a whiff of previous stages, with stage one being the visitor who comes back most often.


Damn, this is one odd bottle. It's very very nice but a little psychotic which I enjoy. I'll have to bring this to our sniff-a-thon so people can figure out just what in the hell Beth has put in here. :P


:D Amazing!


ETA: Nifty! My post AND my bottle are both 14! Yay!

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It took me a while to pin bottle IV down, because it's so strange. It's dark, dark, dark like whoa, and totally removed from anything else BPAL that I've ever tried.


Chaos Theory IV (4):


In the bottle, this is cinnamon butter cookies with a touch of something that almost smells like liquid smoke, and a hint of wintergreen and pine around the edges. (See, told you it was weird.)


Once on my skin, it screams wintergreen, pine, and butter cookies -- like jumping off of my arm and beating me upside the head with their heavy, deep, darkness. And then the smoke comes back, the cookies recede, and all I smell is leather, smoke, and pine. AND THEN, it all fades a bit, and I can smell red patchouli and musk, but it isn't heavy musk or civet, more like a soft, smooth golden musk. After a while, it's a conglomeration of everything but the wintergreen and cookies -- mostly pine, leather, smoke, and musk, with just the lightest touch of patchouli.


It's truly the oddest scent I've ever, ever smelled, and yet, for some reason, it screams "please come have sex with my arm". WOW.

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in the bottle: mint, and annis i think. not a huge fan of mint but love annis.


wet: spearmint to be exact, which as far as mints go isn't as bad as some others, wet it is all 100% spearmint.


as it dries i think there is annis in this, and possibly a pine of some sort but the mint is definitely the front runner.

then after abbit whhhhaaaat??? spicy? yes i think cinnamon and mint? wow, i was a bit dissapointed at first but then blammy it shifted to a me smell. wow just wow i am liking



chaos LXXIX

in the bottle:rum? butter rum maybe?


wet: hmmmm i do believe it is a buttery rum, w/ some rose? i know this smell. i am gonna have to think on it a bit.


as it dries a spicy aroma emerges almost smells like raisin bread baking, mixed in w/ the buttery floral this is my favorite of the three

this also went thru a cocoa stage, but that was brief abt 10 min. what an intresting blend





chaos L

in the bottle, a wood resin, i am thinking the same one that is in delphi, and something very leafy green


wet: tree boughs, like hiding in a tree in the woods.


as it dries there is some sort of floral here too, but not the common floral smell, it is something i am having a hard time placing, it is a light fresh greener type floral but the woodsy notes are most prominent.

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Chaos Theory II - CCCXXVII (327)


I was so nervous on receiving my Butterfly order, I sniffed absolutely everything else before daring to open the Chaos Theory bottle. When I finally did, I had to swallow some disappointment because it wasn't anything like what I'd daydreamed about. It was...well, I couldn't recognize anything. It was just a bizarre melange of unrecognizable smells.


Putting it on, my first whiff was of something astringent and evergreen, maybe juniper berries. I didn't expect that at all from what I sniffed in the bottle. It seems very masculine. Maybe bay?


After about five minutes, I decided to just close my eyes, take a deep breath and see what came out. So. Eyes closed. Quiet room. Wrist to nose and...OH MY GOD.


Coconut! I think. The astringent note was barely there anymore except to clear my sinuses to let in more beautiful, sweet coconut. There could be some chocolate there too. Deep, dark chocolate.


Shortly after, something just a bit flowery and spicy comes in to join the coconut. Honey? Could that be it? I'm miserable at picking out notes, but I'm in love.


Chaos Theory is the best. Experiment. Ever.


If I had to describe this scent having no clue what the notes actually are, I'd describe it as a rich, nutty brown. Chocolate? Dirt? The two mixed together?

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Chaos Theory II - CCLXXXVI

Wow. Lemon, lemon, lemon---not a dusty or removed lemon, but a lovely, bracing, juicy surge of lemon as if I were grating lemon rinds. Underneath, there's a lovely grass or hay note. An hour later, I can smell a touch of anise. It's like drinking a lemon drop at a garden party.

Chaos Theory II - CCXCVI

This is going to sound nutbar, but this really smells like a good merlot out of a winecask. I can smell the wine, dusty woods, and the very slightest touch of leather. On dry down I can no longer smell the leather but I can smell a white flower, I think it's gardenia, just a touch of it. Lovely.


Chaos Theory II - XXI

Freshly ground pepper, the fancy kind. And...oregano? On drydown there's a resiny undertone and the tiniest touch of spearamint or eucalyptus. It kind of reminds me of spicy basil. It's a dark, mysterious herbal.

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Chaos Theory LXXXIII: In the bottle, there is a creaminess like tonka and/or vanilla, but also a sharpness very similar to cherry medicine that reminds me somewhat of Kabuki. On my skin, though, this turns into cream and spices and a subtle nuttiness. It reminds me very much of Shub-Niggurath and Silk Road... perhaps what would happen if you mixed them together. Gorgeous!!! :P


Chaos Theory CCLXXXVIII:In the bottle, this is sharp and green. Very herbal but also floral. I wish like hell I knew how to better identify notes in these blends. On my skin, it is somewhat medicinal, but still very green... almost a juniper or eucalyptus or a similarly biting green scent. There is a soft floral in the background that I hope comes out a little more as this dries and ripens so I can identify it. It's sweet and bubble-gummy, so perhaps lotus? Yes, the more I smell it the more I think it is lotus. This one is very complex, but quite stunning. I am pretty pleased with both of my "experiments." :D

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Chaos Theory2 - CCXXXIV


In bottle:

Oooh interesting! My first impression was a sweet, boozey smell. When I smelled it the second time, I got more of a foody/minty smell. I swear I smell mint in there, kind of like if mint ice cream were mixed with some kind of booze like bourbon.


On me:

Oh yeah that's mint!! Beth must have been psychically linked with me! I kept thinking how great it would be if I got a mint or cinnamon blend, and this is definitely minty! I'm having a hard time identifying anything else, it seems like there is something green and herbally behind the mint, but I can't tell yet. It's warm though too, not a cold mint. It's not boozey smelling on me like it was in the bottle. The mint is more wintergreen smelling than regular mint or peppermint and underneath I think there is something that smells a bit like eucalyptus, but it's so very faint!


Final note:

I wish I could say more about this, but so far that's all I've really gotten! It's a very nice blend, and right up my alley. I'm very very pleased and I will come back and edit if I come up with some other notes on this!


EDIT: This dries into a wonderful smokey sweet scent with a nice minty kick. It's fabulous!!



Chaos Theory 2 - LXI -


In the bottle:

Wow this is REALLY boozey smelling.


On me:

I'm starting to smell some citrus - I believe it's lemon. Right now, this smells like some kind of lemon liqour. It's not a bright, tart lemon - it's a well rounded, deep lemon smell. I really cannot identify the boozey smell underneath, but on me, it's not an overwhelming smell, the lemon definitely is predominant on me. As this is on me longer, it starts to make me think of Christmas. I cannot for the life of me figure out *why*, but there is something nostalgic about this smell. It's really softened now, and it's very pretty actually.


Later: It's very soft now, and this scent just keeps bringing up new surprises! Now there is some kind of spice that's come up, I can't identify it more than to say it's a general spiciness, and it compliments that soft lemon smell very well! It makes me think of a Yankee Candle Company Candle actually.


Final note:

This is so unusual and very pretty - I'm not normally into lemon, so I may end up trading this off, but I might just keep it anyways because that nice soft n spicey drydown is very nice.


EDIT: We call my Mom The Nose because she has a super sense of smell. It's true too, it turns out she caught something in this lemon blend that I didn't! She caught tobacco right away, which accounts for the boozey smell. I sometimes smell tobacco as boozey, and when the lemon dried down to a nice warm and spicey scent, that must have been the tobacco!

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Chaos Theory LIII (I dont do roman numerals)


This was made just for me! This is fetish leather, slick, sexy & dominating. There is something in the background, but I cant really place it. I think it might be Abergris. It is masculine, but I love it with all my heart! It is very mild and soothing. I really have to get a man to put this on, cause I think I would tear him to shreds, I'm sure he would like it! :D


Chaos Theory CCXLV


This one is very complex, and everchanging! When I first opened the bottle I smelled pickles! I was frightened at this point. I put it on, and the pickles slowly faded. Then came flowers & berries, woods... hell, I think everything is in this bottle. It smells so freakin' good though! It is a perfect summer woody, berry floral. I love this one too, but not as much as my leathered man!


ETA: The longer I have these two scents on, the better they smell. I am totally in love with these 2, that if I would have to give up all my perfume, I would not let these go! I am amazed with Beth & co. I love you guys! I will treasure these! :P

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Chaos Theory XVI (16)


I've decided to wear my Chaos Theory again today (my second try), and wow, it works on me.


The clue? King of Clubs started getting a little more musky and a little less sexy over the last 24 hours. Something is up with my monthly cycle, although I haven't figured out yet what.


Anyway. When I got my order on Friday, my CT was mostly florals. I couldn't tell what, but it was almost all flowers and on the drydown something that might have been a white musk. I'm awful at guessing scent notes.


Today it's much more agreeable: Gardenia maybe, at first? Perhaps with a bit of honeysuckle. It's very clean and white. It might be lightened a bit with something aquatic -- it certainly smells like fresh rain in a lush green garden, or heavy summer dew.


Hidden under the layers of white is something sort of fruity, but not sweet. It reminds me of the fruit in Queen of Clubs, so perhaps pomegranate or fig? Current? There is also a hint of smoke here, like fruit incense. Very much like a lighter, whiter version of Queen of Clubs.


Overall this is very clean, fresh, and light. It is like a mix of Lady of Shallott and Queen of Clubs. I might actually end up wearing it regularly, if my monthly chemistry doesn't stray too far from what it's been lately.

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Chaos Theory II CXVI


Sadly, this is the only bottle that works on me and that I was able to keep (and no cinnamon blends for me -- guess I shouldn't have got my hopes up).


This is buttery/rummy out of the bottle but after applying the butter note fades and leaves just a slightly sweet rummy note. That's about the only way I can describe it. I can't pick out any other notes and it's very light. It's not my cinnamon blend that I was hoping for, but at least I have one I can wear.


ETA: I've had this on for a couple hours and a leather note is appearing. Leather and rum.

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Chaos Theory XLIX


Mmm, sweet, and slightly aquatic, maybe cucumber? A light floral too, and I have no idea what flower it is, as I don't usually wear florals, but it smells gorgeous. A bit like Snow White, but sweeter and creamier.


I picked up one bottle, as I wanted my bottle, and this is brilliant. It dries down to a creamy, slightly spicy, divinely beautiful scent. Lightly floral and very feminine, the perfect black dress of scents.

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Chaos Theory II CXV (115)


In the bottle, this is a rich, sweet cream and some sweetly green, like fresh green shoots. It's a highly unusual combination, but one that whispers "child" and "nostalgia." I'm instantly reminded of Chaste Moon's description (not the notes--the flavor text).


On my skin, I can detect something very lightly fruity and slightly tart--current? Pomegranate? The cream is in the background now, softening the blend. Where before the blend had a slight chill to it, now there's a cozy warmth.


After several minutes, the blend has completely morphed. It's become foody...cookies dotted with dried fruit?


EDIT: I just realized that I can still detect the sweet greenery and cream in the drydown! It's like...I tilt my wrist one way--slightly chilly cream and green, tilt it another way--cookies with dried fruit. It's like an entire nostalgia scene!


This is a highly unusual, morphing blend. It's beautiful and evocative, but I might end up trading it for another bottle of CT2 that jives with me more :P

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