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    Dorian, Wolfs Heart, Augar Skull!. I love vanilla, light musk and whatevers in Thunderbird.

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    Books, my bird, cartoons, knives and of course, perfume.
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  1. laochodia


    This scent is.....ebbeh. Amazing. The thickest hot cocoa, with the spices that are in snake oil and some vanilla pods floating in it. I say cocoa because on me, the labs chocolate note turns to ick, and this is definitely cocoa....it has that dark, dry, almost powder taste/feel to it. ....I want to try and make a drink that tastes like this smells. This is definitely a new favorite scent.
  2. laochodia

    The Arrival at the Sabbath and Homage to the Devil

    On me, this is pure caramel made with bourbon vanilla. A slightly foral, almost plastic/playdough note keeps trying to edge its way in, but the vanilla keeps reasserting itself. I want to eat my wrists. It does seem to be fading after about 10 minutes, leaving a sweet vanilla, light caramel and slightly floral scent wafting from my wrists instead of CARAMEL and VANILLA. 15 min later- Oh no! It smells like a freshly unwrapped girls toy! That faint vanilla/plastic scent?! I'm going to reapply some, and hope the drydown doesn't do that again. Please, my vanilla caramel scent, don't desert me!
  3. laochodia

    Cake, cookies, donuts, baked goods, even Cinnabon

    Eat Me is also a very nice, sweet cake perfume...it isn't as heavy or syrupy as cockaigne but its yummy enough that wearing it makes me hungry
  4. laochodia


    On me, this is the same pure snow note from Snow White and the crystalline mint from Nuclear Winter, with a bit of vanilla and a hint of citrus thrown in. Delicious and soft and long lasting and amazing.
  5. laochodia


    The most foody BPAL I have ever worn without being sticky-sweet. This reminds me intensely of honeycakes, or perhaps caramel-cakes made with cinnamon, with a glass of a dark sweet sherry on the side. This made me slightly hungry all day, and garnered many compliments and much snuggling. I may need a 5ml of this.
  6. laochodia

    Chaos Theory III: Strange Attractors

    Quick reviews: CDXXX- First off, hee hee hee. Now, first sniff. Light and sweet. Fruity sugar? On my skin- This is good. I can't quite describe it, but it smells like it would taste very light and like powdered sugar with japanese candy in it. I really like this one. CDLIII- In the bottle- Sharp and green. On my sking- wow. Vanilla musk with a teensy hint of freshness. This smells like La Fee Verte without the green notes. MMMmmmm. I am never getting rid of this one. Possibly a half imp in a circle, but thats about it.
  7. laochodia

    Antique Lace

    Vanilla and soft lace. This is slowly creeping into my favorite imp list. It stays sweet and light, with just enough throw that you can smell it when sitting next to me but only get teensy whiffs of it 2 seats away. This is a very soft, lush, sweet but not sugary scent that stays with you for hours.
  8. laochodia


    Light floral. This started smelling like lilies on me, so I scrubbed it off and put on the heaviest scent in my box- O. 10 minutes later, O was GONE and Pele was back as a heavy, lush, sneeze-inducing blend. An interesting and lovely scent, but not for me.
  9. Shango is similar to MiGo, but not as bright...its more of a red scent than a happy-pink scent, if that makes any sense at all. Mi-Go always strikes me as a happy jingly sparkly scent, and Shango is more of a deep, thoughtful scent.
  10. laochodia


    In the imp- Holy fruity honey. Wet- Sweet juice and herbs Dry- Light plum, a dusting of sugar and sweet herbs. very lovely and refreshing.
  11. laochodia


    This is Ice Queen and Tempest combined, on me. Sweet, airy, icy, watery, slushy, a bit flowery....this is yummy.
  12. laochodia

    Enraged Bunny Musk

    I will start off with saying I expected to hate this, but bought it just because of the concept and name. As always, Beth has proven me wrong. In the bottle- the musk from Oisin and the lemon from Dorian. Wet- Lemon! Not sharp, biting citrus lemon, but sweet lemonade lemon. Dry- Soft and fuzzy but strong, if that makes sense. The lightest musk I have ever encountered, with notes that bring to mind marshmallows and sweet lemons (it doesn't make sense but thats what it smells like, dammit). This is a perfect spring blend. Light and foofy and happy. This scent is the unbearable cuteness of a baby bunny bouncing across a field.
  13. laochodia

    Monster Bait: Underpants

    In the bottle- Buttercream and Rum. Wet- Vanilla, sandalwood and a hint of saffron. Dry- Creamy vanilla and a sweet sandalwood/saffron mix, with just a hint of boozyness. This is sweet without being sacchrine, and rich without being overpowering. Yum!
  14. laochodia


    in the imp- Red. I smell red. By amazing coincidence, the oil is also a lovely purple-red. Not an angry red, but a deep soothing one. On my skin- wet- Ohmygod. This is amazing. Fruit, but no citrus. Sunwarmed fruit. Fruit that is sweet and is fresh off the tree and is begging to be eaten. I don't really get apple, but I do get a crisp note, backed by pomegranate, a sweet light note (probably the sugar cane) and apricots, as well as a slightly biting note, possibly the chili. Dry- Wow. This keeps getting better! The fruits have faded to the back, pushed there by a lovely fruity musk that is slightly spicy. I smell like the mother of all sangrias. This scent lasted for 8 hours, up until I washed the dishes. As it dries, the fruity musk came out more and more, and the actual fruits faded but hung on. I had been slightly sad that I put this on instead of Underpants, but then it dried and I walked around with my wrist stuck to my nose.
  15. Causes male classmates to shift their desks closer to you- Sed Non Satiata Gets your wrist grabbed and sniffed by male friends- Snake Oil, Sugar Skull Gets your wrist grabbed by any friend- Dorian, Thunderbird, Nuclear Winter