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  1. sheepzeit

    Blood Moon 2005

    I have to say that this reminds me a lot of Blood Kiss, with the softly spicy, musky sensual scent. It is a very warm, close-to-the-skin type scent as well as one that is... sweet in a vanilla-y kind of way (which I suppose are the grains). I like it but am not sure I will end up wearing this very much, though maybe when the weather starts getting colder!
  2. sheepzeit


    Hangingfire is right on the money, and she says it better than I could. I love a good old plain gin martini and this smells amazingly like that. But I do also get a hint of lime in there to freshen it up, and it makes me think also of gin and tonics (another favorite of mine). I am a Bombay Sapphire girl, but this is so swank either way! I am fairly certain I couldn't pull off wearing this to the office, but on the weekends anything is game.
  3. sheepzeit

    The Hamptons

    Like everyone else here I dont' regularly drink Cosmos but I was curious enough to order an imp of this. When I wear it it doesn't change much, but it is lighthearted and fruity with cranberry. However as time goes on it lightens a bit and smells more like a Sweet Tart than a Cosmo!
  4. sheepzeit

    The Black Tower

    Initially, this scent is woodsy and masculine with a slightly peppery overtone to it. Not exactly pepper maybe, but definitely something sharp with a bite to it. As it dries, the ozone, wine, and leather come out very slightly and the mood changes from a dark brown to one of almost a blue-green with slate grey. This is such a dark, overcast, moody scent. So masculine but fresh, and I have to say that I have very rarely come across a scent that hit its own description so dead-on. I really do see the dusty soldiers and the ivy crawling up the cold stones, smell the wind and the clouds, feel the dry grass under my feet... Although this scent is a little masculine for me and I may not really wear it much, this imp is definitely worth keeping. Like Thunderbird and Black Annis, the images this conjures up are just too good to swap away.
  5. sheepzeit


    This was a gift from the lab, and not one that made it to my original wishlist. However I think the Lab really scored one with me, as I think I love this one! I don't usually write reviews unless it's something that's really moved me, and this one has. I love woodsy, earthy scents and I thought this would be a little too musky and/or fruity but it's really like taking a walk through the woods right after a spring or summer rain. The lemon is only in the background like a ray of sunlight shattering into slivers in the moist, humid air. Wow, I love this. I need to get a big bottle of this for sure in my next order. Thank you, Lab!
  6. sheepzeit


    I was a little hesitant in trying this because although I have been looking for a perfect spiced orange scent, it smells like cherry Twizzlers to me right out of the bottle! As it dries, though, everyone is right. It's sweet but not too sweet. Fruity but not too fruity. I don't normally do fruit because it turns cloying and fake on me (like candy or artificial candles) but not this. Hooray! After a thorough drydown I just have the softest orange scent maybe with a hint of berry. I think the pepper in this keeps the fruit from going over the edge, but it's so lovely and cozy and warm. I think I found my spiced orange scent, and I can't wait to snuggle in this scent when winter comes over a mug of hot orange spice tea.
  7. sheepzeit

    Torture King

    Torture King sounded like a jumble of curious and fascinating things. It has a warm, summer afternoon dusty feel to it, languid and slow. With the sweetness of bourbon and the spiciness of clove and the earthiness of resins, I feel lazy and hot. This is not very unlike The Lion, which conjured a very similar image. I barely smell the lemon except for herhaps a tangy sweetness that adds an edge to the bourbon. I can envision all kinds of strange antique curios from a carnivale tent. I feel like I'm poking through Borgin and Burke's on a summer day!
  8. sheepzeit

    Bed of Nails

    Hrm. Wow, I liked the imagery of "Bed of Nails" when the CN line was released, but I was certainly not expected this one to be the aquatic! I thought House of Mirrors was going to be aquatic! This is very much 100% ozone and water to me. It doesn't change much on my skin and I am wishing I smelled some of the eucalyptus or citrus that some people have experienced, but not I. Although I am not terribly familiar with name-brand men's cologne I do see how this can be Eternity for Men. Unfortunately this is a little too masculine and aquatic for me.
  9. sheepzeit


    I am COMPLETELY in love with this scent. I bought this for my husband because he's a geek and geeks are hot (even though I know this scent was named after the original term), but I think that I am way more in love with this than he is. I love woodsy and spicy scents, and this hits the mark dead on. Oh my god. Wet it smells like a less evergreen-y Nocnitsa or a non-sweaty Hexennacht, but once it hits my skin the spices really come out. It certainly smells woodsy, resiny, and with a hint of cinnamon - almost like entering a dusty, creepy beachside carnival tent with a dark stranger who is burning incense. This so so dark, rich, spicy, earthy, and smoky. It's everything I love all rolled into one. Thank you! (the label is fabulous, too!)
  10. I have found Graveyard Dirt and King of Clubs to be the ultimate "Forest" scent for me. I enjoy Nocnitsa and Samhain as some of the other woodsy scents, but GD and KoC smells like walking in the woods with my eyes closed. Hexennacht is also woodsy but on me it's mostly sweat. The said, chemistry is a strange thing, so I've spent my months with BPAL hunting down every forest scent I could find and seeing how they work on me. My reactions have been so different from the norm sometimes, it makes me want to cry.
  11. sheepzeit

    Chaos Theory II : The Butterfly Effect

    Chaos Theory XVI (16) I've decided to wear my Chaos Theory again today (my second try), and wow, it works on me. The clue? King of Clubs started getting a little more musky and a little less sexy over the last 24 hours. Something is up with my monthly cycle, although I haven't figured out yet what. Anyway. When I got my order on Friday, my CT was mostly florals. I couldn't tell what, but it was almost all flowers and on the drydown something that might have been a white musk. I'm awful at guessing scent notes. Today it's much more agreeable: Gardenia maybe, at first? Perhaps with a bit of honeysuckle. It's very clean and white. It might be lightened a bit with something aquatic -- it certainly smells like fresh rain in a lush green garden, or heavy summer dew. Hidden under the layers of white is something sort of fruity, but not sweet. It reminds me of the fruit in Queen of Clubs, so perhaps pomegranate or fig? Current? There is also a hint of smoke here, like fruit incense. Very much like a lighter, whiter version of Queen of Clubs. Overall this is very clean, fresh, and light. It is like a mix of Lady of Shallott and Queen of Clubs. I might actually end up wearing it regularly, if my monthly chemistry doesn't stray too far from what it's been lately.
  12. sheepzeit

    King of Clubs

    Wow! I was very excited when I read about this one, and I ordered a bottle immediately. It sounded so very much up my alley (except for the leather) and when I received it today, my assumption was proved correct! Wet, it sent shivers down my spine. Earthy, mossy, and with a touch of... spiciness? So incredibly lovely. It was like stepping into the greenest forest in the world right after a rainstorm and inhaling deeply. A wisp of musk wafts through the whole thing, like someone had just walked down the path before I did. As it dries, the more subtle components start coming out. The dirt fades and the leather, sage, and almond come to the forefont. The musk really starts to take the spotlight now, and settles in. Although I can definitely imagine this being super sexy on my husband, I think that I still like it enough to wear myself. I might persuade him to try it, just so I can see how it morphs on his skin. Thank you so very much, Beth! This is possibly my new absolute favorite BPAL scent, ever. --- Edited to add: I swiped a drop on my husband and after 15 minutes I am FLOORED by how different this smells on him. On me the drydown is mostly musk and a bit of almond. On him I can definitely smell the sage and dirt. Although I like the effect it has on me, I wish I could have his skin, too. Wah!
  13. sheepzeit

    Dragon's Hide

    Dragon's blood always ends up smelling like clean soap on me. Not anything bad, but not something I tend to want to smell like all the time. This blend is very much Dragon's Blood, but with a nice thick layer of leather underneath. A tendril of smoke drifts through it before it fully dries. On complete drydown, though, it reminds me of bandages. Or the smell of a clean doctor's office. I'm not sure leather scents work on me because so far I've had no luck, but at least this is a very clean scent, if not necessarily a romantic image of a powerful, beautiful dragon.
  14. sheepzeit

    Milk Moon 2005

    I was expecting something similar to Chaste Moon, but this is so different! I hadn't read any reviews before trying it and was very surprised at the mint. This does definitely have a similarity to Spooky, which is nice in a foody way. I don't do gourmand scents but it's still a good thing to keep around when the mood hits. I find it interesting that there is a slightly soured undertone, but instead of thinking of sour milk, it reminds me of yogurt. Perhaps a very delish, cool, creamy vanilla yogurt topped with a sprig of mint. Mmm!
  15. sheepzeit

    Temperature and BPAL

    I have spoken to one or two people who store their BPAL in the fridge, and I admit that occasionally I do, too, especially before I moved and it was hot as hell in the house. I never noticed any degradation of the oils when they were cold, and they warmed up very quickly and smelled just fine. However if someone does advise against it I'd be interested to hear the effects of cold on them.