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  1. Aurelius


    Hee! I smell like a root beer float! Frothy, vaguely carbonated, and sweet. After about twenty minutes something goes a bit off. Bring the float back!
  2. Aurelius


    I was so excited when I got Spanked by the Trading Post! I knew I was naughty. Sadly, so is my skin chemistry. This smells jaw-droppingly good in the bottle. A spicy, leathery scent with just a hint of boozy goodness. But my skin doesn't like leather (heh) and it gets very loud and then very powdery. None of the other notes stand a chance when up against such a mighty foe. But don't worry! I've Spanked a forumite!
  3. Aurelius

    Snake Charmer

    Yum. A lot like Snake Oil, but almost...carbonated? Thick, even sticky. I almost feel like I'm supposed to take a tablespoon of this to make everything better! Rich and spicy.
  4. Aurelius

    Queen of Clubs

    Earth notes don't tend to work on me, and as expcted, well...they don't. Something about the combination of eathy, fruit, and my skin turns things slightly off, like overripe fruit; not rotten, but not right. Fantastic in the bottle though. Ah well. It's already been swapped.
  5. Aurelius


    First cold. Then icy. Then metallic. From metallic to ozone-y. Back and forth until... powdery. Interesting, but a little too ozone-y for me. Brrrrr!
  6. Aurelius


    A bombardment of edible carnival indulgences. Funnel cake, caramel apple, cotton candy, salt water taffy and sugar tart. Salt and sugar! I have to admit, I was a little afraid of this scent. The reviews were fantastic, but really? Popcorn and taffy? I mean, wouldn't that smell...odd? No, it smells fantastic. This isn't a blend I wear often, as it's markedly different from my "usual" picks, but damn it's good. I just have to be careful not to, uh, lick my arm. Yum yum yum.
  7. Aurelius

    Medicine Show

    Upon application it's a nice, vaguely medicinal scent. Then, hello balsam! From then on it's an almost frothy scent, still with the medicinal background. Not quite for me.
  8. Aurelius

    March Hare

    In the vial and at first on my skin this smells like a ripe apricot with just a tiny bit of spice. It really does smell tasty and edible. Sadly, it suddenly turns sour and loud on my skin. I'm not sure why as both notes seem to work well on me in other blends. Then again, my skin chemistry just loves to mess with me.
  9. Aurelius


    I didn't review this? Probably because I got cranky after I spilled my imp. This was one of my favorites. Rich and thick, although used sparingly as a little goes a long, looooong way. I'm not sure if it really inspired much lust, but it did seem to amp up my confidence.
  10. Aurelius

    Love in the Asylum

    Rose. And sadly, rose overpowers everything else. Why is rose so hit or miss with me? Already swapped with a lovely forumite.
  11. Aurelius


    When first applied Kunstkammer smells like rich orange, almost deep red, with a peppery kick. As it dries it becomes a dusty orange, the pepper becoming more unpleasant on my skin until I smell like an orange you really, really wouldn't want to be near. I'd love to smell this on someone else who can wear it well. It's such an intriguing scent!
  12. Aurelius


    On my skin Kostnice smells how I imagined Zombi would smell. Instead of flowery and insence-y, as I expected, I smell like rich earth and florals. Very nice, but for me.
  13. Aurelius

    King of Clubs

    Damn you, bitter almond! Man, I really wanted Macha's reaction to this. Alas, it wasn't meant to be. At first I smelled fantastic: dark, earthy, a bit naughty. And then...just off. Another fatality of wonky body chemistry.
  14. Aurelius

    High John the Conqueror

    Sadly, this one just didn't work on my skin. It smelled quite pleasant and floral, but my skin clearly wasn't in the mood. I smelled like acrid flowers and was just plain wrong. I didn't notice a positive change, but then again, I was scrubbing it off. Bah. Lovely, just not on me.
  15. Aurelius

    Has No Hanna

    The other night I was so sad for no reason. I felt awful, and nothing seemed to be helping. I figured I'd try some of my imps. I stumbled upon Has No Hanna and figured it was worth a shot. I've tried several of the voodoo blends, but nothing yet had really struck a chord. It was worth the wait: Has No Hanna is wonderful. To my nose, it's a light rose. I'm not partial to rose, but this was so delicate I had to (once again) rethink rose. Beth just does it so well! Anyway, after putting this on I felt a gradual sense of relief. No, the world wasn't suddenly perfect. I didn't win the lotto. But I was much calmer, happier even. It was as if I'd gotten a hug and knew I'd be okay. I went to bed feeling content, and woke up MUCH happier than I'd been in a long time. Has No Hanna is my new secret weapon against the blues. I it. Thanks, Beth. This is incredible.