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  1. ritardataire

    Dead Leaves and Warm Sugar Cookies

    I WISH I got anything like the other reviewers. This is the scent I was most excited about by far for the Weenies update and it has been a huge disappointment. Where are my visions of leaf piles and ghost pillsbury cookies?? This is so acrid smelling in the decant and on my skin. Nothing like sugar cookies, and nothing like the other Leaves I’ve tried this year. :( i’ll consider giving this a few months but all instinct tells me I’m ready to pass it on.
  2. ritardataire

    Midnight Bonfire

    Lighting the path between worlds, the beacon at the threshold: night-blooming jasmine, smoldering maple leaves, a cluster of patchouli and blackened ti leaf, black sage, and pinewood smoke. So, so strong and not really a morpher! At first this smelled to me less like late night cold bonfire and more like a WARM bonfire. Something in the smell reminded me of charcoal grilling in summer. Im not sure it was the vibe I was expecting from this. Nonetheless though its a cool, evocative scent! A heavy application actually almost gave me a headache. Lighter application was way better and smelled softer! But then... it lost some lasting power. Bummer. I think Im going to give this more time to grow on me. It might ended up neglected in favor of another smoky scent like bonfire toffee or scorched marshmallows, or it could end up a favorite.
  3. ritardataire

    The Other Miss Forcible

    In the bottle: SWEET. Lots of sweet. An over the top sweetness that I can't quite place, actually. Almost like candy corn or corn syrup. Sticky. and then underneath that... dusty, old-smelling musk. Wet: Ooh, this morphs and it morphs QUICKLY. The moment it hits my skin it's ALL dust and strong musk, with an undercurrent of that sticky sweetness. I still can't get a read on what the sweet note IS, because whenever I try to breathe in... there's the dust again, completely obscuring it. I'm not really getting tea OR biscuits at all. It could possibly be the source of the sweetness, but.. it doesn't smell quite like that. It's mysterious. Dry: Once again, completely different! This dried down to a more pure musk, with a hint of dust. I'm finally FINALLY getting some tea! maybe the weird sour note is supposed to be the biscuits? The sweetness takes a bit of a backseat now. It's still there, but... softer. Either this needs to settle or something's going a bit weird on me due to the slight sourness. It smells kind of old-lady-ish, but not necessarily in a bad way. Overall I'm new to collecting so I have no idea if this is going to get regular wear from me, but it's definitely interesting and true to the depiction of the character... so I'm glad I grabbed a bottle either way!
  4. ritardataire

    Huesos De Santo

    Version: 2018!! In the bottle: Butter. LOTS of butter. Not entirely sweet butter, either, but almost salty - my first thought sniffing it was "caramel corn" before catching just the slightest hint of orange peel. Wet: Dense, still very buttery, vanilla cake. Not a strong vanilla, OR a light cake, but a very dense, almost bready cake with a touch of vanilla. It almost has a sticky sweet feeling, like a cake that was soaked in sugar syrup. The orange is present for sure, but not in an orange peel way, more like orange zest.. I'm getting the faintest touch of anise but only if I'm looking for it! Dry: Buttery, dusty (!? Must be the funeral flowers) and just a touch of sweetness. The BAREST hint of anise on me. barely there. The throw was better when wet but dry, this seems to be a bit more of an up close kind of scent - even though I slathered it on, haha. I wish there was more orange in the drydown, but maybe as it ages/settles?? I've seen some people compare this cake note to the one in Eat Me and at least on me it really isn't similar. To me, Eat Me smells really bright and light, like pineapple upside down cake, and bright vanilla. Overall this is a heavier cake scent, and one that's much more subdued.
  5. ritardataire

    Blithe Hollow

    Finally reviewing this scent! In the bottle, the "woodsy" scent of this seems super dominant, especially the cedar and maple with just a TOUCH of pine. Wet: The woods are still the top note, but it seems accompanied by a distinctly "cold" scent, like breathing in cold air. It's less of an abrasive cold air compared to something like Samhain (which, wet anyway, is almost like breathing in peppermint) and more cool, like the end of a day that is just barely breezy <3 Dry: Now I'm really getting the dead leaves.It almost has an herbal, crunchy kind of scent. These aren't like freshly fallen leaves, but the really brittle, crinkly ones that I used to stomp on as a kid to hear that crunch. and then coming up right behind is that cool air. I didn't really think that I needed another woodsy scent after Samhain, to be honest -- but apparently the Lab can do them with true distinction. This has a completely different atmosphere - it's equally comforting but in a totally different way. After sniff-testing this for real I might need to put it on my wishlist!