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    foody scents, sweet scents, chocolate scents, ginger, white ginger, rose. I adore Vice, Dana O'Shee, Beaver Moon, Three Witches Revisited, Obatala, Sugar Cookie '05, Shub, Miskatonic University, Treat #2, Tokyo Stomp, Mitzvah. My ultimate holy grail scent would be a marshmallow cherry sugar scent. YUMMY. Treat #2 and Trick or Treat own my soul.

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  1. dawna

    White Chocolate, Marshmallow, and Coconut

    In the bottle: White Chocolate. Nothing else. On the skin: At first it smells a little like Treat #2 without the fig, just the base notes of the coconut and white chocolate giving it that air about it. Like a bon bon. As it starts to dry, I too am getting a bit of irish cream to it, and I can faintly smell the marshmallow though I had hoped it would be more prominent. Its a lovely scent and I thought this was going to go to the top of my all time favorites list as white chocolate, coconut and marshmallow are my ultimate loved notes.. but I think I may have to reserve that judgement for a while until its aged. Its lovely but its going to go sit in my box for 6 months and we will see how we feel about it then
  2. dawna

    Milk Chocolate Buttercream

    In the vial: This is pure decadent milk chocolate with a creamy base. As I smell it I envision a milk chocolate bon bon filled with creamy nougat. On the skin: This reminds me of Lump of Coal if it weren't raw batter, like they baked the brownies. Its a softer scent and I can see this aging beautifully. I think this one will be a sleeper classic in a year to be quite honest. Those of you who love chocolate need to get this and store it away a while. I think its going to be amazing.
  3. dawna

    Dark Chocolate and Cherry

    In the vial: a very boozy cherry syrup scent with an underlying sharp chocolate. Much like a cherry cordial. On the skin: Wet its very much the same as in the vial, but on drydown, on my skin, it turns into pez candies. LOL This is not a bad thing, this is amusingly wonderful to me.
  4. dawna

    Te Po

    In the bottle, this is purge Ginger Ale to me with a hint of lime. On the skin is where the cherry comes forward and makes this one rockin fizzy drink. The vodka is a bit apparent now and my arm smells like I just poured the most amazing Ginger Ale with vodka and grenadine with a lime twist on me. OM NOM NOM. This is amazing stuff!
  5. dawna

    Love's Philosophy

    In the bottle: This is such a wonderfully different vanilla. It isnt too sweet, it isnt sour at all. There is something grounding it, which I imagine is the saffron. On the skin: Ok I was baffled at first when I read reviews saying wintergreen.. but honestly, its there. Its strange but its there upon application. Vanilla and wintergreen... and cream.. Its not bad to me though. I actually like this, a LOT. Its making the scent a lot less sweeter than it could have been. On drydown: Ok now this is where the beauty of this scent comes forward. I am getting a cream soda scent LOL But see, I LOVE that scent. I am not a huge fan of the taste of cream soda but I can sit and huff the scent of it all day. Its vanilla cream soda on drydown.. and now that its been on for a while, I am getting a coconutty note that is blending with the vanilla cream note.. and that is gorgeous to me. This is a huge morpher. I wonder what it will be like in 6-7 hours.
  6. dawna

    Diary of a Lovestruck Teenage Cannibal

    A deranged darling, sweet and sociopathic! Clotted vanilla cream, pink pepper, grapefruit, blood lily, red ginger, English pear, and lemon-squeezed candyfloss! In the bottle: Grapefruit and pear.. thats what I am getting.. its very fruity in the bottle On the skin: Wooooooooooooow, ok this is so much nicer than I'd imagined. I was so afraid of the lily in this but knew all the other notes just worked. Thankfully on my skin, it turns into a citrusy, lemony-grapefruit cream tart with a spice to it... Im not getting any cake yet. On drydown, still no cake for me but the creamy vanilla is much more prominent. Its still very citrusy but like a citrus pie complete with a heap of vanilla cream. It is SO good. YUMMM.
  7. dawna

    Marshmallow Poof

    A gooey mound of white fluffiness! And yes, it is vegan! In the bottle: I can barely smell anything, but what I can smell is light, fluffy, sugary sweet marshmallows. On the skin: This wears very close to the skin. Not a lot of throw but once on my skin for a little bit it does strengthen, it is pure marshmallow though. Not polluted with any other scent, just light, fluffy, sugary marshmallow. Like sticking your head in a bag full of them. On drydown, the scent takes a slightly powdery feel to it but its more like the powdery feel of a bag of marshmallows, like powdered sugar in the bag. Its very light but this is a keeper. I've a feeling it will layer nicely with many many scents as well.
  8. dawna

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    Let me preface this stating that cherries and cream and sugar is like, my ultimate dream scent. When I saw this description I was so excited I almost pee'd my pants. With that said, on with the review.. In the bottle: Red fruits indeed. Sweet sugar and berries with cherry on the top. On the skin: Wet it stays the same as in the bottle, but almost immediately I start to smell something, off. The cherries are gone and all I smell is this almost rotten red fruit smell. This is exactly the same smell that happened on my skin with MB: Closet (except that one was dirty rotten socks). This is making me very sad. On drydown: Its a little more tolerable and the sugary sweetness really starts to come forward.. but I am absolutely crushed over how my skin reacted to this. I'm going to put the bottle away for a while and see if aging the oil will help. The scent in the bottle is gorgeous, what my skin does to it is not
  9. dawna

    Monster Bait: Tokyo Stomp

    In the bottle: Creamy, minty, vanilla and strangely a cocoa undertone.. it smells just like Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream. Dead on. On the skin: The very same as it is in the bottle. This is simply the most amazing scent I have ever smelled. New favorite. I need another bottle of this. I need a gallon of this. Oh god. On drydown: The mint flourishes, the cocoa/chocolate chip scent I was getting is gone but it is simply the most creamy vanilla mint scent ever. I am in complete love with this. MB:TS+Dawna = OTP
  10. dawna

    Milk Moon 2007

    In the bottle: Oh wow, this is NOTHING like the original Milk Moon. Its almost pure grapes and fig sitting in a bowl of warm milk in the bottle. On the skin: *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeees* Pomegranate pops out and says hello and it decides it doesn't hate me! This is the first pomegranate note that is behaving on me! Yay! The fig and grape scent is really complex, and the entire blend of fruits are still sitting in a warm bowl of milk. On drydown: Ohhhh there is the gorgeousness of the original Milk Moon, the honey milk continues to come forward and starts to dominate, its like taking the original Milk Moon and rubbing a mix of gorgeous fig, pomegranate and grape into it. This is utterly amazing. I am so glad I bought a bottle. This one is going to be treasured. Oddly enough, in all my time buying BPAL this is my first Lunacy bought straight from the lab and I am so glad it is ))
  11. dawna


    In the vial: The sweetest most pure rose scent. Absolutely stunning. On the skin: The rose and the sugar note blend so gorgeously on the skin. The sugared note tames any strong edge that rose tends to bring forth. This is simply one of the prettiest rose scents I've smelled yet. On drydown: If I had to describe this scent, I would say it is the most crystalline pink rose dipped in the finest sugar you ever did taste. It is pure, light, wonderful.. it is hope and love.
  12. dawna


    In the bottle: Sweet almond and honey On the skin: This one has throw holy wow. Its very sweet, almond and the honey blend almost seamlessly. I am getting a slightest hint of the myrrh, although I may have missed that if I didn't love myrrh so much. On drydown: The sweet almond scent calms down and the sweet florals come out to play a bit. These are really sweet florals with the rose being the most prominent. This is a beautiful blend, but its really strong on even after several hours. This is a good thing for me but not everyone likes such a strong scent.
  13. dawna

    Enraged Groundhog Musk

    Ahh the description was perfect. I love love love it in the bottle, its Vice and Cinnamon, like you blended Vice and Monsterbait: Underbed together. Except something weird happens.. my nose gets too used to the scent and I can't smell it anymore *cries* My husband can smell it, my oldest daughter can smell it, but I can't smell it.
  14. dawna

    Red Lantern

    Red Lantern '07 is amazing. I am so much in love with it. It starts out as this butterscotchy caramely sweet scent and ends at drydown with the most beautiful asian incenses that I have ever smelled in a perfume. This bottle is a keeper indeed.
  15. dawna

    Mr. Nancy

    Mr. Nancy was a heartbreaker. In the bottle it smells like the most amazing lime and sugar scent. The first 10 minutes are just heaven.. and then.. my skin does something to it and makes it smell almost exactly like Sugar Skull on me. I can't handle the thick burnt sugar scent of Sugar Skull... I want to love Mr. Nancy but I can't handle what it becomes on me.