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    Mors Syphilitica

    Mors Syphilitica seems like it with be all funky oudh in the beginning, luckily right away the funk gives way to the really chewy rich chocolatey woodsy tone that is the reason I love oudh. I’m not getting much more than that, though I’m thinking the sandalwood is starting to peek out and giving a little dusty layer and also attributing some more woods. I wish I was getting more of the sandalwood and saffron, as I got the scent specifically for those notes (to pair with Women’s Song of Mourning), yet I like it for what I am given. Its definitely a heavy scent, and I’m grateful to be inside and not out in the humid heat. I think this will be great in cooler weather~
  2. artisjok

    Strong in His Entreaty Hair Gloss

    Strong in His Entreaty is definitely a leather scent. A cold black leather, wreathed in wisps of lavender, a splash of cognac, and a distant memory of vetiver. I agree with the sense of cleanliness. Seems to fade quickly, leaving a slight, soft whiff of the scent, like the emptiness in a room just vacated. An essence remains, intangibly. Edit: When I took my braid out, the scent had been captured inside. It ended up lasting a good while once my hair was let down. The leather is clean, yet spicy in a way. I get the vibe of going to an upscale bar, feeling untouchable and refined. Definitely would be great on a man. I feel like nothing can stick to me, a powerful, calm and collected vibe.
  3. artisjok

    Two Pairs of Lovers Atmosphere Spray

    Two Pairs of Lovers is so great for the summer heat. A minty yet earthy green tea, slightly sweet, slightly powdery. The frankincense gives a bright resinous twang that compliments the tea. The patchouli is not obvious. I’m thinking it’s giving a slight woodsiness that helps the oakmoss keep the scent earthy and grounded. I’m really loving this! The only downfall is my nose either acclimates itself quickly, or the scent doesn’t have much throw after the first hour. The mint stays present this whole time though, which is a super plus. Happy to keep spraying throughout the day and building up the staying power with layers.
  4. artisjok


    Hyrrokkin is a dark pine scent in the beginning, I’m definitely getting the patchouli, perhaps the green vetiver... The coriander gives a unique twist, and I’m wondering if it’s also attributing a little sweetness or if that’s the pine. A viperous slithering sensation. The earth rumbles and leaves tremble. The darkness fades, the giantess subdued. The scent takes on a softness, a bit powdery, a bit soapy. A wispy pine swirls languidly in the aftermath. The soapy edge subsides and the atmosphere settles into still, misty grove. The coriander reveals itself a bit more and everything stays in this comforting stage for a while. I wish the first stage lasted longer, and would have enjoyed getting some smokiness (none detected), but it’s a fresh and calming scent that will keep me sane in the heat. I also like the coriander. It’s the main reason I wanted the blend and I’m glad it’s present. Will be trying this on my partner and seeing what kind of character he brings out of the blend.
  5. I sent you a pm about my order, please read & respond! 

  6. artisjok

    A Masked Ball of the Most Unusual Significance

    A Masked Ball starts out just like The Orb did, with intense almond, but, just as with Orb it mostly fades away, a slight nuttiness in its wake. Not really foodie, though. The benzoin is definitely present, and at first I don’t quite like how it interacts with the oudh, a chemically/plastic tang. Luckily, this also fades away and the gorgeous woodiness of the oudh shines and a smooth resinous supporting benzoin makes it a bit slinky. My partner describes it as the “we-just-bought-our-first-yoga-studio” scent I do find it to be upscale and like to wear it when I want to feel put-together yet also intriguing and spiritually-inclined. Guess that fits his impression... hah!
  7. artisjok

    Honey Marshmallow Bath Oil

    I expected Honeyed Marshmallow to have the same heavy honey ratio as Honey & White Carnation, so I almost didn’t buy it. Luckily, the reviews made me second guess and I added it to my Luper order. Yes glorious, yes fluffy, yes! It’s a lightly gourmand scent (almost a bit buttery), barely a touch of honey. Marshmallow heaven smells like this. Flooooofy The first time I tried this in a bath it disappeared, though the water was hotter than I wanted. Have to try it again with cooler water. Slathered on my skin, I spent an hour laying in bed sniffing my arms before I could go to sleep! I’m glad y’all’s reviews changed my mind!
  8. artisjok

    Le Coucher de la Mariee Hair Gloss

    I’m definitely getting a chypre with Le Coucher de la Mariee. Mossy, definitely, maybe bergamot.... almost a watery leather.. and coated with sugar and a touch of vanilla. Intriguing! I feel like it can pair well with a lot of green or citrus scents and scents that are vanilla heavy. Appropriate for any occasion (professional, relaxed, romantic), and I can see myself wanting to reach for it often in the hot summer season. It’s not the strongest scent, but I’m getting wafts of it occasionally, and feel like it might deepen some with time. Like it a lot, I do!
  9. artisjok


    I missed out on a Lab order during Black Friday, so I’m super blessed to have acquired an imp of Incolumitas in a swap. The hype is right. This is a gorgeous blend! Mostly thick sweet bourbon vanilla and lavender, I also get hints of the honey and sage. The herbal combo makes an almost a minty sensation. Not much patchouli, a favorite not of mine, but maybe it’s grounding the other notes. I put Incolumitas on today on a whim, not expecting to be so in love. I’m in such a good mood suddenly Needless to say, if this was available for sale, the lab would be hard pressed to keep it in stock! Haha
  10. artisjok

    The Eternal Queen

    Very heady feminine white flowers, a touch of saltiness. The Eternal Queen is proud. She is fiercely in your face, yet, as you get to know her, a softening happens.The florals step back a pace and the smooth musky incense floats forward, mingling. The Eternal Queen is intricate. She sits on a vanilla throne. Sensual.
  11. artisjok

    The Robe of Pomegranates

    Robe of Pom is tart and perfumy in its wet phase, not really a juicy pomegranate. The tang of the pom last for a good while on me. As the scent dries, a softness from the ambrette seed and sandalwood surrounds the tang. Probably, the incense contributes to this, as well. There’s a bit of the carnation floral spice threaded through the scent, especially in wet phase, but it’s light on me. Getting only a light touch of honey, thankfully. I wish I were getting the oudh... all good, even so. (I’m a little sneezy today, too, so I could be missing some of the experience... aiiiii) I just realized fig is in the description, but I’m not picking it out. It’s a sophisticated blend. A regal pomegranate surrounded by sacred smoke. Gentle yet powerful, a mother and a queen. Yes, I see the Empress’ robe smelling this way.
  12. artisjok

    All Head, All Spine, All Limb, All Loin

    Haven’t let this rest from its trip, but I was too excited to wait. All Head/Spine/Limb/Loin is almost a gourmand scent freshly applied, as others have commented. Reminds me of a spiced peanut butter cookie.... There’s definitely leather all over this, but I find it much tamer than Snake Skin’s leather. The green and black musk and amber really sweeten and smooth the leather. Though, SO is real sweet to begin with... I can’t really tease out the sandalwood or ambergris (I’m assuming they contribute to that beginning cookie phase, though). Snake Oil’s presence is obvious throughout the experience. On my wrist, scent ends in a slightly powdery muskiness. In my hair, the leather becomes the most apparent note over time. I love the beginning and middle, less so the ending. I imagine the wear length will improve over time and it will become so smooooooth! Very glad I was able to swap for this gem. A great leather addition~ Edit: I’m wearing Spider Witch today and the two are very similar. All Head is more leather heavy, and SW is more seemlessly blended, yet they both have that nuttiness with the musky sexy vibe.
  13. artisjok

    The Tigress Atmosphere Spray

    Very much a leather scent, as the previous reviewers commented, and sensuous! The lavender and musk and probably amber give a beautiful sweetness. Big throw! Not getting much resin presence but I’m sure it’s all making this so luscious, so smooth. Not sure where the tea’s presence is coming through, either. Will keep analyzing as it lingers and update if I more notes fall into place in my sensory perception. I think the lavender’s presence really makes this special. A surprisingly lovely pairing, leather and lavender! (Loved it in Fifth Lash, as well.) My partner smelled it when it first arrived and said “That is sexy!” Happy to have my decant for when when I want to feel sensual and powerful like a Tiger queen!
  14. artisjok


    Imaginer starts off with a blast of honeyed saffron and pepper on me. Quickly, though, these relax and meld into amber and beeswax with maybe a slight touch of the woodsy notes. It’s truly lovely, the waxy amber with the tang of saffron/pepper lasts a good while for me. I sometimes wish the patch was more apparent, but, at the same time, I love it as is. Cozy and sophisticated, simultaneously.
  15. artisjok

    Whoso List To Hunt

    I pulled an imp to try on a whim, and Whoso List to Hunt was the lucky winner! Without checking the notes, I found the scent to be cozy (brown musk) and a touch herbal or floral (rose, for sure, and probably the moss). A bit on the masculine cozy side. After it dried down, it became very powdery (amber?) and the musk disappeared (shocker!) Seems to be in a similar scent group as Death Cap (creamy cozy earthy), at least emotionally. The notes are right in my interest range, it’s just too thickly powdery for me. I love Death Cap much more, and have a full bottle, so I am sending this one to a new home.
  16. artisjok

    Wander Darkling in the Eternal Space

    I’d been wanting to try Wander Darkling for a while, and I finally got a swap for it. Wet, the patchouli is the strongest, hints of other notes behind it. The rose starts to amp up, and it’s a strange dirty rose.... hmm.. I don’t really like the combo (and I love both notes usually). This fades pretty quickly into a vanilla tinged myrrh and ambrette scent and stays softly in this phase for a little while. Velvety, for sure. It vanishes all too quickly though! Seemed like this scent was going to be a hit with me, as I love all the notes listed and the concept worked in my imagination. I’m sad that it didn’t come together like some others experienced, and that the wear length was so short. I’m going to do another wear a different time, when I’m more hydrated, and see what comes of it.
  17. artisjok

    Let’s talk about Oudh...

    Yay oudh! I haven’t tried all the types (maybe just a small few even), but I love it in the ones I have. A Masked Ball of the Most Unusual Magnificence is awesome, aging splendidly. I reeeeally love Deut. 10:18 (my partner stole it for his sig. scent though lol) I noticed the other reviews of First Morning in Paris said it is a funky one... I also noticed sometimes with aging the funk is tamed, but haven’t done the experiment myself. I’m hoping that’s the case, because I want to grab Snake’s Shadow, but don’t want it to be a barnyard smelly Snake (thus my hope of aging=awesome). ooohhh now I really want Gingerbread Oudh! And I need to try Nasty Woman...
  18. artisjok


    Baghdad shares a lot of notes with Moscow, a scent that I tested earlier today- amber musk citrus bergamot and rose. Baghdad wasn’t soapy, but it does have a similar old-fashioned feel. When I put it on, I felt like I was going through my grandma’s perfumes, or walking into a my great grandma’s bedroom a little sharp, a little musty. Not unpleasant, but not how I feel like smelling. I get The saffron rose and mandarin for sure, and I think the bergamot somehow pushes the scent into “old” territory for me.... hmmmm
  19. artisjok


    The notes of Moscow really intrigued me, and I was hoping for a bright nuanced floral. It’s definitely bright, primarily getting the tangerine and jasmine. It’s old-fashioned and soapy on my skin. I really hoped I would get spice from carnation, warmth from amber and musk and delight from all the notes combined.... merrr Could be the Rose and/or lily making it soapy. Oh well, I’m glad to have tried it. Another scent will have similar notes and fulfill my imagined experience!
  20. artisjok

    Red Musk

    Left Ventricle sounds like the perfect red musk for hot weather: A contraction: red musk seized by crushed mint, eucalyptus blossom, orange blossom, and bergamot. I haven’t tried it but sounds like red musk traveling on a fresh spring breeze~~~~ Now I want to try it... drats
  21. artisjok

    Alma Venus

    Alma Venus is all juicy orange and beeswax on application. I’m sure there’s floral notes as well, but I’m not getting any specific standouts on my skin. The beeswax dominates pretty quickly, as often happens in scents with the note. In the drydown I think I’m getting more floral, maybe orange flower, and some amber dustiness mixed in the beeswax. I can imagine a hint of cedar, but it isn’t an obvious note.The citrus is still woven throughout the scent, sweetened and bright. This is a beautiful and summery, though I think my skin makes it less complex than I hoped it would be. Still wonderful. Huffable! A scent that loves to bask in sunbeams and wear flowing dresses and laugh joyously.
  22. artisjok

    Vagina Treasure Hair Gloss

    I really wanted to love Vagina Treasure. All the notes sound like a win, smells great in the bottle.... then I put it on my hair and I get an awful plastic scent so sad! I wonder why... Some amber notes don’t work on me, so maybe it’s that in conjunction with the flowers? The first time I’ve tried ginger blossom.. merrr
  23. artisjok

    The Mystery of Giant Testicles on a Brothel Visitor

    This is exactly my experience & response to this scent! The sandalwood works so well to make the nuts appealing to me. lol The beeswax is super creamy. It’s actually very cozy and comforting to me. I imagine it would be great fun to have someone compliment the scent, then tell them the name and watch their face as they process and comprehension dawns... hehe 🙃 I’m trying to imagine what the ti leaf and bamboo would be like in this mix if I could detect them.... I’m a fan of beeswax scents, but I already have two bottles that feature it as a primary note. I’ll enjoy the decant, but won’t need to buy a bottle (swap-worthy, though). The wear length is great so far!
  24. artisjok

    Shadow Lace

    Shadow Lace is all about that lacey plum, as others has noted. I can’t exactly pick out more notes, besides the vanilla lace and plum, but they are creating the dusty yet velvety feel of the scent. It’s like a room draped in old purple velvet curtains, with memories of incense and rich perfumes ladies seeped into the curtains and walls. Ghosts of the pasts linger about, drowsily. I’m digging it! Creates a mood for complex melancholy thoughts. Also, makes me feel like a gorgeous dignified woman
  25. artisjok

    L’Intention Fait Valoir les Bagatelles

    L’Intention Fait Valois les Bagatelles brings to mind Baku and I Am Tired of Tears and Laughter. Like they had a baby, and it’s still little, so there isn’t much throw. Begins with an anise tea note backed by lavender bud, very close to my skin, I have to huff to catch the scent. As it dries down, the benzoin becomes the main player and at one pivot point I get a citrusy twang from the bergamot. It leaves as quick as it arrived. The lavender is super soft once dry, and the tea is only a smidge stronger. Powdery benzoin.... hmmmm... I already have, and love, a bottle of Tired of Tears and Laughter and a couple imps of Baku, so if I want a stronger version of this scent (at least how it smells on me..)I could probably just layer them. I might keep the decant to try again, or try it in an oil burner someday. Though, if someone had it on their wishlist, I wouldn’t hesitate to send it to a new home.