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    Red Oud & Balsam

    Red Oudh & Balsam is a bit musty. A bit funky. The balsam is a sweet, almost vanillic drop of relief. The oudh is woodsy and... musty on me. I’m about to layer with In Splendoribus Sanctorum to see what can be achieved in unison.
  2. artisjok

    Creeper Dragon

    I was hoping Creeper Dragon would be daemondrops & leather heavy on me (just a wish, seeing the other light-on-leather reviews), but I must be the odd one that is getting primarily honey! A musky honey, for sure. Aged red musk isn’t too exciting to me, unless it’s supporting other stronger notes. The tangy honey the lab loves to use. The cream peaks out in the drydown, and, strangely, I get the porridge analogy @AirimirOfGondor mentions.... It’s a sensual porridge, with the muskiness. Bahaha I’m gonna have to try this on my partner and see if he likes it, but overall I like my red musk scents darker and my leather to be obvious
  3. artisjok

    The Perfect Lavender

    My Tiger is delicious & sweet! Though not just lavender, it’s drool-worthy~~~~
  4. artisjok

    The Fool’s Dog

    Fresh fresh grassy scent gently held by the musk. The cardamom makes a brief appearance and then takes it’s leave (). That ivory fang, though... it’s a sharp one. It’s baring it’s way forward and challenging anyone and everyone. A scrap of a dog, yet full of ferocity. There’s still the edge of grass and the puff of musk, reminding you that a little kindness and a treat will bring back those puppy eyes and a wagging tail. I put this on myself before I put the babies to bed and it seemed effective for feeling clean and cozy. I feel it’s be great for bed in the heat of the Summer. Clean, somewhat sharp, somewhat comforting.
  5. artisjok


    Definitely not what I expected to get from Pomegranate! It’s like, if there was a leather made of dried pomegranate, and it’s wrapped around those shards of amber. Dark, subtle and smooth, yet perfumey. Not juicy on me in the slightest. I can see the velvet analogy. I’m loving it! update: in the late drydown, a vetiver note peeks out... yum for me.
  6. artisjok

    Leviticus 27:19

    Leviticus 27:19 is primarily a benzoin-focused scent, with hints of cedar and nutmeg, a whiff of smoky smooth agarwood... Coffee usually ghosts on me, and this is no exception. Zero coffee. For some reason, I thought this had vetiver and cocoa (actually Psalm 146:9 I was thinking of), so I could totally see those being present, but it’s clearly the actual cedar & agarwood & nutmeg influence. Lol If you like creamy resins (benzoin is kind of a creamy note to me) that are woodsy and a touch of spice/gourmand in a non-gourmand way... yeah. If that sounds good, this is for you.
  7. artisjok

    In Necessarias Unitas

    In Necessarias Unitas was the one I was most interested in out of the three. (My label is spelled “Necessariis”) Definitely get a traditional manly cologne with a touch of honey, right away. Then, the vetiver gains strength and becomes the dominate note for me, and patchouli right behind. I love vetiver, so I usually would be swooning. I think the aquatic edge from the oakmoss keeps me from totally loving it right now. It feels... dapper. I think in the Summer, it might hit the spot more than now, when I’m craving really warm woods. It doesn’t live up to my expectations. Yet, I do enjoy it enough to keep it, and definitely to slather on my man and see how he likes it!
  8. artisjok


    Mictecacihuatl 2019 starts off strangely... nutty. Definitely smell the rose & tobacco in this odd stage. It shifts in the next few minutes into a transparent sweetness with a hint of powdery rose tobacco and a breath of unidentifiable spices. It’s a soft scent, and I’m both intrigued and slightly bored, in turn. I don’t pick out any copal, unless it’s the slight brightness that emerges with wear, which is the note that interested me the most. I think aging might be the key for this one, based on reviews of other years. I’m gonna tuck it away and forget about it for a while~
  9. Febuleathery

    A personal scent journey. 


  10. artisjok

    Inferior Vena Cava

    Inferior Vena Cava is smooth woods, slightly sweet and a hint of cozy musk. Starts out pretty perfumey, but smooths out quickly. Almost seems like a hint of honey, must be the labdanum. The patchouli I recognize. I don’t have any scent reference for blackwood, unless it’s.... just blackened. It’s a luscious blend, and makes me feel held on this chilly day. It’s akin to Haute Macabre’s Aevum.
  11. artisjok

    Cozy Pumpkin Sweater

    I agree with the above reviews. Cozy Pumpkin Sweater is a cinnamon/clove-spiced sugar entwined in a vanilla-touched wool. I don’t get much of a pumpkin note on my skin, but I’ve noticed it’s tends to ghost on me. The spice is fairly mellow, and fades into a supporting roll after an hour, then it’s all sweet crunchy sugar and cozy sweater. I’m pleased with the scent and glad I sprung for a bottle. A light-hearted scent for staying cozy on a chilly day.
  12. artisjok

    Frostbitten TKO

    FBTKO is definitely the Snow White snow, very sweet & somewhat nutty. SW has a hint of plastic on my skin (nothing traumatic, just a trail that follows behind), and this almost does that plastic hint. Magically, the lavender positions itself right there, and when I think the scent gonna plastic, it lavenders. Sugary marshmallow poofs add to the sweetness. SW snow note dominates. I’m a little sad I don’t get a chilly feel from the frost, even though it’s delicious. My partner’s eyes lit up when he smelled it on me, so it’s a keeper in any case
  13. artisjok

    Long Lasting Patchouli?

    Oooh forgot about Goblin I just looked up Samhainophobia, and it seems like a perfect fit, too.
  14. artisjok

    A Look of Peace

    A Look of Peace was so soapy on me! Whyyyy?! I’m hoping it will settle after a while and change. I’ll report back, if so. Glad I decided on a decant this time.
  15. artisjok

    Some Heraldry

    Some Heraldry is that fancy soap mentioned by others and the musky ambrette seed. After a short time, the soap is replaced by the black leather. Unfortunately, it’s just not appealing on my skin. Just a... generic.. scent. As if someone tried to describe a perfume with no concept of how to pick notes apart. I think it’s too well blended for me, and wish I got some of the others’ experience. A shame because I was very interested in it! I’m glad I got a tester before indulging in a full bottle.
  16. artisjok

    Long Lasting Patchouli?

    The Yule Gingerbread Patchouli Leather & Black Musk is said to be long lasting, and is still available. Brumation looks really good. Tricuspid Valve Stoned Griffin Alchemy Lab Black Light Reactive Poster Occupy Wall Street Feed Me and Fill Me with Pleasure all come to mind, as well as East African Black Patchouli SN. Hastur & Depraved are GC
  17. artisjok

    The First of the Three Spirits

    I definitely get the Snow White/tropical vibe from First of the Three Spirits. It also does the slight plastic tinge I get from SW, so maybe they share the same vanilla & flowers? At one point I could almost smell pineapple, like theseagrows mentioned lol The wet phase has a sharp edge, I’m thinking it’s the zdravetz. It dissipates after a little while, and then it’s all white amber and sweetness and light flowers with essence of coconut. The white musk is lightly there, not screeching. Very pretty, girlie scent. Good wear length with the amber & musk.
  18. artisjok

    Witches' Lace

    Curiously, the strongest note in Witches’ Lace for me is a poopy oudh... It’s surrounded by murky green vibes. I get some of that bubblegum Reine mentioned, just for a moment in the wet phase. It takes at least an hour for the sneak oudh, or combo of above notes that are imitating, to fade out. By then, the sugar lace emerges, and it’s a soft, muted pale green scent. Where did my friend cedar go? Funnily, my partner smelled it at this end phase the first time I wore it, and loved the scent. The re-application had him looking around for a dirty diaper... haha I’m hoping the scent shifts after some more aging, because I love the concept and the final drydown is lovely enough to give me hope. Edit for new experience~ I opened WL to get a little sniffy for someone, and lo, no funk. I’ve opened the bottle since the first application and smelled the funk... It’s only been a couple weeks! Yay? Yay! Now I have to give it a new full day test.
  19. artisjok

    A World of One Color

    I was slightly curious about A World of One Color, but probably wouldn’t have tried if it hadn’t been frimped to me. The same snow note as in Mountain Temple, cold and almost fruity, twined around dry cedar is the primary force. As it dries, I can detect a hint of coconut, mostly because I searched for it. The musk peeks out a bit, too, and the cedar and snow calm their shouting match to merge into a cozy cloud. The tea is definitely more present, though it’s a note that rarely jumps out to me, more of a background thrum. I can see how the name fits the scent at this point. Hazy & comforting, everything swirls together. I’m enjoying the experience. I do love cedar, and I think that’s the note that really elevates it for me.
  20. artisjok

    The Shadowed Veil

    The Shadowed Veil was very tempting to me when the Weenies were released. I’m relieved that I waited to try a decant before buying a bottle. It’s dark and dry incense, a whiff of tart pom at the very beginning, which flees in the wake of the dark pumpkin. The pumpkin, unfortunately, smells something like stuffing to me, much in the same way Red Pumpkin Floss. My partner was digging it, yet to my nose it just smelled off. Glad I got the chance to try it! Looks like Empty House is the dark pumpkin for me this year~
  21. artisjok


    Ganeida does have a clean tone to it, yet also sweetness. The herbs are dried and the honey is only a smidge. It’s a soft comforting clean, like a bed freshly made, so inviting after a long day of grueling work. I’d totally dig a linen spray made of Ganeida, especially during the hot sticky summer. Glad I got the chance to test this scent, as I’ve been curious since it was released. It’s pleasant enough, yet doubt I’ll seek out any more unless I decide to make that linen spray.
  22. artisjok

    The Butterfly

    Both my partner and I smelled the Dead Leaves note from the vial, yet that disappeared quickly. It starts of very citrusy and warm, yet an interesting twang to it. I’m assuming this is the bergamot. As it dries, it becomes pretty powdery on me, though not unpleasant, and still keeps that citrus overlay. Lasted a long time with good throw, yet isn’t something I’d reach for. Super glad to finally try this Butterfly, though!
  23. artisjok

    Mummies of Mexico City Bath Oil

    I love the perfume version, so I was psyched when HM released the bath oil! While the perfume brings to mind the church itself, the addition of water gives me a whole new vision... An secret underground cave holds a crystal clear pool, piles of riches sunken to the bottom glisten from the depths. Lamps and incense braziers burn around the walls. A woman slowly enters the pool, heedless of the layers of fine lace draped from neck to floor that she is trapped within. A high chanting enters from somewhere far away.... Gorgeous scent. Makes me feel so regal, yet relaxed, and in tune with the spirits. I do a lot on my guided meditations and musings in the bath, so this is perfect for those nights I want to wax and wane with the moon beams and find my center.
  24. artisjok

    Hidden Purpose Bath Oil

    When I first swapped for a bottle of this, I wasn’t very fond of the scent. I think the carrier oil may have been peeking out more because of age... Anyway, I had decided to sell/swap decants of it. Then, I found it was becoming one of my most used bath oils at night, and had to take it off my sales page. The scent is a strong herbal lavender and a sheer woodsy oudh that only darkens the lavender experience. It’s the same oudh as last year’s Shadow Embrace. I have I Am Tired of Tears & Laughter, that I use often for bedtime, and they are the perfect pair.
  25. artisjok


    I got a generous decant of Hedonism in a swap, and could not wait to try in my bath. The scent fits the theme perfectly. Heady ylang ylang and woodsy patchouli are a power couple, wrapping the senses in luxury. There is a touch of the citrus, I think more grapefruit, keeping everything from being too heavy. The myrrh must be adding to the richness. I don’t pick it out specifically, yet can imagine the effect. After such a sensual bath experience, I felt pampered and deserving. More enjoyable than I expected!