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    Notes: Propane & Butterscotch
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    cooking and food literature, pastry, sugar and chocolate art, medieval culture, clay sculpture, acrylic painting (galaxies and starry nights), travel photography, hiking

    Rasputina, Tool, Puscifer, A Perfect Circle, VNV Nation, Apoptygma Berzerk, Switchblade Symphony, Portishead, Loreena McKennitt, Bob Dylan, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd
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    notes: chocolate, pumpkin, fire, smoke, wood (not pine), leather, peach, cinnamon, vanilla. A Stroll Through The Quarter, Beaver Moon/Beaverversary, Bliss, Box 116, Captain Lilith and Her First Mate, Count Dracula, Egg Nog, El Dia de Reyes, Gingerbread Poppet, Halloween Las Vegas, Ivory Vulva, Jack, King Cake, La Pere Fouettard, Love's Philosophy, Marshmallow Poof, Miskatonic University, Midway, Mitzvah, Monster Bait: Underbed, The Other Hot Chocolate, Pralines and Powdered Sugar, Stale Sugar-Crusted Marshmallow Chick, Sugar Cookie, The Tell-Tale Heart


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  1. deleahrium


    Oh man, finally a savory foodie scent that's meat-free! This starts off heavy on the caraway and rye, slowly morphs into a mildly sweet buttered bread with caraway, and disappears into the warm memory of bread baking. Close to the skin and incredibly wearable.
  2. deleahrium

    Scorched Marshmallows

    This is what I always WANT to smell like after hanging by a campfire. I'm not getting any chocolate or graham, but that's cool because this is pretty spot on smoky burning marshmallow. I think it will pair beautifully with other chocolate-forward scents.
  3. deleahrium

    The Misty Marshmallow Sugarbunnies of Niflhel

    Was hoping for more marshmallow but I get a little Fruity Pebbles, a little Sugar Skull.
  4. deleahrium

    Absurd Suggestive Card Game

    PEZ candy all the way. A straight up combination of the lemon, orange, and strawberry varieties.
  5. deleahrium

    King Cake

    I am a pastry chef, and I made king cakes this past Mardi Gras. This is exactly the scent of what came out of my oven. I'm kind of shocked and disturbed. But mostly happy I blind-bought two bottles. I may have to pick up a third. If you are a foodie, you will need this scent. My boyfriend said "you smell like breakfast." Trust me, that's a compliment.
  6. deleahrium

    Brunch Witches

    This starts off as a light berry scent with warm doughy notes. Not sure I can find any pumpkin at all. My skin turned it into those little violet pastille candies, with just a hint of berry. So weird!
  7. deleahrium

    Baby’s First Con Panel

    Dry chocolate, butter, and LEATHER. I'm in love.
  8. deleahrium

    Box 116

    This is a combination of Hard Cider Cake and Grog for me. I can't find any chocolate in this but I do get a hint of banana and/or pineapple, depending on my mood.
  9. deleahrium


    Whoops, this one's all faint powdery old lady perfume on the drydown for me! While eating a milk chocolate candy bar. Possibly with raisins in it.
  10. deleahrium

    Mouse Circus

    Beautiful hot buttered popcorn at first sniff, but the drydown is similar to Obatala, though not quite as sickly sweet.
  11. deleahrium

    Sherlock Holmes

    This reminds me of a commercial perfume, not sure which one since I haven't sniffed them in years. Or maybe it just reminds me of them in general. But all the notes blend smoothly into one single scent very nicely. It's not for me, but I can see how many people will love this. Certainly gender-neutral. I could also see it layering nicely with a chocolate blend. Will have to try that.
  12. deleahrium

    If Only One Knew the Right Way to Change Them

    Not a candy/foody blend to me at all. In the bottle it's much sweeter, but wet on the skin it's dried pink flowers and the dreaded bpal rose note on me. If you're a rose lover, you may want to try this as that's almost all I get once it's settled onto the skin.
  13. deleahrium


    Bottle: Licorice like crazy! Smells pretty much exactly like an open bottle of Anisette. Drydown: The vanilla slooooowly starts to creep out and it's very very pretty. I told my bf about the blend, how it was ZOMGLICORICE! and he was like hrmmm I'll have to smell that on, so I had him sniff it about 3 hours after application and he agreed it was really nice (and by nice I mean he said and did other things, haha). It's neat because while it does smell like vanilla and licorice, it DOESN'T smell like I'm covered in vanilla and licorice. It just smells GOOD. Basically... I love this.
  14. deleahrium

    MVJBA: Pancake Breakfast

    All boysenberry! Berry berry berry! Crazy amounts of berry! Dried it has a little bit of that plastic note that most people fear yet I love. Really, a keeper.
  15. In the bottle: All I'm getting is a sweet incense. On: This one is hard to figure out. The scorched baseball fields are definitely there, but in the background-- it's much like One to Tie Two to Win with the grassiness and Scarecrow, but not nearly as strong as either of them are. The coffee is slowly coming out. I'm not really getting any pancake residue, but there is a certain lingering sweetness that it must be. Definitely a little too grassy for me, but otherwise quite an interesting scent! Dried: it totally smells like a "residue" on me. It's like I'm wearing a grassy/herbal perfume, but I ate pancakes with maple syrup and haven't washed my hands, haha!