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  1. Nepthys

    Lick it, Valentine

    My favorite Lick It. This is exactly like the description says, with the strawberry, wine, and honeycomb all in play and perfectly balanced. It's very much winter-turning-to-spring and reminds me a little of Snow Bunny from BPAL days of yore.
  2. Nepthys

    The Hour of the Body

    Refreshing and clean without being sharp. The grapefruit dominates in the bottle and on my skin - even after an hour. There's not a lot of morphing here. Luckily, I adore grapefruit and bought it for that note so I'm pretty happy. If you like Jo Malone's Grapefruit perfume, imagine that laced with faint strawberry and you've got this scent - at least, that's how it smells on me. I may get a second bottle because I can already tell this will be my go-to scent on hot summer days. It's just such a clean, pretty scent.
  3. Nepthys

    Cluster of Cherry Blossoms

    A gorgeous Luper. It smells exactly like I was hoping it would - light, sweet, feminine, predominantly cherry, without being overpowering or sickly sweet. It smells essentially like walking under cherry trees in bloom on a fresh spring day. The honey is quite light, so if you're worried about the honey drowning out other notes (as happens to me with some scents), this isn't an issue here. My only issue is that there isn't much staying power.
  4. Nepthys

    Snow White

    For 2022. LOVE THIS. I had a bottle of Snow White years ago that I was "meh" about - and later a decant that I liked better. Now I have a new bottle that I am absolutely crazy about. Did my nose change? Not sure. Anyhow. This smells like a very delicate blend of different flowers covered in snow. Chilly, fresh, pretty, and very feminine. Absolutely gorgeous and I am buying a bottle as backup.
  5. Nepthys

    Who’s Afraid

    This goes on wet as a syrupy hazelnut. After a few minutes, the faintest cocoa comes to the surface and that's how it stays. Not getting any coconut at all. I could smell this anywhere and know it was BPAL. If you like the Lab's baked goods/pastry scents, you'll like this.
  6. Nepthys

    Snow Snake

    When I first applied this, my heart sank -- it smelled exactly like Smut, which does not work on me. But I gave it a chance and within about 20 minutes, it shifted to something less rank and more like a pungent musk covered with frost. About 30 minutes after that, it smelled like snow-covered earth. And that's how it has stayed. I like it but it's not my favorite of the snowy Yules. I'll probably use this as a ritual scent since it doesn't work well for me.
  7. Nepthys


    Absolutely as expected. A cool, snowy lavender that is calming and restful. Will it replace Sopor for sleep purposes? Maybe but I see this more as a pretty scent to wear in the hours before bed when you want to wind down and chill.
  8. Nepthys

    Snow Zombi

    I was looking forward to this Yule the most because I adore Zombi and the recent Bobbing for Zombies from the Weenies. Unfortunately, this just kind of vanished into my skin, leaving nothing but a faint waft of chilly rose. Must be a chemistry thing. Still pretty, just not very strong.
  9. Nepthys

    Harvest Moon Love Potion

    Holy cow, this is stunning!! It is exactly what I wanted from my Weenies, even though it's not formally a Weenie. SO GLAD I got this! I was worried it would be too sweet or overpowering or smell too much like Harvest Moon (which I love, but 1 bottle is enough.) Instead this is delicate and well balanced, like walking through an apple orchard in fall with a few final wildflowers lingering in the grass. The rose and cacao are faint, but provide a nice counterpoint. This is just heavenly. Even if you don't want to take advantage of its romantic powers, get this for the scent alone!
  10. Nepthys

    A Sorceress

    Never have I been so wrong about how something would smell on me. Unfortunately, it doesn't start out great wet and then dries down to smell like plastic. The sorcery here just doesn't work well with me.
  11. Nepthys

    Bobbing for Zombies

    Utterly gorgeous. I have always loved Zombi, and adding an apple note makes it even more beautiful. Wet: smells just like I thought it would, walking through a leaf-strewn cemetery on an autumn day. After 30 minutes: a unisex cologne note comes out. It's pretty and chilly and slightly obscures the soil note. But the effect on whole is still gorgeous.
  12. Nepthys

    Honey, Bordeaux, and Red Roses

    Love this! It reminds me of Kali, without the chocolate. Gorgeous, warm and rich, a perfume to wear to a winter's ball. Normally I'm afraid of rose and I often find honey overpowering. But here they're all balanced perfectly. Only downside: vanished like a mystery woman in 20 minutes.
  13. Nepthys

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    Lovely scent befitting the Lupercalia Vulva tradition! On me, the gardenia and plum slightly outweigh the cherry blossoms, and the cream and honeysuckle barely come to the fore at all. It's very delicate and feminine and I'd say more sophisticated than previous Vulva incarnations. Still debating on whether I need a back-up bottle - but this is a perfect spring scent, no doubt.
  14. Nepthys

    Honey Marzipan

    Absolutely gorgeous. The Lab's honey can be cloying or beautiful on me; this scent is sheer perfection. It reminds me a bit of Bastet, warm and golden, but more sweet instead of spicy. You might think the "marzipan" makes it a heavy pastry scent but somehow it stays light and clean.
  15. Nepthys

    Oatmeal and Apple Spice Cookies

    This didn't work for me as perfume, but worked nicely as a room scent. Applied to my skin, it smelled like an oatmeal cookie dipped in cleaning fluid. Really not good. I tried multiple times but it was always both doughy and astringent, so I gave up and burned it as a room oil.... and then it smells like oatmeal and apple.