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    BPAL - mme. moriarty, misfortune teller; snake charmer; montressor; hungry ghost moon... • autumn scents: cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, pumpkin, apples, cider, leaves, forest.• sweet scents: honey, vanilla, mead.• resins: dragon's blood, frankincense, myrrh.• fruit: grapefruit, apricot, pomegranate, berries but especially blackcurrant!


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  1. space girl lost


    I never reviewed this because quite honestly... there wasn't a single nice thing I could say about it. I started to in fact: Well, it has aged and that floral hell has died down a LOT. It's still there but thankfully retreated back in line to let any other notes come out and be noticed. I can actually smell the red musk now. It's not the same red musk I'm used to. This one isn't sexy (yet?) but dry and soft around the edges. Almost sophisticated. Still zero pumpkin but a few spices lingering around here and there every once in a while. Smells like a long, distant forgotten memory. Can't wait to see what this does in another couple of months because the journey this has taken in just the short time I've had it has been wild.
  2. space girl lost

    Sugar Plum Snake Oil

    In the bottle, this is screaming sugar. It reminds me a lot of Candy Phoenix as the sugar is so prominent. Though Candy Phoenix reads hot playful pink, this is juicy plummy berry Bordello purple. On the skin, the sugar burns off just a bit to let the plummy berry quality leap forward. It's still sweet, mind you, not spicy or dark as one might imagine with the Snake Oil name. That takes a while to emerge but it's there juuuust lurking in the background of the sweet plum as though it is ready to pounce should it ever want to. I imagine that this layered with some darker musky scents will be magnificent until it ages. Definitely jumping to the top-tier favorites on my list. Instant love.
  3. space girl lost

    Vanilla Wafers and Peach Cream

    Blind buy and not very rested but still slathering myself in it anyway. 🤣 Immediately sniffing in the bottle my first thought is that this is for peaches what Eat Me is for blackcurrant. Sure, it's missing that cake note and the buttery richness because instead, you're subbing in a drier crumbly cookie wafer but this is LOVELY. The peach is prominent. To me, it isn't syrupy or candy-like. Pretty much a fresh peach scent. The vanilla and wafer part of it are RIGHT behind the peach and definitely notable. I remember Tom's video review mentioning a chilled peach mousse-like dessert and I totally do get that. It's as though someone blended up some vanilla pudding with chopped-up bits of fresh peaches and sprinkled the top with wafer cookies. As a lover of gourmand scents, this settles nicely in there. It's not too cloying like a thick, rich cake... instead fresh and quite sweet. Perfect for late spring and early summer (though I'd wear it year-round because ...why not. 😅)
  4. space girl lost

    Cinnamon Chai Cupcake

    This FAR exceeds my expectations..! Fresh in bottle I'm smelling just the hint of chai spice, a nice baked good rounding everything out topped with a dollop of tangy cream cheese frosting. Looking forward to how this one goes once settled and aged a bit.
  5. space girl lost

    The Snow at Midnight

    Silence: frozen blackcurrant bud, myrrh, ciste absolute, frankincense, and oudh. This one isn't quite what I thought it would be at all. When I was scanning the Yules two things jumped out at me - blackcurrant and a lotta resins. In the bottle I smell a softer blackcurrant... not as rich and sticky as I normally go for, but still a bit fruity. There's an overall softness to it all. Wet on the skin and on dry down the fruit scent amps a bit more on me (not complaining!) and the rest is there backing it up. Again, they aren't the usual thick, sticky, linger in your nose types I adore either. Everything is just.... soft, quiet and understated. Not a huge amount of throw on me but not exactly a skin scent either. On further dry down the blackcurrant bud is fading out to be balanced with the rest. Overall I do love this. It hits all the right spots for me and yet someone fills a void in my collection when I want something that isn't as heavy as Mme Moriarty (my fave), as sweet as Eat Me, or as rich as a Snake Oil type blend.
  6. space girl lost

    Devil's Night

    2014 Devil's Night Hrm. Ok so I've never had the opportunity to meet this one in years past as it has just slipped under the mark of MUST HAVES! But this year I bit and ordered a bottle blindly (the best way to do it sometimes!). I'm really not entirely sure what my skin chemistry is doing that is so different from the majority of 2014 reviews but I'm not getting sweet or fruity at all. When it hits my skin I'm getting a boozy smell and equal amounts of smoke and musk. Over time the booze retreats and it is all smoky musk with just the absolute barest hint of booze. Nothing sweet here at all. Throw is fairly average. It isn't incredible but it isn't entirely a press your nose to your wrist sort of thing. I can catch whiffs of it here and there when moving about. It isn't a standout from my order but I can definitely see myself wearing this in the future as I've had a hard time finding a blend where the smoky quality isn't WHOA FIREPLACE! or just gobbled up. This one is just about right.
  7. space girl lost

    Incipient Madness

    A thunderous passion, conceived in obsession and nurtured in the bowels of delirium, that grasps in desperation through the darkest shadows of the ether. An unwholesome smoky musk, dark and sweet, laced with Virginia tobacco, honeyed black currant, and red patchouli. Gosh... this one isn't quite what I expected but that's not a bad thing in this case! Wet: The musk is definitely up front here with the black currant ( ) and red patchouli playing supportive roles. The tobacco is right behind them rounding things out. Drydown: Everything is starting to blend a bit now into a lightly sweetened musky sort of beauty. Maybe it is the namesake but this screams out Poe to me. It is dusty, musky, evocative and has a slightly old time mood to it. It isn't quite in the category of the "whoa throw!" heavy hitting favorites of mine like Snake Charmer (I can smell her on any article of clothing days later) or Mme Moriarty... but the throw here isn't fooling around. I get the feeling I will still be able to smell some remnants in my hair tomorrow morning. Later: I sort of feel like this is what Eat Me would be like if it went back in time and hung out with Poe in some smoky den. Strange description perhaps but that sweetened black currant in Eat Me just rose up and smacked me in the face. I merely smiled. I'm not regretting this impulse buy one bit. No way. Now to convince myself that my storage is already too full and I don't need any back up bottles.
  8. space girl lost

    Monster Bait: Bloody Mary

    yup. i have to agree that there is something somewhat boozy about this one. the cherries are seriously real - sweet and tart, yes yes. kind of sharp as a result. the powdered sugar, on the other hand, anchors them down so they don't get out of hand. this is divine. i see myself coming up with an excuse to get another bottle or two!
  9. space girl lost

    The Knave of Hearts

    i echo the previous sentiments about the rose being missing to a degree. i oddly enough used to adore tea rose in my younger days so while i do have a HUUUUGE aversion to florals, i can sometimes tolerate rose. the knave of hearts is a giant morpher for me. when i first apply it i get a blast of SWEET AS HELL CURRANTS. you have to understand me though... THIS IS UNIMAGINABLE BLISS TO ME. i currants in a very very major way. they are sweet and sticky and gooey smelling initially. as it dried down, the sweetness burns off and underneath it all is the rose. in the end, the rose and currant is balanced. i'm shocked i like this as i do. onto the bottle list for me!
  10. space girl lost


    funny that initially this is the one that caught my attention first. in the end it is tweedledee that wins my heart. initially i get a blast of mango green tea, then a poof of patchouli. and in five minutes it is gone. kinda hard to review as such.
  11. space girl lost


    oh sweet baby! this one wins! which is odd given the comment above about milk moon. i just got milk moon 2007 and definitely got the sour note. cockaigne is giving me NONE of that. THIS is the milk/honey scent i was after when i made my order (which consisted of dana o'shee, o, milk moon and cockaigne for he record and comparison). this one has the milk and honey but it actually is SWEET. something is thickening this up a bit and making it smell really nicely wet and sweet. is that coming from the wine? i'm unsure b/c so far beth's wine notes have been overly sour on me and this is just rounding things off with a reddish, wet, sweet fruity smell. mostly it's a nice cakey smell though with that milk and honey under it all. BOTTLE BOTTLE BOTTLE!!!
  12. space girl lost


    hello, o! i finally get to meet you after hearing SOOO much about you! you are honey on me. pure dripping honey. BUT! not the sticky, cloying honey i would smell if i opened a jar of it. the amber and vanilla is doing something tricky. drying you out. making me think of my beloved art museum dusty dry air. i smell like sweetened art museum! ooh. i think i like you! you're much kinder and nicer that your friend, snake oil.
  13. space girl lost

    Dana O'Shee

    phew! given the experience that went on a few hours earlier with another blend with milk in it, i was quite nervous about this one. i went a little nuts with the milk/honey blends and this was one of them in my pack o' impage. this actually smells a LOT like some soap i've had recently... only better. so based on that i cannot say this is a super duper realistic foody smell. the almond smell might contradict that given that this kind of reminds me of the almond cookies i get from the chinese takeout place i go to. the scent is soft. not a super lot of throw. really comforting. like flannel sheets on a cool night kind of comforting. i don't see myself wanting a bottle, but i'm for sure keeping the imp and might even ponder getting another one should i run out of that in time.
  14. space girl lost


    WEIRD. it touched my skin as overwhelming rosemary and lavender. the second time i smelled it just shortly thereafter, it was VERY lemony. and that is where it is staying. lemons with an herbal background. it's okay smelling, but i don't actually want to physically smell of a clean kitchen myself. another for the swaps.
  15. space girl lost


    *cough* hello sandalwood, my most hated nemesis. you are making my smell like spicy pee. yup... this is drying straight up sandalwood on me. i hate you, skin. i really and truly hate you some times. *throws imp at swap pile*