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  1. GoddesShel

    Saw-Scaled Viper

    2016 version: This was the one I tried first, because I was apprehensive about the possible skin irritation. Nope, I'm all good! Out of the bottle and wet on my skin - pure cinnamon red hots candy. After about 15 minutes, I start getting the ginger, and also get whiffs of something deeper and more complex behind the spice. I'm betting this ages into something really spectacular.
  2. GoddesShel

    Oneiroi Claw Polish

    This was my first claw polish, so I went for this one, because I love anything iridescent. Let me start here by saying I don't wear much nail polish, because I use my hands too much. One load of hand-washed dishes, and my manicure is history, But - well, I couldn't resist. Color: I love it. It's a lilac/lavender/grey/pink/lt. blue. On, it's a shimmery lavender/grey with pink iridescence. Just lovely. Coverage: Two coats got me opaque coverage. Staying power: I am highly impressed. I did a test nail (my left thumb) and it's been three days now. Dishes have faded it a little, but it isn't peeling off, nor is it wearing off at the tip of the nail, which is what usually happens. Formula: Possibly the best nail polish consistency I've ever used. Goes on smooth, covers evenly. In love. I will be ordering more claw polish....this is a stunner.
  3. GoddesShel

    Fresh and Blooming as a Rose

    This got a compliment from the coworker who usually is very "meh" about all my perfume. She says this is the best one she's ever smelled on me. This is something not far short of miraculous. Anyway - for the first few minutes, this is a single note white rose on me. Very fresh and dewy. Later, the amber and snow come out to play, sweetening up the rose a bit and making this a very creamy, soft blend. I absolutely adore it. If the snow note in Snow White went to burning playdough on you (as it did on me) have no fear of this blend, because i get no burning playdough at all, just sweet, creamy, vanilla and amber goodness here.
  4. GoddesShel

    My Baby and a Baby Goat

    In the bottle - pure butter accord. On - yep, here's the honey. Unfortunately, it's going a little dusty/dry, as honey notes sometimes will, on me. But maybe the goat's milk and rice flower will keep it in check? Oh, yay, yes that seems to be what's happening. I'm getting something very sweet and creamy. However - Chris says what he's getting from it is something burning. Like when a ballast burns out on a fluorescent light. Yikes!
  5. GoddesShel

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    This is fantastic. This is what I have been looking for, for quite a while now. A fruity, red musk heavy blend, with limited patchouli, just enough to ground it but not overwhelm. (Sorry, patch lovers!). While the original Mme. will always have a very special place in my heart (and on my wrists, LOL), this one is better for public consumption. I did a side by side (well, wrist to wrist, ) comparison, and basically, what everyone else has said holds true for me, too. It's a sweeter, juicier, redder, fruitier, lighter version of the original - the currant really boosted the fruit, and I LOVE IT.
  6. GoddesShel

    Peach XII

    Snow-touched sparkling peach glacé with green tea absolute, pink grapefruit, and white musk. Sparkling peach juice and green tea soda!! Yummy! Lots of peach and grapefruit, and it seriously is fizzy! So glad I got this one! This is going to be wonderful for hot summer days. Crisp and refreshing.
  7. GoddesShel

    Pele Hair Gloss

    I think this is my second favorite hair gloss, at least for summer. I layer it with Pele the perfume and end up smelling like a tropical garden. The hair gloss, as mentioned above, is more subtle than the perfume oil in my hair. If I wear it alone after a shower, it's JUST the right amount of scent.
  8. GoddesShel

    Tiki Princess

    This has been my favorite scent this summer. It really does have a "cold" vibe to it, but without being minty. Coconutty, tropical drink goodness!
  9. GoddesShel

    Snake Pit recs

    ALL of them! I'm just kidding. Cottonmouth is wonderful on me, but probably the least like SO, at least to my nose. Banded Sea Snake did not work on me at all. I have and love: Asp Viper Coral Snake Australian Copperhead Cottonmouth (as mentioned above I want to try the rest of the Pit - and am frantically hoarding PayPal so I can order the whole thing when it goes live.
  10. GoddesShel

    Pearl Hair Gloss

    I got this on impulse, based on the comparison to CVBT. But I find this to be more perfumey than CVBT, more floral. I love it, but it's not the same vibe as CVBT. This is more of a feminine, sultry, scent.
  11. GoddesShel

    Fae Forest Atmosphere Spray

    All the atmos I kept getting in swaps and as frimps were things like Saloon # 10, and things I really wouldn't want my living space to smell like, at all. So I'd never actually sprayed any of them. But I got a frimp of Fae Forest in my latest order, and our humidity has been so insanely high with all this rain, that Chris was complaining the sheets smelled like mildew. (They don't.) So after reading a couple of reviews for this one, I went and sprayed it over the bed, with the fan running to dissipate it. A little goes a LOOOOOONG way, but Chris won't be complaining about a mildew smell tonight, for sure! It is a light, fresh scent, as others have said, and I'm glad I tried it, though I'm still a long way from being an addict.
  12. GoddesShel

    Honey Hair Gloss

    I was doubtful about this one, because honey can sometimes go musty/dusty on me. But since it was pointed out to me that the way scent reacts on skin and the way scent reacts on hair can be two different things; and because I wanted something "neutral" that would go with most if not all of my BPALs, I took the plunge. Really, really glad I did. This is exactly what I wanted, a sweet honey scent. Beautiful in its simplicity, and tames the flyaways.
  13. GoddesShel

    Coconut, Vanilla Bean and Tiare Hair Gloss

    On my current coconut/vanilla kick, plus my love for all things tropical, this was a no-brainer and sure to be a win. So I was kind of surprised when I didn't like it much sprayed into my hand. BUT.... on my hair, it has turned into a sweet vanilla/coconut cloud of awesome. I get barely a hint of the floral - this is wonderful!
  14. GoddesShel

    Comparison of Celebrated Beauties

    I waffled on this, and didn't get it because almond goes fake cherry on me. But the wonderful Dark Alice sent me an imp and insisted I needed to try it, because on her, it's "Coconut flakes and white cake.". She knows I'm a sucker for coconut... Anyway - in the imp, I get pure butter. This has happened before on some foodie scents, so I didn't panic, and went ahead and swiped my wrist, at which point, I got spice and what my nose swore was very sweet Dr Pepper syrup. Riiiight, nose. After about five minutes, though, I do end up with a very creamy, white cake-like scent, with maybe a hint of coconut. Not bad! Don't know if it's worth tracking down a bottle, but I'll definitely enjoy the imp! And no fake cherry anywhere.
  15. GoddesShel


    This *should* not work on me. Three, no FOUR death notes. But I got a decant of it from someone who apparently knows me better than I know myself and tried it - and even though at first I was not overly impressed, it got Chris's attention IMMEDIATELY. He was over at my desk huffing my wrist before I even got the cap back on the vial! And after it dries, I do like it. It's a spicy, heavy, sweet musky thng, that's incredibly sexy (or it is to Chris....LOL!) Definitely not an everyday wear scent, though.