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  1. twistedcoil

    TAL Scent Recommendations/Comparing TAL Scents to BPAL

    Yeah..you wouldn't be wanting to wear Jinx 24/7.... ;o) Having just taken a look at the reviews on the main site, it sounds like it's pretty much pure peppermint? Is that right? Maybe Lick It as an alternative?
  2. twistedcoil

    Villainess and BPAL

    Need matches for Canaan...must have matches for Canaan.... ;o) "Warm milk, sticky bronzed honey, succulent grapes and berries, and exotic perfume - Tunisian jasmine, tuberose, the indolent lily of the valley, and Madagascar cloves" anyone? pleeeeeeeeeeease.... xx
  3. twistedcoil


    Not going to give a full review, since I'm with most of the descriptions above, but....OMG this smells like my fave pre-BPAL perfume, Escada Sentiment. And in a good way It takes the sweetness of that scent and makes it less in your face (bye bye alcohol!) and far more rich on the nose. I've just noticed the similarity between this and Glitter...has anyone tried both?? I may need to buy a vat of Glitter in the near future!
  4. twistedcoil

    London Meet 'n Sniff...

    Hey YBNB! Just read your wee entry about our MnS! Reminds me again of how much fun it was! I'm still working my way through mainly GCs, but I'm totally in love with Rose Red (yay, discontinued!!), and Mum moon. So you were right about me getting sucked in to the LEs...hehe How's uni going? Sorry to hear from your entry that you've felt that friends were a bit distant. You know where I am if you need a chat Looking forward to the next one! nic.x
  5. twistedcoil

    How long do bottles & imps last?

    My absolute stroke of genuis (happens once in a blue moon!) was to buy a roller ball in which to decant my imps... 5ml roller ball, pour in the imp carefully (sometimes it needs a few taps to break the surface tension - a pipette would solve this, but I'm disorganised!). Then I add an equal quantity of jojoba oil (this is the oil which is closest to the natural oil our skin produces) and fix on the cap. Shake gently before use, and then apply as normal. This makes my imps last at least 30 apps (might be much more, I still haven't reached halfway of my first bottles!), and it seems, if anything, amplify the throw of the scent! I would be very curious to know if this works for others! nic.x