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    BPAL: Intrigue, Ronin, Verdandi, Zombi, Mme Moriarty, Snake Oil, The Premature Burial, Seance, Sachs, Crypt Queen. Non-BPAL: Shalimar, Chanel no. 5, L'Heure Bleue, Samsara, Miss Dior.

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  1. Katherynne

    Primal Elements soap "Flames"

    Try Perversion, that's a good suggestion. It's fairly similar to the Flames soap, I think.
  2. Katherynne

    Winter Swap Questionnaire

    What, if any, winter holiday do you celebrate? Do you celebrate religiously or secularly?: I celebrate the Winter Solstice as a pagan. What are some holiday/winter traditions you love?: Lighting candles, drinking cider, carols, mistletoe kissing What's the winter weather like where you live?: ICY ICY HELL What is your favorite thing about winter/the holidays?: The cold weather and the warmth of winter clothes, fires, and camaraderie What's your least favorite thing about winter/the holidays?: All the Jesus messages around Holiday music- yes or no?: YES and the older the better What kind of things do you like to eat?: Dark chocolate, avocadoes, fruit snacks What do you like to drink?: apple cider, iced tea, hot tea, coffee... What do you NOT like to eat or drink?: Actually, is it okay for me to ask not to be sent food? I am in eating disorder recovery and having sweets around can be a huge trigger for me. Alcohol, yes or no?: Not unless it's gluten free Any allergies we should know about?: Casein, latex, dairy, gluten, cucumber Are you vegan or vegetarian?: Pescetarian Scents/notes you love?: Chamomile, rose, tobacco flower, champaca, carnation, lavender Scents/notes you HATE?: I DON'T LIKE FOODY THINGS Do you use a bathtub or a shower?: both Clothing size?: I don't wear t-shirts and things like that; my waist is about a 25-inch size, usually "smalls" fit me. What kind of jewelry do you like?: I love brooches and pins, WWII Sweetheart jewelery, lockets, pearls, charms for my charm bracelet (which is yellow gold). Jewelry sizes?: My ears are stretched so please don't send me earrings. My ring size is a 4. My wrists are quite small, but I haven't measured them recently. Sock/shoe size?: I wear around a size 8 to 8.5 US What are your hobbies and interests?: WWII -- especially the homefront, the 1940s in general, vintage fashions and style, swing music, jazz, home-made cleaners and the like, candles, polaroid photos, writing, learning to sew, playing piano, old movies, yummy tea Describe your personal style/aesthetic (kitschy, cutesy, classy, rustic, etc.): vintage 1940s is my favourite style and how I tend to try to dress -- seamed stockings, pussybow blouses, WWII-era a-line skirts, cardigans... Do you have any wish lists?: my amazon wishlist is here -- http://amzn.com/w/110LFVA1V71J6 Is there anything you specifically DO NOT want?: please don't send me FOOD. I know it says something yummy, but really, I don't want food. Tea or cocoa or something else like that is okay, though! Is there anything else your partner should know?: I don't like knick knacks or empty journals. Adding questions on from the thread...: Do you have any children or pets?: 2 cats, 2 dogs Dark, milk, or white chocolate? I can only have chocolate that is gluten & dairy free... Are there any past or present Yules you are currently interested in? I always wish I bought a bottle of "Yule" but I never do. That's about it really. Would you be interested in soap? If so, do you have a preference? I love soap. I like Villainess, Paintbox Soapworks, and Arcana soaps. Do you watch tv? If yes what kinds of shows/programs do you like? Right now I watch Glee, New Girl, The Secret Circle, and Big Bang Theory. And uh, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic OBVIOUSLY. Astrological sign (purely for convenience)? Aquarius Favorite genre(s) of music? swing, folk, bluegrass, sweeping instrumental film soundtracks... but I also like punk, jazz, old country like Patsy Cline, piano, and Asian pop (all kinds, really). Do you wear or like makeup? If yes, colors/brands/favorite items? I have some trouble with allergies when it comes to makeup. I kind of stick to what I've got. I love Besame lipsticks though, and many of the nude/neutral shades of MAC eyeshadow. Do you like any other scenties/brands? I like Guerlain & Chanel perfumes generally, and LUSH bath bombs. In commercial perfumes I tend to stay towards ones that were popular in, like, the 1940s. MORE QUESTIONS: 1. If you were to receive socks, what kind would you like? Do you have a preference about style, length, color, etc? I'm picky about socks... there are some ones at Sock Dreams I want that have terry-lined feet. I have a pair in grey that I like and I'd like more colours of them, but, I can't remember what they cost so I'd not expect such a thing from someone. 2. What are you really interested in reading? Would you like a hardcover, softcover or electronic copy? I have a Nook. I think my Amazon wishlist has books on it I'm interested in, but I'm particularly hankering after the newly-released Sailor V and Sailor Moon manga volumes. 3. Are you planning on going anywhere during the round? Yes. I am going to Iowa tomorrow to see my parents. 4. Would you be interested in recipes? If so, do you have a preference? I can only use meat-free gluten-free dairy-free recipes, but feel free to lay 'em on me. 5. Do you have a favorite cuddly character or plush? I don't care for stuffed animals. 6. Are you interested in anything from the BPAL Anniversary update? The Phoenix at Dawn sounds nice. 7. Would you be interested in any artsy or baking related supplies? Shaped cookie cutters would be fun for me. Bunny, how do you feel about holiday zombies? OBVIOUSLY. Is there anything you are just craving to have from Etsy? My etsy favourites are here: http://www.etsy.com/people/katherynne/favorites?page=1 How would you feel about receiving dried fruit? Any preference? I like dried fruit quite a lot, actually. All kinds. Is there any holiday movies you are looking for? Format? I think they're all on my Amazon wishlist. If you were to receive a giftcard from anywhere, what giftcard would you like the most? LUSH or Amazon!! Say I were to make you or find artisan or custom chocolate. Is there any ingredient that I should avoid? oh fox, please don't end send me food.
  3. Katherynne

    Devil's Night

    Every time Devil's Night comes around for sale, I think about buying it, but don't. This year, after it was cancelled out of a decant circle, I decided to just go ahead and buy a bottle unsniffed because of how I always think about it -- and I am so glad I did! As I have always suspected, this is just. gorgeous. This is sweet and chilled like the autumn air, warm with the sugar and deep with musk. I really love this. While I love Samhain, this is a less cinnamon-y foody autumn and it really smells like the autumn air, to me. There's a smoky vanilla to this I love, and the "autumn night" seems similar to October, which I also love. So happy I bought this.
  4. Katherynne

    The Golden Apple Of The Sun

    This is a spiced cousin to my ever-beloved Verdandi. Sweet, ginger-y spiced apple, I do get the amber base here and the champaca really blooms on the drydown. This is a warm, almost autumnal apple for me, very pretty. I had hoped for a bit more spice from the carnation, but the level we have here is very nice. The only pitfall for apple scents for me is that my skin eats them, so I'll be counting on wear-time for whether or not I'll purchase a full bottle of this one.
  5. Katherynne

    The Silver Apple Of The Moon

    On me this smells EXACTLY LIKE Bath and Body Works "sweet pea" fragrance. Which I hate. I've let it dry down to see if it would stop smelling like that, but nope, still going strong. I have to wash this off.
  6. Katherynne

    The Glittering Apple Of The Stars

    Oh, this is so pretty! This is a sparkly, bright apple with a smooth floral drydown. I love the tiare in this, it's soft but stil noticable. The musks are sheer and sweet in this blend as well. I am very pleasantly surprised.
  7. Katherynne

    Elegy IX: The Autumnal

    You know, I put this on and it just KICKED ME IN THE FACE and I thought, wow, no. But as it started to dry, the notes really began blending, and it's turned into the beautifully autumnal scent I'd hoped it would be. The honey and maplewood blend sweetly with the cognac. The patchouli dirties it up a bit and overall this is a sweet, earthy, pretty autumnal scent. I don't know if it's bottle worthy, but I do like this.
  8. Katherynne

    The Arbor

    Like many others, I bought this because it's full of notes I really like. That said, it's very... sharp. I think there is a rawness to the red musk that is going to have to age a little before this becomes the scent I really thought it was going to be. The Arbor is very pretty and the floral notes are present, but for me, the red musk is really overpowering everything else and I have difficulty picking out the subtleties in the blend. Of course, THAT said, don't get me wrong: I like it! it's just not what I thought it would be. I'm going to give it some time to age, and then try again and re-review. So I'm 'on the fence' on this one.
  9. Katherynne


    This scent just SMELLS like the Sabbat, to me. I put it on with some trepidation, because it smelled like pinesol in the imp -- but wow, once it was on, it bloomed. I am in love with it. It is herbal and crisp but also resinous and sweet, and it blooms brightly on the skin. I will wear this on the Sabbat itself and enjoy it throughout the winter. I bet it's amazing in an oil burner, too!
  10. Katherynne

    Halloween: New Orleans

    I'm in the lemon pledge club. I'm not washing it off because I want to give it a chance, but if this scent stays it's heading towards migraine territory, and it will have to come on. Distinctly disappointing. eta: one hour later it began to smell strongly of rose. it also somehow later began to remind me of ouija. two hours later on, it's lightened up into a still-very-lemony rose and herb scent, and I'm definitely getting the olive now. may keep decant, but most likely not.
  11. Katherynne

    Pomegranate V

    Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous, from start to finish. This scent is, as a side note, a perfect companion to Villainess' Proserpina soap. This is darkly, richly fruity. My beloved vetiver & carnation take this to a grittier level than just fruit, and the neroli really comes out on me during the drydown. Slight points off for short wear-time, but it seems like anything fruit has that problem on me. A possible bottle-worthy scent.
  12. Katherynne

    Halloween: Brooklyn

    to me this is aquatic and sad, a beautifully melancholy scent. I get the dogwood, weeping cherry, and and camellia. I think this scent is beautiful, but I'm not sure how much I'll wear it.
  13. Katherynne


    I take back everything bad I ever said about you, Samhain 2009. You aren't synthetic and cloying at all -- no, now you're rich, honeyed, and spicy-smooth. You smell just like my kitchen after a round of mulling cider and baking pies, with a touch of cool autumn air through the window, and the warmth of a candle's flicker on my hearth altar shelf. I get rich honey, soft but full-bellied pumpkin, ripe apples and kicks of spice. What a mood lifter you were for me today.
  14. Katherynne


    This is nothing but sugary vanilla for me. It's bland and disappointing. I was hoping for some of the spice that others are reporting, but I don't get any. It fades out into plain vanilla after about one hour or so. Swap pile.
  15. Katherynne

    Common Jezebel

    This is quite beautiful! I was worried about the sugar, but for me, this is all ripe, juicy apricot with a grounding undercurrent of my beloved vetiver. The red currant helps make this scent fruity and juicy, but I get no coconut whatsoever. Well, I take that back. On the initial application, I get a blast of coconut and lemony sugar, but it wears off quickly. It smells, strangely, like Villainess's "Peach" Smack! note before it dries down. This one has little throw on me, too, staying close to the skin. It's very nice, but the wear time is only a few hours before I can't smell it any more, not even if I press my nose to my wrist. I'll keep the decant, but it's not a bottle scent for me.