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  1. blueskiesinside

    Pumpkin Spice Dragon’s Milk Hair Gloss

    I love this hair gloss! The scent is gorgeous and lasts forever (at least a day and a half). On first spray I get spices with a little bit of sweetness. Then the Dragon's Milk comes out to play and I get a lovely blend of resin, spices and honey sweetness. It fades down to honey vanilla resin by bedtime. Good throw but not overwhelming, for the first few hours I feel like I'm in a personal cloud of spicy goodness.
  2. blueskiesinside

    The Unheavenly City

    In the bottle: Gardenia and spice. Num. Wet: Gardenia, musk, something creamy and dragon's blood. Dry: Spice, sweet, musk, lovely!
  3. blueskiesinside


    In the bottle: a pretty aquatic floral. I was really excited to try this, even though jasmine doesn't work for me. Wet: Jasmine explosion!!! A tiny little dab amps jasmine to 11. I hate my skin. Drydown: Ooooh something pretty behind the jasmine, a creamy smell almost. Dry: Annnnnd now the creaminess smells like baby powder and the jasmine has turned into diapers. Not for me, sadly. I marvel at the various malodorus combinations my skin can create from different varieties of jasmine
  4. blueskiesinside


    In the bottle: YAY! Tea rose! Wet: Sweet tea roses. Pure rose scent. Not sharp hot-house rose like Rose Red, a softer tea rose, like in Ephemera and Haunted Palace. Dry: This fades pretty quickly on me, like most roses tend to. I got about an hour of beautiful rosey goodness and then it just fades out. Switched --Shollin
  5. blueskiesinside


    In the bottle: Candied violets or a violet gum type smell. Pure violet sweetness. Wet: Violet, violet, violet. Pure and simple. Dry: Still smells like sweet violets. Not overpowering on me, and it tends to fade out after an hour or two. Good throw though. Switched --Shollin
  6. blueskiesinside

    Zarita, the Doll Girl (2006)

    A tiny woman stands in the center of the stage, the perfect woman in miniature, her copper hair bouncing in elegant curls. She is surrounded on all sides by a necropolis of maimed, mutilated stuffed animals, decapitated fashion dolls, and eviscerated wooden figures. It is a strangely ghastly tableau: the disemboweled toys ooze fiberfill, batting, and sawdust from their gaping wounds. In one dainty hand she clutches a shard of glass, and in the other she nimbly twirls a razor blade. Her face is twisted in a grimace of mad ferocity, and she hisses as she brandishes her makeshift weapons at you. “Play with me?” she growls. Soft, yet sociopathic: white carnation, iris, orange blossom, and sugared cream. In the bottle: Sweet cream with orange blossom. Wet: The carnation adds some spice, but it's very sweet and creamy. More floral than the straight milk scents, but more of a white floral than Alice. The orange blossom and cream mix wonderfully on me. Dry down: There's a pepperyness on me, which I think is the carnation and iris. Very creamy, sweet floral.
  7. blueskiesinside


    The Rising Sun. She is Ostara, Easter, the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fertility and the dawn. She is a protector and friend to all children. Her scent is that of softly glowing skin, jasmine, buttercup and honeysuckle. In the bottle: I definitely smell the buttercup and honeysuckle. Wet: Ooooh this is so pretty. The honeysuckle comes out to play and has a great throw. It's definitely a bright floral on me, with the musk underscoring it beautifully. The jasmine plays nice and blends with the buttercup and honeysuckle. Dry down: All musky, buttery and honey sweet.
  8. blueskiesinside


    Simply gorgeous on me. In the bottle: I get an almost fruity floral, smells like apple blossom. I'm guessing that's the combo of gardenia and tea. Wet: Mmmmmmm soft tea and amber florals. I can't stop smelling myself. Dry: This turns to amber on me. Smells like O.
  9. blueskiesinside


    I got this as a frimp and it was love at first sniff. It reminds me of Amsterdam, without the grass and water. In the bottle: it smells like wet spring flowers, maybe daffodil? snow drop? almost tulip but not quite. It smells like the Body Shop Daffodil Bathmilk. On me it turns into a sweet violet and daffodil (I've decided it's daffodil). I love love love love it.
  10. blueskiesinside


    In the bottle: Lovely creamy rose and carnation Wet: Mmmm carnation spice Drydown: Still spicy carnation, with a little bit of creamyness showing up. Dry: Smells almost like cake on me. Like yellow cake out of the oven. Sadly, I don't get any rose from this, mainly carnation, bergamot and a yummy cakey scent that lasts for hours.
  11. blueskiesinside

    Bitter Moon

    In the bottle: Mmmm blackberry with sage as a soft undertone. Smells like a juicy ripe blackberry on the bush. Wet: The blackberry still stands out, but I get rose and lotus notes under it, with a tiny hint of lavendar. It's very subtle, I have to hold my nose really close to the skin to smell it. Drydown: This is gorgeous. The peony has come out to play and is mixing with the lavendar and lotus to be an almost aquatic scent. I still get the slightly sweet kick from the blackberry. Very nice, but not much throw on me.