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    Shub, Smut, Haunted Palace, Candy Butcher, Obatala, Embalming Fluid, Kumiho notes - amber, amber, amber!

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    circuitbending, C13, roller derby, corsetry & pancakes.
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  1. Celestyna

    Pickled Imp

    Verrry clovey on my skin. It actually itches a bit. Vanilla warms it up a bit but it reeeally smells exactly like a Red Hot tastes. EXACTLY! This made my night
  2. Celestyna

    Candy Phoenix

    A dusky, yet effervescent mix of pomegranate and black currant candies, with a dusting of sugared pear and white apple. In the bottle it was a nice sweet hard candy berry. On me... yikes. Within the first 10 minutes my body had managed to turn the currant into something resembling sweet sulpher. It took an hour for that to die down and for it to be a lighter berry.
  3. Celestyna


    This is pure grapes and honey on the drydown. I wish I smelled anything else, but the grape is a bit overwhelming for me.
  4. Celestyna


    The lemongrass/pineyness of rosemary mixes surprisingly well with the rose/peony. Still smells a biiiit mediciney in the end (rosemary & pine scents do that to me) with a touch of... berry. i know, odd. but it kinda works.
  5. Celestyna

    Allison Gross

    In the bottle it was almost all freshly cut *cough* grass. Every minute on my skin the florals came to the top and the grass slunk into the shadows. I think with a bit of more light citrus or less florals, this scent would have worked wonders for me. I looove the blade of grass.
  6. Celestyna

    The Illustrated Woman

    dries down to a nice light musky powder on me no florals, which is usually the fare for this type of scent. a very antiquie sort of scent.
  7. Celestyna


    '07version. in the bottle i thought i'd hate it. but on me, I loved it and got lots of compliments. can't really smell the patchouli. more like a boozy sliiight vetiver and woodsy. a curious scent, and a keeper. ended up getting a bottle.
  8. Celestyna

    Te Po

    First on: Cherries and pee After 30: mothballs and Amoretto with high woodsy notes. Worth the pee.
  9. Celestyna

    Graveyard Dirt

    I remember the first time I smelled Demeter Fragrance's Grass. This was the first time I'd ever smelled anything that was an exact replica of a nature-occuring scent. That being said... DEAD ON! ... and gross. hahaha. but seriously you might want to layer it over something aqua or floralish, it smells really wild together.
  10. Celestyna

    The Haunted Palace

    This has aged so nicely in its aging, sealed bottle over the years. I treated myself to it the other night (third bottle, almost three years aged). Lemongrass has completely faded and i can describe it as a nice, citrucy warm amber on me now. This will be one of my top 5 scents forever.
  11. Celestyna

    Wolf Moon 2004

    Bottle: It's aquatic and sappy. Not necessarily woodsy yet. After 30 minutes: I don't know what all aging has gone on here, but Wow. Woodsy, but not as barky as Luperci. Doesn't scream forest. Very earthy and warm, low spicey. I can't smell the professed amber, but I think its purpose might be to mellow out the spices to a nice woodsy town rather than an incense temple type spice. I love it.
  12. Celestyna

    EPIC BPAL Spreadsheet Thread

    Thanks, dearie.
  13. Celestyna


    In bottle: Never really applies to me as it never smells anything like that on me. After 30 minutes: Wow. I reeeally din't think I would like this scent. It smells a bit musty (not to be confused with musky) and a loooot like a really higher end older perfume without the florals. I smell a really really base faint low powder mixed with woods. and though i never would have thought to describe it as leather, yes, there is definately some leatherlike smell to it. this is quite the masculine-hinting scent. Thaaaat's probably why i really love it. i went ahead and got a bottle of this after trying an imp. has really great staying power.
  14. Celestyna

    Sol Invictus

    I like the promise of this scent, but on the drydown the amber seems to melt away. The band Sol Invictus reminds me of strong resin, and it does seem to be what's left in the end, so kudos on a strange level.
  15. Celestyna

    Thirteen (13): October 2006

    In bottle: very iffy. very syrupie. after first few minutes. mmmmmmm. syrupie AND woodsie. like a sophisticated candy corn. later: all that stuck on me was the woodsie scent.