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    Love: Carnal, Utrennyaya, Pele, The Hesperides, Morocco, Dana O'Shee. Notes I know I like: amber, musk (all), lily of the valley Notes I don't like: cedar, myrrh (or generally anything that smells like incense), lemon (usually turns into a bitter chemical smell on my skin), gardenia (once again it turns bad on my skin)

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    I'm a tad bit obsessed with movies...of all sorts although I tend to avoid westerns and horror (though thrillers are wonderful).
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  1. neuilly

    Right Ventricle

    I'm rather confused by this scent. It's definitely bright citrus off the bat but quickly dies down to what I want to say is "gummy bears". What I'm confused about is there's an underlying scent in there which I can't decide is a note or bad skin chemistry. It's a little sour but not in a foody type way. I was hoping this would be a nice refreshing summer scent on me but it's not working with my skin. Alas.
  2. neuilly

    Snake's Kiss

    Pretty much as described. I get none of the lemon note that others desribe but this is very much snake oil plus honeycomb and cream on me. It actual feels a bit like I've layered scents because they don't really blend so much as both exist at the same time: 1) snake oil and 2) honeycomb cream. I don't actually wear snake oil so I'm not sure why I chose one of blends as a decant but I do really enjoy the other notes in this and could see it really working for others.
  3. neuilly

    The Eternal Virgin

    This is so unique to me. I'm not sure how to describe it except that it is exactly what the description is and yet I'm not sure I would have been able to list any of the notes without looking. Carnation chai tea? Not very Chai, but in that family. Definitely milky in a pleasant soothing way.
  4. neuilly


    Wet: Very almond/amaretto. On my skin there's an in-between stage that's almost bitter? I'm not sure what it is but it's not very pleasant. Dry: Softer with no bitterness left. Still an amaretto/almond note but more subdued. There's some warmth to it which is mostly the amber but I have trouble picking out the other notes.
  5. neuilly


    Wet: Patchouli Earth. Very wet and green and appropriate for the namesake. Dry: It starts to feel less "Wet" and is more of a dry patchouli and earth and maybe an occasional hint of cinnamon?
  6. neuilly


    Very much rose soap on me, but I get the sense of it being a little musty - liek soap that's been sitting out unused and now has a little layer of dust on top. The cinnamon has little waves of being noticeable but this is predominantly rose to me.
  7. neuilly


    Wet: 100% Banana straight off the bat but then quickly joined by coconut. Dry: There's definitely more notes in the mix but harder to single them out. Banana-Coconut is still the most prominent for me. Definitely a smooth tropical sugary scent. I'm definitely keeping my imp to try in warmer weather.
  8. neuilly

    Black Phoenix

    Initially this is a strong cherry syrup and almond/amaretto note. After less than a minute I start to get an incense note working it's way in - note sure what kind (I thought at first patchouli but I've seen other people mention sandalwood or myrrh). Fully dry I get much more of a rose soap with background incense. My favorite note is probably the almond. This is definitely a morpher. None of it is bad, but not of it feels like "me".
  9. neuilly

    Chestnut Oudh Atmosphere Spray

    I'm getting almost entirely oudh on this. I'm a little bummed because my favorite atmosphere scent was a roasted chestnut one and I get none of it here. For me though, unlike the previous review, it didn't come out too strong. It is a little warm, feels more like - freshly carved oudh furniture? Lol. Not really sure how to describe it. Not a bad scent but not what I was hoping for.
  10. neuilly

    2003: Cotton Phoenix

    Wet: Very sweet, almond and marshmallow. Dry: The Snake Oil quickly comes forward and it about half the scent. The almon and marshmallow are still present but less sweet and instead a bit more creamy. I can see why a lot of people love this. I'm one of the few people who doesn't really like Snake Oil on themselves so this will be off to another, but I'm very happy I got to try it.
  11. neuilly


    Wet: Wow this is beautiful - just like standing in the garden surrounded by lilacs in full bloom. Lilac is one of is not my favorite floral. Dry. Sadly the freshness of the lilacs fades rather quickly and the wax note becomes stonger. but there's still some floral note left and I like it. Possible bottle.
  12. neuilly


    I don't really get any cream which is a shame because I love cream notes. On me this comes off as a fruitier Molly Grue. A large amount of spices. There is some wheat/grain but it's definitely a background note on me.
  13. neuilly

    Almond Blossom

    Wet: Light floral (and yes, I do get some almond with the floral) mixed with wet snow. Dry: Ozone. Ozone. Ozone. My skin ate up pretty much everything except the ozone, and it's entirely one note on me after the first few minutes.
  14. neuilly

    Gingerbread, Coffee Bean and Smoked Vanilla

    I honestly am not sure I know how to describe this. I do get a smoky note but it translates more to an 'almost burnt' gingerbread. Every now and then there's a waft of vanilla or citrus? I don't really get a coffee note. It's does have a foodie feel without being overly so.
  15. neuilly

    Go to Sleep, Darlings

    This sadly turns all powdery on me and rather one note. Very soft though. I hope this bottle can go to someone with better skin chemistry.