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    casual sniffer
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    Currently Washington state in the greater Seattle area, probably not past the end of the year though
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    United States


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    Cherry blossom, ume and plum blossom, yuzu, rose, strawberry, wisteria, mikan, Asian plum, white musk, jasmine, amber, Mandarin, lily of the valley, lilac, white tea, vanilla (all forms), peach blossom, green/matcha tea, honey, bamboo (all forms), orange blossom, apple blossom, apple in all forms, tangerine, black and red currant, and in the right mix water lily and lotus. Spices also go well with my natural state.

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    Reading, writing, dancing when able, ballet, dances from everywhere, Japan (I very seriously tried to get my mom to send me to Kyoto when I was 12 so I could start my Geisha training before I got too old), learning new things all the time, video games, manga/anime, documentaries, teaching myself crafts, mythology, Faerie and the stories and lore, Inari-kamisama and the zenko kitsune and their tenko form, fairy tales, Peter Pan (I love Tinkerbell for reasons relating to therapy, but Wendy Moira Angela Darling is my girl), I'm a Gryffindor, I have a pixiebob named Journey, I have a rare autoimmune disease, I've been dying my hair every color under the sun for 16+ years and won't ever stop, even got professional training. I love Disneyland/Disney World, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and can instantly revert to being 5 years old. I'm a major geek of most every discipline (except math, cannot math) full of random factoids, I love tattoos, have several, want to get more. I've been following (and having epically long wishlist of) Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab since high school, and I'm 30 now, so long time wishful lurker/stalker, new to actually owning perfumes and VERY new to the forums.
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    Frozen heartbreak


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