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  1. little bee


    Not sure what year I received as I got this as a frimp, but I absolutely adore this and plan on buying a full bottle! I knew this was a popular scent but I was nervous about the description of sugared vanilla tea because I often find sweet/sugar/vanilla scented things too food-y. This, however, has completely changed my mind about buying some imps with sugar/vanilla notes and I'm really excited to try some more. Everything is really well blended to me so that, in addition to me being new to picking out notes, is making it difficult for me to actually pick out the individual notes and describe this as anything other than soft, warm, and sweet. I'm not really picking up any lemon, which is good for me, but I can pick up a soft floralness underneath the sweetness (which in some ways is "too sweet" for me or I guess too sweet for what I usually go for in scents, but there is something about Dorian that just immediately made me go "Oh... this is perfect" so it's overriding some of my usual preferences). Personally, this comes off as a very feminine scent. My coworkers mainly identify sweetness/sugar (I was described as smelling like Disneyland by one and cotton candy by the other, but not aggressively so). I love how long this lasts; for me it doesn't really change from in the bottle, to wet on the skin, to dry (fresh or 10 hours later). I'm writing this after a full day at work and I can still smell it as I type. I wouldn't say there's a lot of throw though; no one has mentioned me wearing perfume when I don't usually wear scents. My coworkers who have offered their opinions only smelled it because I asked them for their opinions and had them sniff my wrist. I've only worn this for three non-consecutive days and it's already become a scent that I would describe as comforting. I love it!