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  1. ktmura

    Hope and Fear Set Free

    Wet, this is mostly frankincense, and it is strong. The drydown is fantastic, it’s a smoky sweet vanilla nicely balanced by the frankincense. Very little throw, but overall a winner.
  2. ktmura

    He Too With Death Shall Dwell

    I originally tested this right as it came out of the hot mailbox, and ended up with nothing but powdery pomegranate, like one of those powdered drink mixes. It's been a few days now, so time to retest. Wet: Powdery orris and pomegranate. Thankfully, the powder stage only lasts a few minutes, and then it is rose fighting with the pomegranate for dominance. I'm not getting any cypress or myrrh. Drydown: Lush juicy red roses. I know there's pomegranate in there, but it blends beautifully with the rose. Verdict: I love roses, so this is definitely a keeper.